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  1. I will now disclose everything.
  2. I didn’t want to disclose anything.
  3. I will not disclose that information.
  4. Therefore, we have undertaken to disclose the.
  5. At that age, faces disclose everything on the spot.

  6. But down in the location that we cannot disclose.
  7. God wanted to disclose that to you, therefore He says:.
  8. To disclose the cause of such fear and waver, God says:.
  9. It is okay to disclose this information, Sarek said.
  10. As the one in charge of the evening I cannot disclose the.
  11. God wanted to disclose this to you, and therefore He says:.
  12. He never would disclose the name–said it was too risky.
  13. The records of this case disclose no grounds for challenge.
  14. How much they’ll disclose about what happened between them.
  15. What's wrong with that is that you don't disclose anything.

  16. Still, I think it might be better to disclose this to Anselmo.
  17. But do not disclose the main essence of your in the first hand.
  18. He unwrapped it to disclose a Luger, which he handed to Colling.
  19. During his testimony he was asked about his reluctance to disclose.
  20. Nick was and is fully prepared to disclose and discuss his actions.
  21. In most cases, if a business has pricing power, it will disclose it.
  22. Beforehand, there was no reason to disclose this name to many on earth.
  23. They disclose the incredible newness of Spirit principles that.
  24. Will Consumers Info USA disclose the information it collects to outside.
  25. Verses twenty-second to twenty-fifth disclose the attributes of the man.

  26. He knew that what he was about to disclose could possibly ignite their.
  27. And it's for this reason, Madam, I urge you to disclose the entire truth.
  28. How could you disclose it, Larry? Carmine’s still out there all alone.
  29. The Knower of the Invisible; He does not disclose His Invisible to anyone.
  30. The vendor should be prepared to disclose any issues which may effect the.
  31. Then she would have to disclose her entire identity, and that was too risky.
  32. Be that as it may, I have nothing to disclose at this time, Garcia said.
  33. Bernanke had to disclose his investments before becoming chairman of the Fed.
  34. I’ll disclose to them how I supported your efforts against the White Raiders.
  35. You may prefer the parent of the kid/s to disclose the dating scene to the kids.
  36. I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to disclose that information, but thanks for.
  37. Over the decades Butterfield wondered why he had to be the one to disclose the tapes.
  38. There are several other access points on the ship, which I will disclose to you later.
  39. As I said before, there were others, but I’m not at liberty to disclose their names.
  40. Did the manager disclose more information to shareholders, or did the manager clam up?
  41. However at this stage, we are not in a position to disclose the actual investment in the.
  42. She could not believe how difficult she was finding it to disclose her pregnancy to Damien.
  43. The earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain’ (Isaiah xxvi.
  44. There was no way in the world, in any world, that he would willingly disclose his genealogy.
  45. Deliberating whether to disclose details about the vast entity that could ensoul the energy.
  46. She was about to disclose him, had We not steadied her heart, that she may remain a believer.
  47. As is current practice for many bloggers, I would also disclose that my page is monetized by.
  48. Debate your cause with your neighbour himself; and disclose no secret to another, in case he.
  49. Chofsky once again gazed out his window, mulling a decision on what would be prudent to disclose.
  50. Run-away lover? Ha! What did he know? But she bit back on it or else she would disclose too much.
  51. He thought Pavel Pavlovitch was about to disclose all; but Pavel Pavlovitch said nothing whatever.
  52. Stay till he comes, reader; and, when I disclose my secret to him, you shall share the confidence.
  53. No, Peter never told me and suggested that if I figured it out I should not disclose my findings.
  54. I will share the information that I have only if you disclose the data you would not share before’.
  55. The retreating soldiers stopped, staring intently, waiting for the smoke to clear and disclose the scene.
  56. We charge that the defendant failed to disclose certain important facts to the town council, said Moses.
  57. In a brief conversation the previous evening, Mitchell requested a meeting in an attempt to disclose the truth.
  58. When it's impossible to find the love anywhere in a situation, the passing of time will eventually disclose it.
  59. Footnotes to the financial statements should explain, expand on, and disclose additional information to the public.
  60. Both of these companies disclose an interesting relationship of current assets to market price at the close of 1932.
  61. The researchers wanted to know the best questions to ask that would disclose the freezing behaviour from the sellers.
  62. And I also admit that my restatement and summaries of others works to disclose the bad side is only hearsay evidence.
  63. If the business does not disclose price increases, then it is highly probable the business does not have pricing power.
  64. He chose not to disclose the information that he had been pawned off on Sarek by Spock because Spock had not wanted him.
  65. If the business does not disclose increasing prices, then it is highly probable the business does not have pricing power.
  66. It may also explain why the Schlosses do not disclose to their partners the names of the companies whose shares they own.
  67. I was worried to know what had happened in the meeting and so I asked one of them to disclose the things happened in there.
  68. Therefore I will answer your question, but only disclose information already of public record in my country and nothing more.
  69. If this case would ever disclose then heaven knows what would be the reaction of our family; they will definitely kill me.
  70. If a business has a loyalty program, it will often disclose the number of members that are enrolled in the program in the 10-K.
  71. Now, in the interests of keeping everything aboveboard, I would disclose my affiliation with the phone companies on my Web page.
  72. Pay special attention to the Disclosure Reporting Pages, where the adviser must disclose any disciplinary actions by regulators.
  73. These managers conduct layoffs or firings in an open manner and always disclose the reasons and rationale behind their decisions.
  74. Afterwards Ishtar took the opportunity to publicly disclose that the Apsaras were being held hostage by Indra and his subordinates.
  75. She was becoming more of a mystery to me and she still refused to disclose the reasons why our bank account was so short of money.
  76. It is not sufficient to know what the past earnings have averaged, or even that they disclose a definite line of growth or decline.
  77. Hardly does a day pass but something transpires to disclose that the Master knows what is going on away from his immediate presence.
  78. She had debated with herself whether to disclose the passcode that had to be punched into the bomb’s keypad after the card was read.
  79. No one has been required to disclose any witnesses and may I remind you of your motion to suppress the identity of your own witness.
  80. Although he had failed to disclose any prior psychiatric problems, there was a note on the chart that suspected some previous depression.
  81. I am not in an official position, and there is no reason, so long as the ends of justice are served, why I should disclose all that I know.
  82. He scented an important fact of which he had known nothing, and was already filled with dread that Mitya might be unwilling to disclose it.
  83. Among other things, toward the end of our second conversation, he gave me permission to disclose the full nature of my call with him to you.
  84. For obvious reasons, I cannot disclose these channels to you but be assured that the dossier is leaking all over the floor even as we speak.
  85. They would make the adjustment provided I signed an agreement, which I won’t disclose since I can’t – if I do, they’ll come after me.
  86. I knew if ever the eyes met mine they would be blue, and I gazed as if the force of my will could compel them to disclose their secret to me.
  87. Identity thieves know they can steal that money in a matter of minutes if they can convince a trusting older person to disclose sensitive data.
  88. I knew that a thousand fearful accidents might occur, the slightest of which would disclose a tale to thrill all connected with me with horror.
  89. When grief come in life then man should not hide it in heart, he should disclose it with friends & relatives that root of grief can be removed.
  90. He could not intimate that he was more than a man; he could not disclose his idea of the mission which awaited his attainment of a riper manhood.
  91. He understood perfectly what was being done from the talk, but did not disclose his presence from the fear that he would not be allowed to remain.
  92. What’s going on here, Sergeant? asked Peterson, removing his helmet to disclose a shock of untidy red hair that he attempted to smooth back.
  93. Virtu Financial, one of the largest HFT firms, was about to go public, a process that requires it to disclose its business model and profitability.
  94. She hesitated, not sure how much information she should disclose to this man who she never especially liked and who shared the same feeling about her.
  95. Also, if businesses that earn their revenues through subscription models do not disclose their customer retention rates, this should serve as a red flag.
  96. Now I must disclose to you the chief aim of our Order, he said, and if this aim coincides with yours, you may enter our Brotherhood with profit.
  97. It is not for us to disclose because of possible raising of standards in terms of secrecy and the control it exerts over the people of the United States.
  98. A business must disclose in the footnotes to the financial statements whether it has extended the useful life of an asset or changed depreciation methods.
  99. Harry and Sarah have no choice but to disclose their discovery to the United States of America government to use it in prolonging the lives of the soldiers.
  100. He or she could legally disclose to a judge whatever grand jury information necessary to obtain the warrants and we intended to secure both types for Alistair.
  1. Document disclosing the terms of a loan.
  2. Stock market without disclosing their identity.
  3. Because they knew they’d get fired by disclosing something like that.
  4. My friends and I have made a point of disclosing everything in our portfolios to each other.
  5. At that instant he saw the tapestry on one of the walls drawn aside, disclosing a narrow stairway.
  6. This the man threw back, disclosing a pale oval of a face, with calm, delicately chiseled features.
  7. I did not mention peace in disclosing my plan because the whole plan is based on the premise of peace.
  8. As a friend, you would find me frank in interaction, but as husband, I might be selective in disclosing.
  9. Suddenly Conan's long left arm shot out and ripped the mask from the man's head, disclosing the pallid features.
  10. He pressed upon a gold ornament in the wall, and a panel swung inward, disclosing an ivory stair leading upward.
  11. There was also a lethal bacterium that was also injected, but we're not disclosing that information at this time.
  12. A choking cry escaped him as the head fell back limply, disclosing a throat that had been severed from ear to ear.
  13. Parents in those days had always avoided from disclosing the carnal and sexual process that produce babies upon this earth.
  14. I then climbed into the truck and conducted as thorough a briefing as possible without disclosing how I came by this knowledge.
  15. Therefore, encouraged by Marshall, and manipulated by Bradley, Eisenhower placated the Soviets, by disclosing to them his plans.
  16. Cousin Jerry’s passport was in the concealed compartment in his suitcase, and Colling had no intention of disclosing its location.
  17. The young teenager paused here, and leaned forward and confided in the hushed tone of one whose disclosing a well-guarded secret….
  18. He looked back at her and she could tell he was obviously regretting his error at disclosing such information and causing her distress.
  19. He snatched off the dark beard which had disguised him and threw it on the ground, disclosing a long, sallow, clean-shaven face below it.
  20. She stayed until she had composed herself, and until the disclosing red streaks on her cheeks were gone, then she stood up and walked back to the camp.
  21. Usually, these two terms are used mainly for describing and disclosing the nature of processes and phenomena taking place in the history of life of the biological forms.
  22. Elizabeth had been cautious about not disclosing her departure date or itinerary before she left, and Quarles was the only one who knew the reason she was going to Poland.
  23. His chin nestling within the points of his collar, he devoured her stealthily with his eyes, which, luckily, were round and hard like clouded marbles, and incapable of disclosing his sentiments.
  24. He stopped and saw an officer with sharp pointed moustaches and shining face who sat in the trap of a swell isvostchik and waved his hand in a friendly manner, his smile disclosing unusually long, white teeth.
  25. Later on, as you might have heard, he rendered us a service by disclosing to the then chief of police the presence in the town of some professional thieves, who came from a distance to wreck and rob our monthly pay train.
  26. For the next ten minutes George recounted a selection of Sam’s expenses, pausing for effect when disclosing those that seemed indefensible, and looking towards Tara with a look of and you won’t believe the next one.
  27. Tikhon scratched his back with one hand and his head with the other, then suddenly his whole face expanded into a beaming, foolish grin, disclosing a gap where he had lost a tooth (that was why he was called Shcherbaty- the gap-toothed).
  28. Tíkhon scratched his back with one hand and his head with the other, then suddenly his whole face expanded into a beaming, foolish grin, disclosing a gap where he had lost a tooth (that was why he was called Shcherbáty—the gap-toothed).
  29. And then two weeks later, Pete Domenici stunned Washington by announcing that he wasn’t going to run for reelection and then disclosing the reason why: he had been diagnosed with a serious neurological condition, frontotemporal lobar degeneration.
  30. I watched her mother take her curls, lay them flat behind her ears (thus disclosing portions of her forehead and temples which I had not yet seen), and wrap her up so completely in the green shawl that nothing was left visible but the tip of her nose.
  31. As for the gossipmonger, it is not meant to be that who carps at people by disclosing their faults, yet it indicates that who carps at himself by what he fastens on his spirit of stinginess, miserliness, oppression, envy and other spiritual faults which arise from loving this life.
  32. His chief reward for the painful exertion of disclosing past sorrows and present humiliations, was given in the pitying eye with which Marianne sometimes observed him, and the gentleness of her voice whenever (though it did not often happen) she was obliged, or could oblige herself to speak to him.
  33. It was not the first time of her feeling the same kind of conviction; for, more than once before, beginning with the observation of “your sister looks unwell to-day,” or “your sister seems out of spirits,” he had appeared on the point, either of disclosing, or of inquiring, something particular about her.
  34. To hold her perfectly in the pinch of that, I found I had only to ask her how, if I had "made it up," I came to be able to give, of each of the persons appearing to me, a picture disclosing, to the last detail, their special marks—a portrait on the exhibition of which she had instantly recognized and named them.
  35. Crossing in the darkness, as we did, I was unable to see but little, except as the nearer moon, in her wild and ceaseless hurtling through the Barsoomian heavens, lit up little patches of the landscape from time to time, disclosing walled fields and low, rambling buildings, presenting much the appearance of earthly farms.
  36. With every appearance of lumber for the price of good lumber if she thought she would not be detected, and she of reluctance at disclosing the unpleasant truth, she would sigh and tell prospective customers that her competitors’ lumber was far too high in price, rotten, full of knot holes and in general of deplorably poor quality.
  37. I shall not, however, in this instance, depart from my invariable habit, when urged by duty to participate in debate before this honorable body, of disclosing in the most undisguised manner my real opinions upon the whole subject, free of any consideration of political difficulties or inconveniences which may consequently affect myself.
  38. Certainly a man is not less entitled to the bounty of Congress who has given to the public the results of his labors, than he who has enjoyed the benefit of a monopoly for fourteen years; nor will it be asserted that the right of the community to an invention is less complete from the expiration of a patent, than from the bare act of disclosing it.
  39. Dantes reflected, as he worked, on the shout of joy which, with a single word, he could evoke from all these men, if he gave utterance to the one unchanging thought that pervaded his heart; but, far from disclosing this precious secret, he almost feared that he had already said too much, and by his restlessness and continual questions, his minute observations and evident pre-occupation, aroused suspicions.
  40. Her spark then endeavoured, as she stood, by disclosing her thighs, to gain us a completer sight of that central charm of attraction, but not obtaining it so conveniently in that attitude, he led her to the foot of the couch, and bringing it to one of the pillows gently inclined her head down, so that as she leaned with it over her crossed hands, straddling with her thighs wide spread, and jutting her body out, she presented a full back view of her person, naked to her waist.
  41. Moreover, there was in all these words of Thenardier, in his accent, in his gesture, in his glance which darted flames at every word, there was, in this explosion of an evil nature disclosing everything, in that mixture of braggadocio and abjectness, of pride and pettiness, of rage and folly, in that chaos of real griefs and false sentiments, in that immodesty of a malicious man tasting the voluptuous delights of violence, in that shameless nudity of a repulsive soul, in that conflagration of all sufferings combined with all hatreds, something which was as hideous as evil, and as heart-rending as the truth.
  1. Power had disclosed to Mrs.
  2. Raghu disclosed everything to mother.
  3. Only the dates remained to be disclosed.
  4. This witness was not disclosed to me.
  5. The reality disclosed by the Geeta will.
  6. His voice disclosed a spark of anger now.
  7. Later when Shahzad disclosed his love for.
  8. On the Day when the secrets are disclosed.
  9. She met his gaze, but it disclosed nothing.
  10. When the plot had been disclosed to her, Mrs.
  11. She eventually disclosed her feelings to him.
  12. It should have been disclosed much, much sooner.
  13. This, when removed, disclosed a flight of stone.
  14. What ultimately becomes of them is disclosed in.
  15. In time, he declared his love and I disclosed mine.
  16. The reasons have never been disclosed to the nation.
  17. I disclosed the entire incident that happened with me.
  18. So he wouldn’t cover for the information disclosed.
  19. Sam had never disclosed his private quest to solve the.
  20. He therefore began a new doctrine as is disclosed by the.
  21. From the beginning of the interview Joan had disclosed her.
  22. Only her eyes disclosed that she was listening attentively.
  23. As soon as he’d mentioned the disclosed wing, Mikkel and.
  24. YYY months using ZZZ secrets that have never been disclosed.
  25. This latter information is readily disclosed in most audits.
  26. You may have noticed that I have not disclosed where I moved.
  27. The colliers looked round, moved aside, and disclosed the boy.
  28. The impulse within him was to reject the disclosed connection.
  29. None of this information has to be disclosed, but it usually is.
  30. This is frequently not disclosed ANYWHERE other than on page (e.
  31. Not disclosed in last week’s announcement are additional costs.
  32. But she had to admit, she liked that newly disclosed side to her.
  33. The muffled sobs that disclosed that mother knew it was hopeless.
  34. Another friend disclosed, I remember those days when I used to.
  35. Or if they had other treatment, that needs to be disclosed as well.
  36. Carty later resigned because he had not disclosed these activities.
  37. They are settled down here for their survival, father disclosed.
  38. A search through the medical literature disclosed that no one had.
  39. Coombs laughed and said, ‘Go…’ No one ever disclosed my name.
  40. Some hints are disclosed in a parable spoken by Jesus in Matthew 22.
  41. Something had definitely changed since he had disclosed his findings.
  42. There is no emphasis whatsoever on where and how items are disclosed.
  43. He said he didn't know whether the RCMP disclosed the e-mail to Crown.
  44. Documents from the lawyer's house disclosed the lawyer mixed with the.
  45. I made a motion with my eyes that disclosed my real meaning to Elizabeth.
  46. She never disclosed anything unless she felt she needed to uncover them.
  47. I disclosed them one by one; since both were my closed intimate friends.
  48. The square of barn it disclosed was as dark as a tunnel but blessedly cool.
  49. He only disclosed her plan to save his own ass—just like Marco did to me.
  50. Author withheld by StARS; his name cannot be disclosed, as otherwise he must.
  51. It was disclosed that the bride was replaced by the maid servant of the house.
  52. When Hopkins disclosed his observations to Rondon, the latter became even more.
  53. He wore shoes, but no socks, and his open coat disclosed a nightshirt beneath it.
  54. He should have also disclosed his falling out with his father-in-law TPG Nambiar.
  55. At home, when all sacks and bags were opened one by one, everything was disclosed.
  56. He should have also disclosed the real amount that he spent for becoming a Rajya.
  57. He'd disclosed information he'd rather she didn't know and he was cross about it.
  58. He wore shoes, but no socks, and his open coat disclosed a night-shirt beneath it.
  59. This delusion is already flickering, and the truth will very shortly be disclosed.
  60. The husband, who did not want his name disclosed, says that his wife most likely.
  61. The Marriage of the Lamb is disclosed to us in various scripture verses and passages.
  62. It contains important information that is not readily disclosed by other indicators.
  63. You should have disclosed the full nature of the Starburst Project to me earlier.
  64. The examination of the files of DEA by the Committee disclosed that on receipt of the.
  65. The hostility of the British Government to these States has been still further disclosed.
  66. Because Lepage"s death hadn"t yet been disclosed as murder, he hadn"t pursued that line of.
  67. The old man at first stared fixedly at his son, and an unnatural smile disclosed the fresh.
  68. The reasons that Lehman failed are disclosed below, which were also disclosed in the 10-K:.
  69. You once asked me about my parents but I never disclosed anything about myself to you ever.
  70. I disclosed the ransack incident in our house and who had stolen our cash money and jewelries.
  71. She looked up at him with a smile, which however only disclosed bottomless distrust in his words.
  72. Detainees eventually disclosed the identities of the Israel Defense Force teams on the two ships.
  73. Then in the next morning when my parents and all my siblings were at tea, I disclosed everything.
  74. An examination of that compartment, and of its neighbour, disclosed a remarkable state of affairs.
  75. Hall came to see Truman in his room one night and disclosed in strictest confidence that he and Mr.
  76. My Master, waiting nigh to Us, disclosed this further unto me: Indeed by trust, as well by will.
  77. It was never afterward disclosed precisely how it began, except that it started with the gentlemen.
  78. He took it up and disclosed a shapely little treasure-house whose bottom and sides were of shingles.
  79. He also knew he could trust them to keep everything he’d disclosed to them completely confidential.
  80. Puller had met Knox here for a drink and then told her all that Kirk had disclosed to him in the car.
  81. They watched silently while he unbuttoned the stiff, bloody shirt and disclosed a wound in the chest.
  82. Hence I went to Montreal, where every thing I had to fear, and all I had to hope, was disclosed to me.
  83. A like condition was disclosed in the report of United Cigar-Whelan Stores for the first half of 1938.
  84. Still in the same moment, I saw that the face disclosed, was the face of the other convict of long ago.
  85. What fees does he charge? (Ask whether some fees aren’t disclosed: Always watch out for hidden fees!).
  86. We had just spent some time concentrating on how honest he had been when he disclosed the taping system.
  87. When an analyst is dealing with what the numbers mean, what is important is only that items be disclosed.
  88. Soundings disclosed that the lakes were all more than two hundred feet deep and even the river ran over 50.
  89. But she had disclosed everything that she knew about Quarles and his organization, little enough that it was.
  90. Precise formulae are considered to be the intellectual property of data vendors and usually are not disclosed.
  91. Jesus disclosed to this world a higher quality of righteousness than justice -- mere technical right and wrong.
  92. Let us next inquire into the character disclosed, and the conduct displayed by that Minister after his arrival.
  93. But when she disclosed it, and God made it known to him; he communicated part of it, and he avoided another part.
  94. A compilation made in 1957, when the market’s level was by no means low, disclosed about 150 of such common stocks.
  95. She disclosed this thought to no one but to her confessor, Father Akinfi, the monk, and he approved of her intention.
  96. For example, here’s how Caterpillar disclosed its motivation behind acquiring Bucyrus, a mining-equipment company:.
  97. She disclosed this thought to no one but to her confessor, Father Akínfi, the monk, and he approved of her intention.
  98. No hindsight was required to detect the change in accounting principle, which Qwest fully disclosed at the time.
  99. Unwittingly here a secret has been divulged, which perhaps might more properly, in set way, have been disclosed before.
  100. Paul says, The mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people.
  1. I love you more than my behavior discloses.
  2. A footnote discloses that Lucent had lent $1.
  3. He discloses that Esteban had long been inlove.
  4. Pass it on, before a snitch discloses us and we have to scramble.
  5. In this famous Psalm of David , he discloses many reasons for the true.
  6. And yet common sense itself discloses the fallacies of the doctrine at every step.
  7. The lens discloses a large number of hair-ends, clean cut by the scissors of the barber.
  8. When a woman has been assaulted, there are mixed feelings in the way she discloses the incident.
  9. For example, the 2010 PetSmart 10-K discloses that sales from its two largest vendors approximated 22.
  10. In the 2013 MD&A section of the 10-K, Management discloses that the subscriber base has grown from 28.
  11. In theory a promoter may offer something worth $1 per share at $5, provided he discloses all the facts and adds no false representations.
  12. But the moment he discloses that knowledge to the public he abandons his occupancy, and the invention becomes subject to the use of others.
  13. But besides this being specialised, individualised, from all others, chemistry discloses for us entirely different separate units, acids, nitrogen, etc.
  14. The first place to start is the 10-K, in a section titled Risk Factors, where management discloses most of the known risks to the operations of the business.
  15. An improving philosophical Conversation upon the Nature of Orphans, after which the Merry Men are introduced, Lancelot discloses his future Plans, and Horatio’s curious History is reveal’d.
  16. Read the notes to the financial statements in the section where management discloses the breakdown of property, plant, and equipment into categories such as information technology, property, machinery, equipment, buildings, or land.
  17. Beauty which discloses to us the kingdom of God blinds us so, that we immediately want to enter it and we forget that this is not the programme of life, but the ideal; and that the programme of life consists in struggle and in effort to attain the kingdom of God, to approach it.
  18. What is proxy material and why does Graham insist that you read it? In its proxy statement, which it sends to every shareholder, a company announces the agenda for its annual meeting and discloses details about the compensation and stock ownership of managers and directors, along with transactions between insiders and the company.
  19. But, have gentlemen reflected that, if all the evils were drawn from Pandora's box, to vex Great Britain, you could have hit on none so well calculated to call out all her resistance, and all her obstinacy, as this same expedient, the embargo! If she yields to us, under the pressure of such a system, she discloses to us the secret of her independence! Sir, the embargo is war; it was intended as such against Great Britain.
  20. Everything fell out as he wished; Lothario awoke, and the two at once left the house, and Anselmo asked what he was anxious to know, and Lothario in answer told him that he had not thought it advisable to declare himself entirely the first time, and therefore had only extolled the charms of Camilla, telling her that all the city spoke of nothing else but her beauty and wit, for this seemed to him an excellent way of beginning to gain her good-will and render her disposed to listen to him with pleasure the next time, thus availing himself of the device the devil has recourse to when he would deceive one who is on the watch; for he being the angel of darkness transforms himself into an angel of light, and, under cover of a fair seeming, discloses himself at length, and effects his purpose if at the beginning his wiles are not discovered.

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