good sätze

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Good sätze (in englisch)

  1. He was a good man.
  2. But it was no good.
  3. It was a good size.
  4. I bid you good day.
  5. It took us a good.

  6. We had a good laugh.
  7. Bru was a good cook.
  8. We had a good life.
  9. It's a good job I.
  10. That was a good one.
  11. You are a good crew.
  12. I felt good about it.
  13. Here is the good news.
  14. I’d be as good as.
  15. It was a good evening.

  16. They look good on ya.
  17. It was a good feeling.
  18. Have a good day dear.
  19. No news is good news.
  20. He did a lot of good.
  21. He did not look good.
  22. But it was a good one.
  23. He’s got a good job.
  24. That was good to know.
  25. A good thing you can.

  26. That was a good story.
  27. It seemed a good time.
  28. And a good thing too.
  29. It's not good for you.
  30. Ants are good at this.
  31. A good number of them.
  32. Too good to be true!.
  33. This was not good news.
  34. Frank is a good Doctor.
  35. Other than to be good.
  36. He was saying good bye.
  37. The good news is that.
  38. That is my good advice.
  39. It didn't look so good.
  40. Is he a good boss?’.
  41. I could use a good cook.
  42. There was a good excuse.
  43. I was pretty good, too.
  44. Now it was really good.
  45. And what I saw was good.
  46. That got a good chuckle.
  47. God, I’m a good actor.
  48. A damned good one, too.
  49. You are a good student.
  50. See if it does any good.
  51. Play a damn good chess.
  52. It is a specially good.
  53. Good to hear your voice.
  54. I felt pretty good today.
  55. This is not good timing.
  56. You are in a good place.
  57. It was not a good smile.
  58. Hold on to what is good.
  59. Gave him a good hour of.
  60. It would have been good.
  61. He was a really good lay.
  62. That was not a good sign.
  63. The tips there were good.
  64. I may have been too good.
  65. It is good to help folk.
  66. Sounds like a good idea.
  67. He’s a good man, After.
  68. Good day to you, ma’am.
  69. A good example of this is.
  70. No, not a good idea Savvy.
  71. I’m fucking good at it.
  72. A good soap to use is Dr.
  73. That is very good news.
  74. But it was good bullshit.
  75. The house is in good nick.
  76. Not good enough, I fear.
  77. It is too good to be true.
  78. He's very good at killing.
  79. The most good of them is.
  80. A good idea, isn’t it?
  81. The good ones should not.
  82. But Les was up to no good.
  83. I wish you a good evening.
  84. Yes, he have bery good eye.
  85. Mary has chosen that good.
  86. It was a really good start.
  87. This is all well and good.
  88. I put a good word in for.
  89. I tried to remove my good.
  90. Good luck with the project.
  91. That was another good point.
  92. It’s a pretty good game.
  93. That was good enough for me.
  94. She wasn't a good consumer.
  95. Fuck your lady good now.
  96. That’s always a good sign.
  97. And you had better be good.
  98. That was a pretty good one.
  99. They did make good progress.
  100. That is good to hear, Ms.

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