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    1. • AGRI-GRO: Agri-Gro is another of those great products that we humans invent! Agri-Gro is an enzyme product that helps restore life to the soil

    2. " Tahlmute said, "that's why we invent machines

    3. Now he knew that one of that race was stalking Ava, no doubt using the technology that she helped invent or bring over from YingolNeerie

    4. Now he will pretend, no doubt, that I have said anything which he may invent which will confirm his insane suspicions

    5. She had worked most of the last two months on the most sophisticated hardware trigger code she could invent

    6. It was necessary to invent something faster acting for them

    7. moment on, there is nothing to do, but to invent a new

    8. He endeavours, therefore, both to make among his workmen the most proper distribution of employment, and to furnish them with the best machines which he can either invent or afford to purchase

    9. could invent such explanations and some

    10. “Does intuition pan out? When we invent or discover, What pans out and falls together as in a sort of…

    11. wicked! He did not invent it, but is known as its

    12. brought his knife against the corner of her eye, Nerissa started to invent the most lascivious story her imagination could produce

    13. He thought that someone should invent

    14. She didn’t have to invent noises

    15. You do not need to invent the process for

    16. It seems scarce possible to invent a more equitable way of maintaining such works

    17. In such societies, the varied occupations of every man oblige every man to exert his capacity, and to invent expedients for removing difficulties which are continually occurring

    18. No, Al Gore never claimed to invent the internet

    19. The question is, can one invent or

    20. We really do not have to invent anything new

    21. I wish that someone would just hurry up and invent a time machine, just so some of these knuckleheads could look at themselves 10, 20, even 30 years from now

    22. “When I was developing the Dauntless simulations, years ago, we discovered that certain levels of potency overwhelmed the brain and made it too insensible with terror to invent new surroundings, which was when we diluted the solution so that the simulations would be more instructive

    23. It worked, though, because I used to go outside every day and invent these elaborate worlds and scenarios in my head, and when I grew too old for playing pretend, I started to write everything down instead

    24. She could put on several frills and invent a few artistic details to enhance the horror

    25. The Buddha described what he observed to exist around him (he did not invent the law of karma)

    26. the calves out of the midst of the stall; 5 Who chant to the sound of the viol, and invent to themselves instruments of music, like

    27. He slapped Derek hard again for having the cheek to invent a

    28. invent a better story otherwise they might just shoot him there and then as a spy

    29. As a government monopoly the schools have little incentive to improve, invent, question, or reform

    30. But why should I invent patterns of crea-

    31. Invent recipes that have ingredients that are low in cholesterol

    32. They just invent it, take the easiest way out, and have a 90% failure rate

    33. “Even if they invent a pill as the closest

    34. If the Jewish Left had possessed the power to invent an enemy, they could not have done better than fate alone had done in providing Joe McCarthy

    35. They invent, create and improvise, and have a capacity to see what the run-of-the-mill executive cannot see

    36. See if you both can invent a consonant game

    37. 16 Invent O tyrant tortures; that you may learn even through them that I am the brother of those tormented before

    38. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”

    39. What if this ‘seamless plan’ that we would supposedly invent actually worked? What if a few of us

    40. points, and could invent a kind of release mechanism, I could let

    41. This is where the various religions invent all kinds of things to say in their own way

    42. A lame story that could be easily falsified, but it was the best he could invent on the spot

    43. He'd have to invent something

    44. He decided to invent a kind of security risk the Major—and Summers—would never have heard of before, because it didn't exist

    45. On one hand, we repress our desire, and on the other we invent

    46. He had to invent a third option… If only he could get the incoming men to move past him

    47. It is not the purpose ofInner Circle to invent a ‘tablets of stone’ morality, or set of beliefs

    48. Although it most certainly did not occur as I invent it here, it should have

    49. In his current state of upset, he didn’t stop to invent an alias

    50. write or invent things, but they passed their days in

    1. "You don't think it's the most ghoulish thing ever invented in the universe?"

    2. “We invented sun tan lotion as a byproduct of our fire protection technology,” Ackers explained

    3. May I ask who invented it?” The Operator asked as he kept his attention focused on the screen

    4. SuperSeaweed was invented by myself in 1972 while I attended school at the University of Florida located in Gainesville Florida

    5. "Laugh if you want, but before the starships came, scientists used to think kedas invented humans in a lab to be their servants

    6. If, along with suns, molten planet cores and gas nebulae, Smith had invented

    7. In frustration I invented the first of the games, the first of the displacement activities that would become a keystone in my monument to survival in this terrible place

    8. Arscog still believed Saggothans invented humans and they had spread to YingolNeerie in the energy age

    9. Smith thought through the very fabric of time and finally, in a moment of naturally divine inspiration, He invented the word

    10. Instead he said, "You can't take advantage of the fact that it wasn't invented yet

    11. One of the contestants made a suit out of the finest electronic wizardry, which turned his body into the most beautiful, the most versatile and brilliantly clear television screen ever invented

    12. Maths is the worst thing ever invented by man

    13. It wasn't some cool philosophy that ancient sages invented, but a survival

    14. category invented by Indian women ever - rakhi brother

    15. She had never seen such a convincing replica of ancient Earth, complete with the smells and sounds of the livestock, the limited but vibrant palette of colors and an aroma that told her that the drain trap had not yet been invented

    16. She had managed to escape him into Angel space long before he was able to understand the full significance of what his labs had invented

    17. Technology from a later time won’t work in an area that was created before it was invented

    18. has already been invented

    19. “It runs them in Heaven,” Ava said, “Maybe this creature is what we’ve always known as ‘Heaven’ until the Afterlife was invented

    20. word “buxom” had been invented especially for her

    21. That’s not something we invented, that was done in Brancetrabble’s labs in the 45th when Lbront Nevn came storming out into the East Trenst Basin bent on conquest

    22. There was more money, genetics was invented, there were high speed vehicles that glided on tracks all around the world, huge mechanical floaters in the skies and maybe even ships that were able to leave the world entirely

    23. During this time photonic logic was invented and all the photonic devices on the planet had been built

    24. They had space wars here when Earth had just invented the pyramid

    25. Among his inventions and creations were the wooden cow he constructed for the queen of Knossos, the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, artificial wings for himself and his son Icarus, and he was even said to have invented images

    26. More heads are occupied in inventing the most proper machinery for executing the work of each, and it is, therefore, more likely to be invented

    27. But when both have been fairly invented, and are well understood,

    28. cals, things being invented now

    29. there is the key of humanity’s success: man invented

    30. The quantity of materials which the same number of people can work up, increases in a great proportion as labour comes to be more and more subdivided; and as the operations of each workman are gradually reduced to a greater degree of simplicity, a variety of new machines come to be invented for facilitating and abridging those operations

    31. Greeks invented and they repudiate as well, then the

    32. It was so beautiful, I thought it must have been designed by Athena, Herself, She who’d invented ships

    33. That she hasn’t sold me off at once, Nerissa realized, or even invented excuses to punish me, means she fears Theoton’s reaction

    34. They invented, therefore, another method of issuing their promissory notes; by granting what they call cash accounts, that is, by giving credit, to the extent of a certain sum (two or three thousand pounds for example), to any individual who could procure two persons of undoubted credit and good landed estate to become surety for him, that whatever money should be advanced to him, within the sum for which the credit had been given, should be repaid upon demand, together with the legal interest

    35. monarchy to whom that invented democracy

    36. glasses because they stil had not be invented

    37. Aces! The Greeks have invented lots of smart

    38. the whole class invented a slogan:

    39. “The whole thing’s rot invented by a

    40. with this meaning was invented by St

    41. They haven’t invented fire yet!”

    42. who invented democracy too

    43. the belief that they invented democracy

    44. was invented the exercise of the lean; in

    45. beauty disease; the ideal of beauty invented

    46. have invented the aesthetics

    47. Interesting is that this technique was invented

    48. - It was ugly, but he invented the pan flute

    49. Miletus, who invented the philosophy

    50. the word invented by them

    1. We each discovered the complexity of games and fantasies, inventing new ways to fill the long hours of immobile captivity

    2. 'That's fucking-follow-on-fantastic,' Ish said, inventing his own phrases for the

    3. is what we call “problem inventing of a cause

    4. More heads are occupied in inventing the most proper machinery for executing the work of each, and it is, therefore, more likely to be invented

    5. the answers to them and, inventing answers each and

    6. Truly, I think you’re just inventing ‘rules’ and reasons to chastise me! The war was never explicitly labeled as off limits when I signed on

    7. What were they trying to do to him? They were inventing a whole persona for him and he felt so helpless

    8. from myself and began inventing excuses and all that sort of thing, but

    9. Perfect for patching bullet holes in airframes, and inventing anti-gravity suits

    10. He was given the Nobel Prize, along with two others, for inventing the transistor, and with his company, helped to create Silicon Valley

    11. Johnny kept inventing new gestures; each day there were more ideas he recognized and insisted on being able to convey

    12. Jefferson and Lincoln warned of the danger posed by an irresponsible Supreme Court more interested in inventing and imposing its own arbitrary sense of “justice” than in enforcing the rule of law legitimately enacted

    13. Each of you is capable of creatively inventing your life and sustaining it

    14. process of inventing memories

    15. You're inventing information in your head that isn't there

    16. thinking or calculation; and (3) constructivism - knowing based on inventing ideas

    17. requires the practice of Constructivism (inventing ideas if needed), and the rejection of Fundamentalism

    18. Inwardly, she thought that the ring and the sorcery were inventions of a witch without occupation, which had been given to the task of inventing such spells to frighten and intimidate their fellow human beings

    19. Who knows what they would be inventing

    20. Before sleeping they analysed the days events and decided to pretend ignorance about everything in Oasis, and keep inventing reasons for the Mages to need them until they had an escape plan

    21. Carrot-Top was hoping that his father, a master of inventing, had come up with something that could withstand the armies of the wizards

    22. No way is better than another, there is only a capacity of continuously inventing a life path characterized by a wish of continuously changing the way in which you consider the way and try to look upon it with a different gaze rather than trying to feel remorse for the roads that we have not trodden on

    23. Marie Curie won the Noel Prize for inventing the radiator

    24. Bobby Bridger – Buffalo Bill And Sitting Bull: Inventing The Wild West (2002: University of Texas Press)

    25. Farah had managed to stay in her laboratory only by inventing a story about investigating the possibility of multiple, parallel timelines

    26. In the "standard" inventing way this mostly doesn't happen

    27. But for an inventor or design engineer, the passion is in the inventing or engineering

    28. inventing side of things

    29. You wouldn't think for a minute that the engineering and inventing is

    30. But, I love to read about the history of inventors and inventing

    31. The inventor (you/me) takes the inventing risk (as it should be) and other

    32. where I'll be putting my "inventing" development efforts for a while

    33. However, in this inventing

    34. of materials and staff in the place, leaving me to run the fun inventing stuff

    35. hassles with courts and lawyers? I very much enjoy my inventing work, but having seen

    36. well firstly think about whether this commercial inventing game is really going to be

    37. God says: “… and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah, thus inventing a lie about Him

    38. “and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah, thus inventing a lie about Him

    39. Moreover, God says: “…and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah, thus inventing lies against Him

    40. He does admit: ‘The Greeks in general have a weakness for inventing stories with no basis of fact

    41. He’s also credited with inventing an algorithm for the systematic identification of prime numbers, in addition to his work in cartography and other fields

    42. Mankind had lowered itself to inventing gods, no longer to explain the unknown, but to

    43. I’m not against inventing new narratives; when the old ones pale,

    44. Instead of inventing more and more phantom “diseases of the mind” to excuse lack of self control and poor parenting, it’s appropriate to come clean as a society

    45. 'They are,' Stick said, still wondering how any civilisation could avoid inventing wheels as it evolved, 'But apparently, you don't use wheels on Zorba?'

    46. What foresight he had shown in inventing such a thing! If only he had evidenced just a bit more foresight

    47. and with it came additional fear and insecurity, for in those days it was well known that they would kill prisoners during the transfers, inventing ’shoot outs’

    48. “But I was very unwilling to give up my beliefs; I feel sure of this for I can well remember often and often inventing day-dreams of old letters between distinguished Romans and manuscripts being discovered at Pompeii or elsewhere which confirmed in the most striking manner all that was written in the Gospels

    49. She shook her head, thinking he could have been inventing the whole thing

    50. She wondered whether this was how E-mail romances got started — hadn’t there been a film about that? She could see herself inventing the long blonde hair and the 36/22/36 figure she had wanted as a teenager

    1. morality, but cleverly invents something else

    2. Until such a time Science invents a time machine capable of transporting vast populations to the Wellsian corners of time and space, our Justices would be well-advised to correctly consider the direction our society has taken and the incomparable nature of crime in today‘s environment marked by an unprecedented increase in youthful offenders whose

    3. It might be culturally closer to Arizona, where much of the white population directs their still deep racism at Natives rather than invents fanciful stories of an Indian in the family as southerners do

    4. When the Supreme Court invents new law there is no consideration by elected representatives, no open debate, no decision made in the light of day, no one to be held accountable at the polls

    5. What the mind invents, the mind destroys

    6. invents creation and then wonders ‘who is the creator?’ The

    7. course of history, it invents new life forms that face death and overcome it forever

    8. A scientist concentrates his mind and invents many things

    9. Astrology invents lies, anstonomy looks for the truth existence

    10. A second example of a false word is; when someone tells something about another by either praising or dispraising him in spite of not knowing him, and he who tells lies and invents stories about himself or about others which are not based on truth

    11. When one invents the wheel, they are intimately related to all things wheel-like

    12. He is not yet a man who is quite completely free at this point in his life, however, and so Homer invents the island of Ogygia, found at the edge of the world, where Ulysses remains imprisoned for seven long years

    13. He then invents a fan

    14. I don’t know who invents this stuff

    15. she invents someone craving her

    16. She is so desperate for sex that she invents some one even more

    17. Whatever civilization creates or invents or manufactures it always without exception must be worse than what existed before

    18. Mathematics is insane because it ignores all actual connections, and invents imaginary separations where none actually exist

    19. To have a 10,000 yr-old tradition wiped out because some jerk of an intelligent Semite invents a simplified form of religiosity? You can bet these undead things were pissed off against this tiny sect of cunning Semites

    20. Instead of the Roman empire washing their hands of his guilt: the American empire falsifies and invents his guilt

    21. And invents something called ‘movies’… so you will not move

    22. � In the book Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein invents the idea of "Fair Witness," a person trained to observe and speak with absolute objectivity, no interpretations or diagnoses

    23. To say a good man or woman thinks, or conquers, or invents, or explores, or gives, or cares, or teaches, or heals, or leads, or inspires, or whatever, was inevitably incomplete

    24. If someone invents a bul etproof, flying suit, he

    25. Who does greater wrong than someone who invents falsehood against God, or says, "It was revealed to me," when nothing was revealed to him, or says, "I will reveal the like of what God revealed"? If only you could see the wrongdoers in the floods of death, as the angels with arms outstretched: "Give up your souls

    26. He who invents lies will fail

    27. "What an idea! _Was willst du mehr?_ What things the fool invents! Ah, yes!

    28. Kitty and Minnie Kirk likewise regard him with affection, and tell all sorts of stories about the plays he invents, the presents he brings, and the splendid tales he tells

    29. He is desirous of proclaiming that the interval between them is immeasurable, and invents a formula to give expression to his idea

    30. as far only for the bones I hate those eels cod yes Ill get a nice piece of cod Im always getting enough for 3 forgetting anyway Im sick of that everlasting butchers meat from Buckleys loin chops and leg beef and rib steak and scrag of mutton and calfs pluck the very name is enough or a picnic suppose we all gave 5/- each and or let him pay it and invite some other woman for him who Mrs Fleming and drove out to the furry glen or the strawberry beds wed have him examining all the horses toenails first like he does with the letters no not with Boylan there yes with some cold veal and ham mixed sandwiches there are little houses down at the bottom of the banks there on purpose but its as hot as blazes he says not a bank holiday anyhow I hate those ruck of Mary Ann coalboxes out for the day Whit Monday is a cursed day too no wonder that bee bit him better the seaside but Id never again in this life get into a boat with him after him at Bray telling the boatman he knew how to row if anyone asked could he ride the steeplechase for the gold cup hed say yes then it came on to get rough the old thing crookeding about and the weight all down my side telling me pull the right reins now pull the left and the tide all swamping in floods in through the bottom and his oar slipping out of the stirrup its a mercy we werent all drowned he can swim of course me no theres no danger whatsoever keep yourself calm in his flannel trousers Id like to have tattered them down off him before all the people and give him what that one calls flagellate till he was black and blue do him all the good in the world only for that longnosed chap I dont know who he is with that other beauty Burke out of the City Arms hotel was there spying around as usual on the slip always where he wasnt wanted if there was a row on youd vomit a better face there was no love lost between us thats 1 consolation I wonder what kind is that book he brought me Sweets of Sin by a gentleman of fashion some other Mr de Kock I suppose the people gave him that nickname going about with his tube from one woman to another I couldnt even change my new white shoes all ruined with the saltwater and the hat I had with that feather all blowy and tossed on me how annoying and provoking because the smell of the sea excited me of course the sardines and the bream in Catalan bay round the back of the rock they were fine all silver in the fishermens baskets old Luigi near a hundred they said came from Genoa and the tall old chap with the earrings I dont like a man you have to climb up to to get at I suppose theyre all dead and rotten long ago besides I dont like being alone in this big barracks of a place at night I suppose Ill have to put up with it I never brought a bit of salt in even when we moved in the confusion musical academy he was going to make on the first floor drawingroom with a brassplate or Blooms private hotel he suggested go and ruin himself altogether the way his father did down in Ennis like all the things he told father he was going to do and me but I saw through him telling me all the lovely places we could go for the honeymoon Venice by moonlight with the gondolas and the lake of Como he had a picture cut out of some paper of and mandolines and lanterns O how nice I said whatever I liked he was going to do immediately if not sooner will you be my man will you carry my can he ought to get a leather medal with a putty rim for all the plans he invents then leaving us here all day youd never know what old beggar at the door for a crust with his long story might be a tramp and put his foot in the way to prevent me shutting it like that picture of that hardened criminal he was called in Lloyds Weekly news 20 years in jail then he comes out and murders an old woman for

    31. First he sends you to bribe me, then when that fails he invents a new tax

    32. 1808: Humphry Davy (UK) invents the first “arc lamp” – a piece of carbon that glowed when attached to a battery by wires

    33. 1844: Samuel Morse (USA) invents the electric telegraph, a machine that could transmit long-distance messages across wire

    34. But once someone invents a piece of technology called a ladder, I’ve suddenly got new reach

    35. … On the contrary, the SF-writer is responsible both for the world he has placed his action, and for the action as well, inasmuch as he, within certain limits, invents both one and the other

    36. ‘What an idea! Was willst du mehr? What things the fool invents! Ah, yes!

    37. He was that sort of jealous man who, in the absence of the beloved woman, at once invents all sorts of awful fancies of what may be happening to her, and how she may be betraying him, but, when shaken, heartbroken, convinced of her faithlessness, he runs back to her; at the first glance at her face, her gay, laughing, affectionate face, he revives at once, lays aside all suspicion and with joyful shame abuses himself for his jealousy

    38. They build fortresses, construct arsenals and ships, constantly manufacture arms, which after awhile have to be replaced by others, because science, which ought always to be directed toward the well-being of men, unfortunately lends its aid to works of destruction, invents at every instant new engines for killing great masses of men as rapidly as possible

    39. From that time on Maupassant no longer does what he did in his first two novels,—he does not take for the foundation of his novels certain moral demands and on their basis describe the activity of his persons, but writes his novels as all artisan novelists write theirs, that is, he invents the most interesting and the most pathetic or most contemporary persons and situations, and from these composes his novel, adorning it with all those observations which he has happened to make and which fit into the canvas of the novel, without the slightest concern how the events described are related to the demands of morality

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    Synonyms for "invent"

    contrive devise excogitate forge formulate invent cook up fabricate make up manufacture concoct lie conceive create produce originate discover

    "invent" definitions

    come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort

    concoct something artificial or untrue