lift sätze

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Lift sätze (in englisch)

And if I lift it up.
Lift it now – now.
I lift them up again.
He began to lift the.
My lift came, it was.
I lift my eyes to his.
She would not lift it.

Lift them up with yer.
The lift doors slid open.
The covers began to lift.
Lift up the metal piece.
They started to lift him.
She did not lift her head.
She started to lift one.
Sam led her into the lift.
The lift opened back up.
We’ll need a lift back.
Let’s just lift it up.
Jean felt his spirits lift.
Gita struggled to lift it.
Lift the heaviest you can.
Sorry the lift is out of.
It ought to lift off now.
The fog still doesn't lift.
He took the lift down by.
He is about to lift Marcus.
He forwent the usual lift.
Lift heel and pivot on toe.
Tatiana met him at the lift.
She would lift her eyelids.
Have the pilot lift off.
Lift the pubis toward the.
Do you need a lift?
His eyes lift to find mine.
I ran to lift the receiver.
He judged distance and lift.
To lift thy cheering spires.
To come up, first lift the.
Lift your hand, she thought.
Yoga to Lift the Inner Self.
I think about lifting a.
Besides, the fog was lifting.
I could feel him lifting me.
Use a larger lifting height.
Lifting his pop bottle, he.
My depression is lifting, too.
Lifting up the arm in sitting.
Use a smaller lifting height.
He rose, lifting her with him.
Lifting the duvet with a care.
He then raped her lifting her.
Lifting him to new heights, he.
Now there was a lifting of lids.
Practice lifting Repeat __ times.
Sophie laughed, her spirit lifting.
Lifting the lid she sniffed at it.
The heli�copter was lifting off.
Panos felt his depression lifting.
It’s almost like lifting weights.
How would lifting that veil reveal.
Lifting Sari carefully, he placed.
Fred was doing some weight- lifting.
Lifting his head, he looks at Berndt.
They were just lifting it into the.
Cadwallader, lifting up her eyebrows.
Lifting the corpse, they bore it away.
Grace nodded, a smile lifting her lips.
Lifting his ID card is a simple matter.
He’s lifting the sword into the air.
By lifting the body I saw, blond hair.
Lifting onto her tiptoes she kissed him.
Cheers, she said lifting her glass.
She looked entirely capable of lifting.
The pallet trucks did the heavy lifting.
She pulled up hair, lifting the spirals.
He stepped up to Madame Button, lifting.
They began pulling at him, lifting him up.
Practice lifting the object off the table.
Lifting it, dropping it, lifting it again.
Already he could feel his spirits lifting.
I lifted up my hair.
I lifted my hand to.
He lifted them to him.
She lifted it back up.
As the veil is lifted.
I lifted my right hand.
As he lifted his son.
He then lifted a life.
Is lifted we will hail.
They will be lifted up.
She lifted her left foot.
He then lifted his head.
Dom lifted him off the.
I lifted it out of the.
I lifted her body easily.
They lifted her up again.
She lifted a corner of.
Danny lifted up a shirt.
Kevin lifted his foot up.
He lifted his head and.
I lifted her in my arms.
As the cape was lifted.
I lifted my eyes up and.
He gently lifted her up.
He lifted the torch back.
A group of men lifted a.
They lifted off the cape.
She lifted her head and.
She lifted her head again.
The ogre lifted him higher.
And Abraham lifted up his.
She lifted her gaze to his.
I lifted the wrench again.
He lifted it without any.
He lifted his short sleeve.
He lifted himself in the.
So, they lifted the cloak.
He lifted his glass again.
And I, if I am lifted up.
She lifted her eyes to his.
So he lifts her dress.
The lifts are over there.
She lifts her head higher.
A weight in my chest lifts.
He lifts his gun and fires.
The One Who lifts to Life.
A corner of his mouth lifts.
On my way to the lifts one.
Tris lifts her eyes to mine.
None of the chair lifts are.
The cat lifts its tail erect.
The helicopter lifts off and.
She lifts her eyes to his face.
Methodically, he lifts his arm.
Then her arm lifts and one foot.
He lifts his hand to strike her.
Overhead lifts with fifty pounds.
Willie lifts the box's lid and.
First, it lifts the woman's hand.
Caleb shudders and lifts his hands.
It lifts and energises your spirit.
Pledge in the cup she lifts to Joy.
She lifts the dead boy into his arms.
Aaron lifts the crystal from my hand.
Four lifts his hand and keeps walking.
Then Jesus lifts Himself and shouts:.
Sometimes he lifts something else too.
Slowly he lifts his burly bearded face.
He lifts the piece of meat from his eye.
I shut down the lifts, Bayis said.
His mouth lifts slightly in a wry smile.
Mysteriously, this sailor lifts up a box.
Johanna lifts her hands and bows her head.
He lifts her up and holds her on his side.
Maybe it’s time one lifts the other.
Werner lifts the flaps of boxes, peering in.
As soon as the car lifts into the air not.
The fog of depression hanging over him lifts.
He lifts his head, his expression distraught.

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