invent sätze

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Invent sätze (in englisch)

  1. You cannot invent a person.
  2. Don't you want to invent a.
  3. I didn’t invent the term.
  4. He'd have to invent something.
  5. Living things do not invent evil.

  6. Who could invent a school called.
  7. Hindus having to invent new castes.
  8. She didn’t have to invent noises.
  9. The question is, can one invent or.
  10. Look how they invent examples for you.
  11. Why did the Chinese invent Gunpowder?
  12. Auffmann, did you invent it? he cried.
  13. He thought that someone should invent.
  14. Can’t they invent some new ones?
  15. Some teachers invent their own exercises.

  16. He had no time to invent a cunning answer.
  17. Living humans did not invent civilization.
  18. You do not need to invent the process for.
  19. But why should I invent patterns of crea-.
  20. It seems they have yet to invent soap here.
  21. We really do not have to invent anything new.
  22. See if you both can invent a consonant game.
  23. They ought to invent something to stop that.
  25. Even if they invent a pill as the closest.

  26. No, Al Gore never claimed to invent the internet.
  27. Nor should you lie and invent a string of lovers.
  28. It forced us to innovate and invent better tools.
  29. I thought you'd invent something of the sort!.
  30. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  31. Should I invent a lover new to compose my music to?
  32. Yes, human, there are no reasons for us to invent.
  33. All of this and much more one has to dream up, invent.
  34. The crudest of writers could invent nothing more crude.
  35. Sure, Colonel Freeleigh didn't invent this Time Machine.
  36. I will have to invent a fiction for the Diary story, not.
  37. It was necessary to invent something faster acting for them.
  38. Was it madness to invent him to rescue me, Prince Charming?
  39. He slapped Derek hard again for having the cheek to invent a.
  40. At least she wouldn’t have to lie the next time and invent.
  41. Something they invent to relieve themselves of responsibility.
  42. Today there are no individuals who invent anything new anymore.
  43. On one hand, we repress our desire, and on the other we invent.
  44. What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth.
  45. But intriguing people have to invent a noxious, dangerous party.
  46. The other women invent skills for them, skills you can’t see.
  47. Invent recipes that have ingredients that are low in cholesterol.
  48. All inventors catch up with the ideas of the articles they invent.
  49. Invent not destroy – the fruit will then be within the reach of.
  50. To that I reply that the argument is not mine; I did not invent it.
  51. Did these monsters invent it themselves? It seemed highly unlikely.
  52. I have invented them myself, there was nothing else I could invent.
  53. In his current state of upset, he didn’t stop to invent an alias.
  54. THEN you may learn at once the words educate, invent, populate, and.
  55. I want to invent a new mode for experiencing the quality of a moment.
  56. A truth that is told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.
  57. Then she would have to invent some story to explain matters to Bovary.
  58. Again he paused, and I could see that he was trying to invent an excuse.
  59. He concluded that even if there were no God, man would have to invent one.
  60. In fact, Indevus didn’t actually invent Nebido, it merely acquired the U.
  61. They just invent it, take the easiest way out, and have a 90% failure rate.
  62. I swim a few more lengths and invent her story, looking for a happy ending.
  63. Not long ago I’d wondered what kind of world a tree would invent for itself.
  64. To work with fantasy, make projects, invent things in your mind, have ideals.
  65. Although it most certainly did not occur as I invent it here, it should have.
  66. Jean Valjean was obliged to find and even to invent his route without seeing it.
  67. He began to invent sentences and phrases from the notice which his book would get.
  68. Soon—yes, very soon—they would invent an auto with six silver handles on it!.
  69. It seems scarce possible to invent a more equitable way of maintaining such works.
  70. Rather than invent anything new: the Middle Age Kings tried to bring back the past.
  71. They could invent a handsome bier with a kind of panel sliding, let it down that way.
  72. This is where the various religions invent all kinds of things to say in their own way.
  73. She could put on several frills and invent a few artistic details to enhance the horror.
  74. Every single artificial advantage we invent and use and continue to use comes at a cost.
  75. That means the Newtonians hides their lack of understanding behind mass that they invent.
  76. He had to invent a third option… If only he could get the incoming men to move past him.
  77. In other words… Each new generation should evolve, invent, and create their own language.
  78. A lame story that could be easily falsified, but it was the best he could invent on the spot.
  79. The Orang Utan wears business suit to make his jump of trade with all the lies he can invent.
  80. The stupidest mind may invent a rankling phrase or brand the innocent with a cruel aspersion.
  81. The Buddha described what he observed to exist around him (he did not invent the law of karma).
  82. But why would humans invent rectal impalement in the first place? How could have it happened?
  83. Some clever chap will invent something to stop it happening again, I expect! joked Marian.
  84. It is expanding due to the very lies all human Myth had to invent when they were first created.
  85. And if it were guilty, why did he not invent a lie? His silence appears to me to cut both ways.
  86. The ability to work out such codes, the ability to invent languages, that too is inborn, I guess.
  87. Samual instructed Ro to stay here as he was an ex police man and could invent a plausible excuse.
  88. As a government monopoly the schools have little incentive to improve, invent, question, or reform.
  89. Advanced civilization or not, Orthon and his alien friends had yet to invent a waterproof battery.
  90. It is not the purpose ofInner Circle to invent a ‘tablets of stone’ morality, or set of beliefs.
  91. I shall have to invent a new classification for him, and call him a zoophagous (life-eating) maniac.
  92. For, even if the rival did disappear next day, he would invent another one and would be jealous of him.
  93. What if this ‘seamless plan’ that we would supposedly invent actually worked? What if a few of us.
  94. You mean you can draw imaginary lines anywhere you want to… and invent any kinds of rules you want to.
  95. Heathcliff that you have no wish to see me, and that he mustn't invent any more falsehoods on the subject.
  96. If one tried for a bet to invent the most unlikely story, one could hardly find anything more incredible.
  97. Variety of shape is one of the most difficult things to invent, and one of the commonest things in nature.
  98. We never invent new reasons to continue with a position when the original reasons are no longer available.
  99. Everywhere they invent new taxes and imposts, and the financial oppression of the nations knows no limits.
  100. Does intuition pan out? When we invent or discover, What pans out and falls together as in a sort of….
  1. I keep inventing reasons to keep it.
  2. Who knows what they would be inventing.
  3. Am I inventing the death of a carter?
  4. Inventing Homer: The Early Reception of Epic.
  5. Marie Curie won the Noel Prize for inventing the radiator.
  6. In the "standard" inventing way this mostly doesn't happen.
  7. You're inventing information in your head that isn't there.
  8. So I started inventing further tests, completely at random.
  9. But, I love to read about the history of inventors and inventing.
  10. By God, you will be questioned about what you have been inventing.
  11. Then there is the story of humans inventing better ways to kill with.
  12. Jericho was fond of inventing so he was able to pull them altogether.
  13. Inventing mythical Jewish heroes who were even wiser than the pharaoh.
  14. You wouldn't think for a minute that the engineering and inventing is.
  15. From inventing more labor-intensive ways to slave away at growing food.
  16. Inventing a god that was even more vindictive than the Egyptian Sun god.
  17. Are you sure he’s not some crank inventing fancy-sounding titles for.
  18. She shook her head, thinking he could have been inventing the whole thing.
  19. The development and innovation of inventing better Tools used to kill with.
  20. Each of you is capable of creatively inventing your life and sustaining it.
  21. The inventor (you/me) takes the inventing risk (as it should be) and other.
  22. Technology inventing gadgets, and war-Empire: smashing human societies to bits.
  23. Inventing the Feeble Mind: A History of Mental Retardation in the United States.
  24. Perfect for patching bullet holes in airframes, and inventing anti-gravity suits.
  25. Man has always been fond of inventing a number of ways of saying the same things.
  26. Inventing even more complex procedures, more complicated ways of doing something.
  27. Because it would be just like inventing afresh the means for constructing railways.
  28. But for an inventor or design engineer, the passion is in the inventing or engineering.
  29. Mankind had lowered itself to inventing gods, no longer to explain the unknown, but to.
  30. All those years decoding at Bletchley, when I might have been working on inventing a brain.
  31. But it may safely be said that primeval man did not go to the trouble of inventing tortures.
  32. Simply listening to a piece of classical music, or inventing my own, was enough to make me happy.
  33. He tried to get around it, by inventing a magical Christ who was supposed to magically save Russia.
  34. Inventing trust funds, which were supposed to help the poor but only helped his own family instead.
  35. Then Godwyn would have the awkwardness of inventing a plausible story to explain what he was doing.
  36. He does admit: ‘The Greeks in general have a weakness for inventing stories with no basis of fact.
  37. Mr Wonka led the party over to a gigantic machine that stood in the very centre of the Inventing Room.
  38. What were they trying to do to him? They were inventing a whole persona for him and he felt so helpless.
  39. What foresight he had shown in inventing such a thing! If only he had evidenced just a bit more foresight.
  40. Bobby Bridger – Buffalo Bill And Sitting Bull: Inventing The Wild West (2002: University of Texas Press).
  41. One would have said that a demon, against my will, was inventing and breathing into me the most terrible fictions.
  42. It was all a matter of inventing the proper officialdom, the appearance of authority; the appearance of legitimacy.
  43. Johnny kept inventing new gestures; each day there were more ideas he recognized and insisted on being able to convey.
  44. One inventor said I don’t remember anything when I am inventing, imagination comes first to get the pattern set.
  45. We each discovered the complexity of games and fantasies, inventing new ways to fill the long hours of immobile captivity.
  46. God says: … and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah, thus inventing a lie about Him.
  47. But Pop soon discovers that, instead of inventing a new way to blow things up, the professor may be doing quite the opposite.
  48. We do not want to admit that our ancestors were a race of mass murderers long before they ever even began inventing hand tools.
  49. As a king, the only thing I had against him was his inventing those stupid, little, snappy dogs they call King Charles Spaniels.
  50. It's always the same,' replied the scout, evidently inventing, and he smiled, showing his white teeth, as he jumped into the skiff.
  51. Over time the Lords maximized their ability to get home during warped states of mind by inventing and developing the shuttle-slider.
  52. They created an even more scientifically insane detachment of inventing a weapon of mass murder that could destroy the entire world.
  53. And what has happened since? No new major breakthroughs; because after that: all the fun of inventing things was destroyed by greed.
  54. Moreover, God says: …and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah, thus inventing lies against Him.
  55. This would be like inventing a modern Santa that slid down every exhaust pipe in every car once a year to give good things to children.
  56. Carrot-Top was hoping that his father, a master of inventing, had come up with something that could withstand the armies of the wizards.
  57. He was given the Nobel Prize, along with two others, for inventing the transistor, and with his company, helped to create Silicon Valley.
  58. Farah had managed to stay in her laboratory only by inventing a story about investigating the possibility of multiple, parallel timelines.
  59. Evidence points to women inventing the oven itself, as well as figuring out how to plant wheat, grind it into flour and make the yummy stuff.
  60. She had learned everything there limited schooling could offer by the age of ten and had been inventing her own knowledge the past four years.
  61. Fictitious, but vivid enough to make his heart beat from a chase he is inventing, to make him fall in love with the heroine that never existed.
  62. More heads are occupied in inventing the most proper machinery for executing the work of each, and it is, therefore, more likely to be invented.
  63. Then the public can be distracted forever by the lying deflections everyone is desperately inventing to avoid being honest, including themselves.
  64. Truly, I think you’re just inventing ‘rules’ and reasons to chastise me! The war was never explicitly labeled as off limits when I signed on.
  65. Hiding and whitewashing the sin and crime of killing other animals by inventing idiotic myths and rationalized bullshit cultural lies to justify it.
  66. The young girl then continued, speaking slowly, like a person who is either inventing or suppressing some feature of the history which he is relating.
  67. He’s also credited with inventing an algorithm for the systematic identification of prime numbers, in addition to his work in cartography and other fields.
  68. From the times long-forgotten, when women were in charge and they nurtured life, rather than inventing ways to destroy it, as man has done ever since he took over.
  69. And she began telling him everything, hurriedly, disjointedly, exaggerating the facts, inventing many, and so prodigal of parentheses that he understood nothing of it.
  70. Instead of inventing more and more phantom diseases of the mind to excuse lack of self control and poor parenting, it’s appropriate to come clean as a society.
  71. The historical fact is: what humans are most proud of: the evolution and innovation of making tools and inventing tools and using tools; is exactly what makes us inhuman.
  72. Making the mass murder and killing of innocent people in Warfare more excusable and acceptable; by simply inventing a better politically correct phrase denoting mass murder.
  73. By inventing and being the first trillion dollar political app, Allmerican Prez Porn, he was the first hutechnic candidate elected president by a URhome click-in I'mage campaign.
  74. The answer to that: was these undead inventing industrial slaughterhouses: that are not connected to temples of worship and gods and myths and legends and brainwashing propaganda.
  75. Bram stoker… who stoked the fires of gothic horror by inventing fictitious lies about the undead and cramming it into English literature… as a new elite reading craze, a new fad.
  76. Before sleeping they analysed the days events and decided to pretend ignorance about everything in Oasis, and keep inventing reasons for the Mages to need them until they had an escape plan.
  77. I’d had an idea for a third draft, inventing a countermelody that allowed for a dissenting voice, contrasting with the mounting violence of the main lyrics in a cynical and detached way:.
  78. Living people were corrupted and poisoned into inventing these things in order to feed the energy needs of these undead, dying, rotting turds that need to be wiped off the face of this Earth.
  79. These abominations of tool technology were not invented for the benefit of living people; the innovation of the use of fire was not invented for the apes that were manipulated into inventing it.
  80. In order to find any moral justification for civilization: Dostoyevsky was forced to resort to Twain’s tactic of inventing a mysterious stranger: whom nobody knows if he is evil or if he is good.
  81. Why were the Dutch damned? They were damned for inventing the worst, most obscene poverty: right in the middle of thousands of the richest burghers in Europe, and the most affluent society ever created.
  82. He set them at loggerheads at one another, inventing and fostering spiteful backbiting and dissensions among them, and then laughed and rejoiced seeing how they were ready to tear one another to pieces.
  83. Suppose, then, we think less of the hardened part of mankind, for whom corrupters of religion have been inventing terrific, or decorative, types of 'national Christianity’ for nearly two thousand years.
  84. Inwardly, she thought that the ring and the sorcery were inventions of a witch without occupation, which had been given to the task of inventing such spells to frighten and intimidate their fellow human beings.
  85. She wondered whether this was how E-mail romances got started — hadn’t there been a film about that? She could see herself inventing the long blonde hair and the 36/22/36 figure she had wanted as a teenager.
  86. A lawless insane gang of swindlers, courts run by outright bribery while constantly screaming about the sacredness of the Law and judicial legality, while inventing and practicing every legal corruption possible.
  87. But he was as fond of mischief on every possible occasion as the smallest boy in the school, and not so much for the sake of mischief as for creating a sensation, inventing something, something effective and conspicuous.
  88. Jefferson and Lincoln warned of the danger posed by an irresponsible Supreme Court more interested in inventing and imposing its own arbitrary sense of justice than in enforcing the rule of law legitimately enacted.
  89. They were named after Alfred Nobel, a Swedish manufacturer who made his money from inventing dynamite and left it after his death, in 1896, to endow the famous prizes for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace.
  90. He gained his ascendency over her from the first only by encouraging her in her dreams of influence in society and in the ministry, by entering into her plans, by inventing them for her, and working upon her with the grossest flattery.
  91. Instead of needing the centralized authority of the Roman Catholic church to officially sanction the forgiveness of sins:… By inventing the idea of a personal conscience,: all a Protestant had to do was forgive himself, and hey presto.
  92. It was a genetic reaction of a species which had become so numerous: it was blindly, instinctively trying to correct its excess numbers by inventing something called war: massing as many humans together and having them all kill each other.
  93. He was being forced to reinvent himself—unless of course one was only ever always inventing oneself—and he would need to seed favors in this new quadrant of the world, people who could help him translate his ambitions into actualities.
  94. The only possible bond was something as improbable and fickle as love, if there was any, and in their case there was none when they married, and when they were on the verge of inventing it, fate had done nothing more than confront them with reality.
  95. Instead of providing investors with the kind of analysis that would have kept them from marching over the cliff, analysts prodded them forward by inventing new valuation criteria for stocks that had no basis in reality and no standards of good practice.
  96. However small Elinor's general dependence on Lucy's veracity might be, it was impossible for her on serious reflection to suspect it in the present case, where no temptation could be answerable to the folly of inventing a falsehood of such a description.
  97. They cannot reverse the perceptions of all living humans, but they are constantly working on this and constantly inventing new ways to poison the human perception of what is real and what is not real, what is true and what is not true as much as possible.
  98. However small Elinor’s general dependence on Lucy’s veracity might be, it was impossible for her on serious reflection to suspect it in the present case, where no temptation could be answerable to the folly of inventing a falsehood of such a description.
  99. You ask in what does the creative power of thought consist? It consists in creating ideas, and these in turn objectify themselves by appropriating, inventing, observing, discerning, discovering, analyzing, ruling, governing, combining, and applying matter and force.
  100. The reason is that while inventing various valuating techniques based on different principles and approaches, we always strive for one general goal: to reveal situations when our estimate of underlying asset prices variability does not correspond to market values of their options.
  1. God was invented just as.
  2. Beer had not been invented.
  3. He invented a plausible lie.
  4. The word token was invented.
  5. See what he has invented.
  6. I had invented dizzy spells.
  7. These had been invented by A.
  8. And one was invented for them.
  9. They were invented in Germany.
  10. I never invented anything else.
  11. He had invented new illnesses.
  12. It"s an illusion I"ve invented.
  13. This is why tools were invented.
  14. They invented their own culture.
  15. Walls were invented simply to.
  16. Hero invented the automatic door.
  17. He invented details as he spoke.
  18. He developed and invented many.
  19. Razors had not been invented yet.
  20. Kellogg had invented corn flakes.
  21. And man has actually invented God.
  22. The guillotine was invented by DR.
  23. Oil lamps were invented much later.
  24. The Khmer Rouge invented new terms.
  25. Thermometer, when invented, ii, 359.
  26. That is until machines wee invented.
  27. Once film-making was invented and.
  28. It was first invented by rapturans.
  29. That word had not been invented yet.
  30. Christmas had not been invented yet.
  31. Miletus, who invented the philosophy.
  32. War was invented before civilization.
  33. Then the Printing Press was invented.
  34. He believed that we had invented one.
  35. Child who invented the simple giggle.
  36. And what they invented deserted them.
  37. Men invented the concentration camps.
  38. Death would never have been invented.
  39. They haven’t invented fire yet!.
  40. That is why Crucifixion was invented.
  41. Garth has invented a new pattern of.
  42. Civilization was not invented by Man.
  43. It's these impostors who invented it.
  44. It’s not something we invented here.
  45. Sure, after they'd invented extruded.
  46. They invented their own personal gods.
  47. As good as invented a cure for cancer.
  48. Who invented the stories anyway? Take.
  49. I invented a whole new genre of comedy.
  50. When radio was invented, this stopped.
  51. She invented it, and now reproaches me.
  52. Move the comma, which was not invented.
  53. That was invented over 35,000 years ago.
  54. The wheel had already been invented!!!.
  55. They had invented a near-perfect threat.
  56. You invented the Robot Revolver? At 5!?
  57. Thousands of years ago man invented God.
  58. She might have invented the whole scene.
  59. And he had invented a truly useful tool.
  60. This medicine was invented by the Smiths.
  61. Time is a human concept that we invented.
  62. It was invented to cover-up dead corpses.
  63. What have they invented? Cannon and guns.
  64. Undead unseen shits invented civilization.
  65. She has invented a new breed of computer.
  66. About 6 years ago he invented a lighting.
  67. He invented a number of things for Atourum.
  68. That was how modern plumbing was invented.
  69. Yes, the Year 6 teachers invented it.
  70. The whole thing’s rot invented by a.
  71. History tells that Chinese invented paper.
  72. It was a nun they say invented barbed wire.
  73. It is the undead who invented civilization.
  74. The microscope was invented in the 1500′s.
  75. However many they invented, one or ten –.
  76. The Dutch invented a new form of starvation.
  77. What did Episthates do? He invented a trip.
  78. He invented the tactic of the Trojan Horse.
  79. They invented wealth Indicators Like Stock.
  80. The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
  81. She invented it herself; and you wouldn’t.
  82. What could he have invented for the purpose.
  83. Some say that blinders were invented when a.
  84. It was a cocktail he’d invented years ago.
  85. And the electrician who invented fire alarms.
  86. Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair.
  87. What have they invented? Cannons and muskets.
  88. Aces! The Greeks have invented lots of smart.
  89. He never discovered or invented anything new.
  90. The 15-puzzle is invented by sam loyd in 1878.
  91. I should explain that I invented a word, Yuve.
  92. New poisons were being invented and tried out.
  93. But he loved this little game he’d invented.
  94. The microwave was invented after a researcher.
  95. These soldiers of God invented a new type of.
  96. Keenan invented what came to be known as the.
  97. The most obscene evil ever invented is Science.
  98. Wing Chun was invented by a nun, and allows a.
  99. This is how the concept of money was invented.
  100. A great many justifications have been invented.
  1. He then invents a fan.
  2. He who invents lies will fail.
  3. I don’t know who invents this stuff.
  4. What the mind invents, the mind destroys.
  5. If someone invents a bul etproof, flying suit, he.
  6. A scientist concentrates his mind and invents many things.
  7. Astrology invents lies, anstonomy looks for the truth existence.
  8. And invents something called ‘movies’… so you will not move.
  9. She is so desperate for sex that she invents some one even more.
  10. First he sends you to bribe me, then when that fails he invents a new tax.
  11. What an idea! _Was willst du mehr?_ What things the fool invents! Ah, yes!.
  12. When one invents the wheel, they are intimately related to all things wheel-like.
  13. But once someone invents a piece of technology called a ladder, I’ve suddenly got new reach.
  14. Instead of the Roman empire washing their hands of his guilt: the American empire falsifies and invents his guilt.
  15. Whatever civilization creates or invents or manufactures it always without exception must be worse than what existed before.
  16. Mathematics is insane because it ignores all actual connections, and invents imaginary separations where none actually exist.
  17. He is desirous of proclaiming that the interval between them is immeasurable, and invents a formula to give expression to his idea.
  18. Kitty and Minnie Kirk likewise regard him with affection, and tell all sorts of stories about the plays he invents, the presents he brings, and the splendid tales he tells.
  19. To say a good man or woman thinks, or conquers, or invents, or explores, or gives, or cares, or teaches, or heals, or leads, or inspires, or whatever, was inevitably incomplete.
  20. When the Supreme Court invents new law there is no consideration by elected representatives, no open debate, no decision made in the light of day, no one to be held accountable at the polls.
  21. It might be culturally closer to Arizona, where much of the white population directs their still deep racism at Natives rather than invents fanciful stories of an Indian in the family as southerners do.
  22. He is not yet a man who is quite completely free at this point in his life, however, and so Homer invents the island of Ogygia, found at the edge of the world, where Ulysses remains imprisoned for seven long years.
  23. To have a 10,000 yr-old tradition wiped out because some jerk of an intelligent Semite invents a simplified form of religiosity? You can bet these undead things were pissed off against this tiny sect of cunning Semites.
  24. A second example of a false word is; when someone tells something about another by either praising or dispraising him in spite of not knowing him, and he who tells lies and invents stories about himself or about others which are not based on truth.
  25. Who does greater wrong than someone who invents falsehood against God, or says, "It was revealed to me," when nothing was revealed to him, or says, "I will reveal the like of what God revealed"? If only you could see the wrongdoers in the floods of death, as the angels with arms outstretched: "Give up your souls.
  26. Until such a time Science invents a time machine capable of transporting vast populations to the Wellsian corners of time and space, our Justices would be well-advised to correctly consider the direction our society has taken and the incomparable nature of crime in today‘s environment marked by an unprecedented increase in youthful offenders whose.
  27. They build fortresses, construct arsenals and ships, constantly manufacture arms, which after awhile have to be replaced by others, because science, which ought always to be directed toward the well-being of men, unfortunately lends its aid to works of destruction, invents at every instant new engines for killing great masses of men as rapidly as possible.
  28. He was that sort of jealous man who, in the absence of the beloved woman, at once invents all sorts of awful fancies of what may be happening to her, and how she may be betraying him, but, when shaken, heartbroken, convinced of her faithlessness, he runs back to her; at the first glance at her face, her gay, laughing, affectionate face, he revives at once, lays aside all suspicion and with joyful shame abuses himself for his jealousy.
  29. From that time on Maupassant no longer does what he did in his first two novels,—he does not take for the foundation of his novels certain moral demands and on their basis describe the activity of his persons, but writes his novels as all artisan novelists write theirs, that is, he invents the most interesting and the most pathetic or most contemporary persons and situations, and from these composes his novel, adorning it with all those observations which he has happened to make and which fit into the canvas of the novel, without the slightest concern how the events described are related to the demands of morality.

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