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    1. She knew how well that was going, there were few in their third generation, though they were pure bred, that could speak enough Portuguese to get by

    2. One Sunday before Violet’s seventh birthday, Violet's mother drove her out to a ranch that bred ponies

    3. ‘I’m local to Bath – born and bred

    4. The institution that had bred it’s own race for generations in the darkness of it’s filled-in canyon, of which Enjteen was a member

    5. As you know by now, Napies are bred in artificial life tubes and they don’t have any sex organs so they can’t breed normally; what a shame! I hear you say, the poor Napies can’t breed and have only robots for mothers, yes, but I remember my life as Napie was very good

    6. old population of Voorderbach had been bred over the

    7. Their operation in the one way may endure for many centuries, but in the other it can last no longer than the lives of some of the workmen who were bred to the business in the time of its prosperity

    8. Many who had been bred in the superior classes, not being able to find employment in their own business, would be glad to seek it in the lowest

    9. They bred their children to be their betters, as did their children and their children up until this very day

    10. The cattle bred upon the most uncultivated moors, when brought to the same market, are, in proportion to their weight or goodness, sold at the same price as those which are reared upon the most improved land

    1. A large black dog of undetermined breed lies dreaming in front of the bar, it’s front leg twitching as it sleeps

    2. Each generation could breed only

    3. ' "They were the last of their breed, those last few daedeli

    4. ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even

    5. Each generation could breed only once, and in so doing, in the raising of the child, the parent was doomed

    6. that if we yearn for it, but do not act to gain it, we breed our

    7. And then, when your ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even then we stood the prejudices and the spite

    8. that breed gravid silence

    9. She knew the breed of coriax that provided his bed furs

    10. “then they can breed and have children, who will have children of their own, generation after generation, so I can kill all of them too

    1. If we exterminate the present biosphere with a mass extinction impact and re-seed this planet, the very best we can hope for is mortal humans breeding here in a thousand years

    2. Gonzar told her tale of an army of intelligent dactyls breeding in the depths of the Ttharmine that were coming out bent on world domination any day

    3. Self-control was an art that Miss Jones and her family had perfected through many long years of carefully managed breeding and etiquette

    4. Apparently they have a hatching ground in the area and they are breeding again

    5. She was clearly of the same breeding stock as her sister, although she was, being in her early forties, some seven years older, and those years had not been kind to her

    6. As with all creatures, large and small, generations of breeding will produce changes, and evolution of the species is inevitable

    7. This one had settings for golf, sailing, sport fishing, scuba, flying and horse breeding, with wealth level settings and other custom settings in each hobby

    8. "More often than not they are insane; pure breeding has a tendency to produce such monsters

    9. All this wil serve is to create a breeding ground for

    10. I have seen a Man kill his own brother without hesitation, solely for breeding rights with a human female

    1. Innocence breeds Tolerance, or perhaps it‘s Ignorance I‘m confusing it with

    2. But in the words of a recent history lesson, ‘familiarity breeds contempt

    3. And by the way, different breeds often have different

    4. Familiarity breeds contempt, but the Prince was taking a real shine to Dawley

    5. An extreme perception usually breeds an opposite extreme

    6. This ability, while in theory might be seen to enhance their viability and survivability, for obvious reasons breeds authoritarian opposition

    7. Remember that violence breeds disease and destroys the human emotional system

    8. This technique is most suitable for bigger, strong willed breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s

    9. There is a phrase that ‘behavior breeds

    10. with their breeds and variations

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    breed stock strain multiply cover engender spawn character denomination description kind nature order rank brood extraction family lineage pedigree progeny race hatch bear beget bring forth conceive father get sire create generate occasion originate bring up discipline educate instruct nurture raise rear arise develop flourish rise