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    1. Monitor your time

    2. There is so much information out there but just monitor where you are

    3. I’m the guy from the monitor,” Ackers pointed unnecessarily at the view screen where they had been looking at him as the elevator traveled down, and which was still showing a large image of his face as he spoke

    4. He could even see the connecting pieces where the electrical circuit was able to monitor the status of the door

    5. “Boo,” she said, as she skipped on ahead to monitor the area

    6. Scar peered intently at the gibberish on the monitor, trying to make sense of the words and numbers appearing and disappearing in rapid procession

    7. “But I would have had a much easier job of it if you hadn’t opted to change the mission parameters by staying upstairs to monitor the team that I was already monitoring

    8. The team not only makes a study of the market but also is in a position to closely monitor the chosen companies to assess their present and future prospects

    9. signal on the monitor went up and down, reacting on the traumas in

    10. cording to the readings on monitor he was suffering unbearable pain

    11. She could monitor those and all the recordings of the data that had been sent for a century and a half



    14. television monitor that shows the courtroom, John situated in the middle of the picture

    15. Teekra watches the monitor, which frames Ricci, who is on the witness stand now

    16. Teekra watches Ricci on the monitor as he testifies against her

    17. She had opened a special secret channel into it and could now monitor and control its activity directly

    18. He was sitting on the ground in back of the Boston Monitor building, holding a gun to his head

    19. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    20. He nodded his head and slunk away, his bad leg disappearing through the Monitor back entrance

    21. Turning south, he headed towards the Boston Monitor

    22. Will he be able to save them from the impending disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor newspaper?

    23. Will this be enough to protect him from the hatred of those he has disappointed? Will he be able to prevent the terrible disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor? Will he run and hide or will he match brave words with brave actions? Sometimes knowing what's coming next just isn't enough

    24. Measurable: By measuring a goal one can stay on course and monitor progress

    25. “They disappeared into the population my dear,” Thom said, there was still an interstellar channel open with the Brazilian expedition at 61 Cygni and Gordon’s Lamp was able to monitor all the traffic on it

    26. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor and was able to interact with online services in super-sized mode, which he found particularly useful when inspecting the assets and attributes of various potential brides from far flung lands such as the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the Philippines

    27. Kelvin knew she preferred to model her screens as an old fashioned monitor, but she preferred to keep her screens in the air to making the old plastic case appear when she was out of her office

    28. The heart rate monitor beeped fast

    29. He turned his gaze down and played with the heart rate monitor wire attached on his

    30. The nurse agreed and took off the drips and monitor cords attached to

    31. Both men watched the monitor intently

    32. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor

    33. A monitor pings regularly

    34. The trace on the monitor is showing all of the tell tale signs of ventricular tachycardia

    35. The secret tells of a short lived moment of peace, a brief interlude, a space between the blip and slide of the monitor soundtrack that pervades every spare inch of the intensive care unit

    36. 'To monitor our investigations, of course

    37. Two years ago the government started to monitor the aptitude tests that schools

    38. The reason they monitor these tests is to discover children with exceptional

    39. The monitor sprang to life, and it showed on it a man with blonde curly hair and glasses

    40. “You are correct, ma'am!” The face on the monitor said

    41. “You chauvinist pig!” Amelia said, raising her fist to the monitor

    42. edged towards the door and beckoned the others to come with her as the monitor and

    43. 'The market council are supposed to monitor such

    44. ‘We’ll contact you as soon as we have some information Mrs … er… Richards … but you can monitor this website

    45. certain patterns, and that if they record and monitor those

    46. He entered a dark room and came upon an enormous monitor ten times his size

    47. The monitor came to life, and Jack was momentarily

    48. The Monitor then showed off the following message in big, bold type:

    49. Jack slowly began to back away from the monitor, trying to wrap his head around what he had just seen

    50. Ava watched him put Glayet on as Alan’s monitor

    1. "We are being monitored," Vic said

    2. If they were being monitored he shouldn't talk about the possibility of a sister, or many other trusts Ava had given him over the years

    3. I tried staring into my surroundings without focusing on anything in particular and that helped a distant crumbling ruin to emerge from its orange terraced soil but the stillness made me feel I was being monitored or that something nasty was about to happen

    4. Alcock was simply watching impassively the scene before them, puffing his pipe and keeping an eye on the conductor as he monitored the ingress and egress of passengers and luggage on and off his train

    5. Every room, every conversation, almost every thought may be monitored by an owner

    6. " Politically the record was the fellow officer, but Ava was a friend and told him that all conversations were monitored

    7. Kurt also knew that the major farms and generating systems were monitored by Security, but so far he had not heard or seen any patrols in the air and on the water

    8. I monitored Weather Central

    9. When we saw your Security Skimmer, we were surprised because your presence had not been monitored

    10. ‘Not that I can can say for certain we’re not being monitored, there may be remote observation drones hovering outside

    11. Of course, his b’tari supervisor had this lab closely monitored

    12. Normally – even at this hour – his every move would be monitored

    13. But what could he get away with if he was being monitored?

    14. After all, this part of her office was closely monitored

    15. But here – a Elusiver roaming about, a traitor in a world that’s been monitored and targeted

    16. The chip monitored every activity; it absorbed every bit of information he took in

    17. For almost two centuries people’s communications had been monitored for key words and phrases, for the sake of national security

    18. There was no alternative to avoid detection, a dimensional phase-shift left a detectable quantum echo – and it was not beyond reason that other dimensional realms were being monitored

    19. He approached the device in the knowledge that his actions were being monitored

    20. be monitored carefully, especially around your events and competitions

    21. This means that everything that happens on your computer is monitored and analyzed by your anti-virus

    22. If not constantly monitored it means nothing except to be a nice coloured line on a general's map and of as much use in practise too

    23. Stealing spoor from the Army became something of an art form and they always monitored the Army radio frequencies for just that

    24. Log barges were selected for several reasons: they carried no crew who might otherwise stumble across the drug and, bound for Costa Rica, not the US or Europe, they would not arouse undue suspicion in the tightly monitored canal

    25. The Carter Center has monitored 95 elections in 37 nations

    26. In order to get there, Colling would need a vehicle, and the ambulance mileage was closely monitored

    27. Brett monitored the systems as he carefully navigated the course at the ludicrously slow speed of one-hundred-fifty miles per hour

    28. Chris Harden had all of this on his mind as he monitored the team’s performance

    29. Trevor’s finger’s punched the computer keys and his keen eyes monitored and interpreted a confusion of readings

    30. She wanted me to be monitored by a colleague who was making a study of the progress of this disease on individuals

    31. In addition, the Druids monitored the religion of ordinary Gauls and were in charge of educating the aristocracy

    32. “I want all her calls monitored and surveillance on her house for the next month

    33. available for use, entry to the Plate was now strictly monitored by

    34. He was warning me that our conversation was being monitored

    35. “This route is probably one of the few not still monitored by

    36. operated and monitored by Shinra, Inc

    37. After spending the night in the Emergency Room, Cory was taken to a Med/Surg floor to be monitored

    38. of roads, then there is 10,000 cameras, monitored by the each district Police

    39. Risks and their actions are evaluated on frequent basis (weekly/bi weekly) and the effectiveness of actions and trend of the risks are monitored

    40. Customer Satisfaction should be monitored and top management to be committed for this

    41. Service management system shall be monitored by internal audit program and by management review

    42. The acceptance criteria and procedures shall be monitored for the changed services

    43. Results shall be monitored and as required causal analysis is performed to improve the delivery

    44. Availability levels to be monitored and reviewed and actions to be planned

    45. Baseline should be done for the CI’s and the electronic and physical storage of CI’s and back up to be monitored

    46. Installing software on your computer so that your work can be monitored is not

    47. person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored

    48. He claims Uronians are watchers who have monitored this planet throughout history

    49. “By what means, what technologies have Uronians monitored our planet?

    50. I should have monitored her more closely, as I should have suspected that she may still be suicidal

    1. “But I would have had a much easier job of it if you hadn’t opted to change the mission parameters by staying upstairs to monitor the team that I was already monitoring

    2. “It is most likely giving me a thirty second delay to enter the proper code to let the computer and the alarm monitoring station know that I have returned home to the house that I live in

    3. Monitoring is when you regularly inspect the lawn for signs of harmful and beneficial lawn pests

    4. "Interpol is already monitoring him

    5. "That God damned mother fucking God damn bishop!" he bellowed, not caring that there could be monitoring for all he knew

    6. The welder-bot hardware recorder log had to be re-written with all that edited out, then the current monitoring tracks those actions made had to be fixed up

    7. The current monitoring logs of all the logic all his programs ran in had to be edited, then he had to edit out the current traces that process took manually, before he could close

    8. We need the burner lit to move the ship and enable better monitoring of the Al-Harron

    9. Let them get a billion miles away, then the monitoring would not be so close

    10. The only duties Biology had left were the studies of the real data that Alan had shunted aside, and monitoring the enforcement of Alan’s sentence

    11. monitoring the white blood cells in our veins and the

    12. Deep space probes were continuous with two technicians always on duty monitoring activity

    13. “Captain to the monitoring room!” came the over the intercom almost immediately

    14. Captain Andrid made his way to the monitoring room

    15. Two hours later Captain Andrid returned to the monitoring room for an update

    16. “He was the supervisor of the guy who should have been monitoring me,” Ava said

    17. Some kind of monitoring station or something, I don‘t know

    18. Richard had been carefully monitoring the road behind

    19. Hardly anyone lives here – just research staff monitoring the local birds and turtles

    20. We've been monitoring him for some time, truth be told

    21. Galley in fifteen!” Yula and Mim scampered from the bridge while she set the com to reroute activity to the remote and had the other stations set to stations-keeping, also ready for remote monitoring

    22. Dena, Elenir and Ravena set themselves for the long chore of constant monitoring

    23. ‘Shouldn’t we check no-one’s monitoring us first?’ chimed the Orb

    24. I froze for a few seconds, monitoring Doug's behavior

    25. It would also be in the news and monitoring networks

    26. ‘I’ll check the police monitoring grid

    27. ’ As the institute’s security officer Jannson had direct access to all surveillance monitoring systems

    28. His primary job was to do instant surveys on the populace by monitoring various broadcasts to get public reaction to the news

    29. That’s why they gave him this house, with it’s bright May morning English countryside vista shining onto white-washed walls; a security monitoring system to warn of any approaching threat

    30. Did anyone really know exactly what they intended? Was the human species to be wiped out completely, or just taken back to a primitive state in order to be managed? Elusivers were the self-appointed gods, monitoring all sentient life

    31. Somehow he knew the B’tari would not be aware of their presence, in spite of having installed a monitoring device for every conceivable disturbance in the space- time continuum

    32. The only option now was to undergo a total monitoring of his brain activity, whereby his dreams could be inferred

    33. Bring whatever monitoring equipment you need

    34. Jannson said a few words about his monitoring equipment, but she certainly sensed a tension between them

    35. One of the stipulations she’d insisted on for her office was for no monitoring equipment

    36. So Roidon had become crucial in overriding their monitoring systems and providing them with false feeds

    37. By monitoring the state of the particle it was possible to receive messages over any distance with no time delay at all

    38. As she entered the parking bay, Raiya imagined this would be the time for something bad to happen, when only AI systems were monitoring

    39. In theory he could go anywhere, but in reality he knew the B’tari were monitoring his every move

    40. The man was lying in a translucent casket amongst the usual mysterious array of monitoring equipment, with its reconfiguring symbols

    41. When he turned he could see other people, some monitoring equipment,

    42. He thrashed his grey servo mechanical arm, knocking over some bleeping monitoring equipment

    43. ‘I have been monitoring transmissions from planet 5538

    44. The control room possessed what he thought must be the finest monitoring equipment the B’tari could muster

    45. Do not look at it as eavesdropping either, more as a cautious friend monitoring the content of your discussions

    46. When on shift, monitoring alone, he’d simply claimed the system had misidentified a piece of space debris

    47. 4, altitude twenty thousand metres, away from terrestrial monitoring systems

    48. Randal’s remit extended beyond that of monitoring their success and coordinating the campaign

    49. Any amount of chaos could be taking place within that uncharted environment; he was supposed to be in there keeping a check on it, since monitoring from the outside could not extend beyond basic diagnostics

    50. The lack of monitoring equipment surprised Jimmy: one monitor – on a stand next to the stasis bed-casket, similar to those he’d observed underground

    1. The room was draped in shadows, the only light coming from an entire wall of regular monitors

    2. She zeros in on the dining room, clicks some buttons and instantly only the dining room is showing on all the monitors

    3. The men are continuing their conversation, audible via the monitors

    4. Teekra continues to watch the proceedings on the monitors

    5. Teekra holds hers too, watches the monitors

    6. call the Milky Way, but he left the monitors on and the tapes running just in case he

    7. He knew that wasn't conclusive evidence, the sensors were probably read regularly by the hardware monitors and written to memory somewhere that the query looked up

    8. He gave Bahkmar a hardware memory address where the motor instruction would originate, it was his job to get it to the antenna, undetected from the monitors on that channel

    9. Smith turned his gaze away from the chemical and physical experiment at the edge of what we now call the Milky Way, but he left the monitors on and the tapes running just in case he ever needed to put a face to a crime

    10. According to the onboard monitors she is tachycardic

    11. Then, once they have both applied gel to their hands and buzzed for access to the main intensive care unit, she shows him to a room full of screens and monitors

    12. Billy is with Bex as she lays on her hospital bed with heart monitors and breathing tubes plugged into her body

    13. same room; a bed, the controls, kitchen, monitors, everything

    14. your finger there, is fed to our computers in the next room, which monitors your

    15. Stenworth, Sike, and Williams watched the monitors in the room next to

    16. walls of television monitors

    17. The Elf pointed out the functions of each of the controls, the properties and general arrangement of the panels and monitors, their usefulness and a few tricks of the trade as it were to their more arcane applications

    18. Ravena finally looked up from her displays and monitors

    19. Dangling by her feet over the convenient ventilation grate Yula still presided over, the Elf took in the bridge activity, but her focus was on the monitors directly below her---the navigation consoles

    20. ” She glanced back at her monitors, “Two are entering the system now

    21. Harvo-alpha was now a mass of exposed circuitry hooked up to various monitors the likes of which Roidon had never before seen

    22. ” reported Stephen, staring worriedly at one of the monitors

    23. Their monitors were constantly vigilant

    24. Like abeyant drones they all sat in front of monitors, checking for far off asteroids, meteorites and comets

    25. Electronic monitors watched him, they identified him, and at this current level would not (he hoped) alert anyone sentient

    26. Still, for the next level he’d switch his device to emit a strong EM pulse to disable the monitors

    27. Gerrid surveyed the bank of monitors

    28. forward, to the bank of monitors, his eyes fixing upon the tactical screen

    29. how her concentration never seemed to waver from the bank of monitors before her

    30. once again to the monitors

    31. Unlike Physiology that monitors a body‘s physical and

    32. He was sitting with his feet up on our suitcases, watching the overhead monitors

    33. I looked around the room for telltale cameras, remembering the bank of video monitors in the room off the foyer

    34. During my mid-morning break, as I sat in the roadside guard shelter watching the twelve monitors and eating a carrot, I tried to phone Mia at her apartment

    35. The music began to play softly in his monitors

    36. Sim looked at the supine figure in the bed, with hoses, clamps, electrodes, taped all over him, with monitors bleep-bleeping and his heart sank

    37. Hartle wouldn’t be needing monitors in the time ahead

    38. High-pitched squeals in the monitors indicated the aerial minelets were chasing and impacting upon the enemy

    39. depot, Bones and Rocky would splash the monitors in the hawk

    40. Apparently, Adam could see me on one of the monitors

    41. “I saw him on the monitors when I was in the control room

    42. I can feel Tobias staring at me—he knows I didn’t see Will in the monitors, and he didn’t know that Will was dead

    43. It consists of oxygen and temperature sensors which monitors and regulates the cremation process

    44. computers on the left wall were operating, the monitors dead

    45. computer stations and monitors

    46. incomprehensible data on the monitors before him

    47. monitors blinking with warnings in deep red

    48. Kenichi was sitting in front of an array of monitors

    49. his men in the other room move into action, checking screens and monitors

    50. computer monitors at the far side of the room, clad in a worn

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