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    1. ‘It could be possible that the force of circumstances and the burden of guilt have brought about the apparent change in him! And when his past wounds would have healed, what’s the guarantee that he won’t sink into depravity all again? Given his good looks, he’s bound to enamor women, and then his status would only add to his attraction? Why, his wealth is bound to provide him the means to turn into a playboy in spite of me

    1. Then he told me the story of a British naval officer who traveled to India during the British occupation and became enamored with Sikhism, and how the guru, whom this officer was learning from, advised the man when he wanted to convert to Sikhism

    2. ' Titania wasn't so enamored of what she was perusing that she didn't notice their approaching figures in the reflection of the shop window, but not giving them much thought at first continued her inspection of the display

    3. She’s obviously become enamored of the prisoner

    4. But then she realized that Tragus was so enamored of her body, he’d never share her with an animal again

    5. enamored of the men and women who populated that branch of the service

    6. A refugee from Communism and a self hating Jew named Alisa Rosenbaum, Rand wrote several bloated novels that enamored a small but devoted cult, and literally no one else

    7. To see how little common sense has been studied, and how enamored we are with IQ simply search the Web for either

    8. would be enamored with her forever

    9. With his enamored maiden

    10. He is so enamored with Communism

    11. Kieran was enamored with the baby, as

    12. evolution of his beliefs is one of the best examples of how one can become enamored with the claims of Socialism

    13. Whether you’re enamored with a country music star and you just want to include them, that’s

    14. I answered aunt Rachel’s questions while constantly checking my father’s gaze as I did so, but he was so enamored with Michael he didn’t hear me

    15. philosophy was enamored with the idea that mathematics was the basis of all rational thought - so

    16. The story goes that there is a king whose is so enamored by the game of chess that he offers any prize to a sage in his court if he can beat the king in a game

    17. The children could only stare at him, speechless that he should be so enamored of a fish that was too small to see, that he should not even acknowledge how an evil, spectral hand had almost stolen him away

    18. While her anticipated rejection only deepened his dilemma, the reminder from the enamored had put him at odds with himself

    19. Thus, their proximity in the wilderness infused a sense of romanticism in their enamored hearts

    20. Should he dare to propose to her as a way out, would she hesitate to repudiate, never mind her gratitude for his father? But, that way, wouldn’t his fear of rejection stop him in his tracks forever? After all, why should any girl like her ever consent to become his wife? Why, she would surely be averse to the idea itself! Looks like she was enamored of him, but was that enough to induce her to wed him? Couldn’t she picture the perils as his wife? Why not, given her high IQ? So it seemed to him that the choice for him boiled down to the rock and the hard surface

    21. And as she pictured his enamored face, she began surmising how she might have appeared to his eyes

    22. ‘But then, didn’t he turn tentative in time?’ she continued in her enamored state

    23. Sensing a kill, her father raised the bar higher which the enamored managed to clear

    24. I was so enamored with her at the time

    25. thoroughly enamored with the

    26. The point being, that the above is a true story, and while for obvious reasons Arthur will remain anonymous, he was genuinely enamored at the change in his reality

    27. She has become recently enamored of my erudition

    28. rejected the concept and became more enamored with technical analysis

    29. ‘’Do you realize that you have furthered the values and beliefs of us Succubi in this important human city more than any other past or present Succubus? You have also sent to the Abyss quite a few dirty souls that belonged there, something that has enamored you in the eyes of Lou

    30. It’s possible that he is so enamored of his subject, so

    31. Strange that we should be so enamored of a book that was

    32. “Who are you?” both Susanna and Paula said at the same time, both enamored with him

    33. And since Iotia is so enamored with Earth’s culture, why not just take that theme a little further, and give them twentieth century entertainment

    34. It thus seemed that young King Louis had fallen enamored of someone well worthy of his attention

    35. What, you think I’ll be so enamored that I won’t care that you’re a dickhead

    36. Again, Garcia was enamored by the

    37. If ever love is fuelled by furtive glances, the fear of a scandal straps the enamored to their respective seats

    38. Looking into her enamored eyes, he closed the fist, fearing she might drop it in her overwhelmed state

    39. ‘Why, surely he’s enamored of me

    40. He saw her enamored eyes enlarge as though to accommodate his admiring stare fixed on her

    41. Lost as they were in their enamored state, they had no words for each other but heaving a sigh on hearing Sandhya’s approaching steps, as though to alert him, she pulled out her hand and wrenched her look

    42. As though infatuation itself was enamored to feel the pulse of their love in tandem, it induced Raja Rao into reverie to review his feelings

    43. After having been satiated with Sandhya’s demeanor, when Raja Rao’s eyes met Roopa’s stare, they seemed to acquire a longing look and sensing his ardor for her in her enamored state, Roopa felt as though the moment belonged to her as well

    44. Yet, how did I fail to rein in my enamored heart! Why this fruitless feeling for my friend’s man? Oh, won’t this fatal attraction for him engulf my life in passionate misery? Well, the dead weight of my hopes used to be a drag on my life but hasn’t this throbbing pain of love activated my heart

    45. Pressed between his wife and the woman he enamored, Raja Rao realized that his sex life would be dull without bedding the latter as well

    46. How I failed to notice the beauty of her hands all this while!’ While, he found himself fondling her hand, more to communicate his love than to envision her future, seemingly in a trance he thought, ‘Obviously enamored of the character of her main attributes, I became oblivious to the charms of her remaining features

    47. ‘It’s as though some magnetic force would draw women to him! Isn’t Tara, the veteran of many a fill, coy to him as if she were a virgin? It looks like he appreciates Tara’s undeniable charms but he doesn’t seem to be enamored of her

    48. Even as he felt hopeful of possessing Roopa one day, her enamored eyes and suggestive gestures he reminisced, had only fuelled his passion for her possession

    49. Oh, how she admires him? He’s nothing short of an idol for her, is he not? And it’s quite possible that she’s enamored of him

    50. Once, such a one told me that she was enamored of me for my romanticism and as her persona didn’t trigger my passion, I realized that its woman’s sex appeal that brings man’s innate romanticism into play to provide the cutting edge for lovemaking, and unless combined by male passion and female amorousness, coition is mere sexual motion

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    becharm beguile bewitch captivate capture catch charm enamor enamour enchant entrance fascinate trance please enthrall entice inflame