expose sätze

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Expose sätze (in englisch)

  1. And it's folly to expose.
  2. Expose his pain or concern.
  3. Alive was an explosive expose of.
  4. Careful not to expose the gun she.
  5. When we expose ourselves too much.

  6. Expose the one that would keep the.
  7. We did this to expose the deceptions.
  8. She needed him to expose the back of.
  9. Why? To prove many things and expose.
  10. It certainly was a comprehensive expose.
  11. The man grinned to expose his runty teeth.
  12. And will expose the vagabond's vile fraud.
  13. What? Trying to expose me already?
  14. It’s children who expose so vividly the.
  15. They needed him to expose her real identity.

  16. Her skirt was pulled up to expose her upper.
  17. Why would Meg expose their identity to Jen?
  18. Then he would expose The Organization anyway.
  19. The expose tiptoed around the word ‘lied’.
  20. Hayley smiled to expose her little white fangs.
  21. So it stands to reason that the more you expose.
  22. You would expose the self-love of another with.
  23. I don’t expose a picture anyway, she said.
  24. A huge mouth opened to expose two rows of small.
  25. Wasn’t the whole idea to expose the truth?

  26. It is useless to protest, I know all and expose it.
  27. And yet they expose me more than all my other poems.
  28. Oh where! Where! Where shall I expose? I will not.
  29. I’ve decided to launch a campaign to expose abusers.
  30. If you expose this plant to heat, it'll grow rapidly.
  31. To figure out (= expose the true position of the 2's).
  32. That was sort of a risk to expose themselves I thought.
  33. But these orders expose you to gaps that don’t close.
  34. And they also expose themselves to the aggressiveness.
  35. A gang of men was digging a ditch to expose the conduit.
  36. Yeah and he threatened to expose her in the newspaper.
  37. The neurosurgeon suggested redoing the shunt to expose.
  38. One task of comedy is to expose lies without naming names.
  39. Do not expose your neighbor to the danger of having his.
  40. Expose it by lifting the nose or pulling back on the hair.
  41. Calm your emotions, Anusal, or you will expose our trap.
  42. Blanche continued to hold her panties down and expose the.
  43. Ville, you can arrange to befriend him and then expose him.
  44. The harder you try, the more you expose yourself to injury.
  45. They write to the wife, and threaten to come and expose her.
  46. These dead things expose their existence in millions of ways.
  47. The animal lay down and then rolled over to expose its belly.
  48. I was trying to expose Cristian for the fraud that he is.
  49. It is illegal for a person to expose their genitals in public.
  50. No, he has been careful not to expose me to anything that.
  51. We have to find an unimpeachable source to expose our findings.
  52. Small stocks expose you to more liquidity risk than large ones.
  53. It is not necessary for me to expose the error of this opinion.
  54. Rickman because he was trying to expose your illegal activities.
  55. Expose the fallacies behind the pulpit and the collection plate.
  56. This place was well adapted by its situation to expose them to.
  57. Psychopaths necessarily have victims, and Hare's drive to expose.
  58. Matthew, that you should expose me to the affront of interference.
  59. It serves to further expose ancient lies about the location of Mt.
  60. This chapter is here to expose the root of some of our sexual sin.
  61. He did not expose and uncover the true meaning of the Gordian Knot.
  62. No wonder no one has been able to expose and bring then down so far.
  63. We can't go that way and I don't want us to expose ourselves into.
  64. From what I heard, Eric was threatening to expose Sidney as a wizard.
  65. In many cases, we don't want to expose this complexity to the client.
  66. He wanted to expose injustices and help the vulnerable and displaced.
  67. Blaring tabloid headlines will expose you for 'exploiting' the masses.
  68. It is my duty as a trainer myself to expose the hidden dangers to the.
  69. The opportunity to expose the Earl, for the time being, has passed.
  70. It does nothing but expose the malice and ignorance of our government.
  71. E-mail can be a very cold medium, but when you expose yourself to your.
  72. Sniper out on a limb to expose the underlying reason for their behavior.
  73. It is high time that we expose their hypocrisy to all in this conflict.
  74. When I myself expose you to something that makes you suffer within the.
  75. Hitler’s interest to expose this gallant, well-known, respected hero.
  76. Expose the ugly truth of our supposedly glorious past? Heaven forefend.
  77. Thus We explain the revelations, and expose the path of the unrighteous.
  78. The undead must expose themselves and all of their secrets OR BE KILLED.
  79. For indeed, I tell you, My will is to expose the hardness of your hearts.
  80. They do not realize that their subconscious makes them expose the truth.
  81. Occupations which expose to high amount of hazardous chemicals, such as.
  82. Holtser was determined not to expose his client to any unnecessary risks.
  83. It was still tight enough to tear my coat and expose my skin to the cold.
  84. He threatened to lie and expose about her using drugs and she doesn’t.
  85. I decided that the only decent thing to do would be to expose this fiction.
  86. Turning a cheek does not mean that you should simply roll over and expose.
  87. Why would you want to needlessly expose yourself to that much danger?
  88. And the risk to which he would expose his life by carrying out his design.
  89. She faced a decision: expose it and, in effect, expose her own relationship.
  90. I cannot bear to leave you, but neither can I bear to expose you to the war.
  91. And what did Felix Green threaten to expose your cousin Diane D with?
  92. Don't be afraid to expose your skis to something they haven't been exposed.
  93. That way you don’t need to expose yourself to whatever destroyed the probe.
  94. Then throwing open his cloak, so as to expose his uniform and the cross of St.
  95. Once you expose the illusions, you destroy the power they have to control you.
  96. He sneered and I opened my mouth wide to expose my very sharp, dangerous fangs.
  97. She arranged her skirt carefully so as to expose an even greater length of leg.
  98. Well, I have made inquiries; you will expose yourselves to no purpose, you see.
  99. Her legs instinctively opened and her skirt ride upwards to expose her panties.
  100. Jean Valjean had taken no other part in the combat than to expose himself in it.
  1. Exposing what is mortal and unsure.
  2. Barron wouldn’t think of exposing.
  3. She sat up next to him, exposing her.
  4. Exposing her nakedness to all around her.
  5. It could lift at any second, exposing them.
  6. Avoid exposing the image to ultraviolet light.
  7. White signifies the exposing of true cowardice.
  8. The book pages were all picked up exposing the.
  9. One slipper had a hole in front, exposing a toe.
  10. Ruby turned her head, exposing a satisfied smile.
  11. Once by not exposing Etienne when he should have.
  12. The woman cackled, exposing a mouth without teeth.
  13. The t-shirt slides up my back, exposing my behind.
  14. The witch stood over him and smiled, exposing her.
  15. A few buttons had been unbuttoned exposing some of.
  16. Instead, I hissed violently, exposing my fangs to him.
  17. It was starting to suck exposing himself to a haughty.
  18. She raised her lovely chin, exposing her ivory throat.
  19. By exposing fraud and lies, and by spreading the truth.
  20. Until the studies have been done you could be exposing.
  21. The mech toppled over, exposing the nycarmans behinds it.
  22. His sleeves were rolled up, exposing his thick forearms.
  23. In return, they’re exposing their customer list to you.
  24. Is it because we believe that exposing anything that has.
  25. Exposing the Greek Lesbian hate and fear of powerful men.
  26. It fell to the floor, exposing delicate curves, soft skin.
  27. The arms rode up several inches too far, exposing his wrists.
  28. He then raised and turned the arm, exposing the patient’s.
  29. The spotlight was turned on the floor now, exposing a platform.
  30. But she had little interest in exposing Perkin ’s duplicity.
  31. She lay down and rolled over, exposing her belly to the dryer.
  32. And without exposing both of us, now that I think about it.
  33. This will shred the outer surface exposing the fibrous centre.
  34. The warning light was on to indicate she was exposing the film.
  35. Con rolled over, exposing an erection as hard as his masseur‘s.
  36. Elmer pulled the trussed rear leg up exposing the spotted scrotum.
  37. The Karmapa was here actual y exposing the truth about the Dalai.
  38. Dan’s mouth dropped open, exposing his four long squirrel-teeth.
  39. The clerk unlocked the lid of the box and opened it exposing the.
  40. As soon as I got there I ran into the group exposing my presence.
  41. He opened his mouth a crack, exposing a wet tongue slopping about.
  42. Unfortunately, the press is infamous for exposing things like this.
  43. I stared out into the dark night, not sure what my face was exposing.
  44. Whilst he was exposing his sentiments to me, I ventured just to look.
  45. Then Jody turned the horny-toad over, exposing its pale gold stomach.
  46. We were actively exposing their lies and delusions, which were used.
  47. If he could get this done without exposing his involvement, he would.
  48. Humans are so unaware: that they do not realize they are exposing it.
  49. Instead, the man grinned with satisfaction, exposing his stained teeth.
  50. In the process she ripped it open across her chest, exposing a breast.
  51. Heather took the wet rag and wiped the blood away, exposing a one-inch.
  52. It was a halter top, cropped short, exposing her midriff, and the top.
  53. Ingrid saluted back the best she could without exposing her naked chest.
  54. It split up one side as they tore it off, exposing the dead man to view.
  55. Since I was exposing my cables to the outside weather, I tucked them as.
  56. Using his pen, he gently lifted the gold leaf, exposing the browned flesh.
  57. One store we will be exposing on the website is the ‘Chinese Factory.
  58. Heather opened the wide double doors to her family’s home, exposing the.
  59. I quickly pushed the button and the doors opened exposing the hallway and.
  60. He snarled, exposing his teeth to me, to which I responded to the same way.
  61. Undoubtedly, she had ranted and raved, but he couldn’t risk exposing her.
  62. Now his hair was pulled into a ponytail exposing the rest of his appearance.
  63. After patching him up I start to unbutton his trowser exposing his genitals.
  64. The chief took off his jacket, exposing a massive chest and monster-size arms.
  65. Again, this refers to actions such as playing with hair, exposing her inner.
  66. It had been ripped away at her right shoulder, exposing one side of her chest.
  67. Exposing the Greek homosexual male hate and fear of powerful, beautiful women.
  68. For exposing yourself to inappropriate levels of stress during your pregnancy.
  69. Finally the moment arrived and the beast lifted his head, exposing his throat.
  70. I am Number One! he shouted as he pulled the curtain sideways exposing him.
  71. Death: Exposing the Real Costs of End of Life Care, which demonstrates the many.
  72. Ivar walked over to the rug and peeled it back, exposing a trap door in the floor.
  73. He pushed the leaf against Claire’s finger exposing her open cut to the liquid.
  74. She tilted her head back, exposing her throat as she let out a loud, arousing cry.
  75. From under the table, she tugged down on her shirt exposing more of her cleavage.
  76. Most of the ceiling panels were out, exposing electrical conduits and water pipes.
  77. Her legs went straight up in the air; exposing slip, panties, garter belt and all.
  78. Ariella watched as they adjusted their hood with a gloved hand exposing their ear.
  79. The people screamed and hit the floor, exposing a man who didn’t seem too afraid.
  80. They both got stares as he was a man and he was fully dressed and exposing nothing.
  81. The fabric fell away exposing the young man’s smooth dark brown throat and chest.
  82. There was an actual window to see it without technology, but exposing the child to.
  83. But he's getting on in life now, and I don't like to think of his exposing himself.
  84. Dave came in and pulled a rope that opened a side of the cabin, exposing a screened.
  85. Mattie pushed Gwenda’s dress up as high as it would go, exposing all of her abdomen.
  86. In my book, In Defiance of Death: Exposing the Real Costs of End-Of-Life Care, I.
  87. His shirt lay open to the navel, exposing the many gold chains he wore around his neck.
  88. How could they prevent her exposing their secret? Now this other girl added to the risk.
  89. His blood boiled with pleasure and excitement, and his smiled, exposing his huge canines.
  90. He pushed the spaghetti straps away from my shoulders exposing my black satin pushup bra.
  91. She smiled, exposing perfect white teeth in a dark face that was part tan, part skin tone.
  92. Nancy hesitated before exposing a theory that had come to her mind after a week of visions.
  93. The round had struck the dry-wall and driven into it, exposing a bit of the stud behind it.
  94. Without hesitation, the second man dropped his pants exposing his fourteen inch erect penis.
  95. Hal stood on tiptoes, feeling his shirt riding up and exposing his midriff to the cold air.
  96. I stop the blaze and the protection circle would break, exposing us to Brenda’s next move.
  97. I didn’t want to report the lie as truth, but exposing the lie would only hurt the cause.
  98. The top of the settee looked as if it had been ripped open, exposing the water tank beneath.
  99. Instantly a window appeared exposing a keypad, which she tapped and instantly heard a voice.
  100. Ancient symbology was the pivotal key to exposing Rome’s long-term lies, which is why it.
  1. It has to be exposed.
  2. I was raw and exposed.
  3. What it is exposed to.
  4. If you have been exposed.
  5. The heart lay exposed so.
  6. These two were exposed to.
  7. The servant will be exposed.
  8. Mark of the Beast | Exposed!.
  9. She had always been exposed.
  10. Now the truth has been exposed.
  11. In rhesus monkeys exposed to.
  12. They’d be less exposed there.
  13. But that leaves Prince exposed.
  14. He was so honest and exposed.
  15. She felt exposed and vulnerable.
  16. I would have exposed her to an.
  17. Too many lies are being exposed.
  18. Rub this on your exposed skin.
  19. And I, of all people, exposed him.
  20. I haven’t been exposed to any.
  21. On exposed skin they cause burns.
  22. Now this secret has been exposed.
  23. Exposed to and knowing each other.
  24. Exposed girders framed a skylight.
  25. Part of Forbes's back was exposed.
  26. Exposed body parts were blackened.
  27. He exposed his sick soul honestly.
  28. He looked down at his exposed hand.
  29. The obvious hoax would be exposed.
  30. The brain was exposed in one place.
  31. They were exposed to the nightmare.
  32. Then he exposed his arm to the jury.
  33. You've never been so exposed as when.
  34. Yet the messiah here will be exposed.
  35. Many helped exposed corruption that.
  36. Elena: this leaves our flanks exposed.
  37. As the face was exposed I could see.
  38. Constable has sufficiently exposed it.
  39. The one eye that was exposed, blinked.
  40. I had the underside of my ship exposed.
  41. And I had never felt so exposed before.
  42. Mulena exposed her right palm before him.
  43. He pauses to stroke your exposed temple.
  44. She found an exposed bench and sat down.
  45. You exposed yourself to unnecessary risk.
  46. Their fears had been exposed as phantoms.
  47. They exposed their belly to her and let.
  48. Furthermore, it exposed the lies of the.
  49. I can block West if I cover the exposed 3.
  50. She would never know she had been exposed.
  51. Once the truth of our true past is exposed.
  52. They never uncovered or exposed their hair.
  53. They are inflamed, bare, exposed, hairless.
  54. This book has exposed the evil of the Gourd.
  55. In fact, exposed to so frank a conversation.
  56. He was alone, tired, exposed and vulnerable.
  57. It was big news when the media exposed him.
  58. Their activities were described and exposed.
  59. He collapses with a scream, and I am exposed.
  60. She drew a sheet over Jill’s exposed wound.
  61. Any exposed skin area which is wet will burn.
  62. But of course you can start getting exposed.
  63. Maybe he’d always hoped she’d be exposed.
  64. Apparently she’s been exposed as he put it.
  65. With each every breath you are exposed five.
  66. This is what they were exposed to in the womb.
  67. What looked like exposed bone and flesh hung.
  68. James and Thomas took one look at the exposed.
  69. These homeless animals ―are exposed to the.
  70. A culture is exposed by who it lets rule them.
  71. The rich and the poor were constantly exposed.
  72. The enormity of what I had been exposed to was.
  73. Men go to war and are exposed to combat stress.
  74. I feel rather bare and exposed when it is off.
  75. It should be exposed within the United Nations.
  76. The truths in them are both exposed and buried.
  77. All other assertions are exposed as smoke and.
  78. Where once we had a choice of what we exposed.
  79. Suicidal physicians are afraid of being exposed.
  80. Becky soothes him by stroking his exposed scars.
  81. Andy must have exposed it for the investigation.
  82. And copper-topped Charlie, tremendously exposed.
  83. Gently, he peeled the cloth back and exposed a.
  84. I think it is because the young are exposed to.
  85. No TV cameras ever covered them or exposed them.
  86. It was never consciously exposed or admitted-to.
  87. A green sky replaces the exposed pipes above me.
  88. We can't have our families exposed to such evil.
  89. He paused and sat by the exposed root of a tree.
  90. So the parent was equally exposed to real estate.
  91. I held the bucket in front of my exposed manhood.
  92. His exposed healed chest revealed a heavenly glow.
  93. Do not let them to be exposed to direct sunlight.
  94. Many of the more exposed carvings were now worn.
  95. Emily felt exposed as she stood in the cold room.
  96. She counted four other holes and two more exposed.
  97. The exterior of the house was all exposed plywood.
  98. His eyes and forehead were exposed for an instant.
  99. Akhim had played the most exposed part in the plot.
  100. This was a philosophy he hadn’t been exposed to.
  1. This exposes the sophistry of that position.
  2. He who maltreats an animal, exposes it to.
  3. They cannot handle anything that exposes truth.
  4. The human subconscious exposes itself indecently.
  5. Nudity is also a sin because it exposes the penis.
  6. This chapter thoroughly exposes the foundational.
  7. Trading without stops exposes you to unlimited losses.
  8. This exposes the fact that love is stronger than hate.
  9. And it is because it exposes you to the stupidity of.
  10. Pulling my head back, he exposes my throat to his lips.
  11. Having women in the business meeting exposes them to the.
  12. When he does so, he exposes this manuscript, which he then.
  13. He sips and stares as she exposes the last of her ugly past.
  14. The truth about reincarnation exposes yet another strong lie.
  15. The next thing about generosity: Generosity usually exposes Greed.
  16. His blue shirt exposes his ample neck and breast and loosens over.
  17. It also exposes the errors and/or clarifies the allusions of the.
  18. This exposes just how intangible the concept of ownership actually is.
  19. This chapter not only exposes the lies by proving the truth about the.
  20. Teachableness David exposes his humility in verses 4 and 5, and shows that.
  21. This exposes one aspect of how insane the immaculate concept of civilization is.
  22. The Path of Splitness exposes one basic truth about civilization, and that is;.
  23. Judas was greedy, and he wanted more money; and so generosity often exposes greed.
  24. Finally, the sea recedes and exposes the seabed which gradually turns into desert.
  25. While stress exposes our true character, it also helps develop our true character.
  26. Now Paul exposes his hidden self, he is a sinner, just as we are! I am reminded that.
  27. This book exposes them for what they actually are for the first time in human history.
  28. The first-hand written accounts reveals and exposes what actually happened at Jamestown.
  29. Their sole idea of the evil of sin is gathered from the danger to which it exposes them.
  30. The book explains and analyzes heuristics and exposes common traps decision makers face.
  31. NAFTA exposes the possibility that Canada could be legally bound to make water available.
  32. In addition to this, Paul exposes many doctrines to the same treatment, as we can see from.
  33. The next area of evidence exposes additional errors that further reinforce what I have just.
  34. He is controlled by the illusion of 'country' and exposes himself to serious danger in times of.
  35. Apparently Teller had gone too far with his exposes and the murderer now planned his death also.
  36. Also, the unsealing of The Apocalypse exposes the long-term lies about the true meaning of the term.
  37. He exposes the pride, and the carnal way of thinking they had, about positions and titles and so on.
  38. One sly farce some undead filth pretend to play is: they must give a sign that exposes what they are.
  39. When the light of the kingdom of God shines it exposes the lies of the enemy and sets the captives free.
  40. The robed figure shifts his head and exposes his face: the man is I—but older and bearded and sickly.
  41. This light that exposes my vileness, exposes the sin and error of my existence, to show me the perfection of God.
  42. Here is where subversion also exposes a core weakness of the punishment/fear model and the domination model in general.
  43. If a player talks in any manner that exposes his/her game to the other players, the opposing team is awarded 30 points.
  44. And we often wish not to see it because it exposes the fact that our life is inconsistent with that religious perception.
  45. Primatologist Anna Nekaris exposes the conditions of traumatized Slow Loris on the BBC documentary 'Jungle Gremlins of Java'.
  46. This gives Nash access to the Pentagon where he exposes the Russian plans to detonate atom bombs in major cities within the USA.
  47. It exposes a new object in awareness, an object allowing for an increase in the potential for the emergence of practical wisdom.
  48. The interference with the construction of nuclear power plants has come from the environmentalists and exposes their real purposes.
  49. Now Jonah's Captain, shipmates, was one whose discernment detects crime in any, but whose cupidity exposes it only in the penniless.
  50. This single truth: exposes the lie and corruption of all human morality that tries to force people to be better out of a fear of dying.
  51. Really, it is a pity to upset so good a fellow! His kindness exposes him more than anyone else to suffer contagion from your own malady.
  52. Have a look in Matthew, Chapter 16 and you'll see again how Jesus exposes that, behind the self-centred way of life, there is a demonic power.
  53. And avoid variable-rate loans and smooth-talking salespeople who talk you into buying homes to flip, which exposes you to far more risk.
  54. Planting during the wrong time of year also exposes plants to insects that would not normally affect your plants, if they planted at the right time.
  55. Then, the innocence of love and total intimacy exposes him to compassion, leading him to diametrically opposite life energies, marked by forgiveness.
  56. Carpet bombing from high altitude, as I said earlier this morning, is too inaccurate and exposes our bombers to the full force of German air defenses.
  57. What does this say about how truly evil the culture of the Jews was…And still is? It exposes how much all Jews hate their own young and their own babies.
  58. The power of the state, far from being a security against the attacks of our neighbors, exposes us, on the contrary, to much greater danger of such attacks.
  59. This would seem to expose something about her and the person taking the picture, a tattooed action figure in the mirror, but who it really exposes is Charlie.
  60. Well then, this book exposes precisely the antithesis of such saying, for it symbolizes the abundant fruit of a quite strong, unbent and solid tree, which has.
  61. When the child asks for a slap in exchange for a cookie in all conscience, the child violates the structure or, better, exposes the illusory power of domination.
  62. And what is it that is represented at the cross that so exposes them? Nothing more grants us access into an understanding of how they operate like the cross of Jesus Christ.
  63. Because for a male bird in rut: the twin full, ruffled ball of feathers of a female bird’s ass is what attracts them to her when she exposes herself to him: not her breasts.
  64. Variability is not actually caused by man; he only unintentionally exposes organic beings to new conditions of life and then nature acts on the organisation and causes it to vary.
  65. A letter exposes to all the evil of consultation, and where the mind is anything short of perfect decision, an adviser may, in an unlucky moment, lead it to do what it may afterwards regret.
  66. The day he publicly beats his own breast and admits his own guilt and exposes all of the secret crimes he committed behind closed doors, and puts himself into jail as a self-confessed criminal.
  67. In the most brutal words he frankly exposes all the horrors and criminality for which men prepare themselves in entering the army, and the depths of ignominy to which they fall in promising obedience.
  68. Example 7 Kim Il-sung’s North Korea Kang Chol-Hwang34 exposes the terrible truth about the ‘Utopian’ country, North Korea, and its cruelly suppressed people in his account, Aquariums of Pyonyang.
  69. For instance, passive ownership of equities exposes you more to risk of poor real economic growth than does passive ownership of bonds, which exposes you more to risk of higher-than-expected inflation.
  70. In his thesis, Roger exposes Alarcon’s will to bring to the novel the profound conflicts of life and the complexity of human feelings in a convergence of social evolution within Christian traditional canons.
  71. This is the language of truth and common sense, language which I did not very much expect to hear from the Secretary at this time; because it exposes the proclamation of the President, and condemns the present bill.
  72. The 1950's back & white TV series of Long John Silver is long gone and covered up and never shown in public anymore because it exposes too much historical truth about how truly evil England actually was: and still is.
  73. Evil cannot stand an honest man! Evil cannot stand honesty! This one fact alone incriminates the entire western establishment and exposes how the evil of the powers that wanted to destroy Hitler and Germany still exist.
  74. Power is how He expresses the love, but that's not the only way love is expressed, and so now Jesus does something that stuns them; He exposes the pride and the carnal way of thinking they had about positions and titles and so on.
  75. His very name: pronounced Evil K-n-Evil exposes the evil living example he set for millions of children who injure themselves every year and waste their entire lives trying to do one stupid, dangerous, suicidal athletic ‘trick’.
  76. In my opinion, the absence of African-American missionaries exposes one of the greatest injustices that whites have ever inflicted upon African Americans—teaching them a form of Christianity that does not empower them to carry the Gospel worldwide.
  77. Now, why should the whale thus insist upon having his spoutings out, unless it be to replenish his reservoir of air, ere descending for good? How obvious is it, too, that this necessity for the whale's rising exposes him to all the fatal hazards of the chase.
  78. If the Word spoken is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit, you’ll find that it comforts and challenges and builds up and exposes ‘the secrets of men’s hearts’ compelling those who hear to acknowledge that God is speaking (1 Corinthians 14:3, 24–31).
  79. When the lower class aids and abets the upper class in their own oppression: this exposes the level of brainwashing which their civilized culture has risen to… or rather more correctly; the level of stupidity to which the lower classes have lowered themselves to.
  80. Gerard takes him to the hospital out of town, fills in the papers for him, displaying a doctored driver’s license that indicates it has expired, and referring to a medical plan number whose file exposes his past excesses and criminal behavior, but in Gerard’s old name.
  81. How many hundreds of years did it take to poison the idea of an innocent child’s birth: into the sick worship and obsession of crucified death? The word itself: Christmas exposes how the Church turned the idea of a baby being born: into a bleeding dying horror: crucified on a cross.
  82. Aloft towers the great historical Church—still overpowering the imagination of mankind by its marvels of architecture and of art; revolting their reason and conscience by its representations of the Omnipotent Enemy, whom it dares to denominate GOD; while it exposes Him to ridicule as pacified by the interventions of S.
  83. David Irving’s book ‘Churchill’s war’ exposes an inexplicable traitorous evil malevolent force which controlled all of Winston Churchill’s entire political life and consumed him and destroyed him as a human being and reduced him to the rotten senile, insane, fat, diseased, pus-filled, driveling, senile thing that he had rotted into in his old age.
  84. If, by not raising the price high enough, he discourages the consumption so little, that the supply of the season is likely to fall short of the consumption of the season, he not only loses a part of the profit which he might otherwise have made, but he exposes the people to suffer before the end of the season, instead of the hardships of a dearth, the dreadful horrors of a famine.
  85. Hitler was the first human being to propose this idea: This fact has been glossed over as not important… while all the other assholes who came later: all the hypocrites who spout Hitler’s original ideal solution but don’t mean what they say are extolled as humanitarians while Hitler is tarred as a monster: Exposes how full of shit and how one-sided and prejudiced the Jewish media is against this one man.
  86. This biblical story exposes again, the evil hidden cunning of the presence and influence of these undead filth: when they cannot twist or change a better way of living at its root: when they cannot force humans to follow the same ancient obsolete stupid customs and traditions for thousands of years: they then attempt to poison and twist and corrupt everything else which comes out of this better more human custom of sacrificing some hay to their god instead of a living animal and instead of sacrificing their living firstborn baby, replacing him with the firstborn sheep of their flock.

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