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Flimsy в предложении (на )

  1. I shook it, and it seemed rather flimsy.
  2. The flimsy room we moved into was a beaut.
  3. This was a bit too flimsy perhaps? So the.
  4. They're as flimsy as kites in a long storm.
  5. Y’see these modern phones are too flimsy.

  6. It was as flimsy as it was obnoxiously true.
  7. Apart from her flimsy tank top she was naked.
  8. The flimsy blue gown did nothing to insulate him.
  9. It looked flimsy but was made with indestructible.
  10. Unfortunately, what she got then was flimsy indeed.
  11. At its centre stood a flimsy metal table and 3 chairs.
  12. But thats pretty flimsy for a case of guilty knowledge.
  13. Elizabeth was far from satisfied with the flimsy structure.
  14. Ski boots started out extremely low and flimsy back in the.
  15. Behind him, a flimsy wooden staircase led to the upper floor.

  16. One flimsy, yellowed, fraudulent report, and everything died.
  17. But they lacked stamina and withered into a flimsy flirtation.
  18. They in fact seemed to be swarming around his flimsy watercraft.
  19. It was a two wheeled vehicle that looked flimsy and made of tubes.
  20. A waitress in a flimsy black chiffon dress stopped in front of him.
  21. On each side was a wooden railing that served as a flimsy parapet.
  22. The only solution used to be those flimsy plastic shelved carousels.
  23. It was really useless to try to smash it with a flimsy destroyer’.
  24. He watched as the sharks below finally ripped apart his flimsy raft.
  25. She tried their formula---she quarreled with him on a flimsy matter.

  26. The wrap, even doubled over, was so flimsy it was almost see-through.
  27. The staff wasn't flimsy as the wand, and holding it felt more natural.
  28. Reaching out eagerly, she snatched from him a small flimsy cloth wrap.
  29. The walls were flimsy, the floorboards gapped, the ceiling was tarpaper.
  30. A single well-placed missile could destroy one of the flimsy pirate ships.
  31. Without much more delay, she flipped the flimsy clasp and opened the chest.
  32. With her flimsy hand, she started raising her revolver again to aim at him.
  33. Instead a flimsy little weasel of a man had moved annoyingly into the room.
  34. Wilson’s excuse for going to war was so flimsy, there are no words for it.
  35. She pulled the flaps of the tent across, giving her somewhat flimsy privacy.
  36. Perhaps I could wear my flimsy camp sandals for short stretches on the trail.
  37. The stars twinkled out one by one to be replaced by a flimsy, whimsy of strip.
  38. She would unjustly harass students and would pick up quarrels on flimsy excuses.
  39. The Authority of the Roma Catholic Church is nothing but a bunch of flimsy paper.
  40. The exposed, flimsy and strung out American defence lines were totally unprepared.
  41. Megan open this door! He screamed, pounding on the flimsy wood with his fist.
  42. The priest didn’t seem to care; if anything else his flimsy cover had been blown.
  43. That flimsy net won’t slow down anything big enough to bite a full grown human.
  44. After that, they'd have to break the first floor entrance door and then the flimsy.
  45. Before anyone could help him, Thomas Jordan had collided with the flimsy spring-door.
  46. There was even a cowboy set, with plastic gun, sheriff’s badge and flimsy handcuffs.
  47. A flimsy, wooden maintenance platform hung precariously at the top of the rollercoaster.
  48. And what we had plotted beforehand was rendered very flimsy when Herist came with them.
  49. The next instant she turned and ran into the toilet, locking the flimsy door behind her.
  50. It was a small metal rectangular box fixed to the wall but the lock was small and flimsy.
  51. White smashed through the flimsy wood, oblivious to the splinters which tore into its hard.
  52. She was consciously aware that she only had on a flimsy camisole top and short-like panties.
  53. His tattered pants were held up by a flimsy rope fastened around his computer-chair stomach.
  54. She could see its shape through the spider web of flimsy scaffolding that still surrounded it.
  55. In a flimsy and unstable boat The only thing that can sink us Are the waves we make ourselves.
  56. The light level had fallen appreciably before they sealed themselves into their flimsy shelter.
  57. He just hobbled about, acting all smug, occasionally casting a flimsy fireball to provoke Eric.
  58. The street was lined with pawn shops and flimsy houses, barely a decade old and already sagging.
  59. Their families seemed eerily related by the flimsy, blue paper gowns and the masks they all wore.
  60. But there is a flimsy hope to a solid peace why? War is a battle of souls shrouded with mysteries.
  61. Reaching with his fingertips, he picked it up by a corner and found that it was flimsy but resilient.
  62. She faded in and out two or three times until she finally maintained a presence, albeit a flimsy one.
  63. I climbed a mountainous range of assorted, useless and flimsy plastic things labelled 'made in china'.
  64. Sela was sitting on the sofa, wearing a flimsy pink robe, and drinking a glass of champagne with Jack.
  65. There was a heavy scarred oak table bolted to the floor and two flimsy chairs on both sides of the table.
  66. She's wielding that flimsy wand well, but she's isolating herself by pushing too deep into enemy territory.
  67. Girl, please step out from behind that flimsy screen panel, it is rather ineffectual against Devata eyes.
  68. She put her flimsy arms to the powerful fists of the dominant brother and uselessly tried to force them back.
  69. What if it’s a rhino? All that separates us from those dangerous predators is a flimsy wall of brown fabric.
  70. If he’d brought back an angry mob with him, the flimsy door he was leaning against wouldn’t hold them off.
  71. On the pretext of trying on the new clothes, Anna pranced round the bedroom provocatively in a flimsy negligee.
  72. She could even create a flimsy magical barrier that would sometimes protect against a sword strike or an arrow.
  73. Two little flaps of flimsy pale blue nylon, one at the front and one at the back, were joined between the legs.
  74. THE NEXT MORNING, the case against Frank Coombs, which only a day ago had seemed flimsy, was bursting at the seams.
  75. The audience were perched on flimsy tiers of wooden planks on three sides, and the stage protruded from the fourth.
  76. This new one felt flimsy and unsatisfying, but he wrote it all down anyway, all the insanity and anguish of Oxford.
  77. Any vehicle could pass through here and drive into Alessandro’s farm through the flimsy fence and attack at speed.
  78. It hung halfway down my calves, the fabric soft and thick, nothing like the flimsy, stiff hospital gowns I was used to.
  79. Now the flimsy timber outbuildings had gone, and the stone-built complex attached to the church had grown correspondingly.
  80. The studio sound was pretty flimsy, but we looked weird and tense enough to convey the idea of Watching the Detectives.
  81. Cristal walked over and closed the shutters, which were made out of flimsy aluminum, the white paint peeling on the edges.
  82. Germans were badly needing a mental lift from the spirit but the brain seems to be very flimsy assuming his super thinking.
  83. To-day he would appear in one gay dress, to-morrow in another; but all flimsy and gaudy, of little substance and less worth.
  84. Yes, but it’s all such flimsy evidence, Lord Ashburn protested with a hint of disgust at the circumstantial evidence.
  85. When you have a project with a lot of paperwork, stay organized by using a three-ring binder instead of flimsy file folders.
  86. Having sent such a picture, the boundary between me and real adultery seemed unsubstantial, flimsy, nothing to be counted on.
  87. The pregnant women labored and delivered in a rather cramped room with two delivery tables separated only by a flimsy curtain.
  88. He closed his eyes and grabbed for the cloth that surrounded him, extracting some trendy shorts and a flimsy top of some kind.
  89. It wouldn’t come back on even after continuous shaking of the batteries that lay within its thin, flimsy, red plastic shell.
  90. She however decided finally to wait and see: her evidence was way too flimsy to bother her superior with such a trivial matter.
  91. He turned around and looked at Kate with wide eyes and gave her hand a quick tight squeeze; he made a flimsy excuse and left them.
  92. She sat on the exam table in the flimsy gown, swinging her legs back and forth and reading the poster on the wall for the third time.
  93. On another night, as Louie and Phil wrestled over a beer, they crashed into the flimsy partition separating their room from the next.
  94. To counteract this tendency, England, under various but flimsy pretences, has endeavored to support her commercial superiority by monopoly.
  95. The officer was still twitching when a shape in gray uniform crashed through the flimsy wall, a sword in one hand and a knife in the other.
  96. A fool who trots around with a tiara worth hundreds of thousands dollars protected by nothing but a flimsy brief case, deserves to lose it.
  97. Her memories of him in the hotel room and on the balcony—the casual violence with which he’d treated Celeste—felt flimsy and unlikely.
  98. Nothing could prepare her for the thunk, thunk, thunk of the war club, its intonation emanating from the flimsy structure like beastly vomit.
  99. Ahurricane is a wind of high speed—above force 12 on the Beaufort Scale—which brings torrential rain and can destroy any flimsy structures.
  100. He set off down a more westerly part of the slope, as fast as he could, in the hope of getting to the flimsy rubber dinghy before the lava flood.

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