matter sätze

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Matter sätze (in englisch)

  1. It is a matter of.
  2. As a matter of fact.
  3. It would matter to me.
  4. No matter how hard I.
  5. No matter what he said.

  6. No matter what they are.
  7. But it does not matter.
  8. No matter what he does.
  9. No matter how hard He.
  10. Only a matter of time.
  11. No matter how hard it.
  12. The fact of the matter.
  13. It was a matter of time.
  14. No matter what the cost.
  15. Why does it matter how.

  16. It didn't seem to matter.
  17. No matter where it is at.
  18. It did not matter anyway.
  19. It's a matter of honour.
  20. It didn’t matter to me.
  21. Love all, no matter what.
  22. No matter what they did.
  23. As a matter of security.
  24. No matter what the crime.
  25. No matter how hard I beg.

  26. Well kid, no matter what.
  27. It is no laughing matter.
  28. As a matter of fact, be-.
  29. The matter of the lottery.
  30. But the matter was urgent.
  31. What did it matter, though.
  32. It doesn’t matter to me.
  33. Doesn't matter much to us.
  34. In this case, the matter.
  35. At the 90% missing matter.
  36. Rosa puts the matter aside.
  37. But the matter gets worse.
  38. No matter what the outcome.
  39. It was a matter of choice.
  40. It would only be a matter.
  41. Does it matter what we say.
  42. That should end the matter.
  43. There was also the matter.
  44. It was a matter of how do.
  45. No matter what, he said.
  46. It didn’t seem to matter.
  47. But it still won't matter.
  48. It didnt matter until now.
  49. Some of these dark matter.
  50. While all was of no matter.
  51. My head was another matter.
  52. It did not matter, she said.
  53. A Matter of Life and Death.
  54. As a matter of fact I do.
  55. It is a matter of ego and.
  56. His party is another matter.
  57. No matter what the Mother.
  58. It is a matter of survival.
  59. But no matter how hard the.
  60. Again it is a matter of mind.
  61. Or her leg, for that matter.
  62. And what does it matter now.
  63. Who I am doesn’t matter.
  64. No matter what they tell us.
  65. As a matter of fact, it is.
  66. If not, it doesn’t matter.
  67. Roman in a matter of seconds.
  68. It is only a matter of time.
  69. For love is the chief matter.
  70. Michael in a matter of hours.
  71. Matter is up to the Spirit:.
  72. She was good no matter what.
  73. It did not matter after all.
  74. It was all a matter of time.
  75. No matter, his car was fine.
  76. No one lies without a matter.
  77. So does she, for that matter.
  78. It was only a matter of time.
  79. Now to the matter at hand.
  80. Especial y on this matter.
  81. The truth does indeed matter.
  82. No matter what she did, she.
  83. No matter how hard he tried.
  84. No matter what you do, that.
  85. It’s a matter of worldview.
  86. She saw--that no matter how.
  87. I still didn't matter to them.
  88. As a matter of fact, the.
  89. Survival is a serious matter.
  90. No matter what they teach us.
  91. You see, it didn’t matter.
  92. Does it matter to you?
  93. It does not matter how much.
  94. So it is a matter of fishing.
  95. It doesn't matter how far—.
  96. This is other matter, matter.
  97. In the end it didn’t matter.
  98. But what did it matter anyway.
  99. That is all that matter to me.
  100. In this scenario dark matter.
  1. Own evaluation of appearance and of its centrality on her mattering map.
  2. For the Gate Forbidden was one that had been designed of thick bar railings, thus allowing one to see to either side, it not mattering whether you were on the inside or the outside.
  3. What ends up mattering the most to what you can spend and save in your life is how much tax you have to pay rather than how much is withheld through the year or refunded in the end.
  4. In a witty novel called The Mind-Body Problem (1983), Rebecca Gold-stein puts forth the notion that everyone has a "mattering map," on which are located, either centrally or peripherally, those things that have meaning or that matter to the person.
  5. When people are no longer attracted by the distractions of becoming something fantastic, but rather want some depth – physical presence – to their relationships, mattering to others and others mattering to them, not as means, but ends, not competitors, but comrades, not 'All on one's own, but Everyone in this together.
  6. There he was, her dishonoured husband, the being who in her life had been kindest to her, had loved her most, still working, still going on doggedly among the ruins she had created, up to the last moment when public opinion, brutal and stupid, making her the chief thing when she so utterly was not, while it thrust her and her wishes and intimate knowledge aside as not mattering when, as in the question of more children, or no more children, they so utterly did, would on her sole account, on the sole account of what seemed to her at that moment the most profoundly naturally unimportant thing in life, a woman who had been silly, put a stop to his fine work and refuse to give the world a chance to profit by his brains.
  7. Lay not that mattering unction to your soul,.
  1. It mattered not a bit.
  2. He mattered to me now.
  3. The girl mattered to me.
  4. But none of that mattered.
  5. Not that it mattered now.
  6. But it no longer mattered.
  7. All that mattered in Laru.
  8. Work was all that mattered.
  9. Not that it mattered to him.
  10. As if that mattered anymore.
  11. This was all that mattered.
  12. That was all that mattered.
  13. She was what mattered most.
  14. Elior was all that mattered.
  15. She mattered an awful lot!.
  16. Nothing now mattered at all.
  17. None of it mattered any more.
  18. Power was all that mattered.
  19. Not that it mattered anymore.
  20. Nothing else mattered to me.
  21. All that mattered was Ashley.
  22. At the moment, that mattered.
  23. Not that it mattered to them.
  24. It mattered little either way.
  25. None of it mattered now though.
  26. Not that it mattered any more.
  27. Loyalty mattered to John Puller.
  28. Not that it mattered to me, I.
  29. He never really mattered to me.
  30. I didn’t think it mattered.
  31. I hadn’t thought it mattered.
  32. The root cause hardly mattered.
  33. But it would not have mattered.
  34. The checklist is what mattered.
  35. Nothing mattered to me anymore.
  36. Right now was all that mattered.
  37. This was all that mattered, Mrs.
  38. It was all that really mattered.
  39. It seemed like nothing mattered.
  40. Things that mattered when young.
  41. Not that it mattered to him now.
  42. Maybe that was all that mattered.
  43. That was all that mattered to me.
  44. Being together was what mattered.
  45. None of this mattered to Annyeke.
  46. In her presence nothing mattered.
  47. It was the next one that mattered.
  48. Deep down, she prayed it mattered.
  49. Are the only things that mattered.
  50. Not that that really mattered now.
  51. But it mattered little to Laedron.
  52. I didn’t think it mattered….
  53. That really never mattered anyway?
  54. I told her none of that mattered.
  55. But none of that mattered with him.
  56. I decided not! It mattered that I.
  57. But this mattered little to Truman.
  58. It no longer mattered who you were.
  59. What mattered was to think positive.
  60. It wasn’t herself who mattered.
  61. Nothing mattered to him now except.
  62. What mattered most was knowing this.
  63. Things that mattered to people and.
  64. Only one thing mattered: your blood.
  65. First impressions no longer mattered.
  66. Looking after them was what mattered.
  67. But to him every single one mattered.
  68. That was what mattered in that moment.
  69. So captivating, nothing else mattered.
  70. And that was all that mattered to him.
  71. And by then, it no longer mattered.
  72. Nothing else mattered except keeping.
  73. It was the journey that mattered 138.
  74. Outside of that, nothing else mattered.
  75. How little it mattered now, he thought.
  76. What mattered was the upbringing, the.
  77. Things like that mattered to Ulbrickson.
  78. What mattered was getting off this ship.
  79. That should have been all that mattered.
  80. She asked the only question that mattered.
  81. None of their opinions had ever mattered.
  82. Nothing else mattered but only you and me.
  83. Not that it mattered, he was in disguise.
  84. All that mattered to her was the company.
  85. He said the money wasn’t what mattered.
  86. It was Jacob's opinion that mattered most.
  87. In realty all mattered at their own time.
  88. The vehemence of truth no longer mattered.
  89. But the weather wasn’t what mattered now.
  90. But I can tell you that it mattered to me.
  91. His mind reeled; nothing mattered anymore.
  92. What mattered was that two became one….
  93. It only mattered what Jesus and he thought.
  94. To them nothing else about Africa mattered.
  95. So one question mattered before all others.
  96. All that mattered was this pure connection.
  97. It wasn’t as if the noise really mattered.
  98. Only the desire to do her bidding mattered.
  99. The thing that really mattered was the blood.
  100. Fame had not mattered as much as he thought.
  1. It matters what you did.
  2. It matters not what you.
  3. That is all that matters.
  4. Leave such matters to us.
  5. All that matters is love.
  6. All that matters is money.
  7. To God all matters revert.
  8. That’s all matters to me.
  9. There are a few matters I.
  10. Not that it really matters.
  11. That's all that matters now.
  12. But enough of money matters.
  13. But these are minor matters.
  14. What matters to love? Others.
  15. Not that it matters anyway.
  16. All other matters came next.
  17. I don’t see how it matters.
  18. What matters is that we care.
  19. And that's all that matters.
  20. I can attend to other matters.
  21. He’s all that matters, now.
  22. Now back to pressing matters.
  23. How he dies matters to you.
  24. Not that it matters to you.
  25. To make matters worse, a 66.
  26. It matters not to whom or to.
  27. All that matters is those kids.
  28. But money matters worried him.
  29. It only matters what he wants.
  30. Awareness is all that matters.
  31. All that matters is the truth.
  32. None of that matters any more.
  33. What actually matters to the.
  34. And, in case it matters to you.
  35. Nothing matters but the child.
  36. In all these matters we must.
  37. What matters is your survival.
  38. What matters is what you think.
  39. This chart shows why it matters.
  40. And that’s where matters rest.
  41. Do not interfere in my matters.
  42. Nothing else matters right now.
  43. This is what matters, not then.
  44. It matters, that it was so good.
  45. To God all matters are referred.
  46. She’s focused on what matters.
  47. It matters little what man says.
  48. It is the attitude that matters.
  49. Some private matters he said.
  51. Humphrey, to have left matters.
  52. It is not truth that matters.
  53. Not that it matters, but—.
  54. It matters everything what you.
  55. That’s all that matters to me.
  56. Learn to laugh at petty matters.
  57. What matters in this world? Love.
  58. But none of that really matters.
  59. In money matters, he is highly.
  60. But not to the point it matters.
  61. It matters how the trader hedges.
  62. What matters is that we need you.
  63. What matters is the relationship.
  64. All that matters to them is them.
  65. You’re all that matters, Ralph.
  66. Yes, we’re all that matters.
  67. But he had more pressing matters.
  68. What matters is the rest of the.
  69. It might only complicate matters.
  70. It matters little who is to blame.
  71. Save it for when it matters most.
  72. He did, that's all that matters.
  73. And Ty isn't helping matters any.
  74. What matters to others? Wholeness.
  75. What matters is our consciousness.
  76. It matters not that the measured.
  77. These are matters of investigation.
  78. I have pressing matters to attend.
  79. Indeed, to God all matters revert.
  80. That’s what matters to the king.
  81. Matters of the heart are a whole.
  82. The Record of Ancient Matters.
  83. Even in trifling matters, Sergey.
  84. What matters is that it will work.
  85. What matters the most is that he.
  86. Let’s not make matters worse.
  87. All these matters were by the bye.
  88. Not guilty, not that it matters.
  89. There are other matters on my mind.
  90. What matters is that you’re here.
  91. You had other matters to attend to.
  92. Why it matters to be more centered.
  93. Other matters were quite secondary.
  94. Not that any of this matters to Mrs.
  95. Matters were taking a serious turn.
  96. Matters were not yet very desperate.
  97. Talk: as if that would mend matters.
  98. But when I discuss matters with her.
  99. All that matters is who you are now.
  100. It’s a balance that only matters.

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