communicate sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Communicate sätze (in englisch)

  1. You can communicate with God.
  2. I will communicate it to you.
  3. I shall communicate with you.
  4. She tried to communicate her.
  5. Your task is to communicate (i.
  6. He can communicate that to the.
  7. They say, we can't communicate.
  8. And I can communicate with them.
  9. When you communicate with a new.
  10. I communicate to him that secret.
  11. I will communicate with them now.
  12. We can communicate without words.
  13. Communicate about love, sex and.
  14. It’s a shitty way to communicate.
  15. We should communicate like that -.
  16. It can’t communicate with Earth.
  17. In order to communicate with your.
  18. Thus we shall communicate directly.
  19. This will allow you to communicate.
  20. Only he cannot communicate with you.
  21. If white, it is used to communicate.
  22. I can communicate in many other ways.
  23. Should You Communicate with Your Ex?
  24. Maharaj to communicate with he priests.
  25. He hated that he couldn't communicate.
  26. Communicate your intentions to Mrs.
  27. Communicate these measures to the crew.
  28. Many are able to communicate with you.
  29. They will want to communicate with us.
  30. Often she could not communicate at all.
  31. They could not communicate with him now.
  32. Use your soul to communicate with them.
  33. Thanks to the phone, we can communicate.
  34. I knew how to communicate with children.
  35. Always ful y communicate what you.
  36. And what will happen when I communicate.
  37. I need to communicate some stuff to him.
  38. Doesn’t Krishn intend to communicate.
  39. It'sss difficult to communicate with him.
  40. I couldn’t communicate all of this at.
  41. There was no way to communicate over the.
  42. Emily really can communicate with spirits.
  43. She couldn’t communicate with me or move.
  44. Yes, you need to cooperate and communicate.
  45. Like it was trying to communicate with her.
  46. But how can you communicate with us?
  47. I do not really communicate with my fathers.
  48. What we have here is failure to communicate.
  49. God can communicate to us through m ny ways.
  50. You can communicate only when you are alert.
  51. You and Cory will communicate with Calumny.
  52. Words should be to communicate not deceive.
  53. Therefore, I felt an urging to communicate.
  54. How does IIS communicate at runtime with ASP.
  55. I’m already honored because we communicate.
  56. It was the only way to communicate just then.
  57. Is my mother trying to communicate with me?
  58. Almighty Sprug refused to communicate with a.
  59. Ghost is how all mortals communicate with God.
  60. It is with my Spirit that I communicate with.
  61. The coach and the client communicate through.
  62. Communicate: To share or have things in common.
  63. Astra and I were still learning to communicate.
  64. He is using me to communicate His love for you.
  65. It seemed to be unable to communicate with him.
  66. She uses symbolism to communicate because its.
  67. I don’t think we can communicate with him.
  68. But glad to communicate with the outside world.
  69. The better you can communicate the better the.
  70. They communicate with their hands, which they.
  71. Dweeble used mind-song to communicate with them.
  72. I wanted to draw, paint, and communicate with.
  73. Members can also communicate via Email, and IM.
  74. Thus, systems organize in order to communicate.
  75. Keep your eyes open, and communicate with each.
  76. They learned to communicate through these games.
  77. The next step was to communicate with Portsmouth.
  78. You are going to communicate with music?
  79. Don't communicate with anyone at the Corporation.
  80. It’ll be much easier to communicate with those.
  81. Continue in your attempt to communicate with him.
  82. But guess what he chose to communicate via email.
  83. Authors and readers communicate with each other.
  84. He will not have anyone else to communicate with.
  85. Could you communicate with them? asked Chris.
  86. We could almost communicate by raising flags ….
  87. But… they cannot communicate with them mentally.
  88. They nodded at each other but did not communicate.
  89. That’s the part that can communicate with Earth.
  90. Able to communicate online, ofline and with peers.
  91. People sit together to communicate with each other.
  92. Cats use the ‘meow’ most often to communicate.
  93. God is not limited in the ways He can communicate.
  94. They howl, growl, yip and yowl to communicate with.
  95. Behind the need to communicate is the need to share.
  96. Students will always be able to communicate with you.
  97. It is important to communicate any changes to your.
  98. I think these guys communicate to me telepathically.
  99. We need to be able to communicate at a low volume.
  100. Yes, they have been trying to communicate with us.
  1. Wiggam is communicating to you.
  2. Krishna took his turn communicating.
  3. She is not communicating with Mona.
  4. After communicating the memory and.
  5. Silence is our way of communicating.
  6. Praying and communicating with God.
  7. We are communicating our differences.
  8. The sentiments of the communicating.
  9. Rancor was communicating with someone.
  10. By communicating whenever there is a.
  11. These are also ways of communicating.
  12. When communicating with nature, don’t.
  13. He’s communicating in some strange way.
  14. Communicating with God goes beyond prayer.
  15. I am communicating telepathically with you.
  16. Communicating with God is a skill that we.
  17. I think they were communicating with these.
  18. Start communicating through silence sometimes.
  19. It is all the communicating C Mobius rings and.
  20. Tracker, how is she communicating with you?
  21. The Angel and Jesus were communicating, I think.
  22. You're communicating to true essence of the most.
  23. I couldn’t hear if they were communicating or not.
  24. He is desperately communicating with his superiors.
  25. When he got there, Hilderich was not communicating.
  26. They were communicating purely by thought once again.
  27. It is talking to us now, communicating through us now.
  28. He hasn’t said a word about communicating with Sigma.
  29. A Russian was going crazy, communicating with his base.
  30. They begin communicating in a high-speed alien language.
  31. Minutes later, they were communicating through the chat-.
  32. I expect Ill be communicating with Dmitriy later tonight.
  33. An usher stood at the door communicating with the hall of.
  34. There was nothing new in the manner of communicating them.
  35. Torbin tried communicating, he put out an all-channel comm.
  36. Now you have a way of communicating without the use of force.
  37. Though Torbin knew they were communicating, he heard nothing.
  38. Communicating with other nearby spiritual beings via telepathy.
  39. We can fulfill our own needs best by communicating those needs.
  40. But the Pioneers have a better chance of communicating with it.
  41. Effective job search includes not only communicating with your.
  42. An organization is an integration of communicating sub-systems.
  43. They sound like whales in the sea communicating with each other.
  44. Communicating standards to my traders is my most important duty.
  45. It appears that the user and the producer aren’t communicating.
  46. You may think that you are communicating effectively but even so.
  47. The male and the female seemed to be communicating with each other.
  48. They were communicating directly by thoughts, without even having.
  49. The two men, communicating in brief sentences by radio with the S.
  50. There are innumerable accounts of Shri Maharaj communicating with.
  51. People are communicating more with their gadgets instead of their.
  52. Mankind must learn that there is nothing wrong with communicating.
  53. It’s a special flat apart, not communicating with these lodgings.
  54. What is happening is that you are communicating with the Holy Ghost.
  55. This is about communicating with the death in numbers and intensity.
  56. I sense the twins are communicating, telepathically, questioning as.
  57. At first, Adros thought he was communicating with more new arrivals.
  58. He is very near, responding the prayer who is communicating with you.
  59. Communicating in a slow or dull way that says or suggests a defeatist.
  60. They stood looking at each other for a moment, communicating in silence.
  61. He has sharp, green eyes that seem to be currently communicating menace.
  62. Milton Model, which is a way of communicating through verbal language that.
  63. Communicating without fear is absolutely essential to building the deepest.
  64. I wasn’t sure initially who was communicating with me, but the thoughts.
  65. Whatever energy resides within is your method of communicating to.
  66. Some such promise is the regular stock-in-trade of the communicating spirit.
  67. The following rules need to be kept when communicating with your employees:.
  68. Courage and strength have these mysterious ways of communicating themselves.
  69. I assured him we would have no trouble communicating with the other headmen.
  70. We haven’t mentioned it to them and they aren’t communicating with us.
  71. He was focused on the battle and issuing commands, but open to communicating.
  72. Akira and the rest have all been communicating with Elena through her dreams.
  73. Steve continued, Mary and I have been communicating with Ruth and Chris by.
  74. Communicating good and bad news is an art that should be developed by doctors.
  75. You are capable of communicating without the need of an audio component?
  76. Have you noticed how our communicating is different than say with McCoy, or.
  77. Use your own discretion, however, in communicating to her what I have told you.
  78. His role in communicating with the Afghan’s has been appropriately delegated.
  79. He explained that this was a means of communicating among the local people here.
  80. Through communicating with Houdini about coping with strangers and visitors, we.
  81. You’re not going to ask me to stop communicating with my friends, are you?
  82. At this corner is the private staircase communicating with the sleeping apartment.
  83. Our wives did most of the communicating until my Edna died two years ago of cancer.
  84. Well, is it true? Has Hawke dropped the idea of communicating with Sigma?
  85. Gary… are you there? Are you communicating with the security cameras here?
  86. Even with the squadrons, we’ll have trouble communicating, Crusher pointed.
  87. I don’t know, but Selwyn said he’s communicating with someone inside the dome.
  88. Despite what we think, the world can do without communicating with us for 90 minutes.
  89. We were quite well fed that evening, although we had a lot of trouble communicating.
  90. What John is communicating is that the religious system that would be elitist is over.
  91. Suddenly rulers all over the room were hurriedly communicating with their subordinates.
  92. Watch yourself when you are communicating with your partner today (and from here on in).
  93. The higher advanced spirit after communicating with her spirit companion gave approval.
  95. Communicating by laser, each of the ships was given a new set of coordinates to jump to.
  96. They exchanged a glance and seemed to be communicating with each other through the look.
  97. She was forced to follow the polite approach by communicating with Tara like a stranger.
  98. Are you guilty of that? Are you building a list but not communicating with them because.
  99. Desire it, and you will succeed! It was the Spirit of Kami, communicating telepathically.
  100. We heard you vertebrates communicating and will attempt to meld our language with yours.
  1. Zem communicated with the doctor.
  2. It was communicated to the Acad.
  3. Are communicated to the mouth by.
  4. She communicated with her eyebrows.
  5. And that it communicated with him.
  6. I wished you’d have communicated.
  7. Menant has communicated to the Acad.
  8. Truly wish we could have communicated.
  9. From facts communicated to me by the Rev.
  10. Erskine, were verbally communicated to Mr.
  11. I often communicated with him in this way.
  12. The Governor-General was communicated with.
  13. Victor Waille has communicated to the Acad.
  14. We spoke no words; we communicated by touch.
  15. The greetings you had communicated through W.
  16. It seemed as if they communicated wordlessly.
  17. I wished my government communicated this fast.
  18. Adams communicated the disclosure to Congress.
  19. Héron de Villefosse communicated to the Acad.
  20. Here we just see how God communicated with His.
  21. She communicated with the Brazilian on the ground.
  22. The guardian looked at Ogg and communicated with.
  23. One of the ancient wizards I've communicated with.
  24. Mentally, he communicated an internal turmoil that.
  25. His watch was the main way he communicated with the.
  26. One of the ways that Underworlder spies communicated.
  27. They told me I communicated with people in the past.
  28. Sorry Dave, Sygoss unexpectedly communicated with me.
  29. As a person, who regularly communicated with Davydov A.
  30. He sent and communicated it by His angel to his bond-.
  31. May the miracle of goodwill be communicated worldwide.
  32. There is not some thing and that thing is communicated.
  33. The two other judges communicated in agitated whispers.
  34. She one day communicated this piece of knowledge to Mrs.
  35. To Than’s mind, Artemis communicated, She is strong.
  36. Every movement of the Army is first communicated to him.
  37. I never realized they communicated so eloquently before.
  38. They communicated with one another using mental telepathy.
  39. While some of it is communicated by facial expression and.
  40. Muhlenberg, who communicated the same to Wildenow of Berlin.
  41. Bassett communicated to the House the following documents:.
  42. We communicated over the last few years and met on occasion.
  43. San Francisco harbor until he had communicated with another.
  44. LORD and receive visions after she communicated with Sabrina.
  45. Communicated in a letter to the Editor, from Samuel Brown, M.
  46. None of the others travelled near him or communicated with him.
  47. And don’t write until you’ve communicated what you want to.
  48. Kandras communicated with Michael and Michael reported his reply.
  49. Maslova noticed his agitation, and it communicated itself to her.
  50. Albert took Beauchamp aside, and communicated these ideas to him.
  51. At times, Joseph and I communicated as much without words as with.
  52. Cole came in, to whom I immediately communicated the present, and.
  53. That is what the word the communicated expresses and denotes.
  54. On the other side was the door which communicated with the veranda.
  55. Fernand's paleness appeared to have communicated itself to Danglars.
  56. Yes, Brad, Lope! By controlling fire, she has communicated to us.
  57. And I would later arrange for my reports to be communicated back.
  58. Leon, the French vice-consul at Siwas, has communicated to the Acad.
  59. What final visual impression was communicated to him by the mirror?
  60. THIS WAS THE WAY the killer communicated with me for more than a year.
  61. Garcia communicated via his implant with John to open the lift doors.
  62. Have you adequately communicated what the new responsibilities are?
  63. Everyone communicated with their hands in the universal sign language.
  64. Although documentary credits are enforceable once communicated to the.
  65. And we have had communicated to us, by the President, the note from Mr.
  66. Bonnie tugged at Credit’s arm and communicated with facial expressions.
  67. And their inner unease communicated itself madly as squirrels in a cage.
  68. This desponding turn of mind, though it could not be communicated to Mrs.
  69. I communicated this dreadful circumstance to my master, who was almost.
  70. I communicated this plan (with deliverables and deadlines) to the senior.
  71. The terminals communicated with the main computer, never with each other.
  72. They communicated primarily through radiation of extremely low frequency.
  73. The two small moons above them communicated a mixture of yearning and fear.
  74. Like a bolt out of the blue, a mental impression communicated itself to me.
  75. The two had communicated on a deep level, sharing Spirit and sharing food.
  76. Ministers shall be communicated to the Secretary General of the Council of.
  77. It may not be improper to refer to the order itself, as communicated by Mr.
  78. They communicated to each other that modicum of light which they possessed.
  79. The media as well as academic and scientific circles communicated with us.
  80. The President of the United States attended, and communicated the following.
  81. That cavern, which was called the choir, communicated with the cloister by.
  82. When we communicated in the dream world, neither he nor his mother had let on.
  83. Goals are poorly communicated, and the hierarchy is a "good-old-boys" network.
  84. The match-making aunt had ascertained and communicated their mutual impression.
  85. And I (Paul) went up by revelation (from Jesus), and communicated unto them.
  86. Maspero communicated the result of the excavations on the site of Memphis by M.
  87. Using hand gestures, Garcia communicated to Trini that he wanted her to switch.
  88. Aside from the terrorist, he doesn’t appear to have communicated with anybody.
  89. The President has not communicated to us one document or reason for the measure.
  90. We communicated with photo's from books that soldiers brought from the library.
  91. Meanwhile Ishtar communicated mind-to-mind with Upaya, sharing a secret sadhana.
  92. While a footman was lighting a candle, Toll communicated the substance of the news.
  93. The moment he sensed their presence, Ollius communicated telepathically with them.
  94. Russell and Lord Castlereagh, communicated to Congress during its present session.
  95. Wherever they are they have not communicated outside of their immediate proximity.
  96. Animals the world over have long communicated by using visual, aural, chemical and.
  97. The ability to speak and to form words allows intelligent thought to be communicated.
  98. Perhaps the facts most astounding and most real are never communicated by man to man.
  99. He ignored this and said, I had communicated particulars to you on the target site.
  100. Some people, who I had not communicated with in a while, were sent Hey, I thought we.
  1. This communicates with the abyss.
  2. Your dad still communicates with you.
  3. Priest - is the one who communicates with God.
  4. After He communicates, it is necessary for us.
  5. A friend connects and communicates heart to heart.
  6. The body communicates through feelings and sensations.
  7. Attention and awareness to how the coach communicates.
  8. Help us put out a statement that communicates this intent.
  9. How management communicates about mistakes is very important.
  10. The HelloWorldApplet that communicates with HelloWorldServlet.
  11. Creator communicates with us using symbols and symbolic thought.
  12. Amy shoots him a look that communicates both revulsion and disbelief.
  13. And as it happens, it’s the rover that communicates with Pathfinder.
  14. You scream and shout, but nothing answers, nothing communicates with you.
  15. Thus the word (mine) means Fasting communicates your spirit with Me (God).
  16. When a visitor communicates to you via email, it is best to use a web form.
  17. You see words communicate language, but our voice communicates the spirit.
  18. Two: There's little doubt that the subconscious mind communicates to the.
  19. Through these "doors" the Creator communicates with the world that creates.
  20. It communicates to those whom it seizes an indescribable and extraordinary power.
  21. We know he uses a screen and with this screen he communicates with his leader.
  22. I think she still communicates with, Dove, wasn’t it? Alexander remarked.
  23. More energy chakra is more open, it more intensively communicates with the world.
  24. The right word is always a power, and communicates its definiteness to our action.
  25. This one rarely communicates with fleeting beings, but the organized sounds amused.
  26. Figure 2-6 Each layer in the OSI model communicates with the layer above and below it.
  27. She communicates with spirits who have contacted us, to find out why they need our help.
  28. A script is a well-thought-out, rehearsed statement that best communicates a response to a.
  29. It communicates that they are only interested in their looks and not who they are as a person.
  30. The Creator communicates with us using symbols and symbolic thought because that is the natural.
  31. He hangs up, and communicates with his partner in Italian, and mentions the name Van-Bailey again.
  32. A good leader speaks clearly in a way that communicates his directives so that others understand them.
  33. It has one billion alien languages built in with a universal translator and it communicates in milliseconds.
  34. Even Brinkley’s replacement can’t tell us who appointed him, who he communicates with on a regular basis.
  35. And at last the man-beast puts aside his music-maker and communicates with Galluk, though not through language.
  36. Here so the chakras and communicates with the outward things – energy or particles (they also transmit an energy).
  37. Once the applet loads in the browser, the applet communicates over HTTP to the Web application's HelloWorldServlet.
  38. Once the applet loads into the browser, the applet communicates over HTTP to the Web application's HelloWorldServlet.
  39. Intuition often communicates its message through sensations in the body, which is why it is often described as a gut feeling.
  40. This one communicates now with the two sentient beings simultaneously in your prime languages, directing waves to individuals.
  41. They retired to a corner of the lobby by which the stage communicates with the wide passage leading to the foyer of the ballet.
  42. Thus, indicating your professional goals can be a wise decision, or at least make your resume in a way that it communicates it.
  43. Are you? If you are concerned, do something that clearly communicates to the people that you not only are listening but that you can hear.
  44. You see the pickup line approach has a huge flaw -- it indirectly communicates that you're very interested in her from the very beginning.
  45. No; I have the key to the door which communicates with the convent; the porter has the key to the door which communicates with the church.
  46. She is placed in a lower hall of the church which communicates with the street, and into which no man may enter save the doctor of the dead.
  47. God does not speak with words, He communicates with people through mediators, archangels, who bring His will to the consciousness of people.
  48. A virtual LAN (VLAN) is a group of systems on a switched network that functions as a subnet and communicates with other VLANs through routers.
  49. If, however, in your question you mean Stereo-Doubles of another personality that lives and communicates near you, then the answer is no.
  50. The mohajirs almost all support a party called the MQM led by Altaf Hussain, who lives in exile in London and communicates with his people by Skype.
  51. Petrie communicates the following report to the Academy: During the last four months I have been excavating at this place, the capital of Khuenaten.
  52. The transmitter communicates information to the brain from the computer, and vice versa, and the liquid alters the brain to put it in a simulation state.
  53. Now, of course, this canal is filled with much the same strangely fibrous substance—the spinal cord—as the brain; and directly communicates with the brain.
  54. Quality policy which is appropriate for the business and which communicates the intent of quality activities in the organization to be documented and maintained.
  55. Every company communicates its vision of itself in recurring use of certain phrases: Synergism is a popular one for companies viewed by the Street as confusing.
  56. The user protocol interpreter communicates with the server protocol interpreter using text commands that are passed over the control connection (see Figure 16-1).
  57. Information Security policy which is appropriate for the business and which communicates the intent of ISMS activities in the organization to be documented and maintained.
  58. It is certain that the mouth indirectly communicates with the spouting canal; but it cannot be proved that this is for the purpose of discharging water through the spiracle.
  59. It radiates through air, with immeasurable celerity, and distributing itself in the interior of bodies, communicates a reciprocally repellent power to atoms, but not to masses.
  60. Storytelling is a highly efficient form of information sharing because it communicates data, contextual rules, and subtleties of behavior that may be difficult to state explicitly.
  61. POP3 is similar to SMTP in that it relies on the TCP protocol for transport services (using well-known port 110) and communicates with clients using text-based commands and responses.
  62. The fulvius seems to belong to the genus vipera; it has the fangs, but not the orifice behind the nostril, which communicates with the reservoir of venom, so conspicuous in the crotali, &c.
  63. So irrespective of whether the individual is aggressive, defensive, or even violent, when the word love is genuinely projected surface reality communicates directly with an individuals' core.
  64. To the end of the axis of one side, extended over the cylinder, is fixed the centre-piece (h) resembling a crank, from which the bar or pitman (f) communicates to the cross-piece of the piston-rod.
  65. When the commands call for a data transfer, one of the protocol interpreters triggers a data transfer process, which communicates with a like process on the other machine using the data connection.
  66. Since the I/O Manager communicates with all of the drivers in the same way, the request can be satisfied without the file system having any direct knowledge of the disk device where the file is stored.
  67. Our social-cultural mind is a field effect that communicates to itself through our instinctual adaptation to the traditional mores, customs and thought structures that comformicate our minds in how to frame the world.
  68. You need to have a crystal clear understanding of the needs and challenges of your target audience so that you can publish content that consistently communicates your brand promise, and is useful and relevant to their needs.
  69. No, certainly, not often; because Miss Temple has generally something to say which is newer than my own reflections; her language is singularly agreeable to me, and the information she communicates is often just what I wished to gain.
  70. In addition, we endow such characters with our own psychisms, because when the child imagines that it communicates with a dwarf, it can picture only the dwarf it wishes to see, — with the same character traits, which the child wants to have.
  71. Start by viewing the proxy statement section titled Compensation Discussion and Analysis, where the compensation committee of the board of directors communicates how it sets the compensation package for the top executive officers and employees.
  72. Your private keys are saved on the same device that connects to the Internet and communicates with the Bitcoin network (the defining feature of a hot wallet); therefore, you need to be vigilant about protecting your device from malware, viruses, and other hacking attempts that could lead to theft.
  73. As defined in Chapter 1, Knowledge Management is a deliberate, systematic business optimization strategy that selects, distills, stores, organizes, packages, and communicates information essential to the business of a company in a manner that improves employee performance and corporate competitiveness.
  74. IT’S STRANGE TO see people you don’t know well in the morning, with sleepy eyes and pillow creases in their cheeks; to know that Christina is cheerful in the morning, and Peter wakes up with his hair perfectly flat, but Cara communicates only through a series of grunts, inching her way, limb by limb, toward coffee.
  75. It is true that General Armstrong, in his letter to Secretary Smith, of the 10th of September, 1810, communicates a verbal explanation which accompanied the last letter of the French Minister: If you confiscate French property under the law of non-intercourse, they will confiscate your property under their decree of Rambouillet.
  76. The Lutheran catechism says: "Our Church is a holy Christian society of believers under Christ, our Master, in which the Holy Ghost, by means of the Bible and the sacraments, offers, communicates, and dispenses the divine salvation,"—meaning by that, that the Catholic Church is in error, and has fallen away from grace, and that the genuine tradition has been preserved in Protestantism.
  77. When he enters the war with his division, he keeps in contact with his higher commander especially in the thick fight when the war status escalates and comes to a head, and when there becomes no room for moving or manoeuvring, and he senses a real danger pervading the division, he does nothing but holds the field telephone and communicates with his wise merciful commander informing him about the painful military fact and asking for his wise discerning opinion to accomplish it at once.
  78. Consider, I said, Glaucon, that even the badness of food, whether staleness, decomposition, or any other bad quality, when confined to the actual food, is not supposed to destroy the body; although, if the badness of food communicates corruption to the body, then we should say that the body has been destroyed by a corruption of itself, which is disease, brought on by this; but that the body, being one thing, can be destroyed by the badness of food, which is another, and which does not engender any natural infection--this we shall absolutely deny?
  79. Finally if you do not die, your loving wife—who has not slept during the whole three weeks of your illness (a fact of which she will constantly remind you)—will fall ill in her turn, waste away, suffer much, and become even more incapable of any useful pursuit than she was before; while by the time that you have regained your normal state of health she will express to you her self-sacrificing affection only by shedding around you a kind of benignant dullness which involuntarily communicates itself both to yourself and to every one else in your vicinity.
  80. Now Vegetation brightened the desert globe of land and water, and the living creature came forth, bred of earth and moisture, as, says our primitive cosmogony, 'Let the waters bring forth!’—'Let the earth bring forth!’—in this, according with the latest thought of those who see in what we term matter the possibility of life; but not according with that latest thought, if it be meant to exclude the all-pervading action of the Eternal Cause, which lives and operates through all causes that are visible, and communicates some of His own mysterious energy even to the Atom which has sprung from the depths of His Being.
  81. When the protocol had been signed, Nikolay Parfenovitch turned solemnly to the prisoner and read him the “Committal,” setting forth, that in such a year, on such a day, in such a place, the investigating lawyer of such-and-such a district court, having examined so-and-so (to wit, Mitya) accused of this and of that (all the charges were carefully written out) and having considered that the accused, not pleading guilty to the charges made against him, had brought forward nothing in his defense, while the witnesses, so-and-so, and so-and-so, and the circumstances such-and-such testify against him, acting in accordance with such-and-such articles of the Statute Book, and so on, has ruled, that, in order to preclude so-and-so (Mitya) from all means of evading pursuit and judgment he be detained in such-and-such a prison, which he hereby notifies to the accused and communicates a copy of this same “Committal” to the deputy prosecutor, and so on, and so on.
  82. As a piece of art communicates about the artist,.
  83. This communicates that you are interested in what they are saying,.

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