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Tell in einem Satz (in englisch)

I had to tell her.
I have to tell them.
So, tell me about it.
I will tell you why.
Tell Dad I love him.
So, let me tell you.
I tell you the truth.

What shall I tell Mr.
Tell me if it's hot.
Tell me what he did.
It was hard to tell.
I tried to tell her.
I'd have to tell her.
I have to tell her.
I cannot tell a lie.
It’s him I tell you.
Tell Him you love Him.
You can tell later on.
I just had to tell her.
Tell me what you mean.
I tell her I was here.
No, but tell me more.
I hope he can’t tell.
Told and still to tell.
You can tell from the.
Tell him what a great.
Tell me, all there is!.
I have to tell her now.
I can tell you no more.
What can I tell you?'.
Tell me about your son.
Tell me more about him.
Go where they tell you.
He did try to tell them.
Tell me, what are your.
I can tell you that now.
Ill tell you that much.
Nobody had to tell them.
Tell me it is going to.
Now, tell me about Adam.
I heard her telling Mr.
Are you telling me you.
He has no way of telling.
I was telling the truth.
Now, you're telling me J.
There is no telling who.
He was telling the truth.
God is telling you that.
You are telling lie Mr.
Telling you to come home.
After years of telling Mr.
What I have been telling.
He would be telling them.
This will be very telling.
He replied by telling me.
So I began by telling him.
What are You telling me?
Without telling what to do.
It’s no telling how the.
They are telling the truth.
I am telling you Sergeant.
When I finished telling Mrs.
There is no way of telling.
There was really no telling.
If someone is telling the.
I am telling the truth!.
I am telling you this sole.
Most of the time telling a.
Thank you for telling me.
I enjoy telling you stories.
I tried telling him it was.
She was telling me to hurry.
So people keep telling me.
I now recall him telling me.
God is telling you for this.
That's what I'm telling you.
And she is telling the truth.
God is telling Abimelech to.
The man is telling the truth.
But he was telling the truth.
I told him I did.
He told me he was.
I told her to run.
I do as I’m told.
I told him the plan.
I told him that I.
I told him in brief.
He told her so, too.
I did as she told me.
I was told to listen.
Jack if truth be told.
I told him about you.
HE talked and I told.
I told her what had.
She told me to come.
I told her then I'd.
My mom told me what.
We both told him we.
I told you last time.
They told him of my.
No one ever told him.
I thought I told you.
He then told them to.
His wife told him to.
I told her about our.
I told her that I too.
Told Jenny to get lost.
I’m sorry, I told her.
I just want to be told.
When I told Ron of my.
He told us three days.
Truth be told she was.
Ava told me about that.
They were told to wait.
We ought to have told.
We told him about Tony.
That’s why I told you.
I had already told [Mr.
When Mom told me I’d.
But I told them I did.
He never tells a lie.
What my maid tells me.
He tells me the truth.
The old man tells me.
Her life tells it all.
Q: It tells me nothing.
And John tells of how.
He tells them it will.
A blind man tells you.
He tells us Jorge had.
Liam tells me that you.
He tells me where to go.
The Bible tells us that:.
What tells us that this.
The picture tells a story.
The Guru only tells you.
He tells us in His Word.
But that tells me nothing.
The Guru comes and tells.
She tells him her secrets.
So it tells he has dreams.
It also clearly tells us.
It tells of what was once.
Apuleius tells us of them.
He then tells Arjun that.
The ash tells her to go on.
Bell tells of their fate:.
Krishn tells Arjun in the.
The camera tells the truth.
The book tells how he died.
It tells you on the packet.
When anyone ever tells me.
The owner tells the story.
The Book of Genesis tells.
This tells us a great deal.
I already know, he tells me.
TOBIAS TELLS ME this story:.
He tells his fellow gladi-.
Antti tells you it’s hard.

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