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    1. Ava was back down by the time the last one was cool enough to hold

    2. Q1 - When was the last time you kept a secret?

    3. Q2 - When was the last time you helped a colleague?

    4. We had a big party here last week

    5. "Well; the things didn't last," Jorma said, "The pocket-eyes you mean

    6. calculates it, down to the very last detail

    7. Me and the guys were always regulars there and they decided to buy it from Jack, the last owner

    8. minute; that was Casualty last week

    9. “Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman

    10. when the last moment was actually due?” I hear you ask

    11. eventually repenting at the last moment

    12. Now, here’s the last thing I want you to understand about time

    13. It could be last winter all over again

    14. ‘What? How long is it since you last did that?” Kira noted his hyper raised eyebrows behind the glasses with amusement

    15. Those people might have your last name

    16. Hence it was their second last day, and their first trip to the beach

    17. He saw what she had now, another scrap of paper that Ava said was useless, the last in that folder

    18. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    19. Where were you last year at this exact time

    20. Just after the last one, the corridor became a wide and gradual staircase that lead to the floor above and a bridge to a court atop the next building

    21. I lived it up these last ten years, I lived like that house was mine

    22. It literally breaks our overnight fast, which can last from 12 to 16 hours depending on what time we had dinner the previous night

    23. "I probably still do," Ava said, "Last I knew it was still in the back of some lab at the Kassikan

    24. "Yeah, I can't get the last bite of this in and it's cold anyway

    25. This will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days

    26. “I am going to hurt you!” Bob declared, his simple mind latching onto the last thing he had heard and going with it

    27. •Only use these traps as a last resort

    28. Please do not use poisons even as a last resort

    29. Underling’s back that he was just in the process of doing that very thing when he realized at the last moment that it might look like he was being sarcastic

    30. The best time to apply compost to the lawn is in early spring (or as soon as the last frost is over)

    31. Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades

    32. “Oh no, this is last month’s sales report,” Henry stated with fear

    33. “It is last month’s and last year’s sales report!”

    34. His parents sent him to summer camp last month and he had bug bites all over his arms and legs

    35. Their ship was the last of the great daedelus sleepers and traveled so slowly that it reached Narrulla's null point late in the Earth year 2342, a hundred ninety four years from its launch

    36. Clunker,” Nancy said, putting the emphasis on his last name, which she knew he hated

    37. "That was last year, she told me about both

    38. My friends say I should have slurped up his liquefied remains a long time ago, but marriage should last forever, shouldn’t it? But now, looking at him wave around that big jaundiced hourglass on his backside, I’m not so sure

    39. In this last chapter we will summaries what we have

    40. It will last a long time and will protect plants from crawling insects

    41. this is the last straw! You lied about being sick! You lied about Grandpa being sick!"

    42. Millie dragged her feet in a last act of defiance, crying as she went

    43. James closed his jaundiced eyes, perhaps for the last time

    44. His nation still survived till the end, it was probably the last surviving mortal democracy

    45. He wouldn't last long enough to find out what happened

    46. Then in the last ten years or so, one started hearing and reading about Senior Citizens

    47. The superficial currents won’t last more than a minute, but it will be enough time for us to bypass the alarm and slip inside

    48. " She must have seen Ava looking distracted, "Sorry, I guess I haven't really changed much in the last couple years

    49. That gun … when did I last see it?

    50. Raising the cup to my lips, I drink my coffee, the hot liquid hitting me hard, while the Inspector outlines what happened last Monday evening

    1. That had been good while it lasted, in some ways even better than Ava, almost the best of Ava and the best of Tdeshi

    2. Then she realized it lasted three or four on the planet below

    3. In Little League Baseball, games only lasted six innings unless they went into extra innings

    4. She had to admit that while it lasted, life on a pirate ship was a lot more fun

    5. sequence that lasted for millennia, but for Smith that moment of absolute happiness in

    6. Those extroverts who tried it never lasted long and Rosy was left to cover the holes in the schedule, rehire and retrain the next warm body for the job

    7. That lasted nearly nine months, I believe, by this time he was sharing a house with a mixed group – and they went around as a crowd much like he had in his teens

    8. She lasted until they both graduated … I think she was expecting it to go on, but they were unable to get jobs in the same town and, after about six months of living fifty miles apart, it fizzled out

    9. Each of them lasted a ten-thousandth of a second, but each one burned itself on his retina so that in only a few moments of looking up at that dazzling display, his vision was a network of slowly fading veins of blindness

    10. He wondered if someone had recalled their commander from backup and Vincef had found a way to regain control of the expedition? He was glad his sentence had only lasted three days

    11. It's hard to tell how long my fall had lasted; suddenly, the spaceship seemed to decelerate and I realized I was arriving somewhere

    12. In the primordial soup of creation a chemical chain might have a lifetime of a second, or it might exist in an unbroken sequence that lasted for millennia, but for Smith that moment of absolute happiness in the melody of life was nothing but a blink of an eye

    13. This lasted for a few billion digits, a few thousand packets

    14. The stand off lasted for nearly a minute before the sound of a siren in the distance saw the three of them break into a hectic run back the way they had come

    15. They wouldn't have thought forever lasted this long

    16. Ali lasted eight overs

    17. The fitments are not terribly up to date but were obviously good quality when they were purchased and have lasted well

    18. over the jugs, building webs that lasted for a thousand years or

    19. The stand off lasted for nearly a minute before the

    20. (he had a total of one treatment that lasted about

    21. but none of these relationships lasted

    22. He knew only of the friendly starship that had started a period of contact between Kassidor and YingolNeerie that lasted most of the last twenty decades

    23. “Their courtship lasted nearly two years

    24. That was a tough job and without him I probably wouldn't have lasted a week there

    25. It was about a local decade that the devices reliably lasted

    26. “This marketplace would accept it if it lasted a century

    27. Instead I let out a squeaky high-pitched fart that lasted only a second

    28. silence lasted several moments before the question was

    29. 'This disaster only lasted a couple of days, but it

    30. Smiles lasted the rest of the day

    31. Heather had a different idea, which lasted several minutes

    32. It wasn't enough, and it never lasted long, but she enjoyed all he was willing to give

    33. The screams of the injured men lasted only seconds—the dogs tore though

    34. Her next one lasted a record three hours and twelve minutes before being found

    35. and gave me an ovation that lasted a lot longer than it should have

    36. More often than not, she was roused for the latter; few Captains in Transit lasted more than a decade before they lost their minds and Argos determined them to be hazardous to the ship and the entire mission

    37. steps lasted only a few seconds

    38. we made the most of the good weather while it lasted), so

    39. Their rocky marriage - which lasted a year, maybe a

    40. lasted 2000 years, and the time of the gentile Church has lasted

    41. As good as that master had been, he wouldn't have lasted a minute against Nathalia

    42. Alan loved the 40's, the era that lasted from late classical Greece til about 1000ad on Earth

    43. And how have I lasted this long? I should have been dead ages ago

    44. "And I didn’t think you would have lasted as long as you did," Solo Ki spoke

    45. Without Alan to come home to, Sarsawuf lasted past the release of ValosHallow and on into the gigs that went with it, four in two weeks, just one this week

    46. Nathaniel’s ammunition lasted for twenty-eight seconds

    47. How could one so caring have lasted so long against the Plague? The light of his halo was so pure it was almost painful to behold

    48. the most monstrous coalition, which lasted over

    49. journey that lasted a few minutes, she went deep

    50. relationship had lasted a solid nine years, and would go on

    1. We are here for a higher purpose which, when discovered and fulfilled, provides permanent peace of mind and lasting soul fulfillment

    2. things can be said at business meetings that have lasting consequences

    3. With each passing day the weight of the blows always seemed a little heavier and his invective a little louder, lasting for longer

    4. "A crew like you re-affirms my faith in lasting the candle out

    5. Her work in building bonds of friendship and economic benefit between our peoples over the last fifteen years will stand as a lasting tribute to her vision and practical ability

    6. Remember, in order to maintain a long lasting relationship, it is important to have at least a few things that you and your loved one can laugh about, cry about, and even

    7. You and father were bound by a friendship lasting years

    8. Heart-Wall made from deep, lasting emotions that

    9. or am I being fanciful? I know I’m only on my own for a short time, that Dave will be back in a couple of days and, with a bit of luck, we might build something lasting

    10. He started using condoms, but then he arranged for the nurse to inject me with a long lasting birth control drug

    11. “I guess you could say your school provided a lasting education even shonggot couldn’t erase, but I’d hate to think there was any such market where you could use that as advertising

    12. There will be tests, of course, just to make sure, to make sure that there's no lasting side effects, as it were, but I'm sure Rebecca will be up and about in no time…"

    13. That became the longest lasting but loosest relationship of my life

    14. her great escape turned into a horrible nightmare lasting 20 years

    15. Columella, who reports this judgment of Democritus, does not controvert it, but proposes a very frugal method of inclosing with a hedge of brambles and briars, which he says he had found by experience to be both a lasting and an impenetrable fence ; but which, it seems, was not commonly known in the time of Democritus

    16. wears off after a while and does them no lasting harm

    17. Only Adros’ staff sticking out of its torso had a lasting effect

    18. She might have lasting scars, but their

    19. For most, it is our only lasting skill

    20. Both had fulfilled their adolescent dreams of a stable and lasting marital union and had complied with the duties associated with that union

    21. the greatest but also the most lasting of al punishments; and

    22. it is only reckoned the greatest because it is the most lasting

    23. then is it greater and more lasting? Because it has deprived

    24. No part of it can be said to belong to any particular country, till it has been spread, as it were, over the face of that country, either in buildings, or in the lasting improvement of lands

    25. Nothing, therefore, it is pretended, can be more disadvantageous to any country, than the trade which consists in the exchange of such lasting for such perishable commodities

    26. The accumulated treasures of the prince have in former times afforded a much greater and more lasting resource

    27. But this battle had demonstrated the lasting durability of Dwemer creations, and the inescapable exhaustion of mortal bodies

    28. And it was a lasting reminder of home

    29. I wouldn’t want you to keep that as your lasting

    30. “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children

    31. The great sages and prophets figured out how to find lasting happiness thousands of years ago, and humans have not changed

    32. The most important single thing you can do to find lasting happiness is to learn and understand that it exists

    33. You have to learn that sense pleasures and conditional happiness cannot lead to the lasting happiness that you want

    34. Out of this power comes your ability to find lasting happiness

    35. When you are free of such control, you can turn your attention to experience lasting happiness

    36. If you have not learned to be happy regardless of what you do or do not achieve, you have not yet learned to tap the Source of lasting happiness

    37. “So let’s drink to their lasting happiness and good health

    38. Some of those who have found lasting happiness report that desire to help others becomes their overwhelming purpose in life

    39. The inability to find even temporary happiness in any activity is sad, especially when lasting happiness is always there for the asking

    40. If you cannot find a purpose, then the journey towards lasting happiness that I describe in this book may be a journey to that purpose

    41. It is your attachment to them that causes much of your pain and blocks your ability to experience lasting happiness

    42. The more time you can spend experiencing self-created happiness, the closer you are to finding lasting happiness

    43. Previous chapters have stressed that we cannot look to the world around us, and our ideas about that world, to find lasting happiness

    44. Our minds, which work with reason and the ways of the material world, are not up to the task of delivering lasting happiness to us

    45. Through devotion, they can find lasting happiness

    46. You can search the world over for something that will make you happy, but what happens in this world cannot bring you lasting happiness

    47. We know that lasting happiness does not come in this fashion, but the ego does not know this

    48. This is not the lasting happiness that we all seek

    49. Even a standing army cannot in this case give him any lasting security ; because if the soldiers are not foreigners, which can seldom be the case, but drawn from the great body of the people, which must almost always be the case, they are likely to be soon corrupted by those very doctrines

    50. “I expect you to make a quick recovery and there should be no lasting damage from the bullet wounds however the shrapnel may be a bit harder to mend but given time to rest I see no reason why you shouldn’t soon be back with your unit

    1. As long as it lasts, I'll let it send, just in case there is someone there that can still listen, even if they can't send

    2. journey that lasts a lifetime

    3. Human memory, the details anyway, lasts nowhere near that long, not a fraction that long

    4. Unfortunately, Liesse Yare has had to stand down from the management – his health is deteriorating and, strictly between you and me, I should be surprised if he lasts the year

    5. He wants to get as much distance under his keel as possible while the daylight lasts

    6. It is a temporary condition, and usually lasts

    7. is called for, it typically lasts from a few hours to a

    8. “They're surrounding Justice with an inescapable force-field that Justice can't escape right now, but in order to hold it, at least one Hesean has to die in front of the Singularity, so that the force-field lasts,” The Hesean explained

    9. ‘It only lasts about an hour

    10. ‘Philippe says it only lasts an hour

    11. From our human point of view, nothing lasts forever in a stable state

    12. No creation, whatever its form, lasts forever

    13. But the labour of the manufacturer fixes and realizes itself in some particular subject or vendible commodity, which lasts for some time at least after that labour is past

    14. Such are the people who compose a numerous and splendid court, a great ecclesiastical establishment, great fleets and armies, who in time of peace produce nothing, and in time of war acquire nothing which can compensate the expense of maintaining them, even while the war lasts

    15. sites, but the traffic rarely lasts long (e

    16. Yes you can enjoy recurring income —but only to a point—nothing lasts forever

    17. the punishment; and it lasts forever

    18. Notice that only one of those emotions lasts forever

    19. It is a relationship that lasts an eternity and also one that speaks of glory and magnificence!

    20. lasts about and hour and a half before everyone heads back up to their rooms

    21. “We’ll have to see how long this battery actually lasts

    22. When the art of war, too, has gradually grown up to be a very intricate and complicated science; when the event of war ceases to be determined, as in the first ages of society, by a single irregular skirmish or battle ; but when the contest is generally spun out through several different campaigns, each of which lasts during the greater part of the year; it becomes universally necessary that the public should maintain those who serve the public in war, at least while they are employed in that service

    23. That only lasts so long, you know?” Glen stood and moved to the mini-fridge to grab anything inside that looked like it had caffeine content

    24. “As long as the food lasts

    25. This phase is designed to be violent but brief and lasts as long as it takes for the Kidnappers to subdue my hostage

    26. “I prefer pain that lasts, don’t you? Pain that cuts to the very heart of matters

    27. I tried to convey to them that the surprise is ephemeral and fleeting, it lasts only an instant: it comes and it goes

    28. The honor and recognition is imperishable, perennial: if it comes, it remains and lasts even after death

    29. while the breeding season lasts

    30. “The carcass lasts about five meals, then we have to supply the club with a new one

    31. “But then, nothing lasts forever, does it; so, what happened?” He laughed again at her – something she would normally not tolerate for one instant; instead she managed a chuckle pretending she understood perfectly whatever the joke might be

    32. “Two weeks? That was the entire duration of your marriage? The honeymoon lasts longer than that

    33. It’s good as long as the beer lasts

    34. 3,400 Greek civilization begins and lasts until 146 BC when conquered by the Romans

    35. “It’s a sequence of choices that lasts on the average for around seventy years, isn’t it?”

    36. The meeting lasts for another hour

    37. Men also think sex is mutually fulfilling when it’s fast and only lasts a few minutes even though women often enjoy it much more when it's slow and lasts for much longer than men plan on (since women can enjoy it for literally over an hour or longer when a man is focused just on her instead of on himself)

    38. Yes, she has a right to sue under law the father of her child for child support that lasts for all of the years of her child’s life

    39. Then the Constitution has a fresh new meaning, which lasts until the Court thinks it has an even better idea

    40. world lasts, but for a moment

    41. ness it comes into being, in consciousness it lasts and into pure

    42. born and nothing dies, nothing lasts and nothing changes, all is

    43. 3 And the gates which it enters, these are the great gates of the calculation of the hours of the year; for this reason the sun is a great creation, whose circuit lasts twenty-eight years, and begins again from the beginning

    44. long as it lasts and forgets when it is over

    45. lasts, it has its needs like any other, but my mental process has

    46. which it lasts, the love that gives it life

    47. M: As long as it lasts

    48. Duality lasts only as long as it is not ques-

    49. the proof of truth, that what lasts longer is somehow more true

    50. object of awareness as real; while it lasts?

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    last cobbler's last shoemaker's last end death close conclusion finale finis finish stopping point endure go hold out hold up live live on survive last-place lowest final concluding terminal utmost net finally in conclusion lastly continue persevere persist remain perpetuate abide go on closing conclusive latest ultimate hindmost extreme