twinkle sätze

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Twinkle sätze (in englisch)

  1. The twinkle in his eyes.
  2. With a twinkle in my eye.
  3. Her eyes seemed to twinkle.
  4. There was a twinkle in her eye.
  5. They merely blink and twinkle.

  6. He could tell by the twinkle in.
  7. He had a little twinkle in his eye.
  8. Your twinkle has no power over me.
  9. He is in the twinkle of your eyes.
  10. Sesemann with a twinkle in his eye.
  11. In a twinkle she was off up the path.
  12. I send it in? That twinkle in her eye.
  13. Remember, she said with a twinkle.
  14. Your eyes do twinkle, when you smile.
  15. When there was another, twinkle of light.

  16. The jolly smile had gone, the twinkle in.
  17. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
  18. He looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye.
  19. To twinkle in their spheres till they return.
  20. She had that teasing twinkle back in her eye.
  21. He never noticed the twinkle in Betty's eyes.
  22. Cliff smiled at me with a twinkle in his eyes.
  23. Nicolas looked at her with a twinkle in his eye.
  24. To twinkle in their sockets till the stars return.
  25. Star—like an alien twinkle in the eye of heaven.

  26. You see he had such a kind little twinkle in his.
  27. Yeah, says Krauss, with a twinkle in his eyes.
  28. Yet he casts a twinkle from his eyes when he speaks.
  29. His eyes had a twinkle to them as he said, Later.
  30. Jann smiled, there was a twinkle in his eye, ‘Was a.
  31. It was more of a twinkle that read, I found something.
  32. As he spoke, she observed a twinkle of mirth in his eye.
  33. Mike glanced over at her, a twinkle playing in his eyes.
  34. He started to laugh and the twinkle returned to his eyes.
  35. So, here I am now, he smiled with twinkle in his eyes.
  36. Our young companion looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.
  37. The boy looked up at Tina with his twinkle eyes and smiled.
  38. Chen, a twinkle in his eyes, replied, Knowing what trou-.
  39. There was a twinkle in his eye that coaxed a smile to her lips.
  40. It has golden cuffs and buttons that twinkle in the spotlight.
  41. What’s up, then? asked Holmes with a twinkle in his eye.
  42. Noting the twinkle in his eyes at using her new name, she smiled.
  43. In a twinkle of an eye, they had bypassed the forest formation!.
  44. His eyes had a certain twinkle, his grin a new-found confidence.
  45. He continued to look at Fred with the same twinkle and with one.
  46. With a twinkle in her eye, she said, Depends on what you write.
  47. The strains of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, floated down from the.
  48. You are just so— humble, she said with a twinkle in her eye.
  49. Thy knitted frame, thy springs and valves, the tremulous twinkle of.
  50. She said it with a twinkle in her eye, but Gaspar winced nevertheless.
  51. So you are! he laughed, his eyes taking on that special twinkle.
  52. Actually, he notes, there is one difference: The stars don't twinkle.
  53. I saw a Dagger twinkle at his Waist; in a trice, ’twas in his Hand.
  54. She smiled at Joey with a calculating twinkle in her bright pink eyes.
  55. Aidan tried not to laugh, and looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes.
  56. I start spiraling down into the vortex, she said with a twinkle.
  57. By the twinkle in her eye, I could tell she liked me, at least a little.
  58. With a twinkle in her eye, she subtly leaned forward and raised her chin.
  59. There was the twinkle in Ryato’s eyes, which Alaric had missed all day.
  60. You’re a woman now, Father Haralambos said with a twinkle in his eye.
  61. He keeps his eyes on me, challenging me, a twinkle of a dare in his eyes.
  62. His father was waiting for him by the hearth, a twinkle in his dark eyes.
  63. With a twinkle in his eyes, Thomas said, I’m surprised she didn’t.
  64. His wits had quickly returned soon as he saw the twinkle of their lights.
  65. Where are we? I feel underdressed, he said with a twinkle in his eye.
  66. Ahhh, then, that would be Senator Andrews, he replied with a twinkle.
  67. His hair is tousled and unkempt, and his gray eyes twinkle wickedly at me.
  68. They haven’t asked me yet, Wendy replied with a twinkle in her eye.
  69. Precisely, Horatio, precisely, says Lancelot, with a Twinkle in his Eye.
  70. There was a twinkle in our Teacher' s eye as He said: Well, I cannot tell.
  71. A figure sprang very fast into the Southern Mountains Villa! In a twinkle of.
  72. There was a twinkle in her eyes, an unexpected hint of sweetness in her smile.
  73. Tom looked up in her face with just a perceptible twinkle peeping through his.
  74. I watch as he tries not to smile, but eventually I see the twinkle in his eyes.
  75. Far from being dispirited, his friend now appeared to have a twinkle in his eye.
  76. The only thing they did not see from where they stood was the twinkle in his eye.
  77. Do you still remember that tune, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? I continued.
  78. Then the twinkle in his eyes instantly turned to anger and the smile into a scowl.
  79. She had a twinkle in her eyes and a smile that would melt even the hardest heart.
  80. Now will you tell me who you are? Christine asked with a twinkle in her eye.
  81. The younger kids looked at me with an awestruck twinkle in their eyes; I was a hero.
  82. Slowly a twinkle started in his eyes and a smile plucked at the corners of his mouth.
  83. I could tell by her smile and the twinkle in her eye that she had the same thoughts.
  84. To what do I owe the honor of this summons, he asked with a twinkle in his eye.
  85. They would smile, twinkle their eyes, shake their heads, and there was the end of it.
  86. Tam’s smile unnerved her, with a little twinkle in his eyes as if he had something.
  87. Images of Elior’s summer blue eyes that would never again gleam and twinkle at her.
  88. Why should I be afraid? He had a light smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.
  89. Dark blue eyes stared out, seeming almost to twinkle despite their obvious affliction.
  90. There was a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye when he gave Faye Anne the card.
  91. I glanced away from her face and saw a twinkle of humor on a lot of the gathered faces.
  92. It put a twinkle in my heart and a rhythm in my eye, and gave the village a sharp focus.
  93. This painting is your greatest masterpiece, Robert said with a twinkle in his eyes.
  94. And the fact that her dad now has that same evil twinkle in his eyes is beyond disturbing.
  95. The twinkle in his eye and amused look on his face gave her a funny feeling in her stomach.
  96. A twinkle in the eye that made you suspect irony behind the sense of humor and easy laugh.
  97. Windsor frowned slightly, but a small twinkle shone in his eyes as he read his master’s.
  98. The king's tone turns mildly scolding, but that awful twinkle in his eyes only gets brighter.
  99. Did he have a bit of a twinkle in his eye I wondered? No, probably just those pirate mojitos.
  100. The man’s gaze was still cold, but there was a twinkle in it as if her confusion amused him.
  1. It was done in a twinkling.
  2. Look at the twinkling Stars!.
  3. The stars are always twinkling.
  4. Twinkling of fixed stars, v, 156.
  5. He looked over with twinkling eyes.
  6. His eyes were twinkling with glee.
  7. In a twinkling the table was laid.
  8. He grinned, his eyes twinkling again.
  9. She grinned, her blue eyes twinkling.
  10. His eyes were twinkling and forgiving.
  11. There were stars twinkling in the sky.
  12. He was older and had a twinkling smile.
  13. We soon saw twinkling the fires of Berd.
  14. No way, he replied, eyes twinkling.
  15. The gleaming, twinkling water enveloped her.
  17. He looked at me; his sapphire eyes twinkling.
  18. The sky was clear and stars were twinkling.
  19. The Premier looked at Holmes with twinkling eyes.
  20. When I looked into her eyes, they were twinkling.
  21. The cards disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.
  22. He smiles knowingly at her, his gray eyes twinkling.
  23. I could see the beautiful stars twinkling around me.
  24. Europe would change as in the twinkling of an eye.
  25. Massie pouted at him, her eyes twinkling with mischief.
  26. There was a star twinkling by itself in the western sky.
  27. Joshua said, She who controls the stars twinkling in.
  28. Then he kissed me and pulled out this twinkling platinum.
  29. He remembered decorating the eaves with twinkling lights.
  31. He had shoulder length blond hair and twinkling blue eyes.
  32. Si, Doña Sylvia, responded he, with eyes twinkling.
  33. On the patio, the three of them sat watching the twinkling.
  34. There, far to the East, was something twinkling and moving.
  35. Her eyes were twinkling too as she grabbed Richard's shirt.
  36. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.
  37. There were definite formations twinkling up overhead but as.
  38. I did not see her, he said smoothly, his eyes twinkling.
  39. The twinkling of the stars was like the glittering of his eyes.
  41. His eyes were twinkling, as I took the paper and opened it up.
  42. Twinkling of stars is caused by movements in Earth's atmosphere.
  43. His twinkling eyes shone as he gazed straight into my brown ones.
  44. He turned, bounded back, came nearer, trotted on twinkling shanks.
  45. Hadean state into the presence of Christ in the twinkling of an eye.
  46. I pictured having dinner as we gazed at the sea of twinkling lights.
  47. Hathaway gazed out at the distant cities twinkling in the starlight.
  48. As you start counting the name within twinkling of an eye the mind.
  49. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the.
  50. However, I could see lights twinkling on water, so I ventured a guess.
  51. Sophia, in the twinkling of an eye, thought of what she saw last night.
  53. Oh, Kay, do not be like that, soothed Galeron, his eyes twinkling.
  54. Village to Mountain top to Oceanside cottage in the twinkling of an eye.
  55. I wondered which star was Arcturus as I looked up into the twinkling sky.
  56. The twinkling stars wink at us in the starry night I have a crush on you.
  57. Something on the ground caught his attention, a twinkling flash of metal.
  58. The twinkling theater lights sparkled in our eyes and flushed our cheeks.
  59. When he looked at himself, he was transparent and twinkling, but when he.
  60. But in the twinkling of an eye, all will be restored to you, for as they.
  61. Anne nodded gratefully, the gratefulness in her twinkling eyes radiating.
  62. The sky above had cleared again and was slowly filled with twinkling stars.
  63. We shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the.
  64. Brad, the Professor said, his eyes twinkling with jolliness, they.
  65. The coming of the Hour is only as the twinkling of the eye, or even nearer.
  66. Pierre glanced up at the sky and the twinkling stars in its faraway depths.
  67. One couldn’t help but note Bernie’s twinkling green eyes studying the man.
  68. At least they had a twinkling light in the cavern, one that would later fade.
  69. Hi, Ana, he smiles, his blue eyes twinkling, and I like him immediately.
  70. The twinkling theater lights sparkled in their eyes and flushed their cheeks.
  71. We shall ALL BE CHANGED, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye AT THE LAST.
  72. But she is already involved, the director said, his dark eyes twinkling.
  73. Christians will be 'changed in the twinkling of an eye' to a life for eternity.
  74. Would I always be a prisoner? I continued staring off into the twinkling night.
  75. Stars were twinkling above our heads and the moonlight was reflected in his eyes.
  76. Dawson) be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump [1.
  77. Caitlin said the phrase with such casual, twinkling malice, it almost sounded nice.
  78. They headed east, the sun shining of their bodies like twinkling stars in the day.
  79. And my companion pointed to a star twinkling in the distance with an emerald light.
  80. A twinkling, an inkling, shines through the void… Starkle, starkle, little twink.
  81. We stand there, just a few feet between us, under my mom's white twinkling lights.
  82. You’re twinkling, he thought, gazing dreamily into their midnight ebony softness.
  83. Then it would have the earthly body resurrected only for the "twinkling of an eye".
  84. We all shall not sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment in the twinkling.
  85. The round blue globes of fire hovered among the twinkling stars, distantly trembling.
  86. Everything was black except for the twinkling stars in the sky, which seemed infinite.
  87. Mugs were scooped in, and, with the stars twinkling brightly above the singing began.
  88. We shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump:.
  89. I jerked my head up from his shoulder and looked directly into his twinkling blue eyes.
  90. The sun came out and all the clouds disappeared, almost within the twinkling of an eye.
  91. I saw a lovely, milk-chocolate, familiar face with a seductive smile and twinkling eyes.
  92. And within a twinkling of an eye, Nathan leaned forward and raised both arms toward him.
  93. Testament saints-Dawson) be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last.
  94. We all shall not sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of.
  95. Volcanoes added deep resonance to the bass lines underpinning the twinkling of the stars.
  96. Yet, he has them being raised 13 years before the moment, before the twinkling of an eye.
  97. In a twinkling, and with the agility of his age, he had reached the hole in the partition.
  98. The varying nighttime sky with twinkling stars and highlighted planets and patterned moon.
  99. His expression was that same twinkling, guiltless mug I had seen a thousand times as a kid.
  100. He could see his eyes again, those dark blue eyes staring and twinkling in the torch light.
  1. It twinkled back at him.
  2. Bells twinkled as he left.
  3. Stars twinkled in the vast sky.
  4. Stars twinkled in the dusky sky.
  5. Her eyes twinkled as she spoke.
  6. His eyes twinkled with moonlight.
  7. His eyes twinkled in the moonlight.
  8. He shrugged, but his eyes twinkled.
  9. The dark young man twinkled his eyes.
  10. Christmas lights twinkled in the dusk.
  11. Eyes that twinkled DRAFTChapter 18 479.
  12. Think old man! Think! His eyes twinkled.
  13. George's eyes twinkled behind his glasses.
  14. His eyes were bright, and twinkled with.
  15. The lights twinkled, and she thought the.
  16. She was my star that twinkled in the night.
  17. Kunae twinkled in the water of the harbor.
  18. His eyebrows shot up and his eyes twinkled.
  19. Granny's blue eyes twinkled a thousand stars.
  20. But his eyes twinkled and he grinned as he.
  21. The stars twinkled, looking almost as if they.
  22. His blue eyes twinkled with suppressed mischief.
  23. Above their heads, all of Laru’s stars twinkled.
  24. Curiosity twinkled in his eyes as he leaned closer.
  25. Nathan turned to gaze at her, and his eyes twinkled.
  26. The stars twinkled and cavorted across the expanse.
  27. His eyes twinkled and his mouth formed a small smile.
  28. Elior’s eyes twinkled and radiated with happiness.
  29. It twinkled with brilliant emerald and sapphire hues.
  30. On the Outer Roads, hundreds of lights twinkled, as.
  31. The lights at Peggy's Cove twinkled in the distance.
  32. His eyes twinkled in amusement but he did what I asked.
  33. They twinkled just as his mom had always said they did.
  34. There was a soft breeze and the stars twinkled above us.
  35. Brandon laughed and his eyes twinkled, I thought you.
  36. My cell phone twinkled with a text message and I checked it.
  37. Millions of stars twinkled as I watched the half-moon rise.
  38. Milverton's smile broadened and his eyes twinkled humorously.
  39. They twinkled amongst the grey, wrinkled slate of the hills.
  40. The lights of Sassnitz twinkled on the other side of the bay.
  41. The Universe spun on its virtual plinth as the stars twinkled.
  42. Lower Manhattan twinkled, the red sky framing 1 WTC to the west.
  43. Countless pinpoints of light twinkled in the blackness of space.
  44. His Dwarvish face was still all smiles, his eyes still twinkled.
  45. Nearer at hand a few lights twinkled in the village of Woodhall.
  46. The Universe twinkled with life from all sides, not that it had.
  47. He quirked a brow, and the dark eyes twinkled with the very devil.
  48. The summer blue of his eyes twinkled and sparkled filled with Light.
  49. Delicious chocolate eyes twinkled down at her as he pinched her toe.
  50. He nodded, and his eyes twinkled as if he were having a wonderful time.
  51. And far on Kish bank the anchored lightship twinkled, winked at Mr Bloom.
  52. Its warmth and its sparkling colors twinkled and twirled around her, knowing.
  53. A single, silver earring on his left lobe twinkled as it reflected the light.
  54. The lights of Port Hedland twinkled faintly then faded as the dawn approached.
  55. His eyes twinkled, and there was even a touch of colour upon his sallow cheeks.
  56. The stars twinkled out one by one to be replaced by a flimsy, whimsy of strip.
  57. Hers was a sensuous, passionate beauty—limbs that twinkled like golden flames.
  58. His eyes twinkled with this wonderful Light that sent streams through her heart.
  59. It was misty after the latest rain but the lights still twinkled in the distance.
  60. The stars twinkled at him in the darkness in a way he had never experienced before.
  61. I looked at the sky; it was pure: a kindly star twinkled just above the chasm ridge.
  62. His eyes twinkled as he said, Let’s just leave it with the fact that you like it.
  63. It was a patch of night sky! Stars twinkled invitingly to him and he quickened his pace.
  64. Candlelight twinkled and danced in the treehouse making the walls seem alive and hungry.
  65. The television twinkled into life before her and she smiled warmly at its escapist glow.
  66. Chantry’s eyes twinkled as he gazed admittedly at his favorite protégé next to Flint.
  67. Protestor, tweets twinkled across the scales, a constellation slowly coming to life.
  68. The wonderful Southern Cross, polar star of the Antarctic regions, twinkled at its zenith.
  69. As darkness settled, three hundred seventy one campfires twinkled out away from habitation.
  70. They had a nice dinner and that bottle of green while the lights of the city twinkled below.
  71. Deliberately I turned and handed my pistol to Matt, whose eyes twinkled with repressed glee.
  72. The black sky twinkled with billions of glittering stars, a breathtakingly dazzling display.
  73. Again it twinkled, over the hill where the fire had been, too close to have come from the sky.
  74. His other eye, small and deep-set, twinkled erratically in all directions, aimlessly affable.
  75. Quick, glancing, vivid, she twinkled in the heavy Jena firmament like some strange little star.
  76. Anyway, he twinkled mischievously, there isn't a lot under that housecoat that warrants hiding.
  77. Starlight twinkled on the empty highway where now there was not a sound, no car, no person, nothing.
  78. We‘ll be gaining a hundred thousand bucks by the end of the month,‖ her eyes twinkled.
  79. The last sliver of light was slipping from the sky and the first stars twinkled limply over the bay.
  80. Within, the sept was dim and hushed, lit only by the candles that twinkled on the altars of the Seven.
  81. Steve just laughed and stood on the ledge, and twinkled his toes as the mummies ran out of the temple.
  82. He had shimmering blue eyes that twinkled like stars and shined brighter when he was happy or laughed.
  83. The Legionnaire’s copper eyes twinkled with new inspiration and he reached into the satchel he bore.
  84. Empty blackness stared back, punctuated only by a momentary sparkle as if a faraway star had suddenly twinkled.
  85. The twinkle her admission had sparked in his eyes, made her think of how they had twinkled the day he kissed her.
  86. Windows twinkled in the houses below, where no doubt families were sitting down to dinners in safe, warm kitchens.
  87. Everything twinkled and shone in the light from the many candles sitting all the way down the tables in candlesticks.
  88. Is that all? said Jo, looking disappointed, as Laurie nodded and twinkled with a face full of mysterious intelligence.
  89. Jo's face was very sober, but her eyes twinkled, and there was an odd sound in her voice of repressed emotion of some sort.
  90. He went over to her and slowly turned her around so that the diamond necklace twinkled in the subdued lighting of the room.
  91. His eyes twinkled and he stepped over to a hanging mahogany wardrobe which had been recently added to the room furnishings.
  92. A dull wrack was drifting slowly across the sky, and a star or two twinkled dimly here and there through the rifts of the clouds.
  93. Above me, the moon rose bright, and below me, far in the distance, the lights in the towns of Inyokern and Ridgecrest twinkled on.
  94. He sat there leisurely watching her, amusement all over his face, a huge smile and eyes that twinkled brightly with tears of laughter.
  95. Alex's blue green eyes twinkled at the mention of the hot water springs and how they were used in the heating and lighting of the homes.
  96. Its steep slopes were grass-grown; but all was grey in that hour, for the sun had gone, and far below lights twinkled in the homes of Men.
  97. Sebastian’s eyes twinkled appreciably at the assured way she had assumed her new role and nodded his head in affirmation of her request.
  98. As he sighed and blew and stared before him into the dark hole, some bright small thing shone and twinkled in its depths, moving towards him.
  99. The flash bulbs, that twinkled aggressively before his eyes like a bad acid trip, had Byron wishing for the darkness at the end of the light.
  100. The village of Mokroe numbered two thousand inhabitants, but at that hour all were asleep, and only here and there a few lights still twinkled.
  1. For a moment, fading sunlight catches in the metal and twinkles.
  2. Your cat, Twinkles, is slinking around the house looking cranky (probably because no one.
  3. I can’t say there isn’t a tiny one there, but that’s just because it twinkles, I can’t say that there is.
  4. As well might it be said that the great luminary of day is an accessory, a satellite to the humblest star that twinkles forth its feeble light in the firmament of heaven!.
  5. Tall, distant, with a peak which seems to resemble a mountain but is shadowed over not by fog or mist but seemingly by the sky itself—it twinkles within the air like a falling star slowly eclipsing the horizon and plummeting into a grand desert on the planet Earth and beckons any and every to look upon it.
  6. The majestic figure of an elder was insinuated at the door, his hairs were falling down in cascades up to his shoulders, his beard was opened to show the track of an incipient smile, his luxury tunic spun with gleaming fibers reflecting twinkles to his gait and he carried the same intense navy blue look of the young magician, but with the warmth and docility of an evening in the tropic.

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