contrive sätze

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Contrive sätze (in englisch)

  1. Some have acorns that contrive economies.
  2. Norris offered to contrive his dress, Mr.
  3. She began to contrive how to live by cunning.
  4. Soon we shall contrive to be born somehow from an idea.
  5. Now that you are here, how are you going to contrive to.

  6. Dean's cruel cautions; but be generous, and contrive to see him.
  7. Dean’s cruel cautions; but be generous, and contrive to see him.
  8. How’d you contrive to have it arrive here at such a useful time?
  9. And so I propose that you contrive the specifics for our next stage.
  10. Tower can contrive, and never be released, unless maybe when he is changed.
  11. Children who contrive to be beautiful and contented,—that intoxicates me.
  12. Then the little one will re-enter with you; for I will contrive to have you re-enter.
  13. Nuns and monks were not supposed to talk to one another casually, so she had to contrive a pretext.
  14. I was at the performance and no one in the world but Erik could contrive an abduction like that!.
  15. Without this ability, unsavory characters would contrive all kinds of nefarious plans to capture a seat.

  16. Forestall your opponent by seizing what he holds dear, and subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground.
  17. As his manhood reached the threshold of her maidenhood, her womanhood connived with him to contrive its crossing.
  18. However, it is these minds which contrive mere accusations that grossly hinder or eliminate one's freedom of motion.
  19. He clasped his head in both hands, but in spite of all that he could do, he could not contrive to explain it to himself.
  20. It would not be difficult to contrive a story about why degenerate communication is good, for this sort of evolutionary story-.
  21. Beside the apple-tree stood a sort of fruit-house, which was not securely fastened, and where one might contrive to get an apple.
  22. Vast files indicated that the raison d’être for a person’s disappearance dictated the methods he or she adopted to contrive it.
  23. This is a safer, round-about way you contrive to maintain contact with the denied hurt, without having to actually deal with it.
  24. She would contrive to get drunkenness on him, would trap him with wine, and there would be a priest nearby to come at her hushed call.
  25. How at such an apparently unassailable surface, they contrive to gouge out such symmetrical mouthfuls, remains a part of the universal problem of all things.

  26. Barnes and explain her long absence, but that she did contrive it was evident from the harmonious picture I beheld when, half an hour later, I too went back to the house.
  27. Now, on the contrary, she was perforce decked out in a way so inconsistent with her age and her figure, that her one anxiety was to contrive that the contrast between these.
  28. Although Menachem continued to laugh and joke, although he strained so hard to contrive new amusements, the sudden and utter futility of my life was all that I could comprehend.
  29. This attitude is laziness on our part, for we need sacrifice nothing to utility and convenience, yet may still contrive our kitchen furniture so that it, also, pleases the senses.
  30. Brooke, instead of wishing him, as before, to come to the Grange oftener than was quite agreeable to himself, seemed now to contrive that he should go there as little as possible.
  31. We are oppressed at being men--men with a real individual body and blood, we are ashamed of it, we think it a disgrace and try to contrive to be some sort of impossible generalised man.
  32. We are oppressed at being men—men with a real individual body and blood, we are ashamed of it, we think it a disgrace and try to contrive to be some sort of impossible generalized man.
  33. I want to ask you two questions: the first is---How did you contrive to preserve the common sympathies of human nature when you resided here? I cannot recognise any sentiment which those around share with me.
  34. Then he bid us go upstairs, through the kitchen, to Zillah’s chamber; and I whispered my companion to obey: perhaps we might contrive to get through the window there, or into a garret, and out by its skylight.
  35. The station master would contrive to keep the platform corner screened whenever possible by luggage wagons, crates or other items so that people would not be able to easily see the ice block without paying a fee.
  36. Such a penance as I have been enduring, while you were sitting here so composed and so happy! It might have been as well, perhaps, if you had been in my place, but you always contrive to keep out of these scrapes.
  37. No out-of-date methods characterized the bank of which he was president, nor, on the other hand, did any up-to-date crook contrive to outwit the keen-eyed, white-haired, thin-lipped old gentleman, who held himself as erect ethically as he did physically.
  38. The Scotsman says: 'A spirited and interesting tale of adventure in which a boy and girl, shut up in a wild cave, but sustained by a sturdy piety, contrive not only to extricate themselves, but to discover and recover a lost parent who had been kidnapped.
  39. As soon as these dire magicians and tyrant-makers find that they are losing their hold on him, they contrive to implant in him a master passion, to be lord over his idle and spendthrift lusts--a sort of monstrous winged drone--that is the only image which will adequately describe him.
  40. You must contrive for your future rulers another and a better life than that of a ruler, and then you may have a well-ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life.
  41. All nations have endeavoured, to the best of their judgment, to render their taxes as equal as they could contrive ; as certain, as convenient to the contributor, both the time and the mode of payment, and in proportion to the revenue which they brought to the prince, as little burdensome to the people.
  42. If you mention any giant in your book contrive that it shall be the giant Goliath, and with this alone, which will cost you almost nothing, you have a grand note, for you can put--The giant Golias or Goliath was a Philistine whom the shepherd David slew by a mighty stone-cast in the Terebinth valley, as is related in the Book of.
  43. It would have been impossible to guess that this bright and sunny apparition owed its existence to the shape of gloomy gray; or that a fancy, at once so gorgeous and so delicate as must have been requisite to contrive the child's apparel, was the same that had achieved a task perhaps more difficult, in imparting so distinct a peculiarity to Hester's simple robe.
  44. It had taken Mrs Linden many hours of hard work to contrive these garments; in fact, more time than the things were worth, for although they looked all right - especially Elsie's - the stuff was so old that it would not wear very long: but this was the only way in which she could get clothes for the children at all: she certainly could not afford to buy them any.
  45. The man who makes his escape, we repeat, is inspired; there is something of the star and of the lightning in the mysterious gleam of flight; the effort towards deliverance is no less surprising than the flight towards the sublime, and one says of the escaped thief: "How did he contrive to scale that wall?" in the same way that one says of Corneille: "Where did he find the means of dying?".
  46. In that sacred name, which has been a thousand times desecrated, dungeons have been prepared, fires have been kindled for martyrs, and every device genius could contrive was made the tool of usurpation and diabolical power to suppress the liberty of thought, that the mind of men might be effectually bound in the fetters of espionage to serve the god of greed, and the Lucifer’s called priests and rulers.
  47. Although it would be highly inexpedient that you should in any manner appear as an avowed agent, yet, if you could contrive to obtain an intimacy with any of the leading party, it may not be improper that you should insinuate, (though with great caution,) that, if they should wish to enter into any communication with our Government, through me, you are authorized to receive any such, and will safely transmit it to me.
  48. The delighted builder then offered his services in providing a suitable crew for the little vessel, but this Dantes declined with many thanks, saying he was accustomed to cruise about quite alone, and his principal pleasure consisted in managing his yacht himself; the only thing the builder could oblige him in would be to contrive a sort of secret closet in the cabin at his bed's head, the closet to contain three divisions, so constructed as to be concealed from all but himself.
  49. Grant should not contrive better! And round their enormous great wide table, too, which fills up the room so dreadfully! Had the doctor been contented to take my dining-table when I came away, as anybody in their senses would have done, instead of having that absurd new one of his own, which is wider, literally wider than the dinner-table here, how infinitely better it would have been! and how much more he would have been respected! for people are never respected when they step out of their proper sphere.
  50. As hitherto thou hast always followed my advice wholly or in part, follow and observe this that I will give thee now, so that, without mistake, and with mature deliberation, thou mayest satisfy thyself as to what may seem the best course; pretend to absent thyself for two or three days as thou hast been wont to do on other occasions, and contrive to hide thyself in the closet; for the tapestries and other things there afford great facilities for thy concealment, and then thou wilt see with thine own eyes and I with mine what Camilla's purpose may be.
  51. Oh! what a lot of things I wanted! Now I want nothing; I renounce all my wants; I swore to myself that I would want nothing; let them seek the truth without me! Yes, nature is full of mockery! Why—he continued with sudden warmth—does she create the choicest beings only to mock at them? The only human being who is recognized as perfect, when nature showed him to mankind, was given the mission to say things which have caused the shedding of so much blood that it would have drowned mankind if it had all been shed at once! Oh! it is better for me to die! I should tell some dreadful lie too; nature would so contrive it! I have corrupted nobody.
  52. And if he does not find means he will contrive destruction and chaos, will contrive sufferings of all sorts, only to gain his point! He will launch a curse upon the world, and as only man can curse (it is his privilege, the primary distinction between him and other animals), may be by his curse alone he will attain his object—that is, convince himself that he is a man and not a piano-key! If you say that all this, too, can be calculated and tabulated—chaos and darkness and curses, so that the mere possibility of calculating it all beforehand would stop it all, and reason would reassert itself, then man would purposely go mad in order to be rid of reason and gain his point! I believe in it, I answer for it, for the whole work of man really seems to consist in nothing but proving to himself every minute that he is a man and not a piano-key! It may be at the cost of his skin, it may be by cannibalism! And this being so, can one help being tempted to rejoice that it has not yet come off, and that desire still depends on something we don't know?
  1. Their mother was not so skilful at contriving new clothes out of old.
  2. For not in doing or contriving, nor in choosing between this course and another, can I avail;.
  3. This analysis will not deter others from contriving ideal worlds that establish the appearance.
  4. At this very moment he is wild to see you, and occupied only in contriving the means for doing so, and for making his pleasure conduce to yours.
  5. Grant, instead of contriving to gratify him at little expense, gave her cook as high wages as they did at Mansfield Park, and was scarcely ever seen in her offices.
  6. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what she was contriving in the minds of my sons; that I had hit their mother and she had retaliated in defense by hitting me.
  7. Josh’s constant, convincing verbal dances had looked like effort and commitment, but his lack of performance revealed the focus of his efforts to be on contriving verbal dances.
  8. Today that planning might be for retirement, saving for education, or perfecting a craft, but it might also include historical achievements, or contriving political or economic conquest.
  9. Maria was her first favourite, the dearest of all; the match had been her own contriving, as she had been wont with such pride of heart to feel and say, and this conclusion of it almost overpowered her.
  10. Still he thought of his work; but the burden of his thought was, that though this kept running in his head, and he found himself planning and contriving it against his will, yet it concerned him very little.
  11. Others are afraid his stirring up trouble inside the Empire will undermine the Delgaos’ death grip on the Fangèd Throne, Falk said, actually contriving to sound bored and feeling indecently proud of the fact.
  12. As far as walking, talking, and contriving reached, she was thoroughly benevolent, and nobody knew better how to dictate liberality to others; but her love of money was equal to her love of directing, and she knew quite as well how to save her own as to spend that of her friends.
  13. She saw them in an instant in their parsonage-house; saw in Lucy, the active, contriving manager, uniting at once a desire of smart appearance with the utmost frugality, and ashamed to be suspected of half her economical practices;-- pursuing her own interest in every thought, courting the favour of Colonel Brandon, of Mrs.
  14. From shopkeepers, trades men, and attorneys, they are become statesmen and legislators, and are employed in contriving a new form of government for an extensive empire, which, they flatter themselves, will become, and which, indeed, seems very likely to become, one of the greatest and most formidable that ever was in the world.
  15. As to references in the margin to the books and authors from whom you take the aphorisms and sayings you put into your story, it is only contriving to fit in nicely any sentences or scraps of Latin you may happen to have by heart, or at any rate that will not give you much trouble to look up; so as, when you speak of freedom and captivity, to insert.
  16. Norris was too busy in contriving and directing the general little matters of the company, superintending their various dresses with economical expedient, for which nobody thanked her, and saving, with delighted integrity, half a crown here and there to the absent Sir Thomas, to have leisure for watching the behaviour, or guarding the happiness of his daughters.
  17. His mind, now disengaged from the cares which had pressed on him at first, was at leisure to find the Grants and their young inmates really worth visiting; and though infinitely above scheming or contriving for any the most advantageous matrimonial establishment that could be among the apparent possibilities of any one most dear to him, and disdaining even as a littleness the being quick-sighted on such points, he could not avoid perceiving, in a grand and careless way, that Mr.
  1. You think this is all contrived but it.
  2. He had even at need contrived to aid and.
  3. I don't know how she contrived to appease Mrs.
  4. Still, he contrived to go twice round the room.
  5. When my children were young I contrived such vessels.
  6. Marguerite Beauchamp – that the Lord had contrived.
  7. We grinned, the two of us—nothing contrived about it.
  8. Youve always had a contrived and sly sense of logic.
  9. Without mentioning money, they contrived to instil into Mr.
  10. His hate and passion was actually a carefully contrived act.
  11. Ere long, with the servant’s aid, I contrived to mount a.
  12. In this manner, Jean Valjean contrived to remain a long time.
  13. He said, Rather, your souls have contrived something for you.
  14. She wished that she had somehow contrived to come on a week-day.
  15. Lord Ashburn bit his lip, realizing the plot Underwood had contrived.
  16. He contrived to recollect the letters, but could not join them into syllables.
  17. It had become a regular ritual and she frowned with contrived vexation every time.
  18. Yet she had certainly contrived to do a little mischief with the best of intentions.
  19. This means that his travel and public appearances should be most carefully contrived.
  20. Here also we made some acquaintances, who almost contrived to cheat me into happiness.
  21. It was not in her mannerisms and it was not contrived; it simply exuded from her being.
  22. The material and ramifications of this section have been very deep, and I have contrived.
  23. The war machine was now being fed by the contrived hatred generated against a false enemy.
  24. She was lively, loud and had the mannerisms of an almost contrived sexiness and flippancy.
  25. With this gentle but firm touch, he stilled her movements, and contrived to keep her seated.
  26. Monty had spent his whole career balancing up his brilliant insight with contrived dumbness.
  27. It would be very nice indeed, the child contrived to say, and tried to look unconscious.
  28. Revelation 21:6 - 22:21 (The entire remainder was wholly contrived by the so-called Christian.
  29. Then with devilish and criminal cunning he contrived that suspicion should fall on the servants.
  30. The doctor had contrived to be in town at the critical time because he mistrusted Charles Gould.
  31. How that was contrived we cannot guess; but Gollum is cunning, and the spies of the Enemy are many.
  32. He had also contrived to catch a few bats, and these, also, he had eaten, leaving only their claws.
  33. Martin's-le-Grand, and, while I sheltered in the cabmen's hut, had contrived to telegraph to Paris.
  34. With her money and what I have contrived to save we shall be very comfortable in another hemisphere.
  35. The ending to the Book of Revelation is much too literal and poorly contrived and was clearly added.
  36. They will use any given (or contrived) crisis as a reason to transfer power to the central government.
  37. Yet he somehow contrived to get into endless scrapes, always through some hot-headed thoughtlessness.
  38. Still, if he was indeed the mastermind behind this whole thing, he may have contrived a way to escape.
  39. The Almighty protected them by the high morals of their leader and his excellent, well contrived plan.
  40. In this time period, white false teachers contrived and passed on to black theologians untrue doctrine.
  41. It has, however, ceased to be so with me, since I contrived the apparatus which I am about to describe.
  42. Meredith returned home the next afternoon, but before his coming Faith contrived to scandalize Glen St.
  43. I always thought that such approaches, lumping alien spaceship landings in with that, were too contrived.
  44. And it was not the necessity of concealment, not the aim with which the concealment was contrived, but the.
  45. One thing only was clear to me—-we would have that long talk to ourselves, if it could be contrived.
  46. Another group raided a hardware store, bought a roll of tar paper, and contrived to make raincoats out of it.
  47. Trying to ease out of a terrible social blunder I threw up a hastily contrived defense, Boys will be boys.
  48. She might think it was contrived, in case of the worse, to convey to him the means of anticipating the sentence.
  49. In the meantime, he contrived the material transfer between Ocean and Atlantic ‘on paper’ backed by dubious C.
  50. He stared at the viewing stand, wondering if somehow Egg had contrived to take his rightful place amongst the notables.
  51. It might be contrived, rather than an act of nature, but the vegetation along the path is, without doubt, very beautiful.
  52. Seizing up my last note for five hundred gulden, I contrived to insinuate it, unperceived, into the hand of the pale lady.
  53. Perhaps Blomkvist was suspicious to begin with, but the distracted way he was handling the map seemed more and more contrived.
  54. There was food aboard, albeit at exorbitant prices, and the three of them contrived to eat a meal on one of the seats forward.
  55. The rest contrived to escape for the time, but only to be taken, as will hereafter be seen, by some other craft than the Pequod.
  56. When had she become such a fraidy-cat? She had contrived by certain arcane strategies to keep the answer hidden, even from herself.
  57. Crossing through the lounge, I arrived at the door, contrived in one of the canted corners, that opened into the captain's stateroom.
  58. While talking, the man contrived to tear and pull off behind, without the assassin perceiving it, a bit of the assassinated man's coat.
  59. I generally contrived to reserve a moiety of this bounteous repast for myself; but the remainder I was invariably obliged to part with.
  60. It is neat, it is tidy, it gets us into places faster than an unruly crowd at the doorway, but it seems contrived and socially awkward.
  61. You contrived a habit for the person, valued him, kept him within the limits of opinions, and here you get a boring and predictable man.
  62. This is an impressive and at the same time pleasantly inviting gateway you have contrived for your entrance, remarked Mandy candidly.
  63. She cleared her throat and speciously threw on a more permanently contrived smile to counteract her teary eyed face, Hi Bob she said.
  64. In short he contrived to put so good a face on the reason, or the folly, of his absence that no one could have suspected it was a pretence.
  65. He theorized that the corrupt, by waylaying the children of the poor at school, contrived to nip in the bud the challenge of the have-nots.
  66. Ill deeds have been done here; but let now all enmity that lies between you be put away, for it was contrived by the Enemy and works his will.
  67. Then for some reason Zeus became angry with the men of the world, perhaps because they did not honor him enough, and he contrived to punish them.
  68. Bob started talking again with his contrived happy shell, I could hear it through the phone, You don’t have to come meet me at the hospital.
  69. He had contrived many possible stories, but now that it turned out Aazuria and his mother were old friends, the situation was further complicated.
  70. Four girls and two boys proudly walked to the front of the contrived stage in the Council Chambers, converted to a makeshift auditorium for the event.
  71. If the New Testament was written to teach modern Unitarianism, there is no series of books on earth more elaborately contrived to fail of their purpose.
  72. But you have a duty to this corporation and to your brothers even if you have in some misguided, irrational way contrived to vilify me in your own mind.
  73. Mademoiselle Gillenormand, like a sage and elderly person, contrived to spare the fine linen, while allowing the grandfather to think that he was obeyed.
  74. This same person, with almost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrived to provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleled an attempt.
  75. Don Fernando contrived always to read the letters I sent to Luscinda and her answers to me, under the pretence that he enjoyed the wit and sense of both.
  76. The whole set-up seems to have been contrived to induce the public to pay absolutely fantastic prices without their complete absurdity being too apparent.
  77. With this, Colling knew that continuing to rely on their contrived identities was not going to work, and his mind darted about, trying to decide what to do.
  78. It is true that he did not say "monsieur" to him; but he contrived not to say either the one or the other, by means of a certain way of turning his phrases.
  79. And it was not the necessity of concealment, not the aim with which the concealment was contrived, but the process of concealment itself which attracted her.
  80. Of all the expedients that can well be contrived to stunt the natural growth of a new colony, that of an exclusive company is undoubtedly the most effectual.
  81. The whole building, which, for all I know, may have been contrived by a Conquistador farmer of the pearl fishery three hundred years ago, is perfectly silent.
  82. Without one overt act of hostility, one upbraiding word, he contrived to impress me momently with the conviction that I was put beyond the pale of his favour.
  83. Some how, we have contrived to pervert our thought process even; take the case of the school curriculum; the grind is the same regardless of the mind involved.
  84. This deficiency, however, his ingenuity supplied, for he contrived a kind of half-helmet of pasteboard which, fitted on to the morion, looked like a whole one.
  85. This is all I know, but I know not, count, how you contrived to inspire so much respect in the bandits of Rome who ordinarily have so little respect for anything.
  86. That should involve exposure situations which underline the President’s attention to the affairs of state and which avoid any appearances of contrived ballyhoo.
  87. Moreover, the cruelty of animals is not to be compared with that which can be contrived by a cold and egocentric mind of a beast refocused into a human body.
  88. That it was an elaborately contrived suitcase bomb I had no doubt of, but how to make it tick? How had the old man even got this past the scanners for that matter?
  89. The Museum of Hoaxes: A Collection of Pranks, Stunts, Deceptions, and Other Wonderful Stories Contrived for the Public from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium, E.
  90. Willy had a couple of good songs but he always dragged them out into contrived theater, doing a dramatic James Brown–style genuflection on the cue of a rim shot.
  91. It is strong enough to make me feel pretty certain that he would not chase me over England, supposing I contrived a clear escape; and therefore I must get quite away.
  92. R e v e l a t i o n 2 1 : 6 - 2 2 : 2 1 (The entire remainder was wholly contrived by the so-called Christian fathers to change the expected outcome and is fraudulent.
  93. When you saw a thief you went to be with him and have cast in your portion with the adulterers; Your mouth has abounded with evil and your tongue has contrived deceit.
  94. Hardly knowing how she did it, she contrived to utter a few polite phrases in French in the same tone as those that had been addressed to her, and asked: How is he?
  95. Hardly knowing how she did it, she contrived to utter a few polite phrases in French in the same tone as those that had been addressed to her, and asked: ‘How is he?’.
  96. The tea cart has arrived and now the start of a marvellous morn, is contrived in the marigold lawn: carnival wheeled across a field of luxury, laughs and such eulogies of life.
  97. As it was, they contrived to enjoy much of the experience of farm life as they now had three cows, four sheep, a flock of chickens, a donkey, and a dog, in addition to the doves.
  98. The discipline of colleges and universities is in general contrived, not for the benefit of the students, but for the interest, or, more properly speaking, for the ease of the masters.
  99. Therefore Aragorn now set the host in such array as could best be contrived; and they were drawn up on two great hills of blasted stone and earth that orcs had piled in years of labour.
  100. Every tax ought to be so contrived, as both to take out and to keep out of the pockets of the people as little as possible, over and above what it brings into the public treasury of the state.
  1. Christianity still contrives to move the minds of reflective men with mighty moral emotions.
  2. Danglars (I do not know by what means that man contrives to obtain intelligence as soon as we do) made a million!.
  3. But how she contrives it without reflecting on the character of her own father, who had himself two wives, I know not.
  4. Erik had very original ideas on the subject of architecture and thought out a palace much as a conjuror contrives a trick-casket.
  5. While there are many men in the Government employ of the best intentions, there is always a "wicked partner" who contrives, somehow, to rob the Indian.
  6. He always contrives to be sick at the least cross! I gave a few sentences of commendation to Heathcliff, and he, either for a headache or a pang of envy, began to cry: so I got up and left him.
  7. Chance forms the characters of the rulers of France, who submit to him; chance forms the character of Paul I of Russia who recognizes his government; chance contrives a plot against him which not only fails to harm him but confirms his power.
  8. Chance contrives that though he directs all his efforts to prepare an expedition against England (which would inevitably have ruined him) he never carries out that intention, but unexpectedly falls upon Mack and the Austrians, who surrender without a battle.
  9. Chance contrives that though he directs all his efforts to prepare an expedition against England (which would inevitably have ruined him) he never carries out that intention, but unexpectedly falls upon Mack and the Austrians, who the victory at Austerlitz; and by chance all men, not only the French but all Europe- except England which does not take part in the events about to happen- despite their former horror and detestation of his crimes, now recognize his authority, the title he has given himself, and his ideal of grandeur and glory, which seems excellent and reasonable to them all.

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