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    1. But she had to admit, she could almost feel the wind in her hair and the thrill of old Earth as it must have been before the motor laws

    2. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this

    3. Christopher felt a guilty thrill about going to church on Sundays

    4. say what a thrill luh, luh, luh,

    5. There would be a little moment of thrill when she stretched her legs out on the

    6. flood in his shabby little nest, and yet he felt a certain thrill at the sight of this weedy

    7. There would be a little moment of thrill when she stretched her legs out on the threads of her invisible web, a subtly delicious hour of play as she watched him eat, and then there would be the ultimate liaison dangereux

    8. A drowned rat, he thought, a drowned rodent waiting out the flood in his shabby little nest, and yet he felt a certain thrill at the sight of this weedy little specimen, as though they were joined by an invisible umbilical cord

    9. Flushed and rushed along with the thrill of it all

    10. looking for the thrill of familiarity

    1. Arguing with him thrilled her almost as much as bedding him

    2. Jack was thrilled with it – delighted that his boy was doing so well

    3. She thrilled at the touch of this creature

    4. Having finished work this afternoon, I was walking along Academy Avenue to the bus terminus, when I suddenly saw Persephone and her mother just a few metres away, waving at me happily! They looked thrilled to see me, they ran towards me at once and I could do nothing to avoid them

    5. He ignores any acknowledgment and continues his talk with Sabrina, "I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight?" Sabrina walks around the table, "Of course you can, you know you're always welcome, we will be thrilled to have you

    6. These signs, this talismanic evidence of other lives, thrilled me

    7. ‘He was thrilled when I told him that I knew you, Berndt, and hopes that he’ll be able to see more of you when he starts his smith training

    8. After an excellent snack I wandered through WH Smith and thrilled to the dizzy heights of buying my first phrase book but from then on it was a downward spiral of fear and boredom

    9. Alex was aghast and thrilled, all at the same time

    10. She and Michael had informed Sam and Lucy first that they were going to be grandparents; news that thrilled Lucy so much so that she bawled like a baby

    1. that Ernest Hemingway once said “…it was the most thrilling

    2. YingolNeerie! Let's pretend that you made up your own involvement, just what you've told me about it and what its powers are is thrilling

    3. This man had been thrilling when they shared a career

    4. ‘That must have been thrilling for you

    5. "I think now is a thrilling time," he whispered to her lips just before he covered them with his

    6. The experience can be very thrilling but it’s important that you be on the defensive when you meet for the very first time

    7. Then the sun came back and shone for the rest of our ride and what a thrilling, spiralling joy it was to be screaming down the mountain towards Dorini

    8. It was of some interest to hear how thrilling two of them were sexually, but it didn’t help find out how Tdeshi was lost

    9. Her hair brushed his face and was thrilling

    10. I saw one of who I thought were my friends and told him about the thrilling match and he really didn't seem too interested

    1. because of the thrills and spills of people watching

    2. "Good," she said and rubbed his chest, which encouraged him to do likewise to her, one of life's greatest thrills even though she was much softer and smaller than Shinvei

    3. I also knew that most jobs are routine; mainly drudgery, punctuated by short moments of thrills and accomplishment

    4. thrills across the Northland,

    5. Bet that thrills you

    6. Anything except laughter and thrills doesn’t look good

    7. motorcycle riding is through the Baja desert (although it is one of the best thrills I’ve

    8. It was the absolute highlight of my ‘serious’ acting career, and the memory still thrills a little

    9. It charged Me through and through with thrills as We proceeded to the stream

    10. Perhaps the crying infant awakened some protective instinct lying dormant within her, and she thrills at this realization

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    thrill chill frisson quiver shiver shudder tingle bang boot charge flush kick rush tickle vibrate beatify exalt exhilarate inebriate tickle pink throb excite delight electrify titillate enthuse animate enrapture rouse excitement stimulation wallop titillation flutter pant glow