devise sätze

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Devise sätze (in englisch)

  1. I could devise no other means.
  2. Only then can we devise a plan.
  3. Another is with a spear type devise.
  4. The rather, if you could devise it so.
  5. They had to devise a plan to save the day.

  6. This falls out better than I could devise.
  7. This is how one go about to devise a conspiracy.
  8. One invention makes other engineers devise more.
  9. We had to devise a better method of communications.
  10. Those two haven’t the wit to devise such a scheme.
  11. We lost the Travel Devise in it said Cosmicblasto.
  12. They had to devise a plan that would outsmart everyone.
  13. The reefs were more deadly than any trap man could devise.
  14. The fifth step is to devise promotions for affiliate groups.
  15. We can devise a story in which we evolved, scratching out.

  16. TopTip #62 – Devise captivating videos that compel watchers.
  17. Tammas pushed Jacob away and threw himself on top of the devise.
  18. GOD will not even enter into the thinking of mankind as they devise.
  19. If I had the Travel Devise, I would say, it would put me off from.
  20. Tylin gathered everyone around in a circle and began to devise a plan.
  21. Could anyone else devise such an intricate plan? He didn’t think so.
  22. The government will devise policies that encourage and reward produc-.
  23. She re-enforced the avatar with as timely updates as she could devise.
  24. They will devise a plan of action to set things straight for all of us.
  25. I worked hard to devise good working solutions for each of those glitches.

  26. It is not only recommended that Foboko devise an application for Android.
  27. One detonated his devise in front of 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.
  28. Something new was required and this motivated Fisher to devise the battle cruiser.
  29. Heaven forbid that we should lose it! We must devise a plan to make the most of it.
  30. He had to devise something that could etch up the patch area so the glue would stick.
  31. They simply devise new and more elegant ways to manipulate prices for their own ends.
  32. It was up to his genius to devise an action plan that would contain remedies of all.
  33. He could not devise in his mind any method by which he could avoid the stigma of ridicule.
  34. The most suitable fete the Germans can devise for him is a celebration of Jena and Auerstadt.
  35. Oh, that coat is not his own idea; it is the Republic's, which deputed David [*] to devise a.
  36. The wizards had extensive bionic enhancements to their minds, all their research could devise.
  37. So the team had to devise another plan; and they came up with a plan called divide and conquer.
  38. Pierre could think of a far better home for it, if only he could devise a way of getting at it.
  39. The most suitable fête the Germans can devise for him is a celebration of Jena and Auerstädt.
  40. And it was necessary to decide on the instant, to devise some expedient, to come to some decision.
  41. And why it was not done already she could not devise, for Miss Crawford certainly wanted no delay.
  42. It seems with a helmet and the suntower connection that she was able to devise, he can enter her world.
  43. Devise a point system that adds up to an allowance that lets kids spend their money the way they want to.
  44. I saw it, it’s also a tracking devise remember? He said as he put his hand on the pin of her hair.
  45. When scientists tested the first nuclear devise in White Sands New Mexico, ground zero became crystalized.
  46. Invariably my devise works as I conceived it should; in twenty years there has not been a single exception.
  47. Can we accept that and devise a way to put the fluctuations to work in our favor, instead of fearing them?
  48. They then tried to devise some scheme for rescuing Don Gaspar Gregorio from the danger in which he had been left.
  49. What level for common sense? The following test is simplistic and I hope scientist will devise a much better one.
  50. What they did not realise was Simon always released an electromagnetic pulse devise each time he entered his flat.
  51. All he can do is to follow the aliens so he doesn't create suspicion, and in the meantime heś gotta devise a plan.
  52. The agents assigned to that search should not depart before we devise an anti-psyonic waves protective device, though.
  53. Realising he had drifted away while morning the loss of Stuart he pulled out his mobile devise and began to play with it.
  54. We’ll talk about that later, I can’t believe you put a tracking devise on her, he couldn’t help glaring at him.
  55. We are forced to devise relative positioning systems based on relative locations from any arbitrary three celestial points.
  56. He had spent many hours trying to devise a way of getting at some of the bank’s reserves, but of course it was impossible.
  57. There might be rumors insinuating who the peacemakers are, but in reality, they are guiding you to those who devise dilemma.
  58. The boat crew would devise varied modes of entertainment, which included shows and gambling, some with passenger interaction.
  59. He asserted he wanted illegal aliens to “pay all outstanding tax liabilities” and “allow the IRS to devise a system”.
  60. And there Democrats who forgathered every Wednesday night to devise ways of regaining the were sick friends with whom he had to sit.
  61. Then said he to me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city: 3 Which say, It is not.
  62. But in vain did he rack his imagination; fertile as it was, he could not devise any plan for reaching the island without companionship.
  63. And therefore, to satisfy the demands of people of the upper classes, artists have had to devise methods of producing imitations of art.
  64. I can’t imagine how anyone could ever devise a software programme that could spot the unauthorised use of a perfectly legitimate ident.
  65. I saw many artifacts and remnants of vampire activity in these castles but could not devise where they had gone or how they met their fate.
  66. He had read that in 1790 Napoleon had offered a prize of 12,000 French francs to the person that could devise a method of food preservation.
  67. I’m sure that you’ll devise a strategy – you can call me at any time on my cell-phone should you need help or wish to discuss a problem.
  68. Feeling indignant that he was not taken into his tutor's confidence, he set his wits to work to devise some proper retaliation for the slight.
  69. Samantha was not paying attention to the conversation, as her mind was busy attempting to devise methods to drive a wedge between Olin and Judy.
  70. When I fear that things aren't going my way, I pray to God for His protection and guidance with one breath and devise my own plan with the other.
  71. Since antiquity the common people had scant entertainment and it was folly to leave them in boredom with abundant free time to devise revolution.
  72. Woe to you you obstinate of heart who watches in order to devise wickedness therefore fear shall come on you and there shall be none to help you.
  73. After wearing and wasting her palpitating heart with every engine of regret that lonely inexperience could devise, common sense had illuminated her.
  74. The little princess got up, rang for the maid, and hurriedly and merrily began to devise and carry out a plan of how Princess Mary should be dressed.
  75. All they will succeed in doing is dropping another metal devise to the earth; and we will pick it up and put it with all the others in the lava pit.
  76. Woe to you, you obstinate of heart, who watches in order to devise wickedness, therefore fear shall come on you and there shall be none to help you.
  77. The remaining Risso’s both in Melbourne and Perth were at that moment enjoying the most excruciating pain that Captain Creasey and his men could devise.
  78. He will not devise or undertake anything,’ thought Prince Andrew, ‘but he will hear everything, remember everything, and put everything in its place.
  79. He will not devise or undertake anything, thought Prince Andrew, but he will hear everything, remember everything, and put everything in its place.
  80. The hard part would be finding all the weak links, but probably any electrical engineer, with access to the internet, could devise a plan, I explained.
  81. When striving to improve your methods, the ability to devise plans and pull the trigger on trades is essential – if you want to achieve exceptional results.
  82. The sand turned to glass in a wide area around where the devise was ignited, a small Sea of Glass as it were, but only after the fireball of the explosion.
  83. Wherever he had been deployed, or for whatever purpose, to fight or to investigate, Puller had always been able to devise a plan, a strategy to get the job done.
  84. Again, most will think what I’m saying is from the devil, out-of-line, some cult thought, or any other devise to shoot down what God has given me to give others.
  85. It was not as strong nor as fast as many of the others but it was cunning and it had a freedom to devise its own destiny in a manner that would prove devastating.
  86. Thoughts turning over of the panicked state of his B’tari protectors – trying to devise a way to lift him out of this situation without attracting any attention.
  87. The only advantage we have is the element of surprise, so we may have time to devise a plan, they don’t know what’s happened in here, yet Pon informed them.
  88. The captain, wearing a cynical smile, lowered his devise whilst waiting for a response and, when no reply was forthcoming, he tried again, a little wearily this time.
  89. It is scarce possible to devise a tax which could produce any considerable revenue to the sovereign, and at the same time occasion so little inconveniency to anybody.
  90. My most frequent engagement with Roy, usually bright and early, was to devise what he called talk sheets to guide him in his phone calls to prospective sellers.
  91. The exemptions offered through testing might make their concerns moot, yet each continued to devise alternate plans should an exemption for themselves not be forthcoming.
  92. We feel that a special examination of this field may wisely be commended to those who would devise liberal things with a view to special gifts for institutions of learning.
  93. I tried to escape from my love by self-renunciation, and tried to devise a joy in the Cossack Lukashka's and Maryanka's love, but thereby only stirred up my own love and jealousy.
  94. This was a much more active trading training program than the one I would later devise for Singapore retail traders, as these guys were active pro traders with impressive track records.
  95. Inspired, Harry began sketches of the more remarkable foundations and buildings, trying for himself to devise the methods he might employ if he were to construct the imposing structures.
  96. Research and Development is defined as ‘creative work undertaken on a system-atic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge and the use of this stock to devise new applications.
  97. Perhaps, suggested Robin Algar, we should devise a special one-off code for this operation, available to only the minimum number of those involved, and as complex as it can be devised.
  98. But now, the curate said, that the lady Dorothea's good fortune prevented her from proceeding with their purpose, it would be necessary to devise or discover some other way of getting him home.
  99. You can imagine, Watson, with what eagerness I listened to this extraordinary sequence of events, and endeavored to piece them together, and to devise some common thread upon which they might all hang.
  100. Just the same is done by a concourse of people, allowing those who do not take a direct part in the activity to devise considerations, justifications, and surmises concerning their collective activity.
  1. Salman is famed for devising the.
  2. Skinny was devising a plan in her head.
  3. What is the most pragmatic way of devising a unique.
  4. Secretly, she was devising a plan that would make him hers.
  5. He vowed to escape from Illium and set about devising a plan.
  6. She inherited her mother's gift for devising drapery and costume.
  7. For the devising of idols was the beginning of spiritual fornication [ i.
  8. And, he was confident that the plan he was devising to escape would work.
  9. In devising a way to steal the soul the djain conspired with a human woman.
  10. Never since the devising of gunpowder was the beginning of a battle so still.
  11. Button had such a man as Sebastian in mind for what she had been devising to do.
  12. The salesmen used high-power techniques, mostly of Bernie’s devising, to sell.
  13. I, too, think that the devising of idols was–and still is--the major human error.
  14. Good analytics can also help in devising early checks in the implementation process.
  15. So much so, he said, that they were already devising a system for installing it on boats.
  16. Hoenir gave it to me; Mimir said he’s been devising it since the last time you were here.
  17. Jackson perhaps was not apprised at the time he was employed in devising the gross insinuation.
  18. From the sound of the whispering and giggling, they seemed to be hard at work devising something.
  19. Leeds on a poxy course in Birmingham? How could he cheat on me while I was devising a scenario on.
  20. He could not look at her but his mind was already analysing the situation and devising his next move.
  21. I realize she must have stashed of them, and she’s leading everyone into traps of her own devising.
  22. She replied that it was a beneficiary of the town who had a nice taste in devising things of the sort.
  23. A rich man ended up getting richer, and spent his days and nights devising ways to protect his new wealth.
  24. Devising such spells is fiendishly complex and requires the cumulative effort of thousands of researchers.
  25. Scientific Method - a rational method for forming a hypothesis and devising tests to disprove the hypothesis.
  26. He’d spent years devising a plan that had a very real chance of dismantling America’s intelligence apparatus.
  27. I would like you two to start devising a plan to quickly break Laplante out of prison in Quetta if that becomes necessary.
  28. But there is one hidden danger of inflation, which many of us forget or ignore while devising the financial strategy for retirement.
  29. If they’re not hassling about the press being gagged and political films being censored, they’re devising their own plots to undermine us.
  30. I spent my days devising new strategies for capture-the-flag and making alliances with the other cabins to keep the banner out of Ares’s hands.
  31. Once Colling knew where Tomasz’ wife and daughters were, he gave his attention to devising a scheme to bring them to the von Brechstler estate.
  32. In fact, as I mentioned yesterday, the lack of evidence, either way, was what led to me being an agnostic for several years before devising my test.
  33. Once you know why you want that position—and that includes why you expect it to be profitable—the next step is devising a plan to capture the profits.
  34. He was devising an excuse to get out and run away when Beletski announced that Ustenka, whose saint's day it was, must offer chikhir to everybody with a kiss.
  35. Add individual tortures to national degradations, and, whoever you may be, you will shudder before the frock and the veil,—those two winding-sheets of human devising.
  36. Worse, Ghormley had proven to be a defeatist, lacking aggressiveness and constantly worrying about the enemy’s moves instead of devising strategies to take the initiative.
  37. Actual responsibility for devising a reorganization plan devolves on three disinterested agencies: (1) the trustee, who must present the plan in the first instance; (2) the S.
  38. There are counter-measures, of course, said Stevens, and we are constantly devising new methods of encryption and layered defences to combat increasingly sophisticated threats.
  39. The same just and benevolent motives which produced the interdiction in force against this criminal conduct, will doubtless be felt by Congress in devising further means of suppressing the evil.
  40. Everyone who had ever known him recognised his great power of thought unmatched by any other man in that era, and his ingenuity in devising a plan in order to achieve success and for the greater good.
  41. Unhappy, shortsighted Anselmo, what art thou doing, what art thou plotting, what art thou devising? Bethink thee thou art working against thyself, plotting thine own dishonour, devising thine own ruin.
  42. They took as their doctrine a strict set of rules and guidelines know as the Temporal Directive, devising rules for minimal intervention and interference, which then had to be adapted for each assignment.
  43. She was not in the habit of devising falsehoods, and if her statements were no direct clew to fact, why, they were not intended in that light—they were among her elegant accomplishments, intended to please.
  44. But once he has learned all this, the composer may unceasingly produce one work after another; whether programme-music, opera, or song (devising sounds more or less corresponding to the words), or chamber music, i.
  45. In his return to the camp, his acute and practised intellects were intently engaged in devising means to counteract a watchfulness and suspicion on the part of his enemies, that he knew were, in no degree, inferior to his own.
  46. It is like not helping a man out of confinement into the fresh air, but devising means, instead, to pump into him the necessary quantity of oxygen and arranging so that he may live in a stifling cellar instead of living at home.
  47. Fiendish tortures were also often resorted to, especially with prisoners of war, when the executioners vied with each other in devising fearful methods of torture, such as flaying alive, plucking out eyes, and even more original devices.
  48. Canning in devising an ingenious mental retort, for converting the bad faith of his own Government, in the disavowal of the arrangement, into a reproach upon ours, for the circumstances under which that arrangement was pretended to have been made.
  49. They are superior to other large-cap indexes like the Russell 1000 and S&P 500 and offer a lesson to the creators of index funds, demonstrating that they may wish to bring a more objective, quantitative screening process to bear when devising new indexes.
  50. Sometimes, too, he had experienced the opposite, expressing at last what he liked himself, which he was devising arguments to defend, and, chancing to express it well and genuinely, he had found his opponent at once agreeing and ceasing to dispute his position.
  51. And yet, what is our situation in relation to that destroyer of mankind—him who, devising death to all that live, sits like a cormorant on the tree of life; who cannot be glutted, nor tired, with human carnage; the impersonation of death; himself an incarnate death?
  52. On Tuesday afternoon a meeting of the uninjured survivors was called in the main saloon for the purpose of devising means of assisting the more unfortunate, many of whom had lost relatives and all their personal belongings, and thanking Divine Providence for their deliverance.
  53. It seems to have only been when an appeal was made to the Presence that has always seemed to lurk just beyond the natural senses of mankind for the guidance that was beyond Man’s ability to give himself, that he has been successful in devising and maintaining this Book of Wisdom.
  54. In our opinion, however, this was due not so much to weaknesses remaining in the statute as it was to the extraordinary problem of devising fair plans for extremely complicated corporate structures when the question of future earning power was both highly controversial and of critical importance.
  55. But, you will ask, why these experiences and why this delay, when you and your comrades should have been occupied day and night in the devising of some means by which you could return to the outer world? My answer is, that there was not one of us who was not working for this end, but that our work had been in vain.
  56. I ran to the house in Soho, and (to make assurance doubly sure) destroyed my papers; thence I set out through the lamplit streets, in the same divided ecstasy of mind, gloating on my crime, light-headedly devising others in the future, and yet still hastening and still hearkening in my wake for the steps of the avenger.
  57. Astronomers have watched the sky with spells that magnify their vision for millennia, always devising better spells for it, and they have seen stars explode, and seen worlds destroyed by collisions with other worlds, or enveloped in clouds of dust so dense that the light from their stars was blocked, and they froze solid.
  58. But by then they were heavily invested in a plan of their own devising, in a course of action, in a procedure, in the promise of extreme future physical pleasure, and the two major components of that coming nirvana were knotted tight in the swaying crowd, collateral damage just waiting to happen, and they didn’t want them damaged.
  59. And other people who are in the same position as he believe him, commend him, and solemnly discuss with him measures for ameliorating the condition of the working-class, on whose exploitation their whole life rests, devising all kinds of possible methods for this, except the one without which all improvement of their condition is impossible, i.
  60. Hadn’t keeping her away from all this been his reason for getting her on the private-school track in the first place? But Dad, egged on by Richard Groskoph with his paper and pen, increasingly existed in a world of his own devising, where his own father and brothers were still alive, and fireworks in New York still synonymous with the Cicciaro name.
  61. She also proved to be a tactical and strategic genius of the first order as she went up quickly in rank, devising and executing numerous air and joint operations in the Pacific, such as the taking by helicopter air assault of Lae and many other important Japanese airfields in Papua New Guinea and the sinking of the battleships YAMATO and MUSASHI in Rabaul Harbor.
  62. I conceive, I said, that the true legislator will not trouble himself with this class of enactments whether concerning laws or the constitution either in an ill-ordered or in a well-ordered State; for in the former they are quite useless, and in the latter there will be no difficulty in devising them; and many of them will naturally flow out of our previous regulations.
  63. Don Quixote's host was one Don Antonio Moreno by name, a gentleman of wealth and intelligence, and very fond of diverting himself in any fair and good-natured way; and having Don Quixote in his house he set about devising modes of making him exhibit his mad points in some harmless fashion; for jests that give pain are no jests, and no sport is worth anything if it hurts another.
  64. For, sir, men of minds of that description are too much employed in the pleasing amusement of looking out for coruscations of wit and sentiment, to have any leisure for the more dull and unpleasurable business of observing and marking the great occurrences in human affairs, and of devising means of giving them a direction favorable to their own views, or to their country's interests.
  65. During the six years which had passed since Noirtier first fell into this sad state, Valentine's powers of invention had been too often put to the test not to render her expert in devising expedients for gaining a knowledge of his wishes, and the constant practice had so perfected her in the art that she guessed the old man's meaning as quickly as if he himself had been able to seek for what he wanted.
  66. What would you say again to the tale of Zeus, who, while other gods and men were asleep and he the only person awake, lay devising plans, but forgot them all in a moment through his lust, and was so completely overcome at the sight of Here that he would not even go into the hut, but wanted to lie with her on the ground, declaring that he had never been in such a state of rapture before, even when they first met one another.
  1. It is all devised by.
  2. So a plan had been devised.
  4. So they devised a crude escape.
  5. She has devised a novel way of.
  6. This technique was devised by Dr.
  7. And such methods have been devised.
  8. He has devised a complete explanation.
  9. That was when he had devised the plan.
  10. They had devised an entirely different.
  11. They devised the critical density theory.
  12. A plan was to be devised because if the.
  13. You said the early settlers devised this.
  14. It is such great souls who have devised yagya.
  15. The producers of this TV series also devised.
  16. The new rules had been devised by and for them.
  17. The hastily devised Dining-In was in full swing.
  18. He has devised means to end the human experience.
  19. A system will be devised where those that leave.
  20. What way can be devised to ascertain what it is?
  21. He did not refuse tests devised by the dusky lords.
  22. He devised the thought that natural selection had.
  23. The MindCompass system has been devised as a way for.
  24. Li one moment Versilov had devised the diabolical plan.
  25. It was devised in order that we saw them at short notice.
  26. There was a strong current and the guys devised a safety.
  27. Though he knew the astute businessman had devised a plan.
  28. No, better still, to save science a conspiracy was devised.
  29. Various improvements in Woulfe's bottles have been devised.
  30. He devised a plan to get him out of harm's way so to speak.
  31. During the passage of the driveway I devised an explanation.
  32. To solve it, Cameco’s engineers devised a nifty solution.
  33. It seems reasonable that such a program could be devised.
  34. The lemonade diet is actually one of the simplest ever devised.
  35. He wanted what they still had, so he devised a plan to get it.
  36. Derek and Honey stared as the vilest creature ever devised in.
  37. To solve this problem and protect his position, Reting devised.
  38. What other ways of cheating the banks have you devised?
  39. At first it seemed to be impossible, but I soon devised a means.
  40. Whoever associates anything with God has devised a monstrous sin.
  41. It meant that he’d devised a way to turn the situation to his.
  42. This theory I prove is the second biggest fraud ever devised by.
  43. And the God we have devised out of it becomes our Super EGO.
  44. Rhal had devised this plan when he learned of the intimate nature.
  45. The only change might be if he devised an even harsher punishment.
  46. Dog had found water and had devised a way to bring some back to me.
  47. In each instance thereafter, only the devised acronym will be given.
  48. Unless you have devised a method to stay alive with a severed head.
  49. I call that the vilest and most immoral form of slavery ever devised.
  50. She did not want to fall into another trap such as Tobias had devised.
  51. Aiming at amelioration of the world, sages have devised concrete, tan-.
  52. But a more scientific and accurate method has been devised by Bertillon.
  53. He had devised a make-believe illusion to compensate for everything that was.
  54. In the grand scheme that Max had devised, this simple card might save his life.
  55. In order to keep you safe, we devised a way for you to be separated from us.
  56. Fable: Cunningly devised traditions and speculations; an idle story of fiction.
  57. Therefore, he had devised a number of activities to compensate his frustration.
  58. Human ingenuity has devised better means to meet the dangers of natural forces.
  59. A cover story would have to be devised and he thought he had already found one.
  60. We devised a test where we gave test subjects a photo of a simple item, such as.
  61. Some insects of bolder inventiveness have devised personal refrigeration systems.
  62. A thousand rules he has devised and dictated; handed down from the mouth of Yhwh.
  63. They of course refused to simply use the metric ton and devised their own version.
  64. The search engines have devised complicated algorithms for how they rank web pages.
  65. She hesitated as she collected her thoughts and devised the most sensible response.
  66. He rests, disarmed of fatherhood, having devised that mystical estate upon his son.
  67. Surely, never could he have devised so many ways of doing up the female form.
  68. He drew diagrams of how the barrel was to be reinforced and devised a special fuse.
  69. It was Scargill who devised the strike-winning strategy of the Flying Picket.
  70. She thought of the last time she had hastily devised a scheme to pique his interest.
  71. The test that the missioner devised for the bride to be was a cunning one, it would.
  72. Gordon had appeared expectantly pleased, laying out the plan he had devised for Truman.
  73. He devised it but I can’t say if he was part of the conspiracy or if his ideas were.
  74. DOCTOR PLANKTON has devised a special course, which will help YOU to fly like a squirrel.
  75. When we first devised the system and tested it we hand tested almost three years of data.
  76. She saw his face, heard his voice, repeated his words and her own, and sometimes devised.
  77. It was clear that he had devised these beds long before; last night he slept on the sofa.
  78. He told them that Taksin had devised a plan, but he would need their help to carry it out.
  79. After two years of constant experimentation, I devised a series of bal oons that could be.
  80. Bring me any mathematical formula Newton devised where he used mass as a factor and I show.
  81. Those in authority do not themselves execute the deeds which they have devised and ordered.
  82. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.
  83. While he was waiting, he devised motions and strategies to breathe rock as well as distance.
  84. Carol had devised the process and the forms they used to assess each patient upon admission.
  85. This was a plan of campaign he had devised while serving at the outposts during the retreat.
  86. It is not a means of torture or some horribly devised method of existence that you are here.
  87. But the cornice itself could not but be exposed, and so this means of protection was devised.
  88. The Tarmorians, over the years, had devised an intricate and complicated scheme for wagering.
  89. Mark’s instincts told him that he was in danger so he quickly devised a plan to deal with this.
  90. Most ingenious was the system Merthin had devised for moving the raft from one bank to the other.
  91. After many consultations and conversations, the count at last devised means to tranquillize her.
  92. In short, we've devised and installed an electromagnetic docking system, and we're patenting it.
  93. It is all devised by Newton because Newton had no inclination of what Kepler’s work was about.
  94. Therefore, the Domain Name System (DNS) was devised to supply friendly names for TCP/IP systems.
  95. She closed her eyes, drawing her last breath and succumbed to what the fates had devised for her.
  96. He spoke on the phone to one waiting to hear; to the one who had devised this venturesome scheme.
  97. Whole new ways of converting to binary and getting it written somewhere would have to be devised.
  98. US was part of an overall plan – devised by the State Department, the Department of Defense –.
  99. The storm of ideas was to begin the next morning, and by late afternoon a synopsis had been devised.
  100. She devised a one-way bucket chain, with full buckets going up one ladder and empty ones down another.
  1. In Athens I was left to my own devises.
  2. A man in motion always devises an aim for that motion.
  3. You're going to need to be the one who devises the plans pretty soon, you know.
  4. However, I can't stand the type who constantly devises new rules, just to prove his expertise.
  5. Unless your electronic devises were protected, they became useless little more than dead devises.
  6. Meanwhile Akbar set about shooting every single last remaining survivor as he ransacked the floor with bullets and small incendiary devises.
  7. Finally, towards the end of the month Susan authorised a break in by the MI5 officers to look around Simon’s flat and to plant cameras and listening devises in his room.
  8. So it happened that, a little later, in one of those nooks which the genius of decorators devises, and the man of discernment discovers, Margery and I were having that talk—all to ourselves.
  9. That night as the team listened and watched Simon come into his flat they suddenly heard a high pitched noise then a bright flash that knocked out all the listening devises and cameras in one quick ostentatious blaze.
  10. A very poor English writer, whose works are all forgotten, and recognized as the most insignificant of the insignificant, writes a treatise on population, in which he devises a fictitious law concerning the increase of population disproportionate to the means of subsistence.
  11. In that chamber, where a gaunt, hairy beast of a man in leather breeks squatted gnawing a beef-bone voraciously, stood the machines of torture—racks, boots, hooks and all the implements that the human mind devises to tear flesh, break bones and rend and rupture veins and ligaments.
  12. Devises houses and lands to his children, bequeaths stocks, goods,.

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