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Last in a sentence

At last a.
At last he.
When last I.
For the last.
When the last.
The last song.
Last year the.

’ At last he.
This last sum,.
The last thing.
the last of them.
for the last time.
it couldn't last.
A last stand.
phone rang at last.
We were the last.
The last was Sally.
At last he said;.
Last in the queue.
That was the last.
to me in last years.
At last it was time.
Joris was the last.
said Pierre at last.
It was last in line.
’ he said at last.
(It was this last.
The last item was.
And more lasting.
The only lasting.
' Michael's lasting.
lasting 6 to 24 hours.
The "age lasting" Hell.
With a lasting draw of.
how lasting the wisdom is.
home and are long lasting.
valid and lasting solution.
Would not have been lasting.
Lasting, Into Evening, The.
What a reason for lasting!.
lasting too long in the wild.
lasting more than four hours.
lasting is promised to us all.
There is no lasting immunity.
outlast the "age lasting" Hell.
Forever seems the lasting time.
any sort of lasting relationship.
God is Better, and more Lasting.
Lasting till the end of the days.
For them is a lasting punishment.
Enjoy Firm and Lasting Erections.
My lasting pieces of this compose.
The first is an uptrend lasting 2.
through love & the lasting beauty.
malaise lasting more than 24 hours.
make lasting changes in their lives.
And, they have developed a lasting.
They will have a lasting punishment.
that was age lasting, not everlasting.
The wind lasted.
It lasted for a.
They lasted hours.
It lasted all day.
That lasted a day.
The trance lasted.
Nobody that lasted.
It has lasted a year.
It only lasted for.
This action lasted.
It lasted for hours.
This lasted till a.
have lasted for years.
But it hadn't lasted.
The quiet lasted for.
But this only lasted.
which lasted a while,.
that lasted twelve days.
while the voyage lasted.
Her colds never lasted.
Lasted every single day.
The battle lasted for.
It barely lasted a day.
Ali lasted eight overs.
And the silence lasted.
It lasted only a moment.
It lasted a long moment.
I hope it lasts.
It lasts forever.
The tunnel lasts.
lasts about a year.
Punishment lasts so.
This way lasts longer.
M: As long as it lasts.
Quality lasts, you see.
For as long as it lasts.
It lasts not an instant.
most of it while it lasts.
Day ten lasts thirty hours.
This station lasts an hour.
It is something that lasts.
While Mahamanvantara lasts.
As long as the food lasts.
That high never, ever lasts.
world lasts, but for a moment.
This phase lasts only about.
journey that lasts a lifetime.
‘It only lasts about an hour.
while the breeding season lasts.
But that only lasts for ninety,.
It has no end and lasts forever.
If one order lasts seven years.

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