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    1. They fit in the ground and when set properly, will have their entrance holes at ground level

    2. Cover up the entrance and pat down the soil

    3. Throw the cotton balls back into the tunnels and cover the entrance with a large rock

    4. The ranch’s entrance was old, wooden, and weatherworn

    5. Violet ran out to the entrance ahead of her mother

    6. Avoid storing your fire wood or wood scraps next to the house as this could support termites and allow them entrance into the house

    7. As we walk through the entrance into the house – a pretty mansion originally built in the middle ages and rescued from dereliction early in the 20th century – he gives himself a little shake

    8. taverna entrance and exchanged a brief word with the proprietor

    9. ‘Sort of … the annexe has its own separate entrance

    10. A frangipani flowers at the edge of the garden, near the entrance

    11. negotiated the log jam of the entrance, and having pushed her way into the aisle with

    12. The blue lantern of An Garda Siochana bolted over the entrance was cracked and peeled

    13. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area

    14. Thicke stopped in the tiny entrance as though wedged into place

    15. Leaving the car parked in a visitor’s space, I stroll along a path bordered by rather nicely kept shrubs towards the entrance to the offices

    16. A small queue of incongruous people had formed to the right of the entrance

    17. One of them was sitting back in his chair at the rear entrance to the building, with a hole the size of a human fist through his throat

    18. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    19. He nodded his head and slunk away, his bad leg disappearing through the Monitor back entrance

    20. As I go through the door of the village hall, I’m greeted by Andy who’s hovering in the hallway reading the notices on the board in the entrance hall

    21. Like hypnotized, I stood in front of the oblong opening that led to its interior; it gave the impression of an unguarded entrance

    22. ’ Iain commented complaisantly, striding towards the entrance

    23. As they came to the bottom of the stairs, she steered him towards the back of the house, towards the kitchen entrance

    24. led the way, walking steadily to the entrance of the cave

    25. He went to entrance of the cave and extending his wings he took to the air

    26. Unknown to the others, at first, Oreo stationed herself at the entrance to the hatching grounds

    27. I turned to face the entrance and smiled like an idiot at anyone I met

    28. Shell casings were strewn all about the entrance to the Hall

    29. She noticed Brutus and Cesar sitting at the cave entrance, “where’s Andrew?”

    30. It was the sense of life being extinguished that inflamed my imagination and the deeper we went the more I found myself searching the gloom for signs of Cerberus, the three-headed dog; he who guards the entrance to the Kingdom of Hades

    31. She and Daniel went to the entrance and watched them

    32. When we got home my father had Scientologists that were going to care for me out of only respect to him and my mother was going to crash the car into a hospital emergency entrance

    33. ” He walked them to the entrance and watched them all begin the descent down the mountain

    34. Wasn't that nice?' She swallowed, 'Do you know, after three years they exhume the bones and put them in a little box and keep them in the ossuary at the entrance to the cemetery? The ground must be too hard to dig deep and it seems before the burial they fill a pillow with olive leaves for his head and they trim his hair

    35. They drove up the hill that led to the big electric gates at the entrance to Seaview Park just in time to see a large removals lorry pulling out of the estate followed by a ranting, screaming harridan dragging behind her a couple of suitcases and an old and battered fishing rod

    36. I could study less for the entrance exams

    37. We find a café by the entrance but there is a large CLOSED sign on the door

    38. We were standing at the entrance to a sort of warehouse that stretched back into the cliff for over a hundred metres

    39. 'No, but the entrance exams do

    40. But they have this medical entrance exam and

    41. A commotion near the entrance to the Hold drew her attention; she could see two rows of warriors lined up facing fifteen to twenty Scathers

    42. Alexis drew me over to the mill and the extent of what had been developing was evident once the entrance was open

    43. 'Like the medical entrance guides, they have thousands of multiple choice

    44. 'Don't worry, for the medical entrance you only have to study a few topics,' I

    45. He walked her to the side entrance near the stables, and slapped Patton on his rump

    46. He saw that she was trying to open the large doors to allow the Paint entrance into the Hold

    47. comfort of the lights in the court building’s entrance hall and

    48. “Sir,” the young boy called out of breath, pointing out to sea, “there is a ship approaching the entrance to the bay, it appears to be the Halestrom!”

    49. The blow torches lit up the dried grass on the entrance of the bank

    50. I shut the main entrance door and bolted it

    1. They were all entranced by the statue-to-be

    2. Entranced, lost in the revelation of

    3. Entranced, lost in the revelation of change in her body, she ran her fingertips over her taught stomach and down to her groin

    4. Entranced by such beauty, I allowed myself to explore the place for a while

    5. happily sat with it on the couch entranced by its

    6. Full of excellent food and entranced by this man’s company, she had dozed contentedly in the back of the cab

    7. Carl said nothing, still entranced with the stories of people not

    8. “He put them all back up,” Heather said, entranced

    9. In any case she happily walked along, entranced by the shared optimism of the environ-ment and the weather

    10. Danny was entranced in the book for some time

    11. And he grew utterly entranced

    12. As I walked and sweated and grumbled about the heat, I was so entranced with all the new happenings, I gave little thought to stopping for the night

    13. He was so entranced he told her she could have anything she wanted

    14. Jack sat watching Joseph on their balcony who was entranced

    15. Whatever it did to Melanie, she was totally entranced;

    16. ” Jacob looked entranced as he walked, as if talking

    17. hills, they watched entranced as two badgers emerged to eat the

    18. He sat up and watched, entranced

    19. & was so entranced that I decided to really savor it, to really bring it inside & let it become a part of me

    20. Again, he was entranced by the fullness and suppleness of her pouting lips as she exaggerated the motions that went with the sounds

    21. Or maybe I was just entranced by what I had overheard his doc say just as I had left the cancer unit floor? But I don’t want to talk about that right now

    22. The eyes of Carl and Una followed her entranced gaze and chills began gallopading up and down their spines also

    23. explosions on the Pillar in an entranced state, unaware of the fate

    24. checking and rechecking his weapon as if he were entranced

    25. Grandfather was entranced by the place also

    26. ley, to where a cave entranced into the hillside

    27. night, they would have been entranced by the lights of the city as

    28. together with Mabila, but then Mabila had become entranced by

    29. The bird circled ever higher, holding Joshua momentarily entranced

    30. Entranced by her beauty

    31. Entranced, she said, “He’s in the medical unit, on a bed with a clear top over it

    32. ” Entranced, she said, “Nucleus is dressed in a blood-red, velvety looking suit with a high collar

    33. Watching from under his shield, he was entranced by the slowness of

    34. SOON, the was pressed and the entranced, revealed

    35. His listeners were literally entranced

    36. The Baroness was entranced by the atonal melody

    37. The following day Ethiopia drove me to Baalbek where my stupefaction at the colossal temple ruins of ancient Roman Heliopolis so entranced him that he asked me to live with him in Paris

    38. Entranced by everything to see: the constant shifting of the blocks, their lights that changed from bright to dim, the fascinating winding halls, I innocently wondered where the liquid goes: it rushed me forth! ‘Twas then I realized that I was not with Master, nor my Friends

    39. Conquering an initial shyness, Sebastian‘s moves became more fluid and when he completed the sequences he‘d been practising in his head ever since he‘d agreed to perform, and Rodney was entranced

    40. Robert was entranced by the seed collection, the clutter of the shade-house and potting shed, the creative disorder of the painting studio - a light-filled room attached to the workshop, the huge python draped in somnolent loops under the supports of the shed’s rainwater tank, and the overflowing garden

    41. He’d snuck back to camp while the Angel was still entranced by that scar- he had yet to decide whether or not that had been a good thing- and had gone ‘looking’ for Connor when he hadn’t showed past dark

    42. still entranced candidate of those ancient days raised from the sarcophagus in

    43. The pink cotton shirt fluttered with her movements, Johan entranced by the flesh of her kneecap within the torn jeans

    44. No one stirred as they were entranced by his sharp-cut phrases

    45. I stood up and looked at what so entranced him

    46. she and the women danced as if entranced,

    47. Drawn by a morbid fascination, he re-entered the oracle chamber and stared down again at the motionless figure of the princess who was worshipped as a goddess, entranced by her frigid beauty

    48. She could still see her mother screaming at the entranced boy, aiming the powerful stream of water at his throbbing groin, finally beating him with the end of the hose

    49. In a singsong voice he half spoke, half whispered, ―yes—yes—yes, Grandfather, the journey begins, the journey begins…‖ Whipping his body around, the entranced man straddled the stupefied nurse and brandished the gore stained club over her head

    50. With His Flute He Entranced Her

    1. Use a towel to dry This mixture can also be sprayed around the dog’s bedding area and around the entrances to the house as mentioned in step 1

    2. They create small galleries with small entrances plugged with partially chewed wood and a cement like secretion

    3. because all of the exits and entrances to the hall were full of

    4. Curiously, Tom peered through the gateways and entrances

    5. use one or other of the side entrances, including one which Tom was

    6. Feeling slightly frustrated, he explored a couple of entrances that

    7. Jodie was enjoying seeing in the near-blackness when she sensed the outline of two tunnel entrances some distance before them

    8. He could see the tunnel entrances dotted here and there

    9. Where the tunnel entrances converged on the great cavern there was a glassy, black smoothness which broke up the irregular, organic look of the cavern walls

    10. Feng Shui recommendations usually involve relocation of entrances, furniture, ornaments and bodies of water

    11. The maps listed Security posts at both bridge entrances

    12. Sebastian spoke to him quietly, as Alex and Rogan kept a watch on the many tunnel entrances

    13. revealed that it was only his voice that had emanated from the hallway entrances

    14. the entrances him and his peers had emerged from

    15. Even so, closing down all the other entrances had made the lower chambers hot and uncomfortable to live in, but Grindel considered this a small price to pay for the security the arrangements gave him

    16. Of the five entrances to the park, we chose the West entrance, in the state of Montana that derives its name from the Spanish word “Montaña” (Mountain), and which conjures visions of natural marvels

    17. As he and the Manager walked into the lobby, Steve was informed by him that the hotel had over eight entrances from the street and four sets of elevators

    18. The men calmly watched as the police at all the entrances began to barricade themselves in from inside with desks, chairs and all sorts of debris they could gather in the minutes following the rocket attack

    19. The black sedan drove past them and pulled to a stop in the side street beside the hotel, positioned so as to have a view of both the side and main entrances to the building

    20. The trail now led them ever downward it appeared, toward one of the now empty side entrances

    21. It kept a view of both entrances, as well as the entrances from the cross-

    22. Originally, in Mesopotamia, the word referred to a winged sphinx with human head and animal body, placed at the entrances of sanctuaries and palaces as divine intercessors and guardians” (Amer

    23. She cries out at the gates at the entry of the city, at the entrances at the doors; To you, O men, I call, and my voice is for the

    24. There were three entrances through the wall, but these were in the recesses and would be very hard to force

    25. 12 Then were the entrances of this world made narrow, full of sorrow

    26. marking the entrances or doorways of their houses with the blood of a ram, at the

    27. The Jews did this at Passover by marking the entrances or doorways

    28. He realized he could not protest at all, he was left to lead the legions of titans to the key entrances into the Upper World

    29. On the other sides of the Realm of the Upper World, Elijah had placed his legions to the entrances in the south, south east and south west

    30. There was a large arch over the main entrance and two smaller arches and entrances on each side of the main one

    31. 4 What man has seen their revolutions, and their entrances? For not even the angels see their number, while I have written all their names

    32. At the outer edge of the Square at one of the entrances, a colossal electronic screen stood with the message “Macao, Chinese on December 20th, 1999”

    33. The Red Cross had set up booths at the mall entrances and

    34. The layout made for some privacy because the large upstairs bathroom had entrances at each end, and the bedrooms were at opposite ends of the second floor

    35. 4 What man has seen their revolutions and their entrances? For not even the angels see their number while I have written all their names

    36. About an hour later, they found themselves located at one of the four entrances to the underground tunnels of Praia da Luz

    37. We envision that the entrances and windows will appear to be natural caves and openings in the rock, with fully finished interiors

    38. 12 Then were the entrances of this world made narrow full of sorrow and travail: they are but few and evil full of perils and very painful

    39. 13 For the entrances of the elder world were wide and sure and brought immortal fruit

    40. awnings that covered the street vendors and the entrances

    41. Lightship: small ship equipped with distinctive light and anchored near an obstruction to navigation or in entrances or shallow water to warn ships

    42. Ten burly men now stood shoulder-to-shoulder across the two entrances to the building and the only courtyard entrance (and exit) was also guarded in the same fashion

    43. Entrances to their facilities were guarded and access was controlled by an electronic card system

    44. Entrances to the pubs and taverns were through two distinct doors, one labelled ‘Men’ and the other ‘Ladies & Escorts’

    45. Many shops featured fairly large men dressed in fine suits standing watch outside the entrances; their quality raiments contrasting sharply with their brutish faces

    46. Milling about entrances to the neighborhoods were those standing as guards, like their crewmates back at the warehouses

    47. The library for instance had two entrances, with a central administrative core

    48. There were three separate entrances under one huge black archway that said YOU ARE NOW ENTERING EREBUS

    49. When decorated with flimsy pelmets, back-cloth and curtains, it became a stage ten yards wide and one deep, with two separate curtained areas and two curtained entrances

    50. Our portable set concealed the electrics and sound and provided entrances and exits

    1. The contrast between the muted colors of her coat and her day-glow green eyes was entrancing

    2. entrancing herbs above the heads of the students, speaking words

    3. of the entrancing herbs and raptus pollen he was

    4. but the wealth of the earth in entrancing herb

    5. The song was so entrancing, that all who listened stood and stared

    6. The line between coincidence and fate is tested in this entrancing tale of the supernatural and unknown

    7. Peace confronts the sounds of war with the laughter of play – the lungs of nature dispelling the drone of technology entrancing

    8. Hal wasn’t sure if it was the dress, or her golden hair tumbling around her shoulders, or her startling blue eyes that he found so entrancing

    9. Miss Simone flashed a smile of white teeth around at the class, and in that moment she looked radiant, entrancing

    10. harmony the two produced was entrancing and the volume produced

    11. Somehow, with your entrancing smile and caustic tongue, you’ve managed to captivate me

    12. And she saw a long Roman candle going up over the trees, up, up, and, in the tense hush, they were all breathless with excitement as it went higher and higher and she had to lean back more and more to look up after it, high, high, almost out of sight, and her face was suffused with a divine, an entrancing blush from straining back and he could see her other things too, nainsook knickers, the fabric that caresses the skin, better than those other pettiwidth, the green, four and eleven, on account of being white and she let him and she saw that he saw and then it went so high it went out of sight a moment and she was trembling in every limb from being bent so far back that he had a full view high up above her knee where no-one ever not even on the swing or wading and she wasn't ashamed and he wasn't either to look in that immodest way like that because he couldn't resist the sight of the wondrous revealment half offered like those skirtdancers behaving so immodest before gentlemen looking and he kept on looking, looking

    13. As she finished her prayers and Suellen, then Carreen, began their decades, her mind was still speeding onward with her entrancing new thought

    14. Whereupon she tuckt a linen Napkin into my Shirt Front, taking care to expose her fine, plump Bosom, just below my Nose, and I receiv’d a most Pow’rful Odour of Attar of Roses, and honest female Sweat, o’er and above the Odour of roast Capon; so much so that, ’twas fortunate I was not the Man I seem’d to be, for certainly the mingl’d Lusciousness of their entrancing Odours would have caus’d me to ravish Polly forthwith

    15. The magisters tasked with entrancing the soldiers went ahead

    16. And still smiling, she pushed Tarzan gently away; and looking at him with a half-smiling, half-quizzical expression that made her face wholly entrancing, she pointed to the fruit upon the ground, and seated herself upon the edge of the earthen drum of the anthropoids, for hunger was asserting itself

    17. You had not, at that time, dipped very deep into the science of those entrancing and seducing vanities

    18. The idea was positively entrancing! With glowing eyes and cheeks flushed at the thought, Miss Danvers awaited the bishop’s reply

    19. These waft us back along a vista of years, peopled with scenes the most entrancing, and fancies the most pleasing

    20. The study of the arts of the past is more entrancing every day because we are so much better informed, because we are daily better informed about them

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    entering entrance entry incoming ingress entranceway entree entryway spellbind becharm beguile bewitch captivate capture catch charm enamor enamour enchant fascinate trance door opening doorway gate inlet passage portal admission delight enrapture transport