spark sätze

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Spark sätze (in englisch)

  1. A spark in the night.
  2. I see a spark in you.
  3. Al set the spark high.
  4. But there was a spark.
  5. Her eyes spark with humor.

  6. The Spark for the Economy.
  7. He felt a spiritual spark.
  8. A spark of truth can burn.
  9. It was the smallest spark.
  10. Your father had that spark.
  11. But that spark has to be fed.
  12. When the last spark of love.
  13. Whatever spark they had that.
  14. So what you need is that spark.
  15. Why? Because i spark things up.

  16. We both know there is a spark.
  17. Hey Spark! he shouted again.
  18. Far ahead he saw a tiny red spark.
  19. Something like a spark of passion.
  20. Ever started without that spark.
  21. Creating PDFs with the DOMPDF Spark.
  22. Find the spark of life that weaves.
  23. A spark of hope, but instantly gone.
  24. There was a sudden spark in her eyes.
  25. Ideas are the spark plugs of success.

  26. The spark of life he had energized.
  27. A spark of light came to Pete's eyes.
  28. Where souls spark with their shining.
  29. To the spark of consciousness itself.
  30. And watched the fire throw its spark.
  31. He trusted Spark, but the situation.
  32. A spark of hope flared in her breast.
  33. It is the spark that ignites passion.
  34. Spark hadnt been present for a while.
  35. But that moment flew by like a spark.
  36. The spark was missing in this vehicle.
  37. Spark was walking up and down his room.
  38. The spark is in them, crying out ….
  39. If there's no spark there’s no fire.
  40. A spark flared in the old man’s eyes.
  41. The spark in her chest glowed stronger.
  42. The Spark – is a synonym for the Soul.
  43. The meager thought was the only spark.
  44. This seemed to spark Jimmy’s interest.
  45. His voice disclosed a spark of anger now.
  46. A spark of electric floated between them.
  47. A spark of happiness in those bright eyes.
  48. I should have discussed this with Spark.
  49. The passion, the spark set a burning blaze.
  50. It was the spark that exploded the dynamite.
  51. Whatever it was, it had ignited a spark again.
  52. A heartbeat later, a spark of purple followed.
  53. Collections can spark interest and admiration.
  54. A spark of pain entered her neck, then nothing.
  55. Ignoring the ring , I caught hold of the spark.
  56. As it ricocheted off a large rock a spark flew.
  57. I have a creative spark that pushes me toward.
  58. That was the spark of the recovery post dotcom.
  59. His eyes spark before his lips twitch in a grin.
  60. But now a playful spark flickered in her huge.
  61. One spark, and this will all go up like tinder.
  62. Another spark cracked between the two surfaces.
  63. Then Claire looked at us with a spark in her eye.
  64. I did not want to risk two wires for a spark.
  65. Something in the fire popped and a spark flew out.
  66. Spark was standing so close to him and the dream.
  67. He looked at me and there was a spark in his eyes.
  68. Aesa saw two more protection runes spark around him.
  69. Q: What happens to that spark of life after death?
  70. But a spark can cause a fire, and destroy a planet.
  71. He's fun to be with, but I haven't noticed a spark.
  72. The starter motor ground away merrily, but no spark.
  73. Couldn't he have some spark of manhood about him?
  74. When the spark reached the trigger, it would explode.
  75. There was a recent spark of activity in this sector.
  76. Here, [version] is the specific version of the Spark.
  77. The only spark of interest for the boys was kindled.
  78. She held it to the door frame until it began to spark.
  79. So you think there's a spark with this offworlder?
  80. Aesa saw the rune spark from Tamlin’s hand too late.
  81. This is a sad reality and should spark a fire within.
  82. Tommy was shaken to the last spark of his consciousness.
  83. Spark appeared in the sky, taking the form of the moon.
  84. So when flint is struck against flint there is a spark.
  85. That made the spark blaze up and set fire to her blood.
  86. Somewhere inside, far inside, was a small spark of hope.
  87. I will be your candle in the wind, your primordial spark.
  88. A girl-shaped container holding a single spark of light.
  89. Have a friend turn the key whilst you check for a spark.
  90. The motor spun free, as if no spark, no life, was within.
  91. At first it was but a lurid spark upon the stone pavement.
  92. How a small spark of anger can turn your life into ashes.
  93. A spark of anger came to her eyes as she hardened her tone.
  94. I wrapped some rope around a stick and lit it with a spark.
  95. In June, 1832, the spark was the death of General Lamarque.
  96. Lydia thought it was a spark from the fire, but it was rain.
  97. If there's no spark, why are you still going out with him?
  98. A spark ran through my arm and throughout the rest of my body.
  99. She moved closer, searching his eyes for the spark of his soul.
  100. Q: Before the spark is lit and after, what is the difference?
  1. Loose wiring results in sparking.
  2. Then the sparking became fainter.
  3. What had begun as a smolder within Falk was sparking into flame.
  4. Although Nangong Ping voice was composed but it was sparking with.
  5. A fire was dancing sparking and sizzling in the early morning air.
  6. Jasper moved his fingers, sparking protection runes around them all.
  7. One by one, our lunch table patrons seated themselves, sparking what.
  8. The cane’s song lilted in Simon’s mind, words sparking from the music.
  9. She stopped short and looked at me, those jade eyes sparking with interest.
  10. Her eyes snapped to his, pupils sparking, dilating upon seeing his openness.
  11. Just the thought of the boy I loved had my eyes sparking and my cheeks flushed.
  12. Something that was sparking emotions in her that she had not felt in a long time.
  13. Perturbed by her calm lack of respect, the great hunter lifted his sparking hands.
  14. Stones flew outwards, sparking with fire, and the shelves tumbled down around her.
  15. My eyes fly open and I see Wisty blaze in and skid to a stop, her eyes sparking in fear.
  16. Nonetheless, tiredness eluded her and she was sparking, with her plan very much on track.
  17. You spot Sean Fry, brown hair tussled and wet sparking around his head like thorny crown.
  18. The warmth of it infiltrated his skin and he felt his thoughts sparking with its nearness.
  19. As usual, she was sitting behind her sparking chrome and glass desk, in the offices of MI5.
  20. Over his herringbone shoulder Evelyn notices three sparking lights arching high over rooftops.
  21. She hears the sparking of his lighter, the suck and flare of tobacco as his cigarette ignites.
  22. At head height she saw a small door, which was glowing, sparking crimson and black and silver.
  23. Tandrick bowed his head, his eyes sparking and dimming, the magic responding to rage and grief.
  24. Simon’s mind was sparking in a hundred different directions, and his heart was beating rapidly.
  25. The letters were floating in gold and orange, sparking and turning, twisting in slow, fluid patterns.
  26. I looked up at him, hope sparking in my chest for the first time in days when he completed his thought.
  27. I took out the metal cylinder, which began sparking in the Sky God’s presence, and laid it at his feet.
  28. Even now, angry and frightened and weary as I was, I could still feel the electricity sparking between us.
  29. Dimly through the shock I noticed the robot’s bloody electrical sparking head roll off to the side of me.
  30. The men inside opened such a storm of gunfire that within seconds the machine was already smoking and sparking.
  31. What is an honest spirituality? #7 tangented a question from the eternal pause which was insight sparking.
  32. Its interpretation was lost on Tim as his memory cells were sparking a different tune, making their own symphony.
  33. Still its shape in his palm warmed his skin and he could feel the flashes of green and blue sparking between them.
  34. Then it was time to get off to the fields because the sun was already sparking orange and red across the far hills.
  35. When he looked up, the cane was floating in front of him, its colours sparking and jagged as if puzzled at his response.
  36. Jemma’s arms wrapped around his neck, her body pressing into his and sparking to life, just like it had that very first night.
  37. My nose hits the edge of the entertainment center and the flat screen TV topples forward and hits the floor with a sparking thud.
  38. Jimmy lay on the bed; his apprehension sparking childhood memories of an operation he feared but knew there was no choice to refuse.
  39. The honoi in Joey’s hand became a sphere, spinning spectacularly with bits of white light sparking off that stirred up the dust around him.
  40. The gun fired and the blue electric cloud coated over the robot man like it had the others, but there was no sparking or sizzle of fuses blowing.
  41. She dropped the plasma lance and for a second she stared at the sparking and smouldering flare in horror, then she calmed down and looked up at Chris.
  42. The handsome seventeen year-old boy had been going out steadily with Ingrid for a month now, sparking widespread rumors of a solid romance between them.
  43. The scent of honey in particular caught his attention, sparking to life memories of gorging on Grimgy's specialty, duck saturated in a sweet honey glaze.
  44. At first I thought it was a bug, but when I swatted at it, and it fell in the stew, it started sparking and making all sorts of hissing noises and smoking.
  45. The conflagration of noise and fire spooks the wolf, and the beast swings towards the wood, his tail sparking flame where the fire-oil has brushed against it.
  46. I finally understood what inspired his splendid tales that enhanced my childhood, that sparking my imagination and allowed me to hope beyond our confined world.
  47. She’d never seen any of the elders become angry before, and now she could tell how much he was holding back; flashes of dark crimson and orange were sparking from his head.
  48. It was dark inside to the point of blindness but Blackfin had created handfuls of plastic tubes that when cracked, flared into green light resembling the sparking of a firefly.
  49. But, lacking settlers and resources to defend the territory gained, those Christian states established by the crusaders would eventually fall to the Muslims again, sparking future.
  50. It was also the humanity of the legend of the hero in the Pugilistic Fraternity but because of his shining and sparking position and repute had blinded everyone, no one took notice.
  51. These colors are not the bright colors that represent spring and summer or the sparking colors that epitomize Christmas but the colors of nature once she has seasoned and matured a bit.
  52. The Lost One swallowed hard and let go of the cane which would have fallen if it had been in any way ordinary but, as it was, the artefact danced across the room sparking a darker fire against the gloom.
  53. When Mac later finds Christian in the Hall of All Days, she feeds him Unseelie flesh to save his life, unwittingly sparking the chain of events that begins to turn the sexy Highlander into an Unseelie Prince.
  54. Two of them were extremely fair, the eldest not above nineteen; and the third, much about that age, was a piquant brunette, whose black sparking eyes, and perfect harmony of features and shape, left her nothing to envy in her fairer companions.
  55. There’s a single rev, the throttle engages, and with a shriek that can be heard all up and down Tenth Avenue, the sheet metal is folding and tearing like the wings of a pinned moth, and then sparking on the street where the rider drags it along.
  56. Adam chose to have him turned mortal, believing he would quickly die as a human, sparking the succession of events that culminates in Faefever when Darroc destroys the walls between the worlds of Man and Fae, setting the long-imprisoned Unseelie free.
  57. Chrissie worked at scrubbing the dishes, her mind refusing to contemplate anything beyond this simple activity, her ears were pricked for the sound of footsteps and her pulse raced as the adrenaline coursed through her, sparking the ancient flight instinct.
  58. But, I guess what concerns me most, Moshe added, the change in the tenor of his voice sparking renewed attention, is the knowledge gained from some of those that joined us today, that we are only one full day’s ride east of the brick-making place called the Project where I came from.
  59. Singularity is the Philosopher's Stone attractor of a technological explosion; its exponentially increasing population has a Game's End final solution: the sparking of the Divine Teme, the birth of the Nano Messiah, the creation of the Techno-God – the superintelligent machine-making machine.
  60. The look in the skaters’ eyes was of horses who have run a long way, and it was always exciting for Werner to see them, to feel the air disturbed by their speed, to hear their skates clapping along, then fading—a sensation as if his soul might tear free of his body and go sparking off with them.
  61. Have any of you given any thought to how you will prove the gold is yours without sparking a rush? How you will exchange it for local tender? If you boys intend on being successful in this endeavour then it will be what happens later, that will determine your ability to see any material exchanged for your loot.
  62. Her first recollection when she opens her eyes is that it was all a dream—that her trek through the poppies, her journey into the forest and her encounter with the beautiful creatures made of millions of sparking pearls was nothing more than a carnival of activity inside her brain, a menagerie in which all the animals have been let out and the circus has been destroyed.
  63. This sick, brainwashed indoctrinated boy claims he is innocent of any evil intention: innocent of any evil outcome of his actions, when actual truth is that all the hidden undead malevolent forces inside him and around him that manipulated and used him as a puppet on strings; planned and orchestrated the assassination with the express specific purpose and ghoul of sparking a World War.
  64. Emily was drawing breath, ready to start yelling and screaming, bikini and all, in Reacher’s view a natural primeval reaction, the instinctive defense of family and territory, plus in her case a measure of righteous indignation, as in, this was her special week and who the hell did they think they were anyway? Evan was a calm man, accustomed to calamity, trained in science and reason, in tests and evidence and careful diagnosis, and he was a smart guy, and all his circuits were sparking, but he couldn’t make anything fit in his mind, so his body was left waiting for a final decision.
  1. Her eyes sparked green fire.
  2. I sparked off his blue eyes.
  3. Something sparked in his eyes.
  4. My sapphire sparked and glowed.
  5. His interest was sparked again.
  6. A rune sparked in the old man’s hand.
  7. Elm’s interest was sparked even more.
  8. He did, and the candle sparked, then lit.
  9. I sparked off the linen jacket suddenly.
  10. An electric current sparked through him.
  11. A light sparked and hovered over the beds.
  12. Something in his tone sparked my interest.
  13. That sparked another discussion with Mary.
  14. It sparked once more, and nothing happened.
  15. Genuine interest sparked in the man’s eyes.
  16. Half her displays sparked and showed static.
  17. It was Kate who sparked Michael’s interest.
  18. It sparked a scare but remained a news flash.
  19. Electric bolts sparked off of her fingertips.
  20. A rune sparked green and cool against his head.
  21. The planet-saving bit had sparked his interest.
  22. And what sparked their interest in such things?
  23. The mole's excursion into Latin sparked the bang.
  24. This sparked a flare of anger that I threw at him.
  25. A new rune sparked, but Aesa did not recognize it.
  26. The red light just below the on button sparked up.
  27. You have sparked their imaginations and you can be.
  28. Any running would’ve sparked a massive predatory.
  29. But meeting Siri on the trail had sparked me to re-.
  30. As it sparked and ignited, he tossed it on the floor.
  31. And his new actions actually sparked Sally's interest.
  32. She seemed flushed now, and tears sparked in her eyes.
  33. The shape of the flakes of snow sparked her attention.
  34. It does not need to be sparked by any particular thing.
  35. All of these rules have sparked bipartisan opposition.
  36. His command sparked a frenzy of activity amongst the crew.
  37. A light sparked in Petr’s eyes, ‘That means there is.
  38. The sound of grinding gears sparked off a memory for Betty.
  39. A match sparked, and the smell of sulfur rose into the air.
  40. Suddenly a rune sparked, blinding white in Harlan’s hands.
  41. These signs have really sparked quite a heated debate on the.
  42. I picked up the candle and sparked the flame with my thought.
  43. The revelations also sparked congressional hearings, and law-.
  44. Aesa breathed in the wintry blast before the spell sparked away.
  45. Her armor sparked upon receiving a wave of gunfire, but it held.
  46. Emotions sparked inside his skull and snapped his rigid tissues.
  47. She touched him and the electric thrill of it sparked off lust.
  48. Revenge sparked by hate: only creates more hate and more death.
  49. Melvin looked at Gunnar and a glimmer of hope sparked in his eye.
  50. Zeeshan watched me dolefully as his eyes too sparked with tears.
  51. The release of the Hollywood movie Kundun in 1997 sparked fresh.
  52. She stuck her head out of the window and sparked up a cigarette.
  53. The lid opened and pulled the paper, and it snapped and sparked.
  54. On the table map, two more figurines sparked and melted in Spain.
  55. The release of the Hol ywood movie Kundun in 1997 sparked fresh.
  56. There were anxious moments, as the system sparked into life again.
  57. Without realizing it, he had sparked his creative mind into action.
  58. Deneb sparked off a lightning and left it into the void above them.
  59. In response the key sparked, lighting the hollow with green light.
  60. The three killings have sparked off a huge debate in the media and.
  61. That sparked another whisper that it was a kiss, which flamed, in.
  62. Hot red ashes sparked as the pot hit The Killer’s back and smoke.
  63. I love it when you’re like this, Jags sparked up a cigarette.
  64. Heat sparked between them, rushing along her skin, heady and welcome.
  65. The bugs sparked and jerked as the water shorted out their circuitry.
  66. As he hit the wall his eyes lit up and a rune sparked in his fingers.
  67. Peter's words sparked the anger within Simon like a match to gasoline.
  68. A flood of memories sparked from the recognition of this single color.
  69. She can’t have sparked all this just from her typing could she?
  70. Whoa! shouted Rhodri, whose wheels squealed and sparked on the rocks.
  71. After a couple of minutes of silence, Bayo sparked up the car and drove off.
  72. The case had sparked public interest and it wasn't difficult to imagine why.
  73. Unexpectedly, two runes sparked at once, one from Killian and one from Loken.
  74. But the mention of the flute playing had sparked the old man's interest and.
  75. Harlan clenched his jaw and a rune sparked, jerking Loken’s body backwards.
  76. The bridge between our auras sparked with electricity, while it strengthened.
  77. A flash of panic sparked in the King’s eyes, but was mastered in an instant.
  78. This immediately sparked off her defences and she immediately drew her weapon.
  79. That admonition sparked another question of Chantry’s, Your family?
  80. Lightning had sparked a tragic fire, which quickly consumed the wooden house.
  81. And still the cane-words sparked and shimmered their brief fire into the air.
  82. Spears and bullets sparked harmlessly off the pearl bubbles as we floated up.
  83. Monty related his conversation with Rebecca which sparked a heated discussion.
  84. Once his mind was as clear as it would get, something sparked from the memory.
  85. With every flame that jumped high, debates were sparked and our knowledge grew.
  86. So in 1946 the French launched a bombing raid on the north and sparked the war.
  87. With those romantic first lines, a new friendship sparked itself into existence.
  88. Rumours of Forrest’s European ancestry had sparked Jack’s reporter instincts.
  89. Electricity and warmth sparked through my hand, as if I’d touched a live wire.
  90. Then his brain sparked and he remembered what he was supposed to do and moved on.
  91. I had another go until the fence sparked electricity and my hand went numb and limp.
  92. Kill him! the captain barked and so many runes sparked they nearly blinded Aesa.
  93. The atmo sparked all around them as Horcheese called out for the redsuits to sound off.
  94. Electricity sparked from her fingertips, sending tiny bolts of lightning into the ground.
  95. Killian shakily sparked a fire ring around them that burned hot enough to fight the chill.
  96. A glimmer of hope sparked within her, and she lowered her eyes, holding herself very still.
  97. They also saw the birth and death of fire as it sparked to life and when it was extinguished.
  98. New ideas sparked in my head, and I caught my breath when I saw their connections to old ideas.
  99. Suddenly her entire body sparked into a white-hot blaze as waves of pleasure swept through her.
  100. He wondered how long it would take if a rush was sparked, to scourge the topsoil of its riches.
  1. Sparks fell into his face.
  2. His real name was Billy Sparks.
  3. Sparks flew off of the swords.
  4. Sparks were lighting up the shaft.
  5. I could see the sparks in her eyes.
  6. What sparks that passion is irrelevant.
  7. Sparks and smoke spewed from the wound.
  8. There was a bang and a shower of sparks.
  9. The rainbow-making sparks were diamonds.
  10. It produces most vivid sparks with steel.
  11. No sparks have fallen; the pumps are full.
  12. This sparks his interest, he opens the door.
  13. It’s the last name that sparks his memory.
  14. The Builders – these are the Souls, Sparks.
  15. Sparks flew onto the roof and started a fire.
  16. There was a sudden flurry of sparks and smoke.
  17. Why now, that sure sparks a fond memory or two.
  18. Sparks from the house!? shouted the vacationer.
  19. Then those that bring out sparks by knocking.
  20. SHOWERS OF SPARKS WAFTING out and the turbulent.
  21. The robot stops, sparks and weaves about as if.
  22. She sparks the table lighter and toasts the end.
  23. Magatha flicked his fingers and green sparks flew.
  24. Within it lie sparks of flame that scald his skin.
  25. He flicked three times and got nothing but sparks.
  26. His last throes splintered it to sparks and gledes.
  27. She recoils as the bullets shower the car in sparks.
  28. Now go, leave me! Ruoh snarled with sparks and.
  29. I heard shoe leather flinting the cobbles in sparks.
  30. Juana’s eyes were two sparks reflecting a low star.
  31. One flicks a lighter, which sparks but does not catch.
  32. He put the letter on a crate and created a few sparks.
  33. White sparks seemed to come out of the padded material.
  34. Sparks and rockets flew when they first made eye contact.
  35. Orange sparks rained onto the pile of wood and birch-bark.
  36. Ambition stokes the fires that (sparks) motivates behavior.
  37. Its walls swirled and crackled with sparks of arcane force.
  38. Her small white hands lay at her sides, flaked with sparks.
  39. Arguments can arise because views differ so sparks may fly.
  40. You can only imagine the respectful sparks that flew.
  41. Sparks flew up to shine in Constance Rattigan's green eyes.
  42. Sparks in the freezing of water by ether, Pontus, xxvi, 178.
  43. Sparks and embers were carried a long way in all directions.
  44. Sparks flew and the building was plunged into total darkness.
  45. The mech stumbled forward with sparks flying out from its neck.
  46. The sparks will hit the car, and they’ll see them bounce.
  47. Micah Sparks, my brother, is the best brother a guy could have.
  48. Sparks came from the plop, and a fire started burning brighter.
  49. Out of his mouth came peals of thunder and sparks of lightning.
  50. She gasped as she saw sparks of blue light fly across his eyes.
  51. Sparks of fire are jumping madly from candles and the fire pits.
  52. Sparks leapt from the flint and a couple deflected onto the tar.
  53. The hammer struck again, sparks giving way to perfection beneath.
  54. They have the girl Sir, Sparks said as he turned from his.
  55. Your brain will then throw out millions of brilliant sparks and.
  56. Saalfeld, head of the wholesale drug firm of Sparks, White & Co.
  57. Miller began throwing sparks at the small bundle of dried sticks.
  58. Their mouths met and Holly felt his kiss set off sparks inside her.
  59. Sparks fly as it wavers and bounces between the narrow brick walls.
  60. The crown of both irons went scolding red and began to emit sparks.
  61. Doc rubbed his hands together as if he were trying to raise sparks.
  62. It sparks and explodes as they leap out the same hole they came in.
  63. Sparks trailed as the dangling exhaust connected with the pavement.
  64. The right on the Jagger gashed yellow lights and sparks into the air.
  65. With a crack, sparks flew off the bow and a container fell overboard.
  66. The Private took off at a run, his steel shod boots striking sparks.
  67. The sparks solidified and became small jewels of colour on the floor.
  68. The sparks from the cane fired out gold and mauve and pink and silver.
  69. Go to the Normal Installation section and download the Sparks package.
  70. Showers of sparks had flown over the stage as the steel edges clashed.
  71. The grin faded, chased away by confusion and the first sparks of anger.
  72. Marty tossed his empty beer can into the flames and it kicked up sparks.
  73. They parted again and their swords clashed, emitting a shower of sparks.
  74. A third shot whacks into the radio on the central console and sparks fly.
  75. Life sparks are always coming into form from the emanations of Cuegant.
  76. The extremely battered ones collapsed in sparks and flame-cloaked debris.
  77. Sparks acts as a single point of reference for extensions for CodeIgniter.
  78. Their armor was steadfast and the arrows ricocheted in a shower of sparks.
  79. As she brushed past Chris he felt sparks of electricity jump between them.
  80. The Sparks, the Wicks – all these are synonyms for the concept of "Soul".
  81. The goblins fought with aggression and sparks flew from the clashing steel.
  82. Sparks of electricity began bursting through all of the electrical systems.
  83. A few sparks leaped from his console and then suddenly the whole ship went.
  84. Carla did not want the flare to fall on her, or to be burned by the sparks.
  85. He lifted his face toward me, his eyes seeming to throw off sparks of fury.
  86. She could not help it and Laino smiled so his eyes sent sparks against her.
  87. The wind tangled with it and sparks flew as it bounced off of the pavement.
  88. He flicked the butt end of his cigarette away in a burst of sparks and said.
  89. Sparks cascade over her head and down the sides of the car like a waterfall.
  90. Sparks from the house? From inside the house, the candles around the coffin.
  91. Sparks literally flew, every gift and power put to use in these fatal minutes.
  92. A thousand sparks tinged with blue and white burned briefly in the night sky.
  93. A shower of sparks followed her progress, down the middle where the doors met.
  94. Where he had cause to disagree with himself though, sparks were really flying.
  95. Burning boards shifted in the barrel, and a burst of sparks flew into the air.
  96. Sparks travel down the length of a short fuse as he throws back his trench coat.
  97. It hissed towards the chest and struck it squarely in a shower of white sparks.
  98. The stars had come out, and the fire threw sparks out to dance and die between.
  99. He lifts his Voice, and calls the innumerable Sparks, and joins them together.
  100. The blacksmith swung his hammer onto a flaming red piece of metal and sparks flew.

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