watch sätze

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Watch sätze (in englisch)

  1. I had to watch it.
  2. I look at my watch.
  3. But as I watch, I.
  4. I looked at my watch.
  5. It was fun to watch.

  6. I watch as they leap.
  7. I glanced at my watch.
  8. He looks at his watch.
  9. Watch them if you can.
  10. He looked at his watch.
  11. Her watch read 5:22 a.
  12. Now look at your watch.
  13. I didn't want to watch.
  14. All I can do is watch.
  15. He will watch over me.

  16. She looked at her watch.
  17. Max looked at his watch.
  18. It was a rush to watch.
  19. Try to watch your step.
  20. I stare at Al’s watch.
  21. As I watch them pound.
  22. Just watch Bubba for me.
  23. He checked his watch, 4.
  24. Things to watch out for.
  25. I have to watch matches.

  26. He had to watch her die.
  27. He would wait and watch.
  28. Emma looked at her watch.
  29. He glanced at his watch.
  30. Ben spun around to watch.
  31. Gary looked at his watch.
  32. Hiro looked at his watch.
  33. Delmon to watch his back.
  34. Eric looked at his watch.
  35. He needs to watch it.
  36. I was blessed to watch.
  37. He glances at his watch.
  38. Morse looked at his watch.
  39. Bill looked at his watch.
  40. Watch closely by the end.
  41. Yes, to watch the news.
  42. All I could do was watch.
  43. They watch us so closely.
  44. Never had a watch before.
  45. Theo looked at his watch.
  46. He then checked his watch.
  47. She'd have to watch him.
  48. Donna looked at her watch.
  49. It was horrific to watch.
  50. I watch him float about.
  51. He’d need to watch her.
  52. Paul looked at his watch.
  53. Thane looked at his watch.
  54. Watch out for the sharks.
  55. She glanced at her watch.
  56. Oh crap, GUYS WATCH OUT!.
  57. Gary glanced at his watch.
  58. You can watch them later.
  59. Have Dex watch your door.
  60. And it's not all I watch.
  61. Bruce looked at his watch.
  62. I also looked at my watch.
  63. His watch showed eleven p.
  64. Oh my Lord, watch us eat.
  65. It was beautiful to watch.
  66. She checked her watch as.
  67. Jason looked at his watch.
  68. Brett looked at his watch.
  69. Ashley looked at his watch.
  70. Kareem looked at his watch.
  71. My watch is gold in colour.
  72. Grinly had the last watch.
  73. I had to watch my own ass.
  74. David glanced at his watch.
  75. Stick looked at his watch.
  76. Midge looked at his watch.
  77. Sue looked over to watch.
  78. Members on watch at a time.
  79. Albert looked at his watch.
  80. I will Watch them come in.
  81. Nani Dorsi! I watch as the.
  82. Sensei glanced at his watch.
  83. He would have to watch out.
  84. Another look at her watch.
  85. Tsosnik looked at his watch.
  86. And watch the sunset shore.
  87. Watch the reality of truth.
  88. Connie glanced at his watch.
  89. Wilson glanced at his watch.
  90. She checked her watch again.
  91. The watch is still latched.
  92. I stand amazed as I watch.
  93. Tomo looked at his watch, 2.
  94. Let us watch the interview.
  95. Sarah looks at her watch,.
  96. Stick looked at his watch,.
  1. I am here, watching it.
  2. He may be watching me.
  3. I see Jake watching us.
  4. I could see him watching.
  5. I wasn't watching for you.
  6. Abi and Katie watching TV.
  7. Watching her neck and hair.
  8. He was watching the water.
  9. Your King is watching you.
  10. You can go whale watching.
  11. Are you watching the news?
  12. But I'm watching the DVD.
  13. The rest are just watching.
  14. A pair of eye’s watching.
  15. God is watching out for him.
  16. Be careful watching the TV.
  17. They had been watching him.
  18. I do still need watching.
  19. They were watching the door.
  20. They were watching, he knew.
  21. He stood watching her, his.
  22. She’s watching me like a.
  23. They were there, watching me.
  24. Watching the sky for a sign.
  25. I have a man watching him.
  26. He was watching her intently.
  27. Jeff had been watching her.
  28. If he was watching the lil.
  29. I was right there, watching.
  30. She was watching me intently.
  31. Jacques was watching over him.
  32. Watching it unfold before us.
  33. He was watching as a breeze.
  34. While watching the moon rise.
  35. Aurara sat silent watching me.
  36. An officer had been watching.
  37. Watching the centuries go by.
  38. Mom, we're watching the game.
  39. One day he was watching his.
  40. They fanned out, watching in.
  41. Remember, God is watching you.
  42. Watching movies at your place.
  43. More like watching his back.
  44. She is watching his every move.
  45. Everyone was watching the ship.
  46. He had been watching after me.
  47. He lay watching the moving fan.
  48. He was going to need watching.
  49. But both knew he was watching.
  50. If so, he’d be watching me.
  51. Zoe was watching Eva intently.
  52. He was always watching you.
  53. People were watching in horror.
  54. Locke stood there watching him.
  55. I am in the habit of watching.
  56. I’ve been watching you sleep.
  57. Jon stood beside him, watching.
  58. I think they’re watching him.
  59. He tried to remember watching.
  60. Thus watching a movie that is.
  61. He smiled at Shorty, watching.
  62. But she knew I was watching you.
  63. There were people watching them.
  64. We have been watching them for.
  65. I stood in the shadows watching.
  66. These are really worth watching.
  67. To those watching it is only a.
  68. Never knew who could be watching.
  69. Because they're watching you to.
  70. Mrs Gold was watching me closely.
  71. She felt they were watching her.
  72. He observed Picard watching him.
  73. It has always been watching you.
  74. He noticed her watching him eat.
  75. Tobias, they were watching us.
  76. The crowd was tensed and watching.
  77. Yes, they are watching right now.
  78. Sidney was watching him intently.
  79. I’ll be watching, you’ll see.
  80. The Sphere would be watching al.
  81. Those two are watching all of us.
  82. They sat watching a movie, Fred.
  83. He was watching a debate on IBC.
  84. It was fun watching the skaters.
  85. Glacia is watching me, concerned.
  86. Clayton was watching her intently.
  87. They grew up watching sunflowers.
  88. Victoria was on post watching Alan.
  89. Watching, Alice laughed at herself.
  90. And watching from every direction.
  91. But he was watching telly as well.
  92. I’ve been watching a lot lately.
  93. Jack sat on the sofa watching him.
  94. I was lying on my bed watching a.
  95. The whole world would be watching.
  96. He was watching with bated breath.
  97. Watching the moon whilst on watch.
  98. All those people were watching me.
  99. Television: The Price of Watching.
  100. Ahmed stands in the SUV watching.
  1. I watched it at home.
  2. As I watched her she.
  3. She watched as a good.
  4. As I watched, the two.
  5. He watched her to the.
  6. He watched her grow up.
  7. I watched her walk away.
  8. As he packed, he watched.
  9. My mother watched as I.
  10. As I watched Debra com-.
  11. But she would be watched.
  12. I watched TV and ripped.
  13. I watched her carry her.
  14. A watched pot never boils.
  15. I watched your every move.
  16. The man watched the last.
  17. The patrons watched him go.
  18. As he watched the end of.
  19. Pamela watched him in awe.
  20. As they watched, a lorry.
  21. I trembled as I watched it.
  22. As they watched the lumps.
  23. I watched as they shifted.
  24. He stopped and watched her.
  25. Both men watched the screen.
  26. He watched while the song.
  27. I haven't watched it since.
  28. Then Kal watched over the.
  29. Charly watched with a smile.
  30. She watched him look at her.
  31. Sneakily, I watched her read.
  32. They only watched in horror.
  33. As He watched the Trees die.
  34. Some of the Englisc watched.
  35. I watched him as he hugged.
  36. Jill watched and prayed too.
  37. He watched the two who slept.
  38. She watched silently as the.
  39. Felicity came in and watched.
  40. He watched in admiration as.
  41. He smiled as he watched them.
  42. They stood back and watched.
  43. Roman watched as the broken.
  44. He watched the children sadly.
  45. He watched as Luke ran over.
  46. Archie watched her go saying.
  47. Amanda watched him and smiled.
  48. He watched her loom above him.
  49. She watched him shut the door.
  50. I just watched them kill.
  51. Ali watched his mother wipe.
  52. He watched as a more distant.
  53. I’ve watched you die before.
  54. They watched the cottage below.
  55. We watched as the Fusiliers C.
  56. He watched as the boy trembled.
  57. As she watched them take her.
  58. I watched their campsite for.
  59. Drewsbeck watched his PA leave.
  60. As I watched, the headlights.
  61. Alec watched as they drove off.
  62. Trevor pulled away and watched.
  63. Some watched me, swords ready.
  64. They watched Gorham storm out.
  65. I only watched the 1989 flick.
  66. Well, he watched me all right.
  67. Cody watched as the man nodded.
  68. The former watched him keenly.
  69. Junior watched the whole scene.
  70. Gaspar watched them walk away.
  71. His third eye watched it open.
  72. I watched her lifted in the air.
  73. As I watched, he picked his ear.
  74. She watched him come toward her.
  75. Marc watched with concern as Mr.
  76. I’d watched CSI and all that.
  77. He watched as she removed hers.
  78. He watched the man like a hawk.
  79. Kwan San Lee watched their exit.
  80. Still, they were being watched.
  81. Carla watched the staff at work.
  82. Tim watched and shook her head.
  83. So he listened and watched her.
  84. He watched her the entire time.
  85. The young man watched with envy.
  86. The recruits watched us in awe.
  87. Will as they watched the others.
  88. Felicity and I watched ‘The.
  89. I just stood there and watched.
  90. He watched as the lawyer laid.
  91. Besides, I watched you experts.
  92. Ginger watched their every move.
  93. Both of them watched the final.
  94. Rod watched her as she stretched.
  95. Troi watched as Garcia vacated.
  96. The entire Hall watched intently.
  97. Presque watched his steps, and.
  98. Alex watched Carol pull his pint.
  99. She watched out the window as L.
  100. Jared watched as they approached.
  1. She watches as he chokes.
  2. The Man with the Watches.
  3. Lots of Watches later –.
  4. John watches her, lost in.
  5. We had no clocks or watches.
  6. Yet he stays and watches us.
  7. Love watches where it’s led.
  8. The watchman watches over our.
  9. He watches as the horses run.
  10. I wonder what Barrons watches.
  11. Carla watches on at the hero's.
  12. Steve watches a lot of NASCAR.
  13. Both men looked at their watches.
  14. She still watches over my blood.
  15. He watches her for a few seconds.
  16. Watch, old men, the way he watches.
  17. The public still watches, and my.
  18. Volkheimer watches from the shadows.
  19. The boy just watches without moving.
  20. I have remarked that he watches us.
  21. In silence, she watches as he works.
  22. Legolas, and their watches wore away.
  23. Sammy is silent and just watches him.
  24. A mother watches me from her doorway.
  25. His Eye watches that way all the time.
  26. His mouth changes when he watches her.
  27. Later that night he watches you dance.
  28. It begins to crush her as John watches.
  29. Nan watches her while she puts them away.
  30. NAN watches her while she puts them away.
  31. The watches were mystical to Peter's eyes.
  32. ELLA'S MOM watches them, shaking her head.
  33. In the meantime she waits and watches him.
  34. He watches his hands reach for the strap.
  35. It is the Eye which watches over Israel.
  36. Werner watches from his place on the flag.
  37. Montana and Jensen looked at their watches.
  38. He watches as it slowly moves up and down.
  39. He watches as the crowd grows even larger.
  40. He watches John a moment, stands to leave.
  41. Teekra holds hers too, watches the monitors.
  42. Perhaps he yet watches us from the heavens.
  43. He sees you and watches your states exactly.
  44. This is why our watches have circular shape.
  45. However, I have seen the way he watches you.
  46. It watches you, wherever you are in the room.
  47. Orlando watches Lex leave; then replaces him.
  48. Cass watches as the boy turns into an alleyway.
  49. God watches - no, he's not honouring his wife.
  50. She watches as I snuggle down under the covers.
  51. A man in the bar watches the city through the.
  52. It watches everything, but nothing affects it.
  53. He watches me, his face a study in contempt.
  54. He watches me for a long time with hooded eyes.
  55. One of which, watches the offices of MOSI –.
  56. And he will be watching man just as he watches.
  57. In Ecclesiastes 11:4 it is, He who watches.
  58. Bellona watches him with an accomplished smile.
  59. John watches the fire crackle in the fireplace.
  60. It watches over his first moments, secures him.
  61. I just see her, the way she watches Allen, she.
  62. This is an organization that watches everything.
  63. What if, one watches sports instead of playing?
  64. Miku plays with her napkin while Rio watches her.
  65. The doctor watches the colour rise in her cheeks.
  66. He watches as they get in the car and drive away.
  67. He watches as Stevie takes an involuntary breath.
  68. You can have as many of these watches as you so.
  69. He just watches his breath and that is why this.
  70. He watches me as I munch my way through the toast.
  71. He watches the candle roll, its flame pointing up.
  72. Plus, have you seen the way he watches Sera?
  73. John quietly watches the second moon as it rises.
  74. Emma watches them with a glazed look on her face.
  75. While the stranger on the shore watches silently.
  76. As pure witness, he watches what is going on and.
  77. Cass watches the lady begin to breathe much easier.
  78. The Mother of Al , yet here as ever she watches you.
  79. He sadly watches Missy as she goes down the street.
  80. Amy slips the key from the ignition and watches him.
  81. Prince watches the reaction of the nurse’s station.
  82. As Amy watches, they take the orb into the restroom.
  83. She watches him as he runs through his instructions.
  84. He watches John, who unconsciously takes a step back.
  85. She watches the butterfly, waiting for it to continue.
  86. For example, a child watches a cartoon about dwarves.
  87. John stops, sits in the sand, watches the moon rising.
  88. And the stars have given light in their watches, and.
  89. As God as my witness! As God almighty above watches.
  90. Mary watches, mystified, as it flutters around the area.
  92. It is all vile and disgusting to anyone who watches it.
  93. The boy watches all of this through the rifle’s scope.
  94. In Ecclesiastes 11:4 it is, He who watches the wind.
  95. When he watches crap it usually means he’s on a downer.
  96. Anyone that watches that tape can see that was a timed.
  97. One that witnesses means one who sees and watches.
  98. Glacia watches me closely, her face half-hidden in shadow.
  99. She watches as Simon floored his green Pinzgauer Vehicle.
  100. John turns his head, watches her as she slides around him.

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