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    1. there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed

    2. It was never afterward disclosed precisely how it began, except that it started with the gentlemen

    3. guard, as this was a disclosed location and no humans,

    4. and disclosed that he was under the orders of

    5. Not disclosed in last week’s announcement are additional costs

    6. Hall came to see Truman in his room one night and disclosed in strictest confidence that he and Mr

    7. But she had disclosed everything that she knew about Quarles and his organization, little enough that it was

    8. She looked up at him with a smile, which however only disclosed bottomless distrust in his words

    9. Only her eyes disclosed that she was listening attentively

    10. His voice disclosed a spark of anger now

    1. She was becoming more of a mystery to me and she still refused to disclose the reasons why our bank account was so short of money

    2. You may prefer the parent of the kid/s to disclose the dating scene to the kids

    3. But worse than that, and something she never did disclose to anyone, was the old lady’s untouched face bearing the beautific smile of someone who’d seen an angel

    4. When it's impossible to find the love anywhere in a situation, the passing of time will eventually disclose it

    5. “What’s going on here, Sergeant?” asked Peterson, removing his helmet to disclose a shock of untidy red hair that he attempted to smooth back

    6. He unwrapped it to disclose a Luger, which he handed to Colling

    7. Would they try and rescue the city and its people from certain destruction? Or should they try and flee? Ikebod had seemed reticent to disclose any more of his thoughts on the matter, but he seemed to have his mind occupied with many other unvoiced concerns

    8. Run-away lover? Ha! What did he know? But she bit back on it or else she would disclose too much

    9. Then she would have to disclose her entire identity, and that was too risky

    10. Debate your cause with your neighbour himself; and disclose no secret to another, in case he

    1. “Because they knew they’d get fired by disclosing something like that

    2. Elizabeth had been cautious about not disclosing her departure date or itinerary before she left, and Quarles was the only one who knew the reason she was going to Poland

    3. Cousin Jerry’s passport was in the concealed compartment in his suitcase, and Colling had no intention of disclosing its location

    4. She stayed until she had composed herself, and until the disclosing red streaks on her cheeks were gone, then she stood up and walked back to the camp

    5. I then climbed into the truck and conducted as thorough a briefing as possible without disclosing how I came by this knowledge

    6. mail from very high up in the RCMP chain of command, disclosing that

    7. mail from very high up in the RCMP chain of command, disclosing that

    8. At that instant he saw the tapestry on one of the walls drawn aside, disclosing a narrow stairway

    9. A choking cry escaped him as the head fell back limply, disclosing a throat that had been severed from ear to ear

    10. He pressed upon a gold ornament in the wall, and a panel swung inward, disclosing an ivory stair leading upward

    1. In this famous Psalm of David , he discloses many reasons for the true

    2. realized man who discloses his realization and fortunate are

    3. 2 "In the time of testing, a man's soul is revealed; trial discloses what really is in the heart

    4. 7 The cross makes a supreme appeal to the best in man because it discloses one who was willing to lay down his life in the service of his fellow men

    5. When a woman has been assaulted, there are mixed feelings in the way she discloses the incident

    6. Pass it on, before a snitch discloses us and we have to scramble

    7. He discloses that Esteban had long been inlove

    8. it with the story of the Evangelists, readily discloses the

    9. I love you more than my behavior discloses

    10. Everything fell out as he wished; Lothario awoke, and the two at once left the house, and Anselmo asked what he was anxious to know, and Lothario in answer told him that he had not thought it advisable to declare himself entirely the first time, and therefore had only extolled the charms of Camilla, telling her that all the city spoke of nothing else but her beauty and wit, for this seemed to him an excellent way of beginning to gain her good-will and render her disposed to listen to him with pleasure the next time, thus availing himself of the device the devil has recourse to when he would deceive one who is on the watch; for he being the angel of darkness transforms himself into an angel of light, and, under cover of a fair seeming, discloses himself at length, and effects his purpose if at the beginning his wiles are not discovered

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    disclose in English

    open bring to light unveil expose lay open muck-rake exhibit communicate confess impart divulge mention publish

    Synonyme für "disclose"

    break bring out disclose discover divulge expose give away let on let out reveal uncover unwrap open bring to light unveil lay open muck-rake exhibit communicate confess impart mention publish