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    1. He wished there was a passage that was clear and literal enough for her, he could cite her a few about sloth and degeneracy, but she wouldn’t know them anyway and probably wouldn’t care if she did

    2. Here in the midst of the Ile de Cite there were

    3. a cart carrying melons towards the Ile de Cite) and looked

    4. and headed for the Port l’Evesque on the Ile de Cite,

    5. his eyes away as the barge pulled from the Ile de Cite and

    6. can cite that prevents me from purchasing this girl

    7. Adherents of eternal conscious torture often cite the above

    8. When I would ask for a kitten, my parents would always cite my father’s allergies as the reason I could not have a cat

    9. Regarding those who say the Letters are from the devil, who cite the Letters regarding Judas, as proof for their assertion

    10. “Because my boss is going to cite the names of about five gangster rap bands and tell me this is probably just a bunch of white guys trying to Gravy Train the idea,” he said

    11. He did cite psychological and sociological treatises, the passage of time, and other appealing references

    12. ” That means these Justices are willing to cite foreign courts and legislatures to justify further innovations to the American Constitution, which they will then label “constitutional” law

    13. But if citing such a precedent has no precedential value, why cite it?

    14. The Americans cite this example: “the case of Lai Changxing serves as a

    15. I will cite quotes from him and comment about them as I did with Mr

    16. It is too long to cite

    17. In order to make real the impact of this espionage on everyday Americans, I will cite the probable consequences of one instance of this espionage on American soldiers and airmen

    18. ” Although, Fourier never did cite any example or experience with his Utopian society as evidence to support his position, it sounded good

    19. To put it more clearly let us cite an example from Mark Goulston’s book Just Listen where he recounts one of his experiences in communication

    20. ” This is patently untrue, and I am sure that you can cite many

    21. When we cite these examples, it is to show that

    22. have to cite dozens of institutions in advertisements

    23. I can cite a good example of the typical

    24. Many African-American theologians cite Proctor in their writings

    25. While this method is linear, it will allow the analyst to cite the most

    26. Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision

    27. Our objective is to cite the mechanisms that make that happen

    28. But if you survey hospitals in Carcassonne near La Cite, I am sure you will find him recuperating there, with a gunshot wound to the leg, along with his boyfriend Doug, who was the one who rescued us in the church

    29. not intend to cite any at this point, but will do so later

    30. cite association specimens, but this may well be the prettiest

    31. Can you cite a principle? If you have demonstrated in your past relationship with the retailer that your business behaviour is determined by principles (you always pay on time, and expect others to do the same, you always use Fairtrade ingredients, you never pay third-world wages and so on) then you might advise the retailer that you never renegotiate existing contracts, as a matter of principle

    32. Grandfather started to cite eloquent examples from his front-line life during the war

    33. It is a peculiar characteristic of people that for some inexplicable reason feel nice about themselves when they cite their acquaintance with the successful

    34. Just to cite an example, population control is in the national interest of any over-populous country such as India, but the Decommissioned Adult of the Musalman approaches the issue with his Parent-Child perspective that family planning is un-Islamic, after all

    35. Just to cite one example, as a case point, the royal palaces in Hyderabad Deccan and the chest of the Nizam’s family jewels stand in stark contrast to the social backwardness and the abject poverty even of his Musalman subjects in the erstwhile State of His Highness

    36. God has his voices against the devil that can cite scripture

    37. To cite yet another ex-

    38. to cite an event from his own life

    39. We cite evidence from the Geeta itself

    40. Though children's inappropriate public behavior is easy to cite, the more social concerning public demonstration is when one treats the world as phone booth and stage

    41. In fact, I may cite another personal anecdote in this connection

    42. In this book, several references have been made to how the Western media shapes up much of our anti-Muslim prejudice in India, and in this annexure, I intend to cite an example of the same

    43. [3] To cite another example of an act outraging religious sentiments in India’s pre-Islamic history, one may turn to this passage in Kalhana’s Rajatarangini referring to how Harsha uprooted the idol of the local Kashmiri deity Parihasakeshavam –

    44. Now, after revealing the purpose beyond the taking back, raising up, and purification mentioned in the previous noble verse, we should cite the summary of the story which was the cause of taking our Master Jesus (cpth) back by sleep and hiding him out of sights

    45. · As an example of his murids’ faith in him I will cite what one of his murids told me of a dream he had about a year ago – just at the end of ten years of close work with Emin Bey, whom he always calls ‘my guide’

    46. This second way is the one Ulysses chooses to take and in the following pages I will cite all the sections in the poem where this change can be seen

    47. Now we will cite an example which represents the complete range of social categories, not centered in only one country, but spread across all lands

    48. To cite a few: speak the truth

    49. A) Cite the source by saying, "I got this from ___

    50. People often cite the following as their greatest fears:

    1. Then he cited modern refinements of church teachings, tribal theory and group sociology

    2. The second is different although it should be cited here: a

    3. “Eighty,” said the swineherd, jumping past seventy to the figure he’d cited as his limit

    4. “That wasn’t the grounds that Stenarch cited

    5. Why rarely cited Isaiah 66:24 is the key

    6. above " Why rarely cited Isaiah 66:24 is a key" for a more complete

    7. cited Isaiah 66:24 is a key

    8. Alternately, the NV promotion cited the new adventure, the opportunity to live the dream, the fantasy (if late-night commercial), and the chance to be a part of a closer community

    9. cited a state law requiring an extermination by a state-licensed

    10. The failure of their mission was cited by historian and Temporal Directive scholar Paradic Ramazo as the catalyst for Central Council's change in policy

    11. The (point) being that although Evil is the purest expression of Bad; that is to say, its ultimate corruption, none of the examples cited above are proper examples of Evil but examples of human failings that, carried to an extreme, however, may devolve to Evil if not properly tended to

    12. Any number of examples may be cited such as a public servant who compromises core principle values (or motivating factors), that would normally prompt that individual to act or behave differently, for (political) expediency or an individual, feeble in mind or body, who involuntarily acts contrary to how that individual might otherwise behave if he or she were not under emotional or physical duress or a

    13. No sources were cited

    14. Several causes could be cited but since our subject is “rule” as in

    15. If mechanical work has the limitations cited, it is what

    16. This article, which has not been revised in any way, is cited in a footnote to the section on Property Law in the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia of the Laws of Scotland (Edinburgh 1987 onwards)

    17. The agency cited the Clean Water

    18. EPA"s rules to curb emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases were cited as impediment

    19. Then he could have cited something from Pavlov and his salivating dogs and such

    20. When you add these to the previously cited actions of their Peacekeepers, to the educational programs of

    21. Many other instances of papal interference for the restoration of bishops or the appointment of new bishops and the designation of others to act as vicars of the pontiff are also cited by Barrow” (ibid

    22. Just when the Doctrine of Indulgences was first promulgated I have not ascertained beyond an entry cited as Code of Canon Law, Can

    23. In addition, as with the other super governments cited before we have granted it powers which no

    24. own? Two of our Supreme court justices, Ginsburg and Breyer, have cited international law in their

    25. But within many of the things that he has cited in his essay, I see the glimmer of hope for a positive proof of Intelligent Design, in the context of how I understand this term

    26. I hope that it is additionally obvious that I am also heartily in disagreement with the egocentric postulations of those atheistic scientists, some of whom he has cited here

    27. were but one of the reasons Bush cited in his UN speech for invading Iraq

    28. Another source cited satellite data that showed a rise of 0

    29. He often cited Engels’

    30. questioned cited stress as the reason for their loss of libido

    31. ” And the kid on the ski lift is pretty much the sort of passive, limp, indulgent automaton his classroom teachers seek to produce as future citizens, using such material as cited above

    32. Other scientists cited believe that sunspot activity is the greatest influence on earth temperature

    33. In his opinion Warren cited as the basis of his decision not a single provision of the Constitution or its Amendments (other than the equal protection clause itself), or even past decisions of the Court

    34. In the examples below, the share prices and premiums cited

    35. well that something was going to happen at the BC Pen as cited by the author’s own

    36. As cited, “it seems to me that Sgt Frizzell was pursuing legitimate issues

    37. See also about Reg Alcock cited on the web:

    38. Also about Reg Alcock cited on the web:

    39. As cited, “a stunning admission by a senior RCMP officer that he drafted a

    40. As cited, “the RCMP's commanding officer in B

    41. Elliott a moron, as cited, “no one but a moron overlooks the import of an

    42. of missing and murdered victims cited in this book:

    43. As cited, “the following people have all demonstrated the courage of their convictions

    44. As cited, “the number of

    45. Also note as cited on the web: Barbara McDougall still involved with

    46. See also cited on the web: CMAJ calls for resignation of IDRC chair

    47. As cited, the RCMP adjudication board found that there was “not a shred

    48. As cited, “a

    49. As cited, the most obvious is the all-expenses paid fact-finding trip in

    50. As further cited, “the public record shows that the RCMP’s collective

    1. "He cites his references," Thom said

    2. Most major cites in Europe, Asia and Latin America had them at the time

    3. This letter usually cites reasons for the lay-off, and acts as a formal apology

    4. with unique beauty not often seen in cites without the wide open

    5. Monckton cites “hundreds of recent scientific studies” that explain global warming as part of a naturally occurring cycle

    6. The book cites such “madness” as the tulip mania in Holland in the 1600s when a tulip bulb might sell for more than a house

    7. He cites the work of Nils-Axel Morner, the former chairman of the International Commission on sea Level Change

    8. Smith cites the treatment that patients in hospitals or nursing homes already encounter today

    9. Steele cites blacks who stray from the mandates of identity politics as having been confined to a “special gulag” of ostracism and calumny

    10. Gregory Rodriguez, a director at the New America Foundation, cites studies that show over the past 30 years the development of segregation by ideology

    11. Steyn cites the tepid reaction of some of his colleagues at National Review to too strong an assertion of conservative ideas

    12. Zinn then cites Las Casas to the effect that the Indians have no religion, or at least no temples

    13. 50 Afterward returned Bacchides to Jerusalem and repaired the strong cites in Judea; the fort in Jericho and Emmaus and Bethhoron and Bethel and Thamnatha Pharathoni and Taphon these did he strengthen with high walls with gates and with bars

    14. Grunwald cites the Mayo Clinic as an example of how very high quality

    15. 5th In Nicholas Reardon’s Fangs Rule review, he cites “wow, this is rude, cynical, and sarcastic, and will be loved by every teenage girl

    16. Ney cites specific examples when his customers‘ orders were ignored while the

    17. CITES members safeguard the safety and security of wildlife

    18. Currently, there are 175 members of the CITES Convention

    19. Although CITES does not have the power or authority it

    20. CITES member nations should continue to work hard and

    21. In 1977, CITES ordered a ban on trade in rhino products, to

    22. man cites the spirit encapsulated in the words of the Jewish

    23. As an example of this informality, Gilmore cites a copyright

    24. Stallman cites a number of issues when explaining the delay

    25. Furthermore, all gibbon species are counted in Appendix 1 of the Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), banning all international commercial trade in the species

    26. CITES is an international accord between governments

    27. " He cites the role of corporate power as fostering a cultural atmosphere

    28. He cites the voices associated with schizophrenia as one proof of this, and the voice associated with the act of poetry (the Muse) as

    29. He cites examples from vary-

    30. cites the Tibetan regional council’s statement that it is unlaw-

    31. This is due to the cancer or a build-up of fluid called as cites, which is caused by the cancer

    32. Another example the Almighty cites to us when He says:

    33. Then, in this Fortress, He cites to us the state of the believer who is close to Him

    34. The Almighty cites another example for us when He says:

    35. He cites the first theory of thermodynamics which

    36. Even the much-maligned Think and Grow Rich cites

    37. I wondered if the people out there even knew about the safe cites around the U

    38. in the CITES II but upon searching the database, we could not pull back any information on this

    39. that date he cites anotheranecdote of the painter in his dedication

    40. The Wood Bison has not been so fortunate; in the US it has a CITES II rating, meaning it qualifies as an endangered sub-species

    41. The punishment spoken of is a punishment of cites and took place

    42. The punishment spoken of is a punishment of cites and took

    43. Constable, on other occasions a careful critic, frequently cites the noted words of the book Ecclesiastes on the nature and destiny of man and of animals, and on the absence of all thought in Sheol or Hades ('The dead know not anything ’)

    44. God cites the example of a man shared by partners at odds, and a man belonging exclusively to one man

    45. Ribot, in his learned and useful work on this subject, cites a passage even from Plutarch, which might check the boldness of some of the modern antagonists of the truth

    46. For every abuse of his authority, Dan cites the need for

    47. He says, "Cites like London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Chicago

    48. " "Every expositor of recent times, who has a scheme of interpretation of Daniel's prophecies to advocate, inevitably and blandly cites the words 'the wise shall understand' as if they constituted a convincing proof of the correctness of his own scheme

    49. But whenever they persecute you in this city, flee to the next; for truly I say to you, YOU SHALL NOT FINISH GOING THROUGH THE CITES OF ISRAEL, UNTIL THE

    50. Although the former (we are thinking of neglect) is undoubtedly only too true the case he cites of nurses forgetting to count the sponges in the peritoneal cavity is too rare to be normative

    1. His parents were Seventh-day Adventists, citing that Saturday was the one true day of worship according to God’s law

    2. Christian Satanism is not a religion of citing "well because this is

    3. There’s an item about the increase in teenage pregnancies which sets us debating: Dave taking the view that education is the way forward and citing Bunty Danvers as a prime case in point

    4. It was only a few more years after that when my second daughter left Sinbara, also citing Jorma

    5. refused though, citing that it wouldn’t be necessary

    6. He resigned over Christmas break citing

    7. Roman blamed himself, of course, citing that he should have never let

    8. But he quickly dismissed it in his mind, citing weariness and a resulting susceptibility to worry

    9. This time it was by recommendation of the chief medical consultant who’d treated him for injuries from some peculiar accident, citing possible psychological abnormalities (not that she could define what normal is, or look to herself as an example these days)

    10. Citing traffic violations, unless they were serious and reckless enough, was not our job

    11. Democrats have been shamefully exploiting this unhappy event for political reasons; unyielding in their persistence that poverty and racism are (somehow) the underlying factors responsible for this (―avoidable‖) tragedy when, in fact, it was the result of ―unintended‖ consequences precipitated by decades of political cynicism, cronyism, mis-management, fiscal incompetence and (local) corruption at every conceivable level; this despite the forewarnings of field experts (Army Corps of Engineers) citing potential or probably breaches in drainage canal levees since the Johnson Administration

    12. Caroline filed for divorce, citing François’ history of violence, desertion, armed assault and cocaine addiction

    13. Colling informed her, citing Blackshear’s unit and the fact that it was located in Frankfurt

    14. A messenger had shortly arrived bearing a message from the Patriarch, citing that the Castigator had been deemed unworthy in the eyes of God and that the Noble Representative, Lord Ursempyre Remis was the new Castigator of the Outer Territories

    15. Schwarzenegger submitted and vetoed the bill citing the supremacy of “international law

    16. citing high levels of contamination in fish caught in waters just off the plant

    17. the promotion of the sport, citing the facts

    18. Would Levi come here, would he want to see me, or clear out citing my insanity as one huge turn off? Was the kiss as hot blooded for him as it was for me? My mind drifted back to the moment when our lips had touched, the electrical surge that had vibrated every limb, every nerve of my body

    19. ” Justice Stevens softens his citation by insisting that citing foreign opinion does not necessarily mean taking it as guiding precedent

    20. But if citing such a precedent has no precedential value, why cite it?

    21. Monroe continued his finding by citing human consciousness is but a manifestation of

    22. (for more statistics – and the source of my citing these statistics

    23. ”18 There is much additional proof, but space precludes my citing it

    24. Garland, citing failed farmers’ woes

    25. five days after the incident she returned to Holland with their son, Simon, citing her need to

    26. The scientists are not convinced, citing the lack of empirical evidence

    27. The managing directors are citing mismanagement of funds as the cause

    28. Joe refused to entertain the idea of getting another dog, citing that it was not suitable in a street busy with traffic

    29. But Angela, citing recent articles, as well as her extensive medical education, was certain all signs pointed to a woman on the verge of having the operation to become a man

    30. Let me illustrate my contention by citing the example of a lustful man who thus wickedly looks upon his intended consort in sin

    31. Jasra wanted me to transform but the Healer had forced her to reconsider, citing reasons:

    32. He answers, summing up the math, citing

    33. When asked if he would like to assist, he stated that he was unavailable, citing Protocol 01-25

    34. Citing the power of

    35. It had not helped that many of the European countries that were part of the NATO mission had refused to redeploy their troops to fill those holes, citing national restrictions on the employment of their troops in Afghanistan

    36. refused, citing that the surgery is cosmetic, making it

    37. The study also recommended that mothers and children with asthma avoid disposables, citing the presence of dioxin in disposables, and the fact that each child puts two tons of untreated human sewage, paper, plastic and chemicals (including the “gel’) into our landfills

    38. Citing Frederick the Great, he informed his generals that it was the strength and determination of the leadership which decided whether wars were won or lost

    39. Unfortunately, he turned down my request, citing as a pretext a lack of available ships

    40. A woman and two children who showed up a few seconds later to get into the cabin called by the man were politely but promptly asked to use another cabin, citing reasons of security

    41. citing his own experiences as example

    42. Kathir begins by citing for support

    43. One school of thought claims that both refined and whole grains should be avoided, arguing that they were absent from the Paleolithic diet and citing the obvious association of grains with celiac disease and studies linking grain consumption with heart disease

    44. But, rightly or wrongly, that was not the way Hindustan was partitioned, and if so, what’s the rationale for those millions of Musalmans to stay back in India even after Pakistan came into being? So, any Pakistani argument for wanting Kashmir, citing its Muslim majority would be untenable to any reasonable mind and likewise, the urge of those Kashmiri Musalmans to merge the valley with the Islamic Pakistan wouldn’t sync with the spirit of partition

    45. Dhondup, citing the

    46. They hadn’t taken Sophie, citing her inexperience, and needing to spread their resources as less than satisfactory reasons

    47. Quick and efficient, she spouted relevant statistics, citing the change in population and work force through various stages of the town’s economic downturn as the furniture manufacturing industry, and all the peripheral manufacturing that went with it, moved elsewhere

    48. When the sheikh entered the disciple’s house and asked about the secret behind his absence from the meetings of knowledge and citing, the disciple’s mouth gaped open in astonishment and he stood up to address the sheikh:

    49. Such cases require honest repentance, with true citing of Al’lah and seeking refuge in His Holy Lofty Presence, followed by straightening oneself for His orders

    50. One member of the audience had lost an eye courtesy of Natalie’s dagger-like heels, and the papers had reported that the poor guy was planning to sue, along with other members of the audience who were citing everything from physical injuries to emotional distress to having wasted an evening

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