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    1. Bunty was one of those women who fascinate men

    2. Trains and stations always fascinate me

    3. Sheila continued to fascinate them, more so than ever with her new pose as man-killer and hardy warrior

    4. I love art and artists always fascinate me," Eva said as she turned back to the artwork

    5. He had been reading books about Irish Archaeology, a subject that began to fascinate him

    6. Art does fascinate him, but not to buy it

    7. several of your books and I have to say they fascinate

    8. ‘’Could you tell me more about you, John? You truly fascinate me

    9. Such a trip through Arctic waters would normally fascinate him but his mind was on much uglier things than killer whales and polar bears

    10. God says: “If only they had remained [straightened] on the right way, We should certainly have supplied them with water in abundance, that We might fascinate them by it

    11. I believe that the elegance and the beauty of my alternative proposal can fascinate many readers that are trying to give meaning to their lives

    12. Deserts fascinate me

    13. It has obliged her to hide all her beauties and all that could fascinate the male heart and tarnish it with forbidden lusts, so that she must be serious in her choice of words and strict and earnest in her speech, without speaking softly, or using gentle phrases, or turning aside from speaking about anything other than essential subjects

    14. He used the Montmartre and the Futurist to fascinate her, but still she was not his

    15. Women like her fascinate me for the way they weave in and out of marriages and the lives of men spawning, in the process, as is a woman"s destiny, a good number of children

    16. “Well, there wasn"t much to fascinate me in the cephalic regions

    17. Two scenes of real life fascinate me much because they remind me about the greater scheme plan of the life

    18. More than twelve hundred years have now passed since the days of Boniface, and 'the horns,’ or civil Powers, have at length begun, according to the prediction, to 'hate the Whore’; but those baleful eyes of the Man of Sin still fascinate the nations with their soulconsuming beams

    19. “I hope the thickness of the mountains will not fascinate the illegal loggers,” she added, sardonically

    20. Playful wit and abstract arguments fascinate you and that's for all the world like the old Austrian _Hof-kriegsrath_, as far as I can judge of military matters, that is: on paper they'd beaten Napoleon and taken him prisoner, and there in their study they worked it all out in the cleverest fashion, but look you, General Mack surrendered with all his army, he-he-he! I see, I see, Rodion Romanovitch, you are laughing at a civilian like me, taking examples out of military history!

    21. --and other verses and burdens of the same sort, such as enchant when sung and fascinate when written

    22. "You're examining my shells, professor? They're indeed able to fascinate a naturalist; but for me they have an added charm, since I've collected every one of them with my own two hands, and not a sea on the globe has escaped my investigations

    23. This incident seemed to fascinate Ned Land intensely

    24. Ralph had always envied men who could fascinate women

    25. Suellen, embroidering on what she gigglingly called her “hope chest,” was silent tears of enjoyment oozing from her eyes, was pleasurably picturing herself in a wondering if she could possibly detach Stuart Tarleton from her sister’s side at the barbecue tomorrow and fascinate him with the sweet womanly qualities which she possessed and Scarlett did not

    26. Playful wit and abstract arguments fascinate you and that's for all the world like the old Austrian Hof­kriegsrath, as far as I can judge of military matters, that is: on paper they'd beaten Napoleon and taken him prisoner, and there in their study they worked it all out in the cleverest fashion, but look you, General Mack surrendered with all his army, he‐he‐he! I see, I see, Rodion Romanovitch, you are laughing at a civilian like me, taking examples out of military history! But I can't help it, it's my weakness

    27. As to Will, though until his last defiant letter he had nothing definite which he would choose formally to allege against him, he felt himself warranted in believing that he was capable of any design which could fascinate a rebellious temper and an undisciplined impulsiveness

    28. Natasha did not follow the golden rule advocated by clever folk, especially by the French, which says that a girl should not let herself go when she marries, should not neglect her accomplishments, should be even more careful of her appearance than when she was unmarried, and should fascinate her husband as much as she did before he became her

    29. Like a cat that wants time to consider its next move, old-young Hopwood turned his tanned backside toward me, a signal that was supposed to fascinate

    30. Two lovers hide themselves in the evening, in the twilight, in the invisible, with the birds, with the roses; they fascinate each other in the darkness with their hearts which they throw into their eyes, they murmur, they whisper, and in the meantime, immense librations of the planets fill the infinite universe

    31. However, at the very beginning of this project, I sat down with my researchers and investigators and posed the very important question: What is there about Marilyn Monroe that has not been reported in about a hundred other books about her? It took us some time to answer that question, and we had a few false starts over the years—as my publisher well knows! However, it was the relationship between Marilyn and her mother, Gladys Baker, that began to most fascinate me as we continued our research, and I soon realized that it was one of the stories I most wanted to tell on these pages—because it had never before been told

    32. She smiled to fascinate me, she fawned upon me ; I was sorry, but I began to feel repulsion

    33. Oh ! ai i in historical form it is possible to depict a multitude of extremely attractive and consolatory details ! It is possible so to fascinate the reader indeed that he will take the historical picture for the possible and the actual

    34. What have you done to fascinate him?” he added to Ivan

    35. “There's no pleasing you! And I thought I should fascinate you by my literary style

    36. She sent for me, offered me chocolate, tried to fascinate me

    37. Varvara was a girl of some twenty-three summers, of middle height, thin, but possessing a face which, without being actually beautiful, had the rare quality of charm, and might fascinate even to the extent of passionate regard

    38. They were to make clear what was their banner (what was it? I don't mind betting that the poor dear composed nothing after all), they were to get into the Petersburg and Moscow papers, to touch and fascinate the higher powers and then to spread the idea over all the provinces of Russia, rousing people to wonder and imitation

    39. Natásha did not follow the golden rule advocated by clever folk, especially by the French, which says that a girl should not let herself go when she marries, should not neglect her accomplishments, should be even more careful of her appearance than when she was unmarried, and should fascinate her husband as much as she did before he became her husband

    40. A man can always be plain in appearance, yet fascinate by his intelligence, his strong feelings and his agreeable manners

    1. Children are fascinated with computers, and teens use email to communicate with friends next door! If you keep tabs on their lives via email, you will be a modern grandparent

    2. During lunch she met his current partner, a lithe, orchre-skinned Elf woman who was fascinated with his alien culture

    3. Probably the same intensity that fascinated all those teenage girls on our estate

    4. Bolt watches, fascinated

    5. flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite

    6. Glenelle really shouldn't be listening in on this family gossip but she was fascinated

    7. Jubei ---> (Fascinated) I'm surprised that life put us in the

    8. I was utterly fascinated by the simplest of gifts

    9. What I’m fascinated with is that there is any connection at all to God and darkness

    10. As Lucy felt the waters of the wolf rising above her head, entombing her in his flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite piercing of his canines within her flesh, she whispered one last question

    11. Alan was fascinated by the fact that the public space of the courtyard was a place where travelers met to partner up for a trip

    12. few of them and watched fascinated as they

    13. So many would rather run a mile than contemplate this topic, while others are fascinated by it

    14. They were fascinated with that, but didn't say anything

    15. ‘How many people live here?’ I asked, fascinated by the recent exchange and what it says about monastic life

    16. The musicians were magicians and completely mesmerised the fascinated children at their feet

    17. I picked up some soil and smelled it - resin and eucalyptus! My soil-collector friend would be fascinated

    18. It’s very interesting; he’s clearly fascinated by the ins and outs of the business and explains it all very clearly

    19. She listened to him describe the beginnings of this Hold, all that it embodied, and was fascinated

    20. Abi was fascinated and asked exactly what a solicitor does

    21. “We weren’t looking, we were too fascinated with his antics on the surface

    22. Rayne was fascinated by his description of the structure

    23. The captain would probably want it to remain confidential, but if this was an encapsulation in Gordon’s Lamp or Curitiba, they already knew it and wouldn’t be sitting here so fascinated

    24. asked, fascinated by the story

    25. up one, fascinated by the cracked green hull and the shiny brown

    26. “What are these ghosts?” Venna asked, picking at the horror like one fascinated with a deadly predator

    27. Tom was fascinated by the whole experience

    28. Bex is fascinated

    29. Tom was also fascinated to learn that, in the Lyndesfarne

    30. Tom was fascinated by the differences between the two sides

    31. He’d been fascinated by her for decades and had dreamed at times of encountering her socially

    32. Chrissie stood at the top of the steps, fascinated by the movement and stirred by the force of the water

    33. This was something that had fascinated Tom since the very first time

    34. Brunno was fascinated by storms, but instead of watching them from inside

    35. Davie is aware of time, aware of the slow dripping down of fragile existence, aware of the need to make himself scarce, but he is fascinated by this montage, by this still life

    36. She was fascinated by the approaching starship, she might have been drawn to it because of that also

    37. It fascinated them

    38. I’d never have the nerve to do that myself, and am fascinated to hear about their latest foray – if nothing else, it takes my mind off Simon

    39. If he had never seen pictures before that could explain why he was so fascinated by the pictures in the books

    40. “And as long as your not offended by my prying, what prompted that field for your consideration?” Harry became more and more fascinated by his new friend

    41. That is why I mentioned at the beginning that it would be interesting to you as students in a number of ways, maybe you were a Napie? All I can say is I am fascinated to find out if my robot nanny is still in existence, Yes, even after all that time there is a real chance that she will still be around, how? You say

    42. more and more fascinated by the God of Heaven, and always be

    43. He watched fascinated for a few moments, but

    44. His mother, Mary, was an avid story teller and many a time she would spin tales that fascinated her young son

    45. Needless to say the sketching had turned out to be a success and the girls had been fascinated with him

    46. as a dead hamster, the other half was simply fascinated

    47. As a prefect of the royal court Zarko had been to the palace many times and every time the throne hall fascinated him

    48. Unlike her, he wasn’t fascinated with the world’s origins, either

    49. “You are so easily fascinated, it’s appalling

    50. fascinated with the scales, as the spice merchant weighed out grains of pepper

    1. Our culture fascinates me

    2. The tone of his voice, the subtle foreignness of it fascinates Helen

    3. butterflies or restoring Model A Fords are crashing bores, but if they are what fascinates a client, listen to their stories in a friendly way

    4. “Your tenacity fascinates me sister”, Adrinius taunted me, as he came across to my side standing behind his once mortal brother

    5. While alive, it attracts attention and fascinates so com-

    6. It’s not only what he’s saying that fascinates me, but also the way he speaks

    7. “If there"s one word that totally fascinates

    8. It fascinates me

    9. “It fascinates me

    10. It is the power of money that fascinates them

    11. in time fascinates the whole pursuit of pleasures impact with value and supreme repose

    12. Your species fascinates me

    13. Those Wise Women of our past could sit just as I do now, watching the ever-changing forms of water and vapor, and as the mysterious nature of their movement fascinates me, to the oracles, secrets would be revealed within

    14. "Miss Soraya, your sarcasm fascinates me

    15. Really, though, there is a mystery about that place that fascinates me

    16. “Because history fascinates me

    17. It's blood that fascinates him

    18. It is said that sometimes he fascinates them, as the weasel does, by rolling and playing in the open, coming closer little by little until he can make a grab

    19. But when she is hired by a security firm to investigate him, her report on his life reveals an integrity that fascinates her

    20. There is something in it which fascinates me extremely

    21. If they had stalked their grandchildren they might have seen it coming because weird stuff that fascinates kids often turns mainstream later

    22. For a while we play video games on my computer and fool around with a hacking program that fascinates both of us

    1. There was something fascinating about watching

    2. I love listening to them talking about how things were when they were younger … some of them have seen tremendous changes in the way even the simplest things are done and their stories about the village are fascinating

    3. He is fascinating and makes me laugh – it is refreshingly enjoyable

    4. Some of the stories they relate give me a fascinating insight into village life

    5. He was a fascinating old man and who had worked on the grounds for nearly forty years

    6. He was fascinating as always, yet he looked more elfin in his light azure uniform

    7. There was something fascinating about watching these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of sauce might run down their chins

    8. She has in her possession a fascinating diary written by her grandmother who came across during the Troubles

    9. It was fascinating … she’d read about these seaside resorts but never visited one

    10. In Romans 10, there is a fascinating verse that says, “Anyone who will confess with their mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in their heart that God has raised Him from the dead, then you shall be saved

    11. Astride a couple of motor bikes sat a couple of other visitors, rather obvious in matching wraparound sunglasses, identical maroon shorts and gaudy waterproofs; I couldn't help but wonder why they found our van so fascinating

    12. It was fascinating

    13. This vengeful, this fascinating series of events held them in total thrall

    14. that you will become angry, because in a fascinating

    15. In a literal and fascinating way, part of her

    16. This fascinating, yet simple test has

    17. Another fascinating thing to determine is exactly

    18. with an animal is a fascinating experience that is

    19. This woman is fascinating … but what is there about her that doesn’t quite add up? I refer to my pad where I have listed the topics I want to talk to her about

    20. This vengeful, this fascinating series of events held them in

    21. We had some fascinating discussions – the process of birth is a great leveller, Sarah

    22. He said she was a fascinating woman

    23. He took her out to a beautiful gymnastic event that she actually found fascinating and she found herself getting cozy and comfortable with him as he told her of the fine points of the competition

    24. It’s fascinating watching the water drops being chased down the window by the hot air

    25. The fascinating but useless information he spouted—facts

    26. Architecture was as challenging and fascinating as he'd hoped it should be, and the Waterhouse firm encouraged his input and creativity, though in moderation

    27. I found it fascinating to watch Dan as Deeny, playing and being loved by a Robot! What use will it be to watch Dan as a Napie, you ask? I just want to observe the consciousness of Dan

    28. It is fascinating to discuss all this with

    29. most fascinating story, I would have phoned you personally

    30. spectacle of the streets is fascinating, but this

    31. ” He went on to explain the ordeal in fascinating

    32. And a most fascinating creature it appears to be too

    33. Delia had never been much of a supporter of oral sex but now she was thinking about it as being a most fascinating affair

    34. To Kurt, Fallingwater was the most fascinating architecture he had ever experienced and in a setting that was dreamlike

    35. But to listen to their conversation was perplexing yet fascinating

    36. She gave him the history of her family that Kurt found fascinating

    37. He’d been running from Security one moment, and now he was following this fascinating woman

    38. What makes this code fascinating is the fact that it wraps around the entire Tanakh 9 times

    39. The sea connections were the most fascinating, and

    40. He lost himself in her presence, wrapped himself body and soul in her fascinating self

    41. She was fascinating, tantalising

    42. Eric was a fascinating guy

    43. “Really? At West Belsen? That must be fascinating

    44. ‘Yes, fascinating you should point that out

    45. He said after a while, ‘entering TIAR and communicating with its controller would surely have been a fascinating experience, however the Temporal Directive prevents such action

    46. The history of all these arts were fascinating as well as the actual designs and fabrication

    47. Amaranthe was not sure she found the information as fascinating as Avery did, but at least he had an interest in the topic

    48. It made the fight fascinating as the shorter cadet normally had the speed advantage and could stay out of trouble…until the bigger cadet was able to land a punch

    49. who was the most fascinating person, with knowledge of the most

    50. ‘It’s a fascinating event

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