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    1. can now add to this ability a further ten languages when submitted as

    2. Do the math, add it up and be honest with yourself

    3. pushups a day add up to 10,950 pushups over a year

    4. consistently put it towards what you want to achieve, then in one year what would that add up to? You will be blown away

    5. · Use onions and garlic to add dimension and flavor to sautés, stir-fries and sauces

    6. Another important dimension that one can add to one’s life post-retirement is spiritualism

    7. By reaching out to someone in need, be it your neighbor, an orphan, or people in a homeless shelter, we add a little more peace and hope to the world

    8. “Yeah,” was all that Johnny could add

    9. This formula can also be used to create a paste (slowly add water to mixture, and stir until it turns into a paste)

    10. “And how can you have no one to add to this mission? We’ll be adding four top operatives that will be joining you

    1. I repeated the reasoning behind my wearing it and added that I

    2. I did the math, I added it up, 8 hours every day, that’s 2080 hours this year that I’m wasting at a job I hate

    3. She hesitated a little, and then added,

    4. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    5. · Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which places added strain on the kidneys and can impair mental function

    6. Most of these can be made into a decoction, strained and added to water to be sprayed

    7. “We’re supposed to be doing this the quiet way,” she added with a glare

    8. Chilies are a great source of controlling many insects either as a powder or as a concentrate that can be added to water and sprayed

    9. Radish: An infusion of the leaves when added to a dash of Tabasco and a dash of soap will repel most chewing insects, whiteflies, ants and some animals

    10. She was disappointed with herself for noticing that the fact that he had kidnaped her only added to his appeal to her body's glands

    1. may have created a step like, lose 1 pound, and you continued adding in

    2. But one minute more and one minute less over the course of a year, adding all of those additional steps into your routine, makes a huge difference

    3. Guatemala City before adding a simple “…yes but only in the South

    4. Yesterday I was adding up how much time I

    5. This solution is created by adding one cup of warm water, along with the bait pack, and 2 drops of natural soap

    6. Adding to a woman's increased dose of stress chemicals, are her increased "opportunities" for stress

    7. “And how can you have no one to add to this mission? We’ll be adding four top operatives that will be joining you

    8. This is done by adding the interest earned to the original deposit at the end of the specified period for subsequent calculation of interest

    9. Adding boric acid to the paint will increase its effectiveness

    10. The entire mob began to weep violently, adding saltwater tears to the beach

    1. months, into years and all that time adds up to your lifetime

    2. " Most people enjoyed a relationship with nature that made them feel less alone, he adds, but suburban living has diminished that connection

    3. “Real boring, I know,” Jesse adds, waving his hand in the air

    4. Mechanically, she throws another dog on a bun, adds the mustard and relish

    5. Remember every little bit of toxin adds up to a lot

    6. The pilot stops talking, smiles kindly, adds a remark

    7. “We had better be friends only, nothing else!” he adds nervously and he takes his hand off mine

    8. I miss Nick so much it is a physical pain and the knowledge that I have hurt him merely adds to the torment

    9. When we read of Jesus’ words, “Beware of false prophets,” he adds that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing

    10. Still it adds a touch of the bizarre and the exotic to this exacting science of discipline and, as with all Yoga practices, there is sound good sense behind its methods

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    add adhd attention deficit disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder hyperkinetic syndrome mbd minimal brain damage minimal brain dysfunction add together add up sum sum up summate tally tot tot up total tote up append supply bestow bring contribute impart lend calculate aggregate compute figure attach cast adjoin affix subjoin annex take on