labor sätze

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Labor sätze (in englisch)

  1. Each step was a labor.
  2. It is a labor of love.
  3. It was a labor of love.
  4. I focused on manual labor.
  5. It is the labor of a life.

  6. A big labor and time saver.
  7. Review the labor laws above.
  8. Lots of physical labor today.
  9. She would go into labor soon.
  10. The labor in the fields was.
  11. Eve "CONTINUED IN LABOR" [Heb.
  12. Not the labor of my hands.
  13. Lisa went into labor early.
  14. He had lived by his own labor.
  15. It was truly a labor of love!.

  16. The labor force status of the.
  17. I’m skil ed labor, my lord.
  18. The labor of love of your choice.
  19. For him, it was a labor of love.
  20. To love and labor in their prime.
  21. Clintons made Secretary of Labor.
  22. Most of the dock labor has left.
  23. It was the Labor Day weekend 2005.
  24. While there is yet time we labor.
  25. I remember when Megan gave labor.

  26. Where you labor is where you live.
  27. Unnecessary Labor = Waste of Time.
  28. That was sometime after Labor Day.
  29. There is no scarcity of labor to.
  30. Her labor seemed to go on forever.
  31. If you don't mind a little labor.
  32. Taya was in labor for sixteen hours.
  33. Less labor equals more life for all.
  34. U are the nu, post-singular labor.
  35. A job for job's sake is waste labor.
  36. Children and women forced into labor.
  37. This was all the fruits of his labor.
  38. Your labor will pay for your keep.
  39. Costs in money, labor, material, and.
  40. So Eve continued in labor to bare Abel.
  41. We are called upon to pray and labor.
  42. Labor, I thought the place was on fire.
  43. I was in labor by the end of the day.
  44. To envision a world in which labor is.
  45. That was enough physical labor for today.
  46. Even speech was a labor and a weariness.
  47. They would split the labor and expenses.
  48. And every such case requires great labor.
  49. Let’s harvest the fruits of your labor.
  50. May it illuminate our lives and our labor.
  51. Join the work release forced labor swamp.
  52. A little levity turns labor into play.
  53. What profit has a man from all his labor.
  54. That done, Jean Valjean resumed his labor.
  55. Why, we have sentenced her to hard labor.
  56. The priests also expected slave labor in.
  57. The seed is ripe, labor pain will be great.
  58. This was before lawsuits versus the Labor.
  59. I was about to reap the fruits of my labor.
  60. But the division of labor is more profitable.
  61. And the same is the case with physical labor.
  62. Businesses that have a high labor component.
  63. There is only endless labor and sweat, small.
  64. Army and shipped to slave labor camps in the.
  65. Come all who labor, here you shall find rest.
  66. Your property in the labor of others is safe.
  67. Salvation Army because it was after Labor Day.
  68. They labor twelve hours a day for a pittance.
  69. I haven’t seen him since I went into labor.
  70. Brief History of the American Labor Movement U.
  71. For whom then, do I labor, and deprive my.
  72. The Code is the fruit of their longtime labor.
  73. One hundred forty-two even, parts and labor.
  74. He fled losing all his life labor and property.
  75. Bob had made a fine art of this labor avoidance.
  76. Moaning with pain, he still continued to labor.
  77. Labor is the creative instinct in manifestation.
  78. All were dressed for a day of hard, messy labor.
  79. Cheap labor is not a reason to be an Australian.
  80. She does not labor under the burden of confusion.
  81. None had made a sound since my labor intensified.
  82. To labor is to serve and all service is honorable.
  83. An equal day’s pay: for an equal day’s labor.
  84. And thus it is very easy to conceive how labor.
  85. SERVICE should be the primary motive of all labor.
  86. Temperance and labor are the two best physicians:.
  87. His destiny now was to be sent off to a labor camp.
  88. I was afraid she might go into labor at any moment.
  89. Elizabeth went into labor and the house was buzzing.
  90. Most of the other residents were day labor Mexicans.
  91. The labor pains began at four o'clock in the morning.
  92. All that was drowned in a sea of merry common labor.
  93. You know Jesse, he hates any kind of physical labor.
  94. She was not in labor and the baby luckily was alive.
  95. I regard this as the Association’s field of labor.
  96. This was not unheard of, as slave labor had begun to.
  97. As a business owner, you must adhere to all labor laws.
  98. Colleen was having severe contractions and labor pains.
  99. I was now going into labor in the middle of the woods.
  100. This means hard labor for her, and she is not guilty.
  1. The stallion panted, laboring hard.
  2. He has been laboring all his life.
  3. It was an intense day, laboring in.
  4. Upon a laboring day without the sign.
  5. When I was a child a laboring man was.
  6. The experience gained by laboring in love.
  7. Parnell has been laboring for nine hours now.
  8. They would constantly ask if they were laboring in the.
  9. As it was, I recall laboring until the wee hours of the morning.
  10. They have been laboring incessantly for two weeks, without rest.
  11. It is still alive, but if she is still laboring a couple of hours.
  12. He laid a gentle hand on her laboring chest and whispered, ‘Sorry.
  13. I always laugh when I read of laboring men striking for higher wages.
  14. All this in the conditions of life in which the laboring man finds himself.
  15. Laboring people, even, never make any distinguishable element in its populace.
  16. Think of Fritz Haber, laboring in Karlsruhe, hoping to find a solution to hunger.
  17. The workers were bent over in the extreme heat, laboring with pickaxes and sieves.
  18. But they knew instinctively, as they knew thoroughbred horses laboring to save him.
  19. The Pharisees had been laboring to persuade Mary that Jesus was beside himself, demented.
  20. Biology and psychology are still laboring under the old linear time, objective space view.
  21. There was no organization other than Rogerdonia and few of his friends laboring on keeping the 222.
  22. He was a sort of laboring man, who wore a waistcoat with large pockets and carried a mattock under his arm.
  23. Money enslaves the dancing mind to the laboring body and chains the creative spirit to the consuming hunger.
  24. Thatcher was backing her all the way and had even done some extra laboring so that she could have a new uniform.
  25. For many floors now he'd been laboring up the zigzag stairs that had been planked up to what were once balconies.
  26. Choate was an over-worked man, and in his later years, the tension under which he was laboring was quite apparent.
  27. Agriculture, which is to be, after all, the occupation of the great majority of the people for whom we are laboring.
  28. They tell us of the hard conditions of life among the laboring classes and the general impoverishment of the people.
  29. Lyman, and he, laboring in his vocation, granted patents of citizenship, or made his claim on the British Admiralty.
  30. He is most likely somewhere else, sealed in a space capsule in the center of a field of lavender, laboring over words.
  31. In I'mage's culture of judgement laboring under an ethic of perfection, the will to self-define is a terrifying choice.
  32. Each day, Louie and Harris hung together, laboring through forced exercise, bearing blows from the guards, and whispering.
  33. As many of the people in that city are laboring people, they could attend school better in the evening than through the day.
  34. She was suddenly tired, more tired than she had ever been laboring, the strain which had given her strength, suddenly snapped.
  35. John Brooke', and evidently laboring under the delusion that the whole affair had been brought about by his excellent management.
  36. It seemed to him that no pleasure on earth could compare with laboring for the welfare and protection of the beautiful white girl.
  37. There, the prisoners live on thin soup and hard black bread, laboring to chop down trees in temperatures as cold as seventy below zero.
  38. He did not stop for conventionalities of greeting, but let all the high pressure under which he was laboring appear in his eloquent eyes.
  39. I saw he did not believe me—which was natural, as he thought I was laboring in heavy weather, with a bad cargo of coal stocks and contracts.
  40. It was fortunate for my peace of mind that I could not forecast the future, and had no premonition of my initial experience as a laboring person.
  41. Duke Salthar and Duke Fern were laboring frantically to rebuild, calling up thousands of militia and enlisting even more thousands of new recruits.
  42. In spite of all his social experience Vronsky was, in consequence of the new position in which he was placed, laboring under a strange misapprehension.
  43. But I can remember when we came to it with prayer, listening for trouble in our laboring old motors, drawing a plume of steam from our boiling radiators.
  44. Daniel galloped up silently, holding a naked dagger in his left hand and thrashing the laboring sides of his chestnut horse with his whip as if it were a flail.
  45. I have consulted upon this point many ecclesiastics laboring in Our Lord, who occupy themselves in the exercises of the clerical life, and who bear wonderful fruit.
  46. A man-at-arms with more presence of mind than his fellows set his horse laboring up the slope at these peasants who had the temerity to throw things at their betters.
  47. It is also natural that the judge should willingly admit the necessity of a system through which he receives fifty times more than the most hard-working laboring man.
  48. But it is not requisite to institute any association, because the man who labors, naturally and of himself, attaches himself to the existing association of laboring men.
  49. He had shut his eyes in the last instant of reverie while he heard Dorothea saying, Advise me—think what I can do—he has been all his life laboring and looking forward.
  50. Bolt stands to one side, ignoring the laboring men, taking seemingly random shots of something on the other side of the highway that only he can see: click, whir, click, whir.
  51. There was a defining moment in our nation‘s history when the laboring classes (en masse) went from resenting the rich to emulating their lifestyles…or trying to, at least.
  52. Bottom line – unless God is the One who is building up your life in the direction that He will want it to go in, you will end up laboring in vain when it is all finally said and done.
  53. We are all enjoying a moderate degree of health, which, of course, is quite encouraging to one laboring in this country, and helps him to enter upon the year’s work with renewed vigor.
  54. The present revolution in the opinions of all classes of men, the highest and most cultured of men as well as those of the laboring class, stands unparalleled in the history of the world.
  55. The French war has so disturbed the people among whom he was laboring, and, for the present, so closed the doors to missionary service, that he has seized the opportunity for a visit to us.
  56. Jesus has already told us that if we try and build our house all on our own efforts without any of God’s help or guidance, that we will end up laboring in vain when it is all said and done.
  57. The Jayco was laboring hard, fighting to gain a tirehold on the shifting gravel of a much too-steep hill, when something caught the woman’s eye and dragged it to the driver’s-side window.
  58. All work should be reconceived as functions for health creation, laboring to maintain and improve the vitality of society, the integrity of the commons, and the creativity of the individual.
  59. The proofs of this lie in that confession of all men of science, that the gains of science and art are inaccessible to the laboring masses, in consequence of the faulty distribution of riches.
  60. Yet at the same time everyone sees all round him the division of men into two castes—the one, laboring, oppressed, poor, and suffering, the other idle, oppressing, luxurious, and profligate.
  61. Take for instance, a man laboring in the hot sun with nothing to drink, and working until he’s worn blisters on his feet and hands and he’s nearly in tears from the terrible ache in his back.
  62. He felt like Whistler laboring over the proto-Ab-Ex fireworks in Nocturne in Black and Gold, which John Ruskin, his supposed buddy, had likened to a pot of paint thrown in the public’s face.
  63. Although the president approves and gets credit for these treaties, legions of hardworking public servants laboring under the direction of the secretary of state actually hammer out the agreements.
  64. The sticks were removed, and the stones lifted; for Indian cunning was known frequently to adopt these objects as covers, laboring with the utmost patience and industry, to conceal each footstep as they proceeded.
  65. He continued laboring over her heatedly and then another orgasm swelled from within her to a tremendous bursting, only to be followed by still a third eruption which tore through her being with delightful ferocity.
  66. To-day, according to the last report of the society under whose auspices I have been laboring for many years, that society alone has given instruction to 80,000 persons, and these in turn to tens of thousands more.
  67. This consists in taking the property of the laboring classes by means of taxation and distributing it among the officials, who, in consideration of this, are bound to maintain and increase the bondage of the people.
  68. The general alienation from Christianity, of the scientific, literary, and laboring classes of Europe, so far as it is speculative, is the final result of a skepticism, which began, with a denial of the endless torment of the lost.
  69. He was laboring under the “mental spell” of an “indestructible spirit,” and of course saw but two possible ways—either to set the sinner free, or torment him eternally—and as God could not do the former, He must do the latter.
  70. It is their opinion that astronomical observations are highly useful to a navigating and commercial people, already eminent for their progress in science and the arts, and who are laboring for the completion of their national dignity and splendor.
  71. This number could, of course, be greatly swelled by the figures which could be shown by the Congregationalists, Baptists and Presbyterians, who for these many years have been laboring with equal patience, zeal and love, for the advancement of mankind.
  72. His side of Lowick was the most remote from the village, and the houses of the laboring people were either lone cottages or were collected in a hamlet called Frick, where a water-mill and some stone-pits made a little centre of slow, heavy-shouldered industry.
  73. They weren’t particularly welcome in Costa Rica and usually could find a place for themselves only in the most undesirable of areas, laboring in menial jobs – hence his welcome reception by authorities when attempting to locate and return them to Nicaragua.
  74. Why is it other people can perish and not realize it, and still be in a hopeful condition? Is Nichols too thickly clad in tradition to see that such is the Bible sense of the word, and that such must be its final use, and that he was laboring under a monstrous delusion?
  75. Recall to mind the rich men and women whom you have known; are not most of them invalids? A person of that class whose physical disabilities do not oblige him to take a periodical course of hygienic and medical treatment is as rare as is an invalid among the laboring classes.
  76. Continuing their rapid progress up the line, the groaning refrain was soon suffused with a more melodic chanting coming from those more used to heavy laboring activity, and the sounds were of the kind made in unison that helped to mitigate the arduousness and boredom of those efforts.
  77. The deductions directly arising from this theory were the following: The wretched condition of the laboring classes was such in accordance with an unalterable law, which does not depend upon men; and, if any one is to blame in this matter, it is the hungry laboring classes themselves.
  78. Why, sir, should a poor man laboring out of doors not be suffered to take his breakfast or give it to his children without paying a tax to the Government, in order that the man who does not labor, and whose head is of no more use to the community than his arms, should live in idleness?
  79. I know not whether the feelings of shame or indignation predominate in my breast, when I see gentlemen constantly laboring to place their own Government in the wrong; and, in contradiction to the official records of this House, insist that we are contending for the employment of foreigners.
  80. Whoever I may be, whether I belong to the well-to-do—the oppressing class—or to the oppressed laboring class, in either case the disadvantages of non-submission are less numerous than the disadvantages of submission, and the advantages of non-submission greater than those of submission.
  81. During most of the night and since they had arisen that morning, Simon Peter and Simon Zelotes had been earnestly laboring with their brethren to bring them all to the point of the wholehearted acceptance of the Master, not merely as the Messiah, but also as the divine Son of the living God.
  82. For it appears to be as irrational to declare that those persons shall perish and be destroyed, who are in fact to be kept alive evermore in suffering, as it would be to say of a man laboring under a distemper, which was certain not to be fatal and mortal, that he was dying or perishing in it.
  83. Yet who of all the connoisseurs of art has received impressions from all these pseudo works of art? Not to mention all the laboring classes who have no conception of these productions, even people of the upper classes cannot know one in a thousand of them all, and cannot remember those they have known.
  84. They are quite well aware of its existence among the laboring classes; they know that it can never die; they know, too, that the working-men realize the deceits practised upon them, and the abuses that they endure; that they have started organizations to throw off the yoke, and to take vengeance on their oppressors.
  85. Unquestionable, he found the word destroy used in an accommodated or figurative sense, but does that prove that it was a figurative sense in the flood? This is proof positive that he is laboring to bring both the figurative and literal under one and the same sense, obliteration the literal and making it all figurative.
  86. And this is because they are laboring under an error similar to that of the clergy, in believing that they possess such infallible methods of studying their subject that, if they but bring their so-called scientific methods to bear upon the subject under consideration, there can be no doubt as to the accuracy of their conclusion.
  87. They could see the sprawling yellow clinker-brick complex of the AEG Kabelwerk factory just outside town, but they could not see the thousands of slave laborers that would soon be put to work there, manufacturing electric cables, laboring twelve hours a day, living in squalid camps nearby until they died of typhus or malnutrition.
  88. Not only do the rich realize that the possession of wealth is in itself a fault, for which they strive to atone by donations to science and art, as formerly they redeemed their sins by endowing churches; but even the majority of the laboring class now understand that the existing order is false, and should be altered, if not abolished.
  89. You stand there, I say, and recognize that you are in the presence of the creative energy of millions of men and machines building, hauling, planting, laboring, all over the world; and then you go into your broker’s office and hear slim young gentlemen talk of playing the market, and you don’t wonder the broker is cynical and careful.
  90. Nekhludoff quickly raised himself, rubbing his eyes, and the incidents of the morning passed before his mind's eye—the procession of the convicts, the men who had died from the heat, the grated windows of the cars, and the women huddled behind them, one of whom was laboring in child-birth without aid, and another piteously smiling to him from behind the iron grating.
  91. And those who occupy a similar position will believe in him and sing his praises, and take counsel together upon the best methods of improving the condition of those very laboring classes they spend their lives in exploiting; and for this purpose they suggest every possible expedient, save that which would effect it,—namely, to desist from robbing the poor of the land necessary for their subsistence.
  92. Zombie tranced by monergy, owners and controllers try to divide workers into separate unions, fields, and occupations to propel us into a class competition between skilled and unskilled labor, the higher, the lower, and the non-paid, so we fight each other, rather than resisting and refusing that which enslaves worker and owner alike – money; that which you are laboring for, rather than the health of each other and Eartheart.
  93. The highest life is probably to be reached, not by such imitation of the life of Christ as Count Tolstoi gives us, but, while animated by Christ's spirit, by recognizing the changed conditions of this age, and adopting modes of expressing this spirit suitable to the changed conditions under which we live, still laboring for the good of our fellows, which was the essence of his life and teaching, but laboring in a different manner.
  94. It will begin when the man of science, technologist or physician, will not consider it legal to take from people—I will not say a hundred thousand, but even a modest ten thousand, or five hundred rubles for assisting them; but when he will live among the toiling people, under the same conditions, and exactly as they do, then he will be able to apply his knowledge to the questions of mechanics, technics, hygiene, and the healing of the laboring people.
  95. What difference will it make if I wear one shirt a week, and make may own cigarettes, or do not smoke at all? This difference, that some laundress and some cigarette-maker will exert their strength less, and that what I have spent for washing and for the making of cigarettes I can give to that very laundress, or even to other laundresses and toilers who are worn out with their labor, and who, instead of laboring beyond their strength, will then be able to rest, and drink tea.
  96. But even if we admit for a moment that it might be better for the race to discard its present foundation, Individualism,-that it is a nobler ideal that man should labor, not for himself alone, but in and for a brotherhood of his fellows, and share with them all in common, realizing Swedenborg's idea of heaven, where, as he says, the angels derive their happiness, not from laboring for self, but for each other, -even admit all this, and a sufficient answer is, This is not evolution, but revolution.
  97. It is true the tragedy of the faded face combined with the uncomfortably young heart, which is the tragedy that every woman who has had an easy life has to endure for quite a number of years, finds no place in the existence of a drudge; it is true too that I never yet saw, and I am sure you didn't, a woman of the laboring classes make efforts to appear younger than she is; and it is also true that I have seldom seen, and I am sure you haven't, women of the class that has little to do leave off making them.
  98. And so we see this man, without the least trouble of mind or doubt that people will believe in his sincerity, organizing an agricultural exhibition, or a temperance society, or sending some soup and stockings by his wife or children to three old women, and boldly in his family, in drawing rooms, in committees, and in the press, advocating the Gospel or humanitarian doctrine of love for one's neighbor in general and the agricultural laboring population in particular whom he is continually exploiting and oppressing.
  99. There is hardly a man to be found at the present time who fails to realize all the uselessness and absurdity of collecting taxes from the laboring classes for the purpose of enriching idle officials; or the folly of punishing weak and immoral men by exile or imprisonment, where, supported as they are, and living in idleness, they become still weaker and more depraved; or, again, the unspeakable folly and cruelty of those preparations for war, which can neither be explained nor justified, and which ruin and imperil the safety of nations.
  100. So that even if a possibility were given to the laboring classes, in their free time, to see, to read, and to hear all that forms the flower of contemporary art (as is done to some extent, in towns, by means of picture galleries, popular concerts, and libraries), the working-man (to the extent to which he is a laborer, and has not begun to pass into the ranks of those perverted by idleness) would be able to make nothing of our fine art, and if he did understand it, that which he understood would not elevate his soul, but would certainly, in most cases, pervert it.
  1. He had labored long and hard.
  2. His words came in labored sobs.
  3. His breathing labored and hard.
  4. They labored at the stage setting.
  5. Our breathing was harsh and labored.
  6. His breathing was labored, but quiet.
  7. The breathing became heavier, labored.
  8. On both sides the Bollobanes labored.
  9. I have always labored to disperse them.
  10. His English was labored but serviceable.
  11. She heard the gypsy’s labored breathing.
  12. It was a sign that I had labored way too.
  13. His breathing labored as he looked at Kevin.
  14. Even her heart labored to beat in her chest.
  15. What he did not know as he labored through.
  16. The end result was what everyone labored for.
  17. Workers labored under rows of flickering lights.
  18. I noticed that his breathing had become labored.
  19. He labored over this golf game like a mother hen.
  20. He was nearly pasty white, his breathing labored.
  21. You could hear is labored breathing due to many.
  22. Whistling to himself, he labored waveringly uphill.
  23. He labored to turn his head, wanting to see his son.
  24. The Virginian's operator labored over a blur of signals.
  25. Throughout the fields in long rows labored the Bollobane.
  26. I saw her come in the church with a strange, labored gait.
  27. Only the sound of our labored breathing broke the silence.
  28. In a room no more than a cell, Genet labored over his pages.
  29. Stephanie’s labored breathing could be heard at his side.
  30. He collapses on top of me both of us with labored breathing.
  31. He heard the labored breathing of others as Yigal and Naaman.
  32. Afraid to speak, Sam could hear his own labored breathing and.
  33. Legs shattered and bloodied, breathing labored and shallow, Mr.
  34. Back in those days I also labored as a carpenter, since by the.
  35. He didn’t move, barely flinched, and his breaths were labored.
  36. Nephilim about the storm and then labored over time to help them.
  37. She could hear Lester’s labored breathing as long seconds passed.
  38. A generation of goblins had labored to build the massive structure.
  39. Soon his breathing became labored and he put his hand on his chest.
  40. Religious leaders have labored to confuse humanity about the true.
  41. His breathing was labored as he spoke, and at times Mavis took over.
  42. Chevalier watched as Emily fell asleep, her breathing labored and raspy.
  43. We can’t leave the house, she said, her breathing becoming labored.
  44. He heard the labored breathing of others as Yigal and Naaman joined him.
  45. Each word was labored as his chest rose and fell with each noisy breath.
  46. Koraline? she gasped out in a labored voice as her neck was crushed.
  47. The room was still except for the labored breathing of George Potter and.
  48. Eddie listened intently, grunting and groaning with each labored movement.
  49. You could hear is labored breathing due to many years of smoking cigarettes.
  50. She leapt forward, and raised her hand! She had long labored the thought of.
  51. The murderer in me wakes, hates thieves of any space I’ve labored to clear.
  52. He was sure Tellin’s Balloon had passed him while he labored thru the city.
  53. My labored breathing eased, though my lungs still burned and my head pounded.
  54. Do we know how God sets about the work? Jean Valjean had labored over Cosette.
  55. Her breathing was still labored, which worried Chevalier, but the doctor had.
  56. She rolled on her back, her breathing became labored, How dare you tempt me.
  57. That done, I labored just to breathe since in a sack, still gagged, still bound.
  58. LaColle was concerned about Pierre’s breathing, as it was labored and wheezy.
  59. She walked with one leg and foot turned awkwardly in, creating a labored stride.
  60. Besides these towns they labored in many villages as well as in the countryside.
  61. Henry! Anne called before coughing horribly, her breathing hoarse and labored.
  62. I saw that Fish was still taking in air, but his breathing was shallow and labored.
  63. And then the tall trees began, and the cars spouted steam and labored up the slopes.
  64. But he looked as if he'd been running for years, his breaths coming in labored rasps.
  65. He jumped from the bed, his heart racing, his breathing labored, Who’s there?
  66. After a few seconds the compressor kicked in, labored briefly, and the unit shut down.
  67. The cash was found in an out-of-the-way part of the building where few workers labored.
  68. From down the hall the heavy tread of Despina reverberated as she labored up the stairs.
  69. Caleb explained, shouting above the noise of the hoofbeats and labored breathing of the.
  70. I got my hot pecker up a girl’s cunt, the boy grunted, as he labored over her.
  71. Ceder kept her chin down as she labored, doubting whether her tired effort helped at all.
  72. Ariel waited awhile, while Stephi’s breath labored over the line, the lapping of a dam.
  73. With each labored breath issuing from his nostrils he blew away small clouds of dry earth.
  74. Some labored in fields while the ―favored‖ among them were retained as house servants.
  75. The boy in white went into the iron building where his helper labored over a book of bills.
  76. My breathing came in labored gasps as I sped forward, not daring to take another look back.
  77. The church—they are burning down the church, he said, his voice labored and panting.
  78. Her large bosom rested on the damask tablecloth and rose and fell with her labored breathing.
  79. I need to point out another big misconception that people have labored under while trying to.
  80. Had it shaken the ground under his feet a little? Within his labored trot it was hard to tell.
  81. Men! Moshe was forced to shout repeatedly above the noisy throng as they labored through.
  82. He felt his own heart rate quicken and his breath become labored by the stress of the break-in.
  83. He took two more labored breaths, and as if seeing something in the distance, his eyes widened.
  84. Pale and immovable, he continued to watch Porphyrius's face with a labored effort of attention.
  85. Maybe I've labored this point a bit, but I've seen time after time that very good engineers and.
  86. His breathing labored and shallow, Sound coughed again, a puny puff of air that was almost silent.
  87. Sorry if I've labored this point a bit, but it is a real trap I've seen many inventors crash over.
  88. Vinnie’s here, Gage whispered, his breathing labored from the pain and bruises to his chest.
  89. What he had given to her, she was now giving back to him, as she labored to bring forth a new life.
  90. He labored and toiled until he had amassed 250,000 francs; six years sufficed to achieve this object.
  91. Burt set off up the hill listening for voices or the sound of an engine between his labored breathing.
  92. He had lost weight, at least ten pounds by her quick estimation, and his breathing was indeed, labored.
  93. And the countless angles from which men have labored to defend it have made it an almost endless task.
  94. She could feel the air changing and shivered in the cold as her heart raced and her breathing labored.
  95. Once they had reached 2 G of acceleration, Avi noticed how labored her mother’s breathing had become.
  96. By day he labored in a blacksmith‘s shop, going directly heat and hammering to hyper-motion and sweat.
  97. Shhh! Let him concentrate, I said, though I doubted he could hear me over his own labored breathing.
  98. Dixie’s breath was labored and she just took one last large breath, exhaled, and did not breathe again.
  99. He had indeed been at full strength then, bearing not so much as a scratch or a labored breath as a result.
  100. For the next few days Jacques labored over the notes that had been intercepted between Tony and David Mosenke.
  1. All the labors of modern.
  2. He shared with me the labors of cooking.
  3. I knew not as I scrambled about in my labors.
  4. How cheering to read of Baxter and his labors.
  5. The old guy’s labors produced a good result.
  6. That all might eat and rejoice in their labors?
  7. These treasures represent the labors of my life.
  8. His labors slaying the Nemean lion, vanquishing.
  9. Sanford, whose labors for us are unspeakably great.
  10. Our days were filled with our labors and our cherished.
  11. At this same date, through the sacrificial labors of Mr.
  12. Longer campaigns and crises, labors beyond all others,).
  13. Yes, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors.
  14. But most of his labors required no cleverness, Than said.
  15. What is severe is the waste of youth in such fruitless labors.
  16. For when the heart labors it is not work, but common purpose.
  17. Hither, then, Magua retired, when his labors of policy were ended.
  18. To go, to come, to breathe, will be just so many terrible labors.
  19. He began to feel tired without getting any result from his labors.
  20. The overseer was sweating from his labors in spite of the winter air.
  21. He and his fellows paused their labors for a moment when one of the.
  22. What has befallen you of misfortune is the fruit of your own labors.
  23. Andrew's counsel finally prevailed, and they went forth to their labors.
  24. All her struggles and fears and labors in rain and cold had been wasted.
  25. In 1861, there were reported to be 1,500 converts as the result of his labors.
  26. But he did not know how well the Jewish tutor had prepared the way for his labors.
  27. Some were clearly labors of love, and looked ready to start speaking at any moment.
  28. So, what is the worth of one's labors? Forbes Magazine reported that Oprah Winfrey.
  29. Failure is not the word which properly describes the result of their marvelous labors.
  30. By the time Lauds was over this morning he had reported to me the results of his labors.
  31. A new horizon and new labors were opening out, full of well-being and prosperity for all.
  32. Yea, says the spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.
  33. She could only demand to share in the fictitious labors of the men of the wealthy classes.
  34. When one labors for the fruits of the Spirit, then the Spirit of joy grows in a man’s heart.
  35. When you finish work, you not only cease from your labors, but also cease from producing income.
  36. When I had entered he was sweeping the shop, and he had sweetened his labors by sweeping over me.
  37. No wonder that the earth expresses itself outwardly in leaves, it so labors with the idea inwardly.
  38. The sound, repeated endlessly, was like a continuous clapping of hands that accompanied their labors.
  39. Blessed are the dead from henceforth, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow.
  40. Blessed are the dead from henceforth: that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow.
  41. From these labors Jesus went directly to Jerusalem to pass through his final experiences in the flesh.
  42. They turned all of their labors and their ambitions into a secret, unspoken personal religion of greed.
  43. Pay close attention to the fact that "the dead" will rest from their labors, which means that they are.
  44. Pay close attention to the fact that the dead will rest from their labors in the above verse, which.
  45. Said his friend, Your labors are too unremitting, and what is worse, you are endangering your constitution.
  46. And it’s seen all the time; people exhausted from their labors, yet they’ve accomplished nothing useful.
  47. She taught the younger children French and heard their other lessons, and these were the least of her labors.
  48. The conditions of the new order of life cannot be known by us because we have to create them by our own labors.
  49. Willie was so exhausted from the day's labors that he didn't know whether he had dreamed the last remark or not.
  50. I urge you, brothers and sisters, to submit to such people and to everyone who joins in the work and labors at it.
  51. Jesus says that you will be rewarded for your good works and labors that you do for Him while down here on this earth.
  52. After his levee, that is to say, giving directions about the labors of the next day, and seeing all the peasants who.
  53. The women suspended their labors, to catch such syllables as unguardedlyfell from the lips of the consulting warriors.
  54. He who makes use of the labor of another will provide food for him who labors, simply because he profits by that labor.
  55. Then Katavasov in his loud, ringing voice read his address on the scientific labors of the man whose jubilee was being kept.
  56. When the Day comes, your Provider will bring your acts before your eyes and show you the fruit of your labors in this world.
  57. We are all brothers, but I will not give the poor the benefit of my educational, medical, or literary labors except for money.
  58. The labors of battle for this victory become insignificant when one contemplates that he joins and is numbered among those who.
  59. Then they paint over the suture, varnish the bird, and ship the fruits of their unique labors to museums and collectors in Europe.
  60. He enjoyed his labors with Zebedee in Capernaum, but he missed the children playing out by the side of the Nazareth carpenter shop.
  61. Sure, a laborer is worthy of being paid for his labors, but preaching, teaching and spreading the ‘Good News’ is not laborious.
  62. However, all his movements were purely mechanical, and he had interrupted none of the habitual preoccupations of his mind and labors.
  63. This stage of his ministry was characterized by his acknowledgment of divinity and embraced the labors of his last year in the flesh.
  64. Hercules obtains immortality with his twelve labors and he earns the right to stay up on Olympus with the celestial gods and goddesses.
  65. When Money is the master, we are its beast of burdens and the plundered Earth is the saddlebag we weary from our labors in Meonly Mine.
  66. They pour out their lives for the persecuted sheep in China both in labors and by subjecting themselves to the dangers of imprisonment.
  67. You will not be paid for your labors and all that you produce will be turned into the community store, to be doled out by the Committee.
  68. In judging others, a man labors in vain, errs often, and easily sins; but in judging and looking into himself, he always labors with fruit.
  69. The Apostle Philip, in his labors for the Samaritans after the death of Jesus, held many meetings on the site of this old Samaritan temple.
  70. These truths are justified by universal experience; now, always, and everywhere, the man who labors receives the means of bodily subsistence.
  71. Jee Gam, at my request, has prepared the following statement respecting the method pursued at Oakland, where his labors are specially centred.
  72. Sweet Caitlin, love of his straight life, who had a life coach and an intuitive healer these days—all paid for by his dubious labors on the Hunt.
  73. Many learned to respect and honor him through the abundance of his labors in the broad field to which God in his providence called him for service.
  74. Ivan had supposed he could cut down fifty trees in a day, but he succeeded in chopping but ten before darkness put an end to his labors for a time.
  75. The scene of his labors was Parthia and Ethiopia in which latter country he suffered martyrdom being killed with a halberd in the city of Nadabah A.
  76. That very day the miners began their labors, with a vigor and alacrity proportionate to their long rest from fatigue and their hopes of ultimate success.
  77. The film that would eventually emerge from her labors, Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens), would come to define the iconography of Nazi Germany.
  78. The Church that multiplies committees and neglects prayer may be fussy, noisy, enterprising, but it labors in vain1020 and spends its strength for naught.
  79. Love solves the cheater problem by super redundancy – we all labor and share together, there are more people than labors and more necessities than needs.
  80. That evening, in response to the labors of Peter, James and John made suitable apologies to the ten and were restored to the good graces of their brethren.
  81. There is no difficulty about awarding sufficient compensation to the trustee and its counsel for their labors and accomplishment on behalf of the bondholders.
  82. Their joint labors have brought great credit, and are destined to bring still greater credit, upon their country in every scientific center throughout the world.
  83. Casaubon's statement that his labors in the Library would be suspended for a couple of days, and that after a brief renewal he should have no further reason for.
  84. As the wheel began to take shape the boys could finally visualize the fruits of their labors after the many months of effort with ax, saw, adze and shaving knives.
  85. Oviatt, whose missionary labors among the Chinese at San Leandro were attended with so rich a blessing, is now acting pastor of the Presbyterian church at Visalia.
  86. George, Belle and White Feathers, who had been in on the secret for weeks, were still justly impressed with the results of the girls' labors, even as much as Harry.
  87. I mention this because my daughter has only known the benefits of my labors and has no firsthand knowledge of the hardships faced to obtain this level of accommodation.
  88. But it is not requisite to institute any association, because the man who labors, naturally and of himself, attaches himself to the existing association of laboring men.
  89. He recalled his labors on the Legal Code, and how painstakingly he had translated the articles of the Roman and French codes into Russian, and he felt ashamed of himself.
  90. He has been for some months at Kaw Mendi, once a mission station of the Association, and writes to assure us that our former labors there have not been altogether in vain.
  91. Throughout the remainder of Jesus' earth life this Personalized Adjuster was associated with him in all his labors; Jesus was in constant communion with this exalted Adjuster.
  92. Evidently Speranski liked to rest after his labors and find amusement in a circle of friends, and his guests, understanding his wish, tried to enliven him and amuse themselves.
  93. We must recognize, however, that the rapid and pervasive growth of technology in recent years is not without major effect on the attitude and the labors of the security analyst.
  94. Evidently Speránski liked to rest after his labors and find amusement in a circle of friends, and his guests, understanding his wish, tried to enliven him and amuse themselves.
  95. Secondly, hand over a part of the fruits of your labors for us to dispose of—we will use the money to keep you in slavery, and to hinder you from forcibly opposing our orders.
  96. It was not many days thereafter that I completely understood that this decision to follow Him, and to cease from my labors, was exactly what was ordered for me, on behalf of God.
  97. He feels that every man owes a tribute to his country; some contribute their talents, others their industry; these devote their blood, those their nightly labors, to the same cause.
  98. Pond certainly deserves great credit for his labors in this department, in addition to the pastorate of Bethany Church in San Francisco, in which there are a large number of Chinese.
  99. But the principal thing is, that the man who regards labor as the business and the joy of his life will not seek that relief from his labor which the labors of others might afford him.
  100. Rest yourselves from the arduous labors of the kingdom and enjoy the refreshment that comes from reverting to your former vocations or from discovering new sorts of recreational activity.

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