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    1. The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order, ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention

    2. Not many people are scrupulous about smuggling, when, without perjury, they can find an easy and safe opportunity of doing so

    3. If Dorian could have such an effect on my mind, what could another, less scrupulous vampire do to the cops?

    4. Some less scrupulous sellers, especially

    5. “The goblins and orcs are resourceful and scrupulous adversaries

    6. Large pieces of furniture were scattered all around the room and there were paintings on the walls, selected with scrupulous judgement and discrimination

    7. 18 "Woe upon you, scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites! for you are scrupulous to cleanse the outside of the cup and the platter, but within there remains the filth of extortion, excesses, and deception

    8. 4 Although these Jews were not at all bothered in conscience as they intrigued to effect the judicial murder of Jesus, they were nonetheless scrupulous regarding all these matters of ceremonial cleanness and traditional regularity

    9. Scrupulous records of all virtual spending were kept, along with details such as estimated delivery time (for items which could not be taken with the buyer), number of out-of-stock and back ordered items, the availability of alternatives if the requested item was not available, any difficulties encountered in using the facility, etcetera

    10. He gave a scrupulous accounting to his brother and very soon plunged back into the routine of cockfights

    11. � Your scrupulous respect of the laws of war is both noted and commended, Colonel: too many officers would have washed their hands of this problem and would have dropped those German women in whoever�s hands they found

    12. Those Americans however seemed to be more scrupulous on that matter

    13. It must have had a base of its own, a clandestine base that could be sheltering more pirate ships and would be used to transfer its illegal loot on more legitimate-looking ships for shipping and sale to customers that are not too scrupulous about forged waybills

    14. She had told us that she had been saved since the age of 7 and had for the most part lived a scrupulous life

    15. Not all buyers are honest and scrupulous and not all are well prepared for the

    16. Why the Bible still contains those admissions is a bit of a mystery, but it is clear that the Hebrews who wrote the Book of Moses were scrupulous in incorporating the older female-driven myths

    17. I’ve always felt that the Bible Writers were extremely scrupulous in maintaining the often-conflicting truths presented to them on the transcribed oral scraps making up most of their source documents

    18. scrupulous and truth seeking as they undoubtedly were, it didn’t hurt to have

    19. In all the relations of life as a mother and a wife�in the high moral standard which she has maintained in her Court and household�in her scrupulous and diligent discharge of the countless daily duties which her high office entails upon her in her boundless sympathy with the sorrows of her humblest subjects�where, in the long roll of English sovereigns, will you find one who can be compared with our good Queen Victoria?

    20. themselves your friends will be scrupulous and not

    21. It was disposable income's scrupulous fear in a marketplace capitalizing on phobias that produced the greatest health crisis in the post-modern medicinal age

    22. not terribly scrupulous about offering you the best rate -

    23. Olin had read the words of Washington Irving: "No man is so methodical as a complete idler, and none so scrupulous in measuring out his time as he whose time is worth nothing

    24. both are actuated by motives of interestand are not scrupulous

    25. Once we have named and acknowledged imperfections, weaknesses and limitations and recognized their capabilities for inter-relational destruction, thus providing the chance to choose to change, we need not be over scrupulous and persevering, constantly worrying about the past

    26. As they, both of them, desired nothing more than to hear from his own lips the cause of his suffering, they entreated him to tell it, promising not to do anything for his relief or comfort that he did not wish; and thereupon the unhappy gentleman began his sad story in nearly the same words and manner in which he had related it to Don Quixote and the goatherd a few days before, when, through Master Elisabad, and Don Quixote's scrupulous observance of what was due to chivalry, the tale was left unfinished, as this history has already recorded; but now

    27. This, then, being the case, let not these scrupulous and prudish ideas trouble your imagination, but be assured that Lothario prizes you as you do him, and rest content and satisfied that as you are caught in the noose of love it is one of worth and merit that has taken you, and one that has not only the four S's that they say true lovers ought to have, but a complete alphabet; only listen to me and you will see how I can repeat it by rote

    28. These were the words and contents of the second paper, and on hearing them, each declared himself willing to be the ransomed one, and promised to go and return with scrupulous good faith; and I too made the same offer; but to all this the renegade objected, saying that he would not on any account consent to one being set free before all went together, as experience had taught him how ill those who have been set free keep promises which they made in captivity; for captives of distinction frequently had recourse to this plan, paying the ransom of one who was to go to Valencia or Majorca with money to enable him to arm a bark and return for the others who had ransomed him, but who never came back; for recovered liberty and the dread of losing it again efface from the memory all the obligations in the world

    29. While Don Quixote and Sancho were shut up together, they had a discussion which the history records with great precision and scrupulous exactness

    30. Don Quixote at once, without any regard to time or season, withdrew in private with the bachelor and the curate, and in a few words told them of his defeat, and of the engagement he was under not to quit his village for a year, which he meant to keep to the letter without departing a hair's breadth from it, as became a knight-errant bound by scrupulous good faith and the laws of knight-errantry; and of how he thought of turning shepherd for that year, and taking his diversion in the solitude of the fields, where he could with perfect freedom give range to his thoughts of love while he followed the virtuous pastoral calling; and he besought them, if they had not a great deal to do and were not prevented by more important business, to consent to be his companions, for he would buy sheep enough to qualify them for shepherds; and the most important point of the whole affair, he could tell them, was settled, for he had given them names that would fit them to a T

    31. with scrupulous care, what is termed my honour, at the expence of my peace, till

    32. Rightly or wrongly, we expect from a man of national importance a larger and at the same time a more scrupulous precision of speech, for it is possible that it may go echoing down the ages

    33. Morrel, and I shall say that he is a man honorable to the last degree, and who has up to this time fulfilled every engagement with scrupulous punctuality

    34. The bills signed by Morrel were presented at his office with scrupulous exactitude, and, thanks to the delay granted by the Englishman, were paid by Cocles with equal punctuality

    35. She turned her back on her family mafia business to pursue a more scrupulous life

    36. Oh, I assure you, sir, it was a touching spectacle to see these young creatures, destined by their talents for higher stations, toiling together, and through their unwillingness to change any of the customs of their paternal house, taking six years to accomplish what less scrupulous people would have effected in two or three

    37. Never had Flora, the fresh and smiling goddess of gardeners, been honored with a purer or more scrupulous worship than that which was paid to her in this little enclosure

    38. By those best acquainted with his habits, the paleness of the young minister's cheek was accounted for by his too earnest devotion to study, his scrupulous fulfilment of parochial duty, and, more than all, by the fasts and vigils of which he made a frequent practice, in order to keep the grossness of this earthly state from clogging and obscuring his spiritual lamp

    39. Surely men of God should be more scrupulous about honesty than laymen, not less?

    40. “I think you’re being too scrupulous,” Gregory said

    41. Another of these informal State papers drawn up by Don Jose (this time in the shape of an address from the Province) induced that scrupulous constitutionalist to accept the extraordinary powers conferred upon him for five years by an overwhelming vote of congress in Sta

    42. In spite of the scrupulous conscientiousness with which Sergey Ivanovitch verified the correctness of the critic’s arguments, he did not for a minute stop to ponder over the faults and mistakes which were ridiculed; but

    43. ) If she had said "Yes" instead of "No" he would have kissed her; it had evidently been his intention; but her determined negative deterred his scrupulous heart

    44. But she had been observed almost immediately on her return by some people of scrupulous character and great influence: they had seen her idling in the churchyard, restoring as well as she could with a little trowel a baby's obliterated grave

    45. It was desirable that chaplaincies of this kind should be entered on with a fervent intention: they were peculiar opportunities for spiritual influence; and while it was good that a salary should be allotted, there was the more need for scrupulous watching lest the office should be perverted into a mere question of salary

    46. It had been easy for me to gain a temporary effect by a mirage of baseless opinion; but it is ever the trial of the scrupulous explorer to be saluted with the impatient scorn of chatterers who attempt only the smallest achievements, being indeed equipped for no other

    47. It is an uneasy lot at best, to be what we call highly taught and yet not to enjoy: to be present at this great spectacle of life and never to be liberated from a small hungry shivering self—never to be fully possessed by the glory we behold, never to have our consciousness rapturously transformed into the vividness of a thought, the ardor of a passion, the energy of an action, but always to be scholarly and uninspired, ambitious and timid, scrupulous and dim-sighted

    48. bound to testify—you watched with scrupulous care, were those of a fatal disease

    49. The living, suffering man was no longer before her to awaken her pity: there remained only the retrospect of painful subjection to a husband whose thoughts had been lower than she had believed, whose exorbitant claims for himself had even blinded his scrupulous care for his own character, and made him defeat his own pride by shocking men of ordinary honor

    50. Science is properly more scrupulous than dogma

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