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    1. The love and devotion he has always felt toward his wife now carries to this tiny, fragile child he holds in his hands

    2. · Remove knickknacks and fragile items that can be knocked over inadvertently

    3. He began to wonder about these fragile girls in the window

    4. "This is fragile cargo as well as secure

    5. Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen

    6. The brief euphoria that came with a new voice and a soft hand was as fragile as my cracked ribs

    7. As fragile as the plasterwork might be, it would always be bolstered by the terminal brutality of small arms fire

    8. Aban’s story reminded us just how fragile a thing a life is

    9. His existence, such as it was in the bosom of La Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen Marat’s regular outbursts

    10. Danton imagined the breaking of this man’s fragile skeleton with every bounce

    11. "Fragile?" Alan asked, not understanding what she was getting at

    12. these fragile colours, as timid and as bold as you were

    13. But the community chain was fragile, of that there was no doubt, and without successors it would break

    14. “Please bear in mind that his health is still fragile

    15. She is a woman and, fragile as she may seem, she has power over men, and she believes she can make that count

    16. She looks desperately fragile but she is a dead weight

    17. Leona's fragile body is wrapped in a blue blanket

    18. Where would she get such a notion that a fragile ego had anything to do with being male? In fact, wasn’t it the female who was usually more involved in raising and nurturing children? “What planet are you from?” He asked, “You must have spent far too much time with the Yingolians to say a thing like that

    19. “The drawers are for whatever you need to pack away that may be fragile,” said Titania, pulling one open to reveal a padded lining

    20. From what Andy had told him, their marriage had been in trouble, which was why Kev got involved in the project in the first place … he wondered how fragile the relationship was

    21. She was a small and fragile looking woman, very thin with no shape at all

    22. bulbs were the long fluorescent ones, fragile and awkward, but Roman still

    23. Davie is aware of time, aware of the slow dripping down of fragile existence, aware of the need to make himself scarce, but he is fascinated by this montage, by this still life

    24. Dead trees hung over the Hollow at an angle, the long ragged fragile

    25. Sally, it’s pointless spending money on anything fragile for the garden, you know that

    26. You took a fragile girl and made a 'Tigress,' and he is most glad to substitute the talisman for the realization of the ideal in his own daughter

    27. His fragile little ego couldn't abide his ineffectiveness at this, and so raised both his arms to push harder; which he did

    28. Their ancestors watched the developments of Harry's endeavors carefully, but would not comment or apprize George and Belle until, “the bold experiment had reached the end of its first fragile stage

    29. She has no idea how fragile she really is

    30. He wasn’t a boy anymore with fragile feelings—

    31. Carefully she unfolded the fragile brown paper and read

    32. Otto with his fragile stomach was not feeling well

    33. The goddess, once so powerful, was now so helpless and frail -- her opaque skin seemingly fragile as an egg shell

    34. With no outlet, it was inevitable her fragile walls would burst

    35. Evans was already fragile emotionally

    36. It would also provide an explanation for the fact that polystratic fossils are found in more than one layer of strata or type of sediment and that fossilisation preserved even soft tissue and fragile detail in the many samples that have been discovered

    37. She seemed more fragile

    38. You will not fool with her fragile mind with your words of love and devotion

    39. His worst fear was that something might happen to her; she was so brave and so strong, but she was just a fragile little girl at heart, though a young woman in fact

    40. He said she was still in a fragile state, and he didn’t want to leave her if there was something more he could do

    41. I was petrified of what was laying in the box, after the first time that I saw Grandpa pull out a snake and toss it outside (look — I wasn’t a dumb kid… if some lunatic chicken and secret snake called that nesting box home, then I just couldn’t find a logical or rational reason for me to put my fragile little fingers inside of it

    42. The way back to the garage was something similar; Grandpa protecting me from this demon rooster, as Devil shrieked his un-pleasantries, trying to pierce our fragile eardrums (I assume that this is why Grandpa has to wear hearing aids now)

    43. But it was not a simple matter of bringing down an isolated regime: they held the survival of many millions, tied up with their fragile economy

    44. Nevertheless, that peace was fragile and contingent on diminishing resources amongst a burgeoning population

    45. Time and again the tireless arachnids returned to the surface, where they recharged the fine hairs on their abdomens before plunging down again with their fragile loads

    46. Existing political tensions transcending the boundaries of American Society have steadily undermined America‘s fragile alliance with Europe in recent years

    47. Each of us is fragile or flawed in our own unique or peculiar way

    48. My impression of her, during the few times I had actually seen her, was that she was very fragile – and most probably - a total ditz

    49. What he realised was that he needed her help if he was to stop the Chinese President being killed and the fragile peace that existed between the west and the warlords of the middle east to stand any chance of surviving

    50. Tripping and stumbling, he risked his neck on the broken staircase of fragile charcoal high above the water

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    fragile delicate frail flimsy slight tenuous thin dainty breakable fine exquisite