wish sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Wish sätze (in englisch)

1. I wish I had a.
2. I wish I could go.
3. I wish to help you.
4. I wish you the best.
5. I wish I could draw.
6. I wish I was, Mr.
7. The next wish was Mr.

8. The one with a wish.
9. I wish it were so.
10. I wish that were so.
11. I wish this were so.
12. I wish to please her.
13. I only wish you were.
14. To work as they wish.
15. Wish he could tell me.
16. I wish to keep it so.
17. I wish that he would.
18. We wish him the best.
20. Wish we had her here.
21. I wish that I was a.
22. We all wish to have.
23. I wish this was true.
24. They wish to claim it.
25. I have no wish to be.
26. I wish to do nothing.
27. They do not wish you.
28. I wish they all would.
29. Follow me if you wish.
30. Master, I wish to die.
31. I wish it had been me.
32. Now I wish to hear it.
33. I wish I could do that.
34. I wish she was here.
35. I almost wish I were.
36. I wish that it was me.
37. I wish I were more so.
38. I wish I could say I.
39. I wish he’d shown up.
40. I wish you and the.
1. Wishing that I was near.
2. Just when I was wishing.
3. This is the wishing tree.
4. Wishing I could take his place.
5. Sort of wishing we never leave.
6. Wishing you the best of health.
7. Keep wishing all you want!.
8. Wishing is negative! We do not.
9. Wishing that they all were dead.
10. She waited, wishing he would go.
11. I just laid their wishing I had.
12. While I am wishing, I could hide.
13. Wishing it hadn’t come to this.
14. Wishing you the best on your day.
15. Or was he just wishing too hard?
16. He found himself wishing he had a.
17. I started wishing that she was mine.
18. Wishing you the best for the season.
19. I sighed, wishing that were the truth.
20. He hated himself for wishing her dead.
21. She couldn’t help wishing she could.
22. I had been wishing and hoping that if.
23. I guess there’s wishing and dreaming.
24. There were more wishing to leave then.
25. She smiled softly, wishing it were true.
26. Holly found herself wishing Jo was here.
27. Right then, I was sho wishing it could.
28. Individuals wishing to consume a very-.
29. Jim started wishing that he could be as.
30. Anyone wishing to advance in government.
31. I was wishing it were Monday, so that I.
32. He was wishing the night would never end.
33. The wishing well was then hidden by magic.
34. I was just wishing for a young collector.
35. It’s like her own personal wishing well.
36. Not wishing to stir from his slumber, he.
37. Wishing for more wishes or love is taboo:.
38. I shook my head, wishing I knew the answer.
39. I was wishing my friends, clad smartly in.
40. I remember wishing he had written in Latin.
1. I have wished to be.
2. But as he wished to.
3. It wished not to be.
4. I wished I was there.
5. I wished now that I.
6. How he wished that 11.
7. She wished that I too.
8. So he wished for the.
9. He wished he had more.
10. I wished to burst out.
11. I wished I could rest.
12. She wished she and Dr.
13. He too wished to know.
14. I wished we had swapped.
15. I wished I could speak.
16. How I wished that the.
17. He could, if he wished.
18. He wished he would die.
19. He almost wished he was.
20. Gawd we wished he would.
21. He wished he were dead.
22. I wished I was one of.
23. He wished he was just.
24. He wished she were right.
25. I never wished for this.
26. Not if he wished to live.
27. Later on, if he wished.
28. I wished to be at peace.
29. I thought he wished it.
30. She wished she could be.
31. Pavel wished to buy both.
32. I wished you’d seen it.
33. I wished that I could do.
34. I wished they'd stay away.
35. He wished to see me again.
36. They wished to offload a.
37. She wished she could help.
38. I wished I could tell him.
39. Paul wished he were stupid.
40. He wished he hadn't looked.
1. What he wishes to be.
2. My best wishes to you.
3. He wishes he was deaf.
4. It wishes to consume me.
5. And he wishes he hadn’t.
6. She wishes to see Joss.
7. He wishes to bring us to.
8. We honored all her wishes.
9. I believe she wishes I did.
10. The man who wishes to get.
11. This writer wishes them well.
12. He wishes to speak with you.
13. It wishes nothing but chaos.
14. Who wishes to walk with me?
15. I complied with her wishes.
16. It is you who wishes to fight.
17. His wishes did the trick: Mrs.
18. I submit to her feline wishes.
19. Maybe to carry out his wishes.
20. Only if he wishes to be found.
21. A Swake couple who wishes to.
22. He turns it wherever He wishes.
23. Each nation wishes to confine.
24. But the island wishes for more.
25. And now he wishes to marry her.
26. I’m at peace with his wishes.
27. He wishes me to be near him.
28. He wishes to grow into himself.
29. A messenger wishes to speak.
31. He wishes to go to Gathandria.
32. CARL WISHES time would slow down.
33. He wishes he had an assistant.
34. It seems that no one wishes to.
35. It may mean she wishes to have.
36. He wishes to know the nature of.
37. With best wishes and Heil Hitler.
38. In other word’s wishes for him.
39. Please respect her wishes and go.
40. She wishes to honor and thank him.

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