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    1. Whenever I feel it vibrate, I race over to see if I caught something to eat, but then it’s always him just putzing around

    2. He remembers when they used to race and Fumai always beat him

    3. I hear his footsteps race down the hall and out of the back door … the door slams behind him, the noise reverberating through the house

    4. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    5. As a race of beings we have much to learn

    6. that he’d seen sprinters set themselves before a race

    7. was a small gift from a grateful mother to this fine father of the race of Nosferatu

    8. Theo's heart began to race as he watched the lines fill out into a definite location

    9. ‘Some of us had rather a lot to drink and what started out as a race across the lake transmogrified into more of a ‘see who can knock who out of the boat’ challenge

    10. For about two years now I have entered a very interesting phase of my life, since I have more and more psychic experiences; yet, I have also perceived certain paradox incidents which appear more and more frequently, surrounding me like a Sonic War: At daybreak, when I do the most important meditation exercise of the day, there is incredible mobility in the block of flats next to my house: A number of cars come and go continuously in and out of their outdoor garage, which happens to be right next to my bedroom window! Even earlier, from 4:00 to 6:00 am (no exaggeration) they race engines incessantly and/or slam car doors uncountable times! Why, indeed? Only God -or Satan- knows! The fact is that more often than not I can hardly sleep, I feel exasperated and I can't meditate properly

    11. Moreover, they are isolated from the rest of the human race -just like I am; therefore, they can't help me in anything

    12. It was a small gift from a grateful mother to this fine father of the race of Nosferatu

    13. There is no race, there are no shortcomings, there is nothing

    14. I found that out the hard way when at around 14-km I was forced to run the rest of the race on blisters

    15. The principalities and powers had one thing in mind: the destruction of the Jewish race

    16. But alas, my people have been made to African-American adult could rebuke any African-American believe we are simply a race of black men; no longer African; child because we were one community—a village, if you no ethnicities to speak of; no sufficient argument for our will—of displaced Africans; a people still emerging from the humanity

    17. Tackling questions of race, gender, and sexuality

    18. Only the destruction of the race would end the war

    19. The human race had to start all over again

    20. This is why the writer of Hebrews tells us to run the race with all diligence in Hebrews 12:1-2

    21. so there’s nothing but win-win-win in this neat little race,

    22. Another branch of the human race

    23. waiting for the shift in the cloud race

    24. He had known many women of her race in those days, the Megnor were powerful and respected, even as God of the Nycoba in their days of Empire he wouldn't challenge any of the great kingdoms of the deeps, and they were well beyond the heights of their power by those days

    25. ’ He said by way of explanation as the ggs pound along the track, Sefir seemingly enjoying the pseudo race with Adamant

    26. We have to shoot across the turbine race yet, but the tide'll be with us and it'll be light by then

    27. Dating is something that has been going on since the human race started looking at each other

    28. Lust is one of the many flaws of the human race, an ancestry of our more animal past

    29. Many, many years later Kate asked Jake what he thought about the way the human race was returning to the world

    30. Were they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past; or had they learned something from almost becoming extinct as a race

    31. You are a sentient race with a thriving society regardless of ‘how’ you came to be

    32. Resist the temptation to let your thoughts race ahead and worry about what may happen, what it might ―mean‖ for you

    33. Anyway, there was a billion year old race of creatures called Pronna that ran an unlimited number of simulated universes in their minds

    34. I have dealt with evil men before Kai; the race and language may differ, but they are all basically the same

    35. We pause on one side of the path to allow two small children on tricycles to pedal past, their father in hot pursuit as they race along squealing with excitement

    36. Indeed Tam, they are a very unique race, it

    37. In the same way this ‘creature’ or ‘OS’ was very much a work of some race somewhere, and not a divine spirit

    38. returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the

    39. These were the Gnomes, a separate race who lived within and beneath the Kassikan and in the canyon under parts of central Yakhan

    40. I never asked him what race he was, never had any reason to

    41. The race was thirty generations old before they were discovered by the mainstream

    42. She found someone attractive in just about every other native race she had encountered so far, but there was just something about Gnomes she couldn’t get close to

    43. He had the driver race up the harbor to beat her there

    44. Acheronians are an actual race of Human-Reptilian Hybrids created by the

    45. The institution that had bred it’s own race for generations in the darkness of it’s filled-in canyon, of which Enjteen was a member

    46. A race that was not as old as the individuals they worked for

    47. Now he knew that one of that race was stalking Ava, no doubt using the technology that she helped invent or bring over from YingolNeerie

    48. So why hasn't it happened to us yet? Why does the human race still survive, against all odds?

    49. There was no sense trying to race the lake runner in this

    50. At least there was plenty to drink during a boat race

    1. She raced in the living room where mermaid's were drawing on Grandpa's face with markers

    2. And so, Frank raced to the nearest landline phone and paged Manuel the Mechanic

    3. Her heart raced with the pure emotion of this

    4. Her heart raced, thumping against her ribs fit to split them asunder

    5. With just the two cups between them it was a matter of how you raced your partner to the bottom of that cup

    6. Cosmicblasto raced up the stairs, reach his room and tried to

    7. pulled out back, he raced down the stairs and out into the back

    8. There was a storm crossing the desert, huge streaks of lightening raced across the night sky providing her with her own private show

    9. Waves of nausea hit her and she raced for the bathroom

    10. “Winter Holds…” Rayne’s mind raced ahead; “I take it then that the winters here are very harsh

    11. Our pace quickened for the final thrust and so we raced, slipping and sliding through scattered sun-bleached tree bark, fragments of branches and odd pieces of driftwood that littered the stony ground until we were close enough to resist it no longer

    12. Smiling the warrior raced down the hallway after wishing her ‘good hunting’

    13. of fear raced through her veins

    14. They raced down the gully and around the mountain and Rayne saw where they were headed as four of Tarak’s men raced ahead and abruptly stopped and dismounted

    15. Suzanne looked blank, and a swift glance to Cordra showed her staring at the ceiling, but I knew her mind raced to determine where I would go with that left-field conversation start

    16. Thoughts raced around his head, confusing him

    17. Chrissie worked at scrubbing the dishes, her mind refusing to contemplate anything beyond this simple activity, her ears were pricked for the sound of footsteps and her pulse raced as the adrenaline coursed through her, sparking the ancient flight instinct

    18. He knew, when they first landed he had lain near death while pathologists raced to save the victims and keep the infections from spreading

    19. He sprang to his feet and raced into the hall

    20. I raced up the stairs stepping on an arm belonging to one of the

    21. The clouds continued to press towards them, even as the ship raced onward

    22. Back he raced, across the Icy Sea and over Fiery Mountain

    23. Allcock's words acted as a 'shot,' and Harry's mind raced forward

    24. His confirmation only deepened her guilt, but her mind had raced on to new questions anyway

    25. Shelly raced to the spot she’d last seen her sister, Emma but a step behind her but she wasn’t there

    26. She’d hardly got her direction altered, when two wet individuals raced by her, Mike with a foot or two lead

    27. Once loose, she raced off to the kitchen to find Beth, and ask if she would be willing to stay

    28. Her heart no longer even raced, as it had the other times, she was able to keep track of everything that was occurring

    29. Not touching the hot sand any longer, she raced to the water, and splashed the cool water about her face

    30. " his voice raced back, to stop her in her tracks

    31. " When he responded as told, she again raced for the crowd

    32. Pulling loose she raced for the front door, only to be turned back by the thought that she had seen them locked earlier

    33. Releasing her hand, he plowed through the newly fallen powder, forcing it off to one side, as he raced ahead

    34. Fred jumped and stamped as he raced to the children, both now in terror of what they had done

    35. Having caught their puppy the Clearys raced for home where their anxious parents guided them quickly into the car and off they went just missing the fire engine as it came round the bend heading for the fire ground

    36. On it raced, growing higher with each turn, enormous even from their distant view, racing backward to Mesapit wrenching and crushing posts and barriers

    37. Believing the wound mortal, Clemon raced with fury at the archer

    38. I raced through the field without taking another breath

    39. We all raced in, the

    40. I edged toward Philippos, who’d raced in just ahead of me

    41. ” The children raced to be first in line to try the

    42. I can't believe they're doing this again, he thought to himself, as he raced down the road in his old car

    43. Her heart raced with pain and terror

    44. " Is this a trick? Does he actually expect me to do it? Edrimer's mind raced

    45. At some point she’d thought they had spotted her, because they’d all raced out of the water in her direction; but then they had stopped about 10 paces away

    46. He loosened and mounted Koyo in one fluid movement and raced her to the army infirmary at breakneck speed

    47. She brushed her dark hair out of her eyes and looked at him oddly as he raced up the remainder of the steps and entered the house as she held the door open

    48. His heart raced, the apprehension forcing away much of the sleepiness

    49. A chill raced up her spine as she leapt out of her chair and started to climb to the back of the bridge

    50. Aspen’s hands joined his as they raced to the end, crying out in victory minutes later

    1. He was at least half Elf, the least dimorphous of the races on this planet

    2. John pulls away quickly, watching the building he just exited, turns out of the parking lot and races down the street

    3. As my hands busy themselves in the soapy water, my mind races over the evening

    4. Knowing how thin the margin is between victory and defeat, Ram Devlin races to the Squidies' homeworld moon with a weapon of mass destruction that could end the war in seconds

    5. Our two races must have a common ancestor, surely

    6. Used to have races, and contests; surprised!”

    7. foreign potentates and with the leaders of other races, factions and

    8. Myra demanded she do this for both races

    9. This is the deepest dam ever built by all known races of man at any time, even in the Energy Age

    10. Leona is burning up as her heart races up to and beyond one hundred and fifty beats per minute

    11. Both those routes lay thru deep Gnome tunnels other races shied away from

    12. “Yeah, they’re one of the most common races of the old times

    13. The TV gave news of the horse races in Sydney and the dartboard was attracting patrons like flies

    14. There was great kinship between the two races, and both groups were more than happy to be thought of as family

    15. The two races were so often working together, and so physically similar (other than their size), that the rest of the Triad found it convenient to lump them together

    16. In their mountain homes, they were relatively secluded from the rest of the races

    17. She was a mixture of the four races since that far back

    18. It was said that there had been a Death Guard in the Ancient times, an elite army formed by various races that traveled the worlds sworn to eradicate the Plague

    19. The multitude of races

    20. The war of races had become the new universal dynamic replacing the colonial spirit of the Origin Race

    21. "Though gifted at turning the Oneness into a weapon, the Age of War had hardened the races, birthing new and more destructive weapons by the day," Brice continued

    22. After their victory over the races, they focused their power on

    23. Entire races could vanish in an instant and for what? When viewed through this perspective, existence itself was a failure

    24. That coupled with the living proof of just how far advanced the races had become since the days of the Origin Race, proved to them that the true path was evolution, to continually advance humanoid life in seemingly infinite ways

    25. The Petrol's were a few hundred yards up the road and Stephen Cleary clapped his hands in glee for Richard his elder brother told him that fire races up a slope whereas on a downward slope it takes its time unless blasted by the wind

    26. In the end, the races were left with but two simple methods; silver and fire

    27. Lang's Making of Religion was heavily influenced by the 18th century idea of the "noble savage": in it, he maintained the existence of high spiritual ideas among so-called "savage" races, drawing parallels with the contemporary interest in occult phenomena in England

    28. After initiating the steady death march of warrior prisoners into the Rift, her husband had suddenly vanished, leaving a fearful and crushed Council of Races to ponder his latest evil machination

    29. But it wasn't until the meeting of the Council of Races that my fears were confirmed

    30. They had always failed the races, and always would

    31. The temptation to storm the Elders’ home with the army of races was nearly irresistible

    32. The army of races sensed the potential failure as well

    33. Due to the mixture of races, some can

    34. And still the races stood, watching the black heart beat

    35. The ones that always win the races at the summer festival

    36. owned a crew for races, but they’re all gone, of course

    37. With that assurance, people of all races flocked to Plot E, which seemed like nirvana

    38. “Do you realise how big this is? This means there are alien races out there and this knows about them

    39. Inching along, we heard them exclaim in astonishment at the sights of the various races of people selling everything under the sun

    40. ‘So other races are more advanced than us?’ he typed but this time gave a thumbs down signal

    41. It intrigued him that it seemed to have admitted that humans were not the most advanced of the races

    42. ‘All races are warned about the competition

    43. “Including where the other races live?” asked Chris, excitedly

    44. Now he was seeing them as they truly were: a civilisation perhaps a millennia ahead of humans, yet still flesh and blood; fearful, paranoid about their perceived threats from humanoid races displaying a potential for galactic spread

    45. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (referred to simply as "Origin of Species"), (Bantam Books, 1999)

    46. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, (Bantam Books, 1999), 158

    47. as he had been there in 1967 and seen the hate between the races

    48. A nonsense concept that says, in effect, that college or high school classroom learning will be enhanced, provided only that those of mixed races and cultural heritages will be in the same room

    49. On cue, the actress races to the center of the living room rug, pirouettes, and topples with a wail or a pitiful eek, one paw draped over her face

    50. The door last opened centuries ago when the owners received delegations of differing races in their quest for peace or fortune for their people and the guidance of the occupier

    1. That was the main thought that kept racing through Johnny’s mind while he sat in class

    2. spinning with the waltz, her blood still racing with his touch

    3. I stand, my heart racing for a moment … no, it was nothing, just the house creaking a little

    4. "No," Glenelle said, surprising herself with the speed that word was out, in spite of the racing heart her ethical misgivings were causing, "I just need to understand who I am and where we are

    5. My mind racing to find the words I need to tell him, I stare at him

    6. By the racing hobby horses,

    7. My mind was racing as to what we could do, where had I put the rifles

    8. ” They continued to watch and his mind was racing with thoughts about her

    9. His mind was racing

    10. enough they were racing down the paving

    11. Four men are racing across the grassland towards us, one of them has a weapon of some sort strapped to his shoulder

    12. His mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts

    13. My heart was racing yet my mind was blank

    14. A damp sticky sensation between my thighs gets my pulse racing … surely, we must have …

    15. Terry also noticed that his heart wasn't racing like it usually did after even a brief run

    16. You have ‘matters to discuss’; now what do you suppose that is about?” Alexei’s mind was racing

    17. It sent the truth racing through my veins

    18. ’ I replied in the same matter of fact tone he had used, all the while conscious that my pulse is now racing

    19. hearts racing from that day to this

    20. Tarak sat back, his mind racing as to the ramifications of this news

    21. that his heart wasn't racing like it usually did after even a brief run

    22. His heart is racing

    23. As for ambitions, Ken wants to buy a pub on foreign soil when his boss retires, while Davie dreams of being able to return to his beloved Ibrox in a British Racing Green Jaguar XJ6

    24. He cannot breathe and his heart is racing

    25. Sat at home in the conservatory Jock watches the horse racing with the sound turned off

    26. His own heart is racing and the ambulance is in full flight along Barnstaple quayside, braking hard at the right hand bend by the council offices and the main police station before accelerating up to the twin roundabouts at the junction with the Ilfracombe road

    27. the cobbles with its engine racing

    28. Andy gulped down another mouthful of tea, his mind racing as he tried to work out how he could explain about Ozzie and his … his ways

    29. Kev swallowed hard, his pulse racing

    30. He can feel his pulse racing and to reassure himself, to break the spell of suspense, he mutters, "Stupid bastard, messing yourself up

    31. One step, two, three, then he was racing over the countryside faster than he could believe possible

    32. across the tan waxed floor, bouncing off the staircase and racing toward the

    33. Her heart was racing, as she continued to stare at the portrait

    34. Quickly, racing around the corner of the porch, she ran smack dab into a very tall man

    35. " He announced racing off to the truck

    36. Racing back on to the wooden floor, he whirled her so high into the air

    37. to compose her thoughts – her mind racing with the

    38. turmoil and her heart racing

    39. A minute later, they were in his truck racing towards the old barn

    40. " she didn't have a chance to finish her statement before he was racing off across the street

    41. Racing into the middle of the street, she got her first good view, of the strangest thing she’d ever seen

    42. He was racing off out of sight before she could remind him, that she’d locked the doors as he always insisted

    43. Her mind was racing in so many directions at once that she couldn't pin down a single thought

    44. With our pulses racing, we eventually pulled over to

    45. His mind was racing as Bernadette rushed out of the

    46. He took a couple seconds for a swift kiss which she didn't really return and then she was racing off to jump the streetcar

    47. Monsignor rang a racing columnist in London, a friendly editor there, slowly the news took shape

    48. Fred's mind racing, in the brigade it was always look after people and animals before anything else

    49. Ah said I, its a watch for checking racing times!

    50. On it raced, growing higher with each turn, enormous even from their distant view, racing backward to Mesapit wrenching and crushing posts and barriers

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