heading sätze

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Heading sätze (in englisch)

  1. Heading 1 in the text.
  2. It was heading in my.
  3. And placed on a heading.
  4. He was now heading back.
  5. Heading back to the men.

  6. Heading On and Into Texas.
  7. Joe would be heading off.
  8. We were still heading east.
  9. This will be the Heading.
  10. She knew she was heading.
  11. There was no heading back.
  12. It seems to be heading.
  13. I’m heading to a secret.
  14. The heading was: Parts List.
  15. I was heading north anyway.

  16. I’m heading for a stroke.
  17. So where are you heading?
  18. Fazzino is heading this way.
  19. It was heading for the roof.
  20. Once the shell was heading.
  21. We're heading to Prada next.
  22. They are heading this way.
  23. The time was heading from me.
  24. A vessel heading to the rock.
  25. I drove off heading for home.

  26. Heading out the door of the.
  27. She was heading to her truck.
  28. Now she’s heading this way.
  29. The path was heading downhill.
  30. Where are you heading to?
  31. Then she saw Jared heading out.
  32. I'm heading for South America.
  33. He’s heading for Ocean Drive.
  34. Atlas and heading towards them.
  35. The dogs are heading this way.
  36. He’s then heading to the A.
  37. The Nautilus is heading that.
  38. Zem noticed Sue and I heading.
  39. They were heading towards land.
  40. I bet it's heading this way too.
  41. Reese is heading to the pros.
  42. Zem and Bev started heading in.
  43. I was heading over to Chicago.
  44. But instead of heading for the.
  45. Our heading was still northerly.
  46. I guess we should be heading out.
  47. It was heading towards the port.
  48. Now I was west, and heading east.
  49. I was heading northward this time.
  50. Nal were heading toward the shack.
  51. Had they stayed heading west on.
  52. Where should I be heading?
  53. It was positioned to be heading.
  54. Where you heading? I asked.
  55. That's where Artemis was heading.
  56. She saw him heading back to the.
  57. The current is heading northwest.
  58. She was heading fast off a cliff.
  59. Jarvis was heading for the airport.
  60. They left together, heading south.
  61. I should probably be heading home.
  62. Fortunately it was heading east.
  63. It seems to be heading for France.
  64. They appear to be heading home.
  65. I think we should be heading home.
  66. I’m heading back to the club.
  67. I kept the heading east northeast.
  68. They were heading out immediately.
  69. She could see where it was heading.
  70. We both knew where we were heading.
  71. We’d board the train heading to.
  72. They were heading for the Eastern.
  73. The boat was heading towards shore.
  74. I'm heading to Stormville, Kentucky.
  75. She was glad she was heading home.
  76. We're all clear, standard heading.
  77. I don’t know its size or heading.
  78. Yeah sure, I’m heading that way.
  79. He stood, heading for the turbolift.
  80. I turned the engine on, heading home.
  81. Where are you heading tomorrow?
  82. Heading back out to the road, they.
  84. I didn't know where this was heading.
  86. The influx of traffic heading into.
  87. They were surely heading for a fall.
  88. Where are we heading now? Roger that.
  89. This centers the heading in the line.
  90. Jarek wondered where this was heading.
  91. The horse seemed to be heading back.
  92. Which Way is the Market Heading Now?
  93. Parker heading toward him arm in arm.
  94. Heading back was out of the question.
  95. He nodded before heading to his room.
  96. Raleigh stopped by before heading out.
  97. Gómez was there, heading for nowhere.
  98. Suddenly, I knew where I was heading.
  99. I began to see where this was heading.
  100. He was heading towards the front door.
  1. He headed east on Rt.
  2. We headed for the door.
  3. He headed to the bar.
  4. I headed up to my room.
  5. He headed for the door.
  6. But he was headed in.
  7. And headed for the bar.
  8. He headed into her room.
  9. They headed for the cave.
  10. Zem headed in the same.
  11. They headed for the fort.
  12. We headed toward it at.
  13. She headed for it, but.
  14. I sighed and headed on in.
  15. Gloria headed to the door.
  16. I got up and headed over.
  17. They headed back up the.
  18. She headed for the house.
  19. She headed for the falls.
  20. They headed for Troll cave.
  21. They headed to the third.
  22. We headed through the hall.
  23. I headed back towards town.
  24. Johnny headed out the door.
  25. Thedes headed for the door.
  26. I was headed for the roof.
  27. Don headed upstairs to bed.
  28. We were headed south on U.
  29. I was headed back to the.
  30. Where are you headed to?
  31. I headed toward the patio.
  32. Smiling, I headed in the.
  33. This was so wrong headed.
  34. They headed out to it and.
  35. I headed off to break the.
  36. Torm headed toward the ramp.
  37. I headed out to the college.
  38. He headed down to the Hall.
  39. Credit headed for his truck.
  40. Emily headed into the trees.
  41. She headed for their table.
  42. He packed up and headed off.
  43. I headed over to the statue.
  44. Jack headed for the kitchen.
  45. She headed up the plank to.
  46. He drove off and headed home.
  47. She headed into the bedroom.
  48. The boys headed for the park.
  49. As she headed for the same.
  50. We headed back to the estate.
  51. I headed down to Smitty’s.
  52. We all headed to the lake.
  53. We then headed back to the.
  54. Samara headed for the bridge.
  55. And Ronnie, headed this way.
  56. Clive was headed for the door.
  57. He headed back to Johnny’s.
  58. He headed back to the clinic.
  59. The others headed out as well.
  60. She headed for the front door.
  61. Thane headed off towards Rod.
  62. Jarvis headed straight for St.
  63. Where she headed wasn't clear.
  64. Then I headed toward the dock.
  65. I’m headed to Glendale next.
  66. He felt sick and light headed.
  67. Monsters headed toward Moon Pk.
  68. The first was headed simply:.
  69. Sensei's car headed our column.
  70. She headed back to the light.
  71. I headed for the Eastern gate.
  72. We headed to the Center first.
  73. Pim and Mim headed for their.
  74. The team in PPT was headed by.
  75. Now all the four headed inside.
  76. He headed to the engineering.
  77. Chris headed for the bathroom.
  78. And we know where he's headed.
  79. That’s where I was headed.
  81. He knew where they were headed.
  82. Bill headed straight to the bar.
  83. The van headed for the grounds.
  84. Chin headed on over to Carson.
  85. They headed to the dance floor.
  86. She finished and headed to bed.
  87. He headed across the room and.
  88. We headed towards the cemetery.
  89. We quickly headed for the exit.
  90. Very level headed and reliable.
  91. It was only as we headed into.
  92. There's a G15 headed this way.
  93. I turned around and headed back.
  94. Then we headed back out of the.
  95. Do We Know Where we are Headed?
  96. He turned and headed for the car.
  97. We headed to the main laboratory.
  98. She dressed quickly and headed.
  99. He went outside and headed for.
  100. She grumbled as she headed for.
  1. Mira heads back to us.
  2. A lot of nodding heads.
  3. He heads down the hall.
  4. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Here is a quick heads up.
  6. If it was heads he’d.
  7. Heads turn in my direction.
  8. They also had heads that.
  9. Aunt Abby over their heads.
  10. The boys shook their heads.
  11. The heads of the tunnels.
  12. The doctors nod their heads.
  13. He looked over their heads.
  14. Shout if he heads this way.
  15. They all shook their heads.
  16. Heads with helmets on them.
  17. They all nodded their heads.
  18. Still no heads to shoot at.
  19. Heads have been turned over.
  20. Jaden heads under the clouds.
  21. Heads twisted to follow her.
  22. But all without their heads.
  23. The heads already have it.
  24. Then she heads off overseas.
  25. The others shook their heads.
  26. By the heads on their phones.
  27. But enough to put our heads.
  28. The girls nodded their heads.
  29. They only shook their heads.
  30. They both shook their heads.
  31. He saw two heads on his body.
  32. So Bob heads back to the 35.
  33. Patrice heads out for the day.
  34. They had shaken their heads.
  35. Heads raised around the table.
  36. He's starting to turn heads.
  37. He took both heads, crept.
  38. All heads spun around in shock.
  39. Many hands on their heads in.
  40. Five heads went down to drink.
  41. They turn their heads to look.
  42. These beads: are deaths heads.
  43. All heads in the room nodded.
  44. Heads for sailing around Baja.
  45. We are in over our heads.
  46. They watched with cocked heads.
  47. And Khalid cut off their heads.
  48. Heads you lose, tails you lose.
  49. Seven Heads and Seven Mountains.
  50. Some of them shook their heads.
  51. The heads weaved back and forth.
  52. Speaker, high above their heads.
  53. Ring the bell, knock some heads.
  54. In the Seven Heads of the Rays.
  55. Their heads are small and round.
  56. But their little heads were dry.
  57. The group nodded their heads yes.
  58. All heads are open now, scalped.
  59. They shook their heads in unison.
  60. Black cloth hung over our heads.
  61. All heads turned to the farmhouse.
  62. They turned their heads in unison.
  63. Some will feel it in their heads.
  64. Archan heads toward that location.
  65. I’m just giving you a heads up.
  66. A stack of letter heads awaited.
  67. Others bowed their heads to the.
  68. They became heads of their tribe.
  69. He could not see over the heads.
  70. Many heads nodded soberly at that.
  71. And trees bent their heads to me.
  72. A tent with two protruding heads.
  73. Nick paused and all heads leveled.
  74. A Christian star has seven heads.
  75. Four heads are better than three.
  76. Their battles are in their heads.
  77. Remember to hold your heads high.
  78. Martin and Jess shook their heads.
  79. All heads turned to look at Amelia.
  80. Jaw tight, he heads for the stairs.
  81. All heads turned in his direction.
  82. The heads of the fisherman dropped.
  83. Negative dead heads are everywhere.
  84. Navajo had butted heads many times.
  85. I'll chop their fucking heads off.
  86. The heads were followed by their.
  87. Kaya and Andrew nodded their heads.
  88. Heads of state, heads of families.
  89. Tim easily hacked their heads off.
  90. He heads up our forensic services.
  91. Careful of their heads! she thinks.
  92. The heads were now clearly visible.
  93. Most of the boys shook the heads no.
  94. Sometimes their heads are turned;.
  95. He threw it up and over their heads.
  96. They rolled over, lay their heads.
  98. Puzzled, Amy heads into the kitchen.
  99. Cut the bottoms off bok choy heads.
  100. Once we as heads of organizations.

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1. Put it on your head.
2. Going Out of my Head.
3. Max only hung his head.
4. Do not bend your head.
5. My head was full of it.
6. He shook his head in.
7. Bush points at his head.
8. It was all in his head.
9. She turns her head away.
10. The exec shook his head.
11. He shook His shaggy head.
12. She only shook her head.
13. John turns his head away.
14. The Prof shook his head.
15. He shook his head sadly.
16. Was achieved in his head.
17. The woman shook her head.
18. She shook her head again.
19. Again she shook her head.
20. Hans snapped his head up.
21. She buried her head in.
22. I must give her her head.
23. I’m going to head home.
24. Jean shook his head sadly.
25. Slowly he shook his head.
26. Roman just shook his head.
27. Bram shook his head sadly.
28. Workman 1 shakes his head.
29. Workman 2 shakes his head.
30. The warden shook his head.
31. The elf was in his head!.
32. I tried to turn my head.
33. Waddell decided to head.
34. He shook his head in awe.
35. Again a shake of the head.
36. Flavio scratched his head.
37. Her head started spinning.
38. The old man shook his head.
39. The side of his head was.
40. Yise shook her head slowly.
41. The scribe shook his head.
42. Mind his head, arsehole.
43. The big man shook his head.
44. Jista shook her head,.
45. Without moving the head,.

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