light sätze

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Light sätze (in englisch)

  1. Can be in the light.
  2. Then I saw the light.
  3. The red light came on.
  4. But the light is all.
  5. The Light in his eyes.

  6. The Light is with you.
  7. The girl was too light.
  8. Light on the Hill, Inc.
  9. Red light in his eyes.
  10. He turns off his light.
  11. And walk in the light.
  12. But that was the light.
  13. Maybe it was the light.
  14. Then the light is fo-.
  15. Lunch was fun and light.

  16. In the light of self-.
  17. Dawn came as pale light.
  18. RA being C sharp light.
  19. There is an Inner Light.
  20. In comfort of that light.
  21. And then there was light.
  22. So thanks for the light.
  23. Or the light He emitted.
  24. A jet of light shot past.
  25. A glimpse of Light ahead.

  26. In the Land of the Light.
  27. A narrow shaft of light.
  28. It was always his light.
  29. His Light is very bright.
  30. By the Light, he knew it.
  31. Rodonia was in the light.
  32. The C light Mobius rings.
  33. Chen, I need more light.
  34. It has light like the sun.
  35. Ben homed in on the light.
  36. He switched off the light.
  37. I imagine the light below.
  38. Dim light filled the place.
  39. The intercom light went out.
  40. With F flat weakened light.
  41. His light was not positive.
  42. By the Light, he was right.
  43. In all hearts was the Light.
  44. In the Forest of the Light.
  45. The light floods the pillow.
  46. By the Light, she loved him.
  47. The Light is in your heart.
  48. The Light is still with us.
  49. The Light is very beautiful.
  50. The Light is so distant now.
  51. He stumbled toward the light.
  52. Oblong the light, its tear.
  53. There is a Light inside of U.
  54. The light from the burning.
  55. A light comes on in the hall.
  56. No home in the moon's light.
  57. Has placed himself as light.
  58. So much love, so much Light.
  59. The Light, peace, calm, love.
  60. The Affirmation of the Light.
  61. Light was more alive than you.
  62. A red light came on below it.
  63. Always together in the Light.
  64. There was light in the house.
  65. It was the will of the Light.
  66. His touches were soft, light.
  67. The light is the glory of God.
  68. He had to see it in the Light.
  69. God is the light of the world.
  70. But then light filled the room.
  71. Fight now, remember the Light.
  72. The Light is the true reality.
  73. He was a true Dragon of Light.
  74. I struck true, and the light.
  75. The freeway traffic was light.
  76. And then, there was only light.
  77. The Light shone in their eyes.
  78. They look black in this light.
  79. She be thee Daughter of Light.
  80. He switches off the pen light.
  81. As we stared, a light appeared.
  82. In this search for the light?
  83. It is an illusion of light.
  84. The light is there — waiting.
  85. To speculate light in the land.
  86. He drifted into a light sleep.
  87. The light will clear the mind.
  88. That love, light and the tits.
  89. The light engines are at 100%.
  90. Light (God) follows the water.
  91. There was no light on in the.
  92. He saw a tiny pip of blue light.
  93. The City itself radiates light.
  94. This stuff is so dry and light.
  95. Her light went out and it was.
  96. Do you have a warning light?
  97. There’s a light in the lounge.
  98. More gently, more in the Light.
  99. Enilia looked towards the Light.
  100. This was the Light, the reality.
  1. The lighting went on forever.
  2. He was lighting a cigarette.
  3. Lighting! Just what we needed.
  4. But the lighting is different.
  5. Advice #3 - Update the lighting.
  6. The restaurant had dim lighting.
  7. Lighting the lamps in the skies.
  8. Lighting incense candles and a.
  9. It’s just the lighting in here.
  10. Casey got up with lighting speed.
  11. A light hope was lighting the way.
  12. The aquarium lighting can easily.
  13. Sparks were lighting up the shaft.
  14. And illuminations lighting the way.
  15. It was difficult lighting on the pad.
  16. The tract lighting was a nice touch.
  17. Then, it hit me like lighting in a.
  18. Lighting should be done accordingly.
  19. Must have been the lighting, then.
  20. Even normal room lighting damages it.
  21. Rain poured with lighting and thunder.
  22. This is real swamp layout and lighting.
  23. O'Connor, lighting his cigarette with.
  24. Then I sort of started lighting matches.
  25. They were lighting the lamps as I came.
  26. There was barely any lighting in the area.
  27. Posh restaurants often have dim lighting.
  28. About 6 years ago he invented a lighting.
  29. Suitable for lighting, not power circuits.
  30. Caramarin didn't bother lighting the second.
  31. The lighting was kept almost none existent.
  32. The flame expanded, lighting up the tunnel.
  33. Much better lighting is needed in our homes.
  34. And lighting the staircase was a chandelier.
  35. To her delight, she saw flashes of lighting.
  36. It was lit by over-head strip lighting, the.
  37. Finding the switch, he turned on the lighting.
  38. Coral Light : Moderate to high lighting levels.
  39. The lighting of the Christmas tree was always.
  40. Zeus didn't send that lighting bolt at the car.
  41. She looked away, grateful for the dim lighting.
  42. Candle light is the only lighting in this Scene.
  43. Store cupboard with lighting system, he said.
  44. My brain lighting up with nothing but sensations.
  45. The shadows cast by the lighting seemed to give.
  46. The first one burned down after a lighting strike.
  47. It was like lighting a match in a gas-filled room.
  48. Then lighting a fire upon the ground they hacked.
  49. Her eyes now adjusted to the normal lighting, she.
  50. The lighting of the field was done with a dozen men.
  51. In the poor lighting, Locke couldn’t make it out.
  52. George paused in the middle of lighting a cigarette.
  53. The night was cool, stars lighting up the clear sky.
  54. The lighting was almost that of a doctor’s office.
  55. Small fires from torches were lighting the place up.
  56. Dawn was lighting things up behind me as I rode west.
  57. Christian Axeworth sat near him, lighting a cigarette.
  58. He handles the lighting and sound board for the band.
  59. Tess at length joined them, without lighting a candle.
  60. No amount of subtle lighting would save her this time.
  61. Our company does offer a lighting fast Elite Premium 5.
  62. Maybe not on purpose with you, but lighting boy, yeah.
  63. What will be will be I said trying lighting the mood.
  64. Even without proper lighting Scott felt certain of that.
  65. Exercise can take your mind off lighting up a cigarette.
  66. A fine restaurant, dim lighting, excellent Majorcan wine.
  67. He pulled a tarp down, lighting parting of the warehouse.
  68. The blood-red lighting, still ablaze, plunged the train.
  69. Meanwhile, lights started lighting up on the switchboard.
  70. Fluorescent lighting above gave the room a clinical feel.
  71. You can do it with lighting, all of those sorts of things.
  72. He turns and gets his first look at her in normal lighting.
  73. The lightning now was literally lighting up the entire sky.
  74. Anne squeezed his hand, a smile lighting her tranquil face.
  75. Porfiry screwed up his eyes and began lighting a cigarette.
  76. All your nightmares? says Caleb, his eyes lighting up.
  77. And now, the sun is shining brightly, lighting up the room.
  78. Now, Colonel, would you describe the lighting conditions.
  79. It was Orphenn’s gold pistol, shining in the dim lighting.
  80. They were lighting the lamps as I came back with the brandy.
  81. I can set it off by remotely turning on Lighting Panel 41.
  82. She had nice breasts, thought Toby, cursing the bad lighting.
  83. It swung inward, revealing dim red emergency lighting beyond.
  84. He places his foot on the lower rail while lighting his pipe.
  85. The lighting was a dull orange color, and it flickered a lot.
  86. Lighting accounts for 13 per cent, more than in other sectors.
  87. The corridor was painted red by the glowing emergency lighting.
  88. Golyadkin succeeded in finding another candle and lighting it.
  89. Lighting up the hot water, it looked strange but oozed appeal.
  90. The Commodore quietly retreated lighting his cigar as he went.
  91. Cass brings her the cough syrup right after lighting the stove.
  92. Fires were her job, and no one else should have been lighting.
  93. He also sees his body still suspended, lighting up and glowing.
  94. Not that she was really visible at all in this scarce lighting.
  95. It looked as though she was lighting a cigarette but the smell.
  96. At any rate, the lighting setup for you saltwater reef tank is.
  97. We could run the wire to Lighting Panel 41, Johanssen said.
  98. He looked blanched, and this wasn’t the fault of the lighting.
  99. I found her, she said, near the ikons, lighting her lamp.
  100. Hey, Cassie! he greeted me, his face lighting up in a smile.
  1. I lighted on you, Mr.
  3. Yes, it was I lighted it.
  4. He lighted it and retired.
  5. The moon lighted the group.
  6. The candle was lighted again.
  7. I have not lighted the fire.
  8. Here is the brazier, lighted.
  9. The owner lighted a cigarette.
  10. Lighted Candle in Stick borne by.
  11. A soldier carried in two lighted.
  12. Three lanterns lighted up the scene.
  13. On the table a lighted candle stood.
  14. He holds aloft a lighted lamp—the.
  15. The argand lamp was solemnly lighted.
  16. The sun shone on it and lighted it up.
  17. The Fine-Air was lighted by a skylight.
  18. Their sad faces lighted up with a hope.
  19. The church was lighted from the garden.
  20. Nastasya lighted them from a step below.
  21. The Holy Spirit came and lighted on Him.
  22. A single candle-end lighted up the scene.
  23. A flood of joy lighted her beautiful face.
  24. The theatre was lighted with candle ends.
  25. His eyes lighted on Princess Bielokonski.
  26. The porter, candle in hand, lighted them.
  27. Monygham leaning out of a lighted window.
  28. The lights in the houses were all lighted.
  29. The Lord's anger against them was lighted.
  30. Their faces lighted with the glee of hope.
  31. Night fell; the gas was lighted in the shop.
  32. Her face was lighted sharply by the window.
  33. A single candle‐end lighted up the scene.
  34. Yes, the old man's bedroom is lighted up.
  35. Pushing the x-rays on to the lighted screen.
  36. Mitya's whole face was lighted up with bliss.
  37. Ma lighted the lantern and hung it on a nail.
  38. Quinidich’s room while he lighted the cigar.
  39. He tossed the still lighted pipe into the sea.
  40. He lighted his candle and mounted the stairs.
  41. Holding the lighted candle in your hand very.
  42. Had known the instant his eyes had lighted upon.
  43. Crooks' face lighted with pleasure in his torture.
  44. Here and there a tent was lighted with a lantern.
  45. The wind ceased, the torch was lighted once more.
  46. He pulled off the blanket and lighted the candle.
  47. The shade screeched up, and she lighted the wick.
  48. The old man's entire countenance lighted up with.
  49. Wickland sighed as he lighted himself a cigarette.
  50. It was lighted by a few candles, and the bed had.
  51. He lighted one and smoked quietly for a long time.
  52. Fires were lighted and the talk became more audible.
  53. Mona stepped into the lighted rectangle of the door.
  54. She was calmer now, and her face lighted up with a.
  55. I sat down, lighted the candle, and began thinking.
  56. This fire lighted once more encouraged him, however.
  57. There was another pause while the cigar was lighted.
  58. When he came in, the apartment was already lighted.
  59. Two gentleman with lighted cigarettes passed by her.
  60. Once the candle is lighted, the flame will consume.
  61. She stopped before she peeked into the lighted aisle.
  62. Now this same room was dimly lighted by two candles.
  63. The boss lighted a cigarette and looked at his watch.
  64. It took him five minutes to reach the lighted window.
  65. Thenardier lighted his pipe, and replied between two.
  66. He hit another mosquito that had lighted on his neck.
  67. They went into that room and lighted a tallow candle.
  68. Though lighted up, this wild throng remained in gloom.
  69. The room where we were was lighted by a solitary lamp.
  70. They marched and carried lighted candles and placards.
  71. And round about, the golden lighted room protected me.
  72. Instantly a flare of green fire lighted the enclosure.
  73. He lighted his pipe and took several turns in the room.
  74. The young farmer's face lighted up as he saw his friend.
  75. Slowly, but surely the lighted flare started to burn out.
  76. I want to see how it looks with the candles all lighted.
  77. It is short, and the lantern lighted it from end to end.
  78. The Messiah, lighted the light (Isaiah 46:6, Luke 2:32).
  79. Sheila smiled as she lighted her fifth cigarette of the.
  80. His face even lighted up, as though with a gleam of hope.
  81. At these words Levin’s face suddenly lighted up with a.
  82. He lighted a cigarette and this time also offered Mayank.
  83. In the room, the notebook lay open under the lighted lamp.
  84. And he drew Gavroche hastily out of range of the lighted.
  85. It was tough enough to find that latch in a lighted room.
  86. Groping in the darkness he found the lamp and lighted it.
  87. The chamber was lighted by the fire on the hearth and the.
  88. Walking round the temple with lighted candles (Wikipedia).
  89. A fly had lighted upon the rim of the glass and had imbibed.
  90. He lighted the candle and looked at the room more carefully.
  91. The man, whoever he was, did not darken the lighted doorway.
  92. They were spacious, well-ventilated and lighted well enough.
  93. The only candle that will make him come is always lighted.
  94. The reflection of that sweet face lighted up his pale visage.
  95. The other lighted window was in back, an apartment or office.
  96. Staircase and corridor were lighted by two beautiful windows.
  97. I see that these candles on the mantelpiece have been lighted.
  98. I was so very nervous, that I had already lighted the Aged's.
  99. I see that these candles in the mantelpiece have been lighted.
  100. He was cold; he lighted a small fire; it did not occur to him.
  1. In lights of a Being.
  2. Brake lights at 35 m.
  3. He put the lights out.
  4. I had seen her lights.
  5. The lights dimmed at 7.
  6. Red lights in his face.
  7. And the lights went out.
  8. The lights in the lab.
  9. Then the lights went off.
  10. With the lights out my.
  11. No other lights came on.
  12. Then the lights went out.
  13. The lights in the hall.
  14. The lights were still on.
  15. It lights and empty cave.
  16. The lights went out again.
  17. I saw no cars, no lights.
  18. I turned down the lights.
  19. Half the lights were out.
  20. Her whole face lights up.
  21. The lights in the house.
  22. I switched on the lights.
  23. The last lights went out.
  24. Q: Who lights the candle?
  25. Jeff flipped on the lights.
  26. The inside lights were on.
  27. The lights were on; Liam.
  28. I made the lights flicker.
  29. Turn off the lights there.
  30. The lights were on at home.
  31. There were no more lights.
  32. He snapped off the lights.
  33. The car flashed its lights.
  34. The tent lights snuffed out.
  35. Okay, turn on the lights.
  36. Switch off the lights, Mrs.
  37. Most of the lights are out.
  38. Lights flashed in the dark.
  39. The lights had been dimmed.
  40. A number of strobe lights.
  41. They turned their lights on.
  42. All the shining lights in.
  43. Only the lights were still.
  44. May the lights be put out?
  45. LED lights lit on the keypad.
  46. By the lights of thine eyes.
  47. The club's main lights go up.
  48. And then the lights went out.
  49. The lights are for later.
  50. The lights have dimmed and.
  51. As usual, he lights up the.
  52. HO T5 lights are gaining in.
  53. Suddenly the lights went out.
  54. Room 203’s lights went out.
  55. The lights were blinding now.
  56. Strange lights in the skies.
  57. The lights did not keep still.
  58. She turned the lights back on.
  59. The lights therein, were out.
  60. The lights in the room buzzed.
  61. Into The Range Of The Lights.
  62. Even the lights were in cages.
  63. He would have seen the lights.
  64. The downstairs lights were on.
  65. Lights flashed on in the tents.
  66. The lights returned to normal.
  67. The lights in his flat went on.
  68. She would wait for the lights.
  69. After dinner, the lights were.
  70. Lights in an interrogation room.
  71. Other lights swirled around her.
  72. The lights flicker then go out.
  73. As the lights began to regain.
  74. Just then, the lights went out.
  75. Lights came on inside the house.
  76. They stopped at some red lights.
  77. Turn on the interior lights.
  78. I find pale blue lights, always.
  79. There were no lights to be seen.
  80. And the morning as it lights up.
  81. Standard lights that come with.
  82. The lights in the house went out.
  83. Lights were strung in the trees.
  84. He switched the lights off and.
  85. Kill the lights on your way out.
  86. He stomps it out lights another.
  87. Jeremy turned the lights on again.
  88. Otherwise it would be lights out.
  89. The lights were now flashing red.
  90. We switched off the lights at 10.
  91. The lights flashed as the locks.
  92. Lights veer toward her, then away.
  93. The other boats had soft lights.
  94. In the same instant lights came.
  95. In an instant the lights were out.
  96. The lights to the cabin were off.
  97. Remember, no lights in the prison.
  98. Run it through the traffic lights.
  99. The house lights were on, but dim.
  100. There were few lights in the camp.

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