down sätze

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Down sätze (in englisch)

I made my way down.
I could not calm down.
He heads down the hall.
Jean sat down on his.
Down on the rich again.
I sat down on the couch.
I sat down on the sand.

He owns them down here.
Mama bowed and sat down.
He went down into death.
I crept down the stairs.
Roman sped up down the.
He sent down His Spirit.
I told you to sit down.
They all looked down in.
Roman was down in the pit.
He would trace them down.
I walked down the steps.
He touched me, down there.
Write down your goal again.
She ties down her breasts.
She ran a magnet down my.
A hand closes down on hers.
They have bowed down and.
They stare each other down.
Put it down to experience.
He struts down the sidewalk.
One rolled down his window.
You were down there awhile.
He headed down to the Hall.
I had to come down anyway.
Roman lowered his book down.
We walked up and down hills.
They all went down there.
Maurs looked down the hill.
It simply would not go down.
She met Michael coming down.
The ensuing drive down the.
Write down what you're told.
They have settled down and.
Downing sank into his chair.
Downing is with a patient and Dr.
Downing his fourth pint he goes:.
A spokesperson for 10 Downing 289.
His wound had nothing to do with Mrs Downing.
Only by a steady hand & the downing of liquor.
It was the Cabinet Secretary from Downing Street.
And I haven’t told Downing Street, yet, either.
Henry did it again, downing the whole thing in one giant.
Downing waved his arms at the bookcase 'See these? These.
Outside the Manangatang General Store Billy was downing his.
Another shot rang out from close by, downing one of the Japanese.
We also think he may have had something to do with the downing of.
Henry did it again, downing the whole thing in one giant swallow.
Clenching his teeth, Xia fired a second time, downing one more guard.
The feds needed a confession for the downing of the Morales Airlines.
Downing Street is one of the coldest streets in London, even in June.
Bill Clayton saw the Prime Minister alone in his Downing Street office.
Politicians joined the chorus of condemnation, with Downing Street saying.
Downing was sat down opposite me, one foot in a slipper and the other bare.
But I bet you wish you could, Mira answers, downing the last of her sushi.
What is it, for heavens sake, he asked after downing the wine in one go.
There is still a controversy over the downing of TWA, Flight 800, in June, 1996.
Unfortunately, the television replayed only the downing of the elder Mohawk, not.
This is so good, she said, downing the second half without even bothering to.
After downing half of the glass’s contents he was able to slow down his breathing.
For downing the wild nosehorn the Emperador would claim the best meat for his kitchen.
Flint raised his and repeated the same words, immediately downing the rest of the beer.
For Christ and the King! The seven replied, downing their cups of wine afterwards.
Make sure you’re in the established area before downing the shields, said Stoneman.
He handed the flask to Cecil, who also held it up in a quick toast before downing his share.
Isaac popped the top on a bottle and took a long drink downing the whole thing in one setting.
The first man now agrees – he had just assumed that Downing Street meant the Prime Minister.
She rang in the 1960s downing an entire pizza in front of a fire she’d built with her own hands.
And there was a message from Downing Street on the new hot line, to say that McFosters has gone.
But then I suppose he wasn’t here for that was he? She’s quite famous; her name’s Clarissa Downing.
The first man---let’s call him Julius, was downing on beer because of the recent loss of his beloved wife.
The men--boys, really--went wild at the prospect of downing a tall, cool glass of fresh milk made in the USA.
And Downing Street thinks it’s a disgrace that they can’t get hold of Ministers when they’re wanted.
The prime minister does not reveal her emotions until she returns to 10 Downing Street, whereupon she breaks down.
She downed it in one shot.
But I downed four Advil.
He downed it all in one gulp.
Dinner downed with ginger ale.
He downed the rest of his flask.
Omi downed the shutters of the shop.
Harry downed one more rum and coke.
He downed his glass and emerged into.
Garcia ran to the group of downed Voth.
As he downed the last drop, she was there.
Alex took the bottle and downed half of it.
That, plus I downed a cup of instant coffee.
I downed the contents and immediately choked.
Downed it, as if it were no more than a pint.
He filled a mug with cool water and downed it.
Garcia downed his glass and poured another one.
He passed one to Holly and she downed it again.
De Plassan downed his ale in a single gulp and.
A look of revelation then downed on Mona�s face.
He downed the rest of his Old Fashioned and set.
She downed her drink and replaced it with another.
Ellen immediately looked downed at Paul and stared.
And growing more youthful with each sip he downed.
Leofric downed the rest of the ale in a single gulp.
Don't be alone at home,' Ish said as he downed the.
Several of our planes were downed and pilots killed.
Seeing that it was fine, Darek downed the whole thing.
They downed plenty of toast covered in Jam, stepping.
The workmen promptly downed their tools and left the.
Houston caught his and downed the first mug in one gulp.
Josef had instinctively headed for a downed and hollow.
She downed half of the bottle in a few gulps and smiled.
The children had cola, while Steve and Annie downed beer.
He looked at his watch, then downed the rest of his coffee.
David forced a breath and downed the remaining whiskey in.
Jimmy by the hand towards the rear and through the downed.
Over at the highway, the downed power lines began to dance.
Ambrosius nodded, then downed the rest of his wine uncouthly.
They downed their last bit of wine and called it an evening.
As he watched, he quickly downed the water provided by the.
Has its ups and downs.
The ups and downs and.
Oh, the downs, I groan.
It has its ups and downs.
Downs and Small stepped away.
I survived a few break downs.
Downs here, cried the man.
It has its ups and downs, true.
Downs put a hand on my shoulder.
The Ups and Downs of Retirement.
But with the ups come major downs.
Now, Downs, light its substance.
Every journey has its ups and downs.
He told us about his ups and downs.
Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
He still hears it, said Downs.
Be Aware of Processing Ups and Downs.
Cucumbers have had their ups and downs.
The Ups and Downs of Golf Tournaments.
I seen queer things too, ups and downs.
I have had a lot of ups and downs in my.
May Create Emotional Ups and Downs, 217.
Q: Ups and downs in sadhana are inevitable.
Downs said, And so it goes with machines.
Business is cyclical with its ups and downs.
Churchill Downs (Home of the Kentucky Derby).
Yes, but we have had so many ups and downs.
These ups and downs remind me of my days as a.
Such are the ups and downs of negotiating life.
He narrated me every ups and downs of his life.
The first source of put downs really are demons.
Sure, life has its ups and downs, but you’re.
Put downs are words or actions that are intended.
Life has its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows.
So three sources of put downs, here's number one.
Sue said, Every couple has its ups and downs.
You went through all the ups and downs that we did.
This morning we're talking about put downs in life.

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