count sätze

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Count sätze (in englisch)

  1. But I can count on.
  2. You can count on it.
  3. You can count on us.
  4. How to use count( ).
  5. Try to keep a count.

  6. I do not count him.
  7. Let me count the ways.
  8. I can count to two.
  9. I did not count them.
  10. You can count on that.
  11. On the count of three.
  12. But don't count on it.
  13. I Will Count The Days.
  14. This one had to count.
  15. You can count on me.

  16. If he does not count.
  18. Steve did a quick count.
  19. Here I am, dear count.
  20. On that count at least.
  21. She had lost her count.
  22. Ten at the last count.
  23. Do they count as cats?
  24. I count the colors again.
  25. You cannot count on it.

  26. The body count, a dead.
  27. The count knit his brow.
  28. Listen my dear count; M.
  29. I had to lose the count.
  30. She would count on 183.
  31. We count only blue cars.
  32. No one could keep count.
  33. Yet count him not as an.
  34. Count it then we eat.
  35. You can count on me!.
  36. No matter! Count upon me.
  37. The truth, my dear count.
  38. Clap the rhythm and count.
  39. We should count it a sin.
  40. The Count of Monte Cristo.
  41. I never went back to count.
  43. Caris began to count aloud.
  44. He’d lost count of the.
  45. The count had driven off.
  46. I wanted to make it count.
  47. The count came towards him.
  48. Can I count on you? Can Mr.
  49. Sit down and count that.
  50. I am entirely yours, count.
  51. I will count the minutes.
  52. Simply count the years, 1.
  53. So, we cannot count that.
  54. I can only count your eyes.
  55. I love a young girl, count.
  56. On the count of three, we.
  57. I knew I could count on you.
  58. The count withdrew his foot.
  59. The count is very temperate.
  60. I knew I could count on her.
  61. I have only you to count on.
  62. Give me a count down from.
  63. Remember me in a count of 9.
  64. Did that count as special?
  65. The player count drops to 32.
  66. But the count did not answer.
  67. How many did you count?
  68. What's the count up to?
  69. The player count drops to 28.
  70. Point to the notes and count.
  71. The count took out his watch.
  72. You can count on me, Farah.
  73. We’ll count it at my house.
  74. She can still talk and count.
  75. He can count, you say?
  76. Do I need to count this?
  77. Gradual y increase the count.
  78. That last one didn’t count.
  79. You can count on my services.
  80. By my count, that makes you.
  81. Do not count on anything yet.
  82. Can count 'em all on my hand.
  83. To count the days and years!.
  84. Count us among the witnesses.
  85. More times than I can count.
  86. Count me in on this, Miss Rox.
  87. Barron could always count on.
  88. I inhale, count to ten, exhale.
  89. I count on his word,.
  90. But I count you blessed,.
  1. He was counting on it.
  2. I was counting on it.
  3. I was counting on that.
  4. He was counting the days.
  5. Counting to less than 9.
  6. Was I counting too fast?
  7. Yet in its way, counting.
  8. He stopped counting at seven.
  9. I’ll be counting on that.
  10. All of Gaea is counting on us.
  11. The scammers are counting on.
  12. The town is counting on me.
  13. They reached the counting room.
  14. She had been counting on that.
  15. I'm counting on you for that.
  16. The school was counting on him.
  17. And we’re all counting on you.
  18. Counting the numbers in my mind.
  19. I wasn’t counting on it, though.
  20. Cash bricks, dwarfed a counting.
  21. Ford carried on counting quietly.
  22. I began counting the legal tender.
  23. Counting the Cost: Luke 14:25-30.
  24. Whitey Russo ran the counting room.
  25. But I wasn't counting on this pain.
  26. We will be counting heavily on you.
  27. She began again, counting the steps.
  28. Begin counting backwards from 100.
  29. I'm counting all the dead chickens.
  30. OK, these two are counting sheep.
  31. You are now ready to begin counting.
  32. I started counting it off in my head.
  33. She watched the tiles, counting them.
  34. Counting them for thousands of years.
  35. In counting all our tears and sighs?
  36. They are counting the customers and.
  37. He was counting paces on his fingers.
  38. Yeah, he’s down there counting.
  39. And that was what Hal was counting on.
  40. We were down to counting the minutes.
  41. We stood outside the counting booths.
  42. He waited patiently counting the rings.
  43. Everyone here will be counting on you.
  44. She knew that Credit was counting on.
  45. By counting how many fingers you have.
  46. Pa was counting the instances of each.
  47. He started counting from five downwards.
  48. Still Paul went on dealing and counting.
  49. She tried counting them on her fingers.
  50. Of course – we were counting on it.
  51. Your little Caitlin is counting on you.
  52. Forty-two, counting spares and hacks.
  53. I’m counting on the doctor in Seattle.
  54. That’s exactly what I was counting on.
  55. Yeah, I’m counting on it, I said.
  56. I am counting on the child for tomorrow.
  57. Counting the number of returned results.
  58. And were counting on you for next time.
  59. There’s a lot of us counting on you.
  60. Hotaki pulled the pin and began counting.
  61. So that’s what you were counting on.
  62. Barret, half-heartedly counting the steps.
  63. He sat down, "Grunt" and started counting.
  64. David wandered from pen to pen, counting.
  65. In such cases, silent counting is useless.
  66. I was slowly counting to ten, I said.
  67. He was counting as the guns hit the floor.
  68. Stop counting when the second hand hits 3.
  69. Harry decided to stop counting his chores.
  70. I’m counting on you, Pressman said.
  71. This means counting how much protein and.
  72. Not counting the tool change, a drill is.
  73. She moved, counting the steps, and stopped.
  74. Not counting all of the drones, of course.
  75. Lezura was counting on him to get the key.
  76. We tried counting heads, and came up with.
  77. They found themselves counting every penny.
  78. Counting the number or products on a shelf.
  79. Notice that Python starts counting from 0.
  80. Ganesh rallied his men, counting the living.
  81. Not counting the kids and the married women.
  82. Counting hadn’t ever been his strong suit.
  83. While you are counting 4 beats for this note.
  84. And I’m sure they were counting on that.
  85. That’s what your Catskinner is counting on.
  86. The countdown read five seconds and counting.
  87. The total gain (not counting dividends): 395.
  88. I was counting my prayers thinking that the.
  89. After that we stopped counting – it seemed.
  90. Steve was counting on him to keep a cool head.
  91. The counting ends at the first null character.
  92. You get lost if you try counting only in grey.
  93. The countdown reverses and begins counting up.
  94. He was counting off the footsteps in his head.
  95. I was counting on the sale of the car to help.
  96. He would be counting on some of them for this.
  97. Counting aloud, she suddenly leapt into action.
  98. It should be something like 58,000 counting CD.
  99. The crowd started counting: ten…nine…eight.
  100. I don't have a retail location? I was counting.
  1. He counted in his head.
  2. I counted seven of them.
  3. She counted off the days.
  4. He counted it like a dice.
  5. You have counted on this.
  6. I counted the money and.
  7. Not all votes are counted.
  8. Montana counted on her hand.
  9. Richard counted at least 9.
  10. Zeke counted on his fingers.
  11. Dunk counted on his fingers.
  12. I them counted the number.
  13. I counted the letters, my.
  14. He counted the odds of him.
  15. One, two, three, Sam counted.
  16. It was actions that counted.
  17. I counted them in my head.
  18. He counted them out for Tom.
  19. Al counted the longest line.
  20. He counted forty-two of them.
  21. He counted out four into Mrs.
  22. By the look of it I counted.
  23. He counted the remaining days.
  24. When I counted my scanty store.
  25. He counted twenty-one of them.
  26. He counted them one last time.
  27. Have you counted the trees?
  28. She counted them as the enemy.
  29. He counted to ten and growled.
  30. If we now counted Nidan, and.
  31. And that was all that counted.
  32. She counted to fifty, knowing.
  33. Until then we counted Saruman.
  34. He counted the boy as a friend.
  35. None of them counted the money.
  36. Maybe more, no one’s counted.
  37. He counted them until he tired.
  38. Facade was what really counted.
  39. He counted to three and was off.
  40. But superior numbers counted too.
  41. It was the thought that counted.
  42. Nothing but his reflexes counted.
  43. We never counted on the oath.
  44. It still counted, didn’t it?
  45. Her money counted, and designed.
  46. None of us could be counted out.
  47. Of course, they must be counted.
  48. God counted the cost before He.
  49. He counted to three, lobbed it.
  50. Reacher counted back in his head.
  51. The money refused to be counted.
  52. One might have counted a hundred.
  53. He counted out a thousand for me.
  54. The prisoners had to be counted.
  55. He opened the pouch and counted.
  56. They were turned over and counted.
  57. Carroll counted seventeen of them.
  58. I asked why Love was counted blind.
  59. It won’t be counted as betrayal.
  60. Pa counted the two rows of numbers.
  61. I counted the ammunition remaining.
  62. He’d counted twice, to make sure.
  63. Four, if she counted major medical.
  64. Roman counted six on his left and.
  65. You had counted on it generating a.
  66. You have a score of scores counted.
  67. He counted the days now to that day.
  68. Unless you counted the punk himself.
  69. I could have counted grains of sand.
  70. Claire hadn’t counted on the rain.
  71. Told out: Numbered; counted; tallied.
  72. Counted yet between earth and heaven.
  73. They counted all the money they had.
  74. Men and women stand up to be counted.
  75. I counted the seconds as I heard my.
  76. Abraham’s Faith in God was counted.
  77. That counted in permissible distance.
  78. Leiber counted to one hundred, slowly.
  79. Moshe counted twenty dim figures as.
  80. He knew it was the pain that counted.
  81. Though I counted this as one building.
  82. He counted it and handed what he had.
  83. When was the last time you counted.
  84. Vinny counted 6 trees to the right of.
  85. Caris was not sure whether that counted.
  86. You believe when others counted you out.
  87. Referee Arthur Donovan counted him out.
  88. The bar was full and I counted to five.
  89. What really counted was the selection;.
  90. We counted five hundred dollars in cash.
  91. Through his pain he counted their faces.
  92. I counted each of her tiny fingers and.
  93. When all was done I counted seven steaks.
  94. My advance will be counted steps toward.
  95. Junya counted and realized that he had.
  96. He counted thirty odd before he stopped.
  97. The man counted the angry, magical fires.
  98. The Red Line Alert was not counted.
  99. She counted it not much more than a mood.
  100. I held on until I’d counted 120 seconds.
  1. The counts had to be.
  2. What counts is how you.
  3. What counts is that you.
  4. That counts as first blood.
  5. And that's all that counts.
  6. Share counts are in millions.
  7. It counts not days or years.
  8. It's what works that counts.
  9. I plead guilty on all counts.
  10. This is what counts, to be.
  11. It’s the year that counts.
  12. It wasn't easy on all counts.
  13. Corey was wrong on all counts.
  14. She counts each of the girls.
  15. It is the person that counts.
  16. It’s the style that counts.
  18. What counts is the love, not.
  19. It’s the thought that counts.
  20. This is where it really counts.
  21. That’s when it really counts.
  22. It’s today that counts, Rose.
  23. Then he counts to thirteen Kat.
  24. Surely that counts as deception.
  25. I guess that counts as progress.
  26. He counts cards in Vegas?
  27. Spend your Time Where it Counts.
  28. And that counts a hell of a lot.
  29. Counts from the Middle Section.
  30. Chapter 10: Combining the Counts.
  31. He was right on all three counts.
  32. They’re vulnerable on 2 counts.
  33. It’s how we finish that counts.
  34. Then he counts to thirteen Qanil.
  35. Then he counts up to thirteen Toj.
  36. The counts were again quick, and.
  37. And she was correct on all counts.
  38. It was a losing battle on all counts.
  39. My voice is the only one that counts.
  40. He counts six hands-worth of throws.
  41. But it is your decision that counts.
  42. The wise man counts nothing as his.
  43. The CO counts off the inmates aloud.
  44. Most counts will probably be too low.
  45. She runs out of fingers as she counts.
  46. Being prepared counts for everything.
  47. Just hateful looks, if that counts.
  48. Breeding often counts for nothing.
  49. What counts here is what percentage.
  50. The entire mix of information counts.
  51. That is why, your opinion counts for.
  52. In this our automated age REAL counts.
  53. Who gathers wealth and counts it over.
  54. Quality, not quantity, is what counts.
  55. Over here, wounding counts as bagging.
  56. That place counts as a revival here.
  57. Apparently Not The Thought That Counts.
  58. What you do with it is all that counts.
  59. Every second counts, Stenworth said.
  60. Wrong on two counts there sweetheart.
  61. Guilty, your honor, on all three counts.
  62. Then the priest counts to thirteen Ajpu.
  63. He takes a deep breath and counts to ten.
  64. The second that five second timer counts.
  65. It counts at the present a total of 386.
  66. The word of a negro counts for even less.
  67. I was excused on both counts by the fact.
  68. He counts out the rings, settling on five.
  69. Bible counts one week as seven years.
  70. I suppose it counts as nostalgia nowadays.
  71. I think killing me counts as a disruption.
  72. Marie-Laure counts the chapters that remain.
  73. The consumer has the only vote that counts.
  74. Chapter 13: Counts from the Middle Section.
  75. If the moon is still in the sky, it counts.
  76. He closes his eyes for a moment and counts.
  77. It is the person that counts and not wealth.
  78. The man of commerce counts his cent per cent.
  79. But on two counts of murder? It will be hard.
  80. What counts is how you thought of each other.
  81. What counts is the education that takes place.
  82. I know, baby, and that’s all that counts.
  83. Modern yoga counts dozens of pranayamas and.
  84. So I call him up and he counts my register.
  85. Neatness counts in terms of health and safety.
  86. It counts 107 days to Monday, March 19, 1962.
  87. He was wrong about the population counts.
  88. What the hell, it’s the thought that counts.
  89. I fear you are wrong on two counts, goddess.
  90. What counts is the general trend and not some.
  91. He counts the bongs that finish at five.
  92. Nicholskoe, estate of the counts Olsuphiev, pp.
  93. It's the pattern, not the incident, that counts.
  94. What counts most is the tremendously powerful.
  95. We’re together, and that’s all that counts.
  96. The bag is passed and the man counts the money.
  97. And counts the varied gathering of the products.
  98. The only market that counts is the OPMI market.
  99. It is not my certainty that counts, but yours.
  100. The vendor opens it and counts the money inside.

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