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Fragile в предложении (на )

  1. He's such a fragile soul.
  2. We were a fragile knot of.
  3. He got up white and fragile.
  4. It is actually quite fragile.
  5. Bob was even more fragile.

  6. She was young and fragile in.
  7. He looked pale, shaken, fragile.
  8. Life is a fragile thing, Percy.
  9. The shoulder felt thin and fragile.
  10. He is old, so very old and fragile.
  11. I feel something smooth and fragile.
  12. Alta Sha said he’s still fragile.
  13. Evans was already fragile emotionally.
  14. Relationships are precious and fragile.
  15. Human beings just aren't that fragile.

  16. It was marked Fragile and This Side Up.
  17. Her name was Alyssa, blond and fragile.
  18. Life here on Earth is short and fragile.
  19. Of the fledgling child’s fragile mind.
  20. The photograph was cracked and fragile.
  21. This is fragile cargo as well as secure.
  22. He sees how ugly and fragile all of it is.
  23. The print was yellowed, the paper fragile.
  24. She has no idea how fragile she really is.
  25. But she’s fragile, Graham continued.

  26. The mountain now seemed diminished, fragile.
  27. She is tough, but in some ways very fragile.
  28. You know how fragile Sam was toward the end.
  29. She’s a steel magnolia, strong yet fragile.
  30. His mother had been one of life’s fragile.
  31. She was emotionally quite fragile but for me.
  32. Kids are so fragile and they crash so quickly.
  33. She was a little old lady, fragile and docile.
  34. She was still his beautiful and fragile mortal.
  35. Ortega nodded and regained her fragile composure.
  36. Not so easily, the leaf monsters were fragile.
  37. He had found a fragile path to personal serenity.
  38. She was becoming ever more fragile by the minute.
  39. Leona's fragile body is wrapped in a blue blanket.
  40. I hazard to say that the price is at best fragile.
  41. Otto with his fragile stomach was not feeling well.
  42. The alliance between the three men was still fragile.
  43. He wasn’t a boy anymore with fragile feelings—.
  44. But the most fragile of houses is the spider's house.
  45. Seeing her cry and shaken up in your arms so fragile.
  46. Then she took care not to hurt the fragile loveliness.
  47. His mental state was as fragile as the headmaster’s.
  48. Though she seemed fragile in a way I would never know.
  49. Remember that your hair is fragile, and that.
  50. The Rotham-Imperial Peace Accord is fragile as it is.
  51. Please bear in mind that his health is still fragile.
  52. Casey winced at how thin and fragile her mother sounded.
  53. I stood over her and marveled at how fragile she looked.
  54. He remembered how fragile Jill was emotionally and how.
  55. Carefully she unfolded the fragile brown paper and read.
  56. She looks desperately fragile but she is a dead weight.
  57. He lifted up the burly arm like it was a fragile flower.
  58. He finds it amazing the way that life starts so fragile.
  59. They glinted differently, and they didn’t feel fragile.
  60. The another maiden in emerald dress was looking fragile.
  61. Indeed, there were signs that his health was too fragile.
  62. She seemed very fragile and tragic, and he did not quite.
  63. The fragile alabaster soon became a white, brilliant dust.
  64. Now he looked so fragile and he lost all his past heroism.
  65. The cry of a mountain-rook echoes through the fragile air.
  66. Look how fragile he is now because he is always thinking.
  67. Willie Eaton had a long fragile jaw and dust-colored hair.
  68. He began to wonder about these fragile girls in the window.
  69. Humans are so fragile and their existence next to pointless.
  70. Fragile structures that can never be replaced, only mourned.
  71. He reminds me of the mast of a ship, only much more fragile.
  72. Fortunately, I'm not as weak and fragile as they think I am.
  73. He had never seen nor imagined such rare and fragile beauty.
  74. He clawed at his face in a panic, breaking away the fragile.
  75. Although fragile but it was a refreshing and wonderful beauty.
  76. Another hot tear spills down the cheek of this fragile dream.
  77. He sat in a wheel chair and looked terribly thin and fragile.
  78. Emily was fragile, unlike members of his coven, and he tried.
  79. It was too intense, fragile and burned way too bright to hide.
  80. Brians still fragile spine was supported by a surgical corset.
  81. Aban’s story reminded us just how fragile a thing a life is.
  82. If you are shipping really fragile items, two boxes are safest.
  83. She was beautiful, pale as the moon, and so incredibly fragile.
  84. She was strong and flexible, determined and fragile all at once.
  85. With no outlet, it was inevitable her fragile walls would burst.
  86. Feeling very fragile, I was careful not to speak lest I get sick.
  87. Nature exists only upon one, small, fragile planetary eco-sphere.
  88. Standing in front of her now, the woman seemed fragile and small.
  89. It was as if he had laid a precious and fragile thing in my hand.
  90. Captain Lawrence Blitner, he says in an airy, fragile voice.
  91. His condition was fragile and I was hardly able to recognize him.
  92. Sometimes the women feared that the fragile hut walls would fall.
  93. They have such fragile psyches, they need that control ….
  94. Each of us is fragile or flawed in our own unique or peculiar way.
  95. The space-time continuum is fragile, but not completely inflexible.
  96. Moreover, we had to take care of the nation’s fragile economy too.
  97. Her petals seemed the more fragile for being surrounded by brambles.
  98. She also looked fragile and it was instinctive of me to protect her.
  99. This high up, the Kingdom of the Air is a fragile place, he answered.
  100. Still, exacting revenge on a fragile old woman was beneath his honor.

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