pose sätze

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Pose sätze (in englisch)

  1. It is an inverted pose.
  2. Stay in the pose from.
  3. Begin with the easy pose.
  4. This is an inverted pose.
  5. Soon the pose is assumed.
  6. Sit in a comfortable pose.
  7. Wild animals also pose a.
  8. That would pose a problem.
  9. He held the pose, like a.
  10. Balasana is a resting pose.
  11. Next is the Tree pose.
  12. I'm going to pose for you'.
  13. Let me pose this situation.
  14. He wanted her to pose nude.
  15. He enjoyed varying the pose.
  16. Then Stacy loosened her pose.
  17. IX Sit on your meditative pose.
  18. The pose is aimed to activate.
  19. After two hours change the pose.
  20. I joined him, mimicking his pose.
  21. The pose is done with an inhala-.
  22. It was my turn to pose a question.
  23. His brain had captured each pose.
  24. Ceci pose, celd change la question.
  25. Then we can properly pose another.
  26. Just pose and flex a bit, you said.
  27. A clogged filter shouldn't pose a.
  28. If so, we can still pose as guards.
  29. Stay in the pose 1 minute or longer.
  30. Entering and exiting the pose must.
  31. I've kept you in that pose too long.
  32. Starting in Mountain pose with your.
  33. I told him that I could pose as such.
  34. Stay in the pose anywhere from 1 to 3.
  35. Her pose had remained like this while.
  36. Do not push yourself too hard in a pose.
  37. When you stay in this pose, it’s es-.
  38. She doesn’t back away and keeps the pose.
  39. But of course that would pose new problems.
  40. At first stay in the pose for 10-20 seconds.
  41. The music stopped and still I held the pose.
  42. He seated cross legs pose on the crossroad.
  43. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  44. For a few minutes, we were in the same pose.
  45. Start out with your most powerful pose and.
  46. Stay in the pose anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes.
  47. Stay in this pose anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes.
  48. Would she pose nude and fuck on camera?
  49. Stay in this pose anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.
  50. Stay in this pose anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.
  51. William followed with the same dominating pose.
  52. Easy pose is a comfortable seated position for.
  53. Pose the questions: Why is this categorization.
  54. The spot of tallow had given the man a new pose.
  55. I asked her to pose for me, too, but she is shy.
  56. They assumed a fighting pose and quickly engaged.
  57. I remain of the view that fish pose very little.
  58. This is the pose known as Janu Sirsasana in yoga.
  59. Not having enough magnesium could pose problems.
  60. Those who pose such a threat will become targets.
  61. Did you pose for the wrestlers in the painting?
  62. After the easy pose, move into downward-facing dog.
  63. He confidently assumed his kingly pose once again.
  64. This pose tightens the field in the anterior part.
  65. The pose of the visionary, seemingly untouched by.
  66. Use caution with this pose if you have a knee injury.
  67. Ben screwed his face into a distant, thoughtful pose.
  68. Does that pose a problem? I can’t see how it would.
  69. But there are things for which we cannot even pose.
  70. I’m lying in what I hope is a very seductive pose.
  71. Standing in Mountain pose, place your left hand on.
  72. Stay in the pose anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  73. Within each circle, and also frozen in a death pose.
  74. Lord Shiva in the tandavum pose and I could hear the.
  75. And they pose the same threat as Jane Meredith?
  76. Crusher took a defensive pose and Joshua followed suit.
  77. Natica’s pose stiffened, but she did not look around.
  78. If there is no vibration, the pose is done incorrectly.
  79. He had always mistaken her sleeping pose for innocence.
  80. You should never go into or come out of a pose abruptly.
  81. Yes, yes, Maldynado said without breaking his pose.
  82. Yes, he said, striking a pose, I believe we do.
  83. It was just a scratch, it would not pose any concern or.
  84. Best of all is to practice it sitting in the lotus pose.
  85. Our tears flowing, we held this pose for a minute or so.
  86. House at eight-thirty, but that shouldnt pose a problem.
  87. I told him I was a painter and asked him to pose for me.
  88. This was balasana, or more appropriately, child’s pose.
  89. She almost smiled and tilted her head in an arrogant pose.
  90. There was no pose in the humor at the Hudson Theater.
  91. You’re supposed to pose without your clothes on, silly.
  92. This pose opens the hips, lengthens the spine and promotes.
  93. He was on the verge of striking a pose and accusing Schmidt.
  94. Johnny was backlit behind her, his pose all the sexier for.
  95. It wasn't a pose to invite me to sit close so I sat opposite.
  96. They pose no real danger to the Empire, unlike us, apparently.
  97. Wood siding and drywall thus did not pose much of a challenge.
  98. They can be very shy when first introduced and that can pose.
  99. The most common mistake in entering this pose is not to lift.
  100. Something extraterrestrial didn’t necessarily pose a threat.
  1. Your posing style will be.
  2. He was posing as a cab driver.
  3. For once he is free from posing.
  4. It’s almost like they were posing.
  5. Posing is so very important in competition.
  6. Bo and Chris posing in Chris’s living room.
  7. Nest wearing ponchos and posing as fishermen.
  8. He places a hand in his waistcoat, posing calmly.
  9. Christian stopped by posing as a Jehovah's Witness.
  10. She looked like she could be a model posing for Revlon.
  11. He also had the tough job of handling out degrees and posing.
  12. When you come up with a posing routine, you should practice so.
  13. European war, saved by providence, were posing as heroes to the.
  14. Do you think they could be fallen angels posing as aliens?
  15. Bilgewater, seeing the two posing to admire themselves, had an idea.
  16. I have asked myself these questions that I am posing to you tonight.
  17. What’s happening? Lydia was not posing an existential question.
  18. Though now, your mind may already be posing the following questions:.
  19. Allegedly, Higgins had been posing as Congressman Dalton MacArthur.
  20. It was determined that the man responsible for the incident was posing.
  21. She was primly seated, her ankles crossed, posing for the photographer.
  22. Below her, she saw the clique posing in their ever perfect pose of theirs.
  23. He’s got to be a cursed Nurian wizard posing as an imperial businessman.
  24. The young Chicano posing as Jose Vasquez had invaded his home, he was sure.
  25. Why should I? She smirked at posing a difficult question to the spirit.
  26. The old man, still seated there, stared at the sun, as if posing a question.
  27. Mind you, I expect it could be a bit chilly posing in the nude all the time.
  28. I have several of him posing as a pirate with my little grandson Kelby at the.
  29. Middle of the police station, they looked like they were posing for prom photos.
  30. He informed us that we were going to have a photo session posing with the Ratel.
  31. He wasn't posing as a teacher this year, so I guess he could afford to be casual.
  32. The agents who were posing as the cleaning crew did a double take when they saw Mrs.
  33. They stood posing for several minutes, much to the curiosity of the other passengers.
  34. They had been very good at posing questions or supposing variations of possibilities.
  35. The wolves found the scent of not just Jacob but also of the woman posing as Serenity.
  36. Kaspar had taken a seat on the stump he'd been posing on and was fiddling with his bow.
  37. Drew went on to recount the sting operation in which an undercover agent, posing as an.
  38. The Dutch men had included smiling photographs of themselves posing outside Medusa Bar.
  39. Grimes had previously sent in a group of Vietnamese posing as tourist ministry officials.
  40. So the pavement was smooth and level posing no challenge to the Ranger’s galloping horse.
  41. They found a rowing machine on deck and tried it out, posing on it for news photographers.
  42. And with that, she returned inside to the makeshift bed chamber posing as a nursing station.
  43. A chair had been placed for use as a step and, posing gracefully, she climbed up onto the table.
  44. This posing at the piano and over the album was only a little ruse adopted by way of precaution.
  45. Toxic materials escaped from nine trucks; reaching the ground but posing no environmental impact.
  46. There was another wall, his ‘trophy’ wall that had him posing with celebrities, including Dean.
  47. With valiant effort she tried to circumvent her mother’s next question, by posing one of her own….
  48. Not if someone posing as your ex-wife does it with the help of a banker willing to look the other way.
  49. Your posing style will be dictated by the music, either elegant or aggressive depending on your selection.
  50. The idea of holding a man in that way is repellent to me, said she, obviously posing for my benefit.
  51. Police arrested five men posing as government officers in a bid to extort money from a construction company.
  52. There were a few kids around—students who looked like they were posing for the Briarwood Academy brochure.
  53. A member of the Kuwaiti royal family, posing as a nurse, told the tearful lie on the floor of the US Congress.
  54. According to the amount of resistance, and in Gordon’s case this meant posing the same question 9 times over.
  55. But what about us? she replied, finally posing the question they had both been actively avoiding for weeks.
  56. After all, we are posing as husband and wife and I just thought of Sleeping Beauty as you kissed me on the cheek.
  57. I could have sworn that Bigfoot was getting in on the act too, his cheeky grin adding to the comedy of our posing.
  58. After posing for several more minutes, they retreated into the humid night for their highly anticipated senior prom.
  59. They would then hang on the point, posing and looking around to see if there were any pretty girls worth chatting up.
  60. She was beautiful nude, and comfortable in his sight, even turning and posing a little as she saw that he admired her.
  61. Again and irrespective of his answer, by posing the same question, What does he love about life, back, and back.
  62. He would advance one leg and put his arms akimbo, posing for Anzani's inspection, and fixing him with a haughty stare.
  63. The ship aft of us posing as the Tempest is the Path Finder, utilizing holographic technology to appear as the Tempest.
  64. Somebody posing as a city investigator walked into a day care and walked out with a baby who hasn’t been seen since.
  65. The vampire superiors were investigating the scent of the vampire who was now posing as a risk leading to their exposure.
  66. To hear him, one would suppose he was speaking quite seriously, and all the while he was posing to himself, or laughing.
  67. When it seeped out in the cafeteria that some kid posing as Uncle Sham was giving a speech outside, the word spread.
  68. In the 1600’s when shifters ruled over Niptuns, a Niptun had infiltrated the shifter camp posing as the queen’s husband.
  69. MacKayla used them in Shadowfever to seal the Sinsar Dubh shut until Cruce, posing as V’lane, persuaded her to remove them.
  70. He would stand gelling his hair and posing; pretending to shoot a gun; and he would say things like who's the son of a gun now.
  71. For instance: Double Jeopardy: has been poisoning the semantic root of the meaning of an answer, by posing the answer as a question.
  72. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank, Ackers said in one large breath.
  73. They’re trying to source the origins of some diamonds while posing as bent jewellers interested in buying them Ray explained further.
  74. Though there may be some natural resistance and discomfort in posing the ‘love’ questioning, please challenge yourself to overcome this.
  75. I tried to explain the strategy of the battle and use it as a teaching experience, posing various problems and asking him what he would do.
  76. US troops must only be sent to end the loss of human life, not to preserve profit nor US power nor impose US control posing as democracy.
  77. He told them tales about the city and atrocities committed within by the wizards, all the time posing as a high lord, protector of the right.
  78. Circumstance was her photographer, posing her, positioning, then clicking and capturing echoes of her light, tugging at the essence behind it.
  79. Of course, she’s guilty, and it remains for a French judge to set things right, but not before Dorothy shakes things up by posing as Lorelei.
  80. One would be her ‘man of all work’ who had arranged the music for my previous performance, and I'd be the other – posing as the naked butler.
  81. Two minutes of posing can lead to the changes that either configure your brain to be assertive, confident, and comfortable, or really stress reactive.
  82. In the midst of such caution came forth Marilyn Monroe, posing on a red velvet drape with her breasts—and nothing else, by the way—proudly exposed.
  83. Obeast, though mirrors were still new and remained a little spooky, nevertheless enjoyed posing in front of the one remaining glass in the three way mirror.
  84. Probably because the Muslim detainees were skeptical about trusting any non-Muslims, interrogators posing as their attorneys had obtained little information.
  85. In most states, however, rape can also occur in a number of other ways, including posing as a public official and threatening to arrest or punish the victim.
  86. She turned her head to the side and eyed me up speculatively before posing a question I was ill-equipped to handle, And what to you Victor is better?
  87. She was still standing around posing but Bahkmar was actually looking right thru her to the admittedly much wider and lumpier form of Shibet in his mind's eye.
  88. The picture jiggled, as if the camera was changing hands, and then the narrator came into focus; she was posing in front of a brick wall with a wrought-iron gate.
  89. On the Dover platform of Victoria station in full view of everyone, half a dozen of my future shipmates were posing like mad mannequins, as camp as a row of tents.
  90. She thus smiled to the cameras while holding Marilyn’s waist, posing for what would become the cover page of the next edition of the NEWSWEEK and TIME magazines.
  91. Businessmen posing as botanists, scientists, and even butterfly collectors buy them there in full view of soldiers and police who receive the appropriate baksheesh.
  92. The great predators of this continent had vanished, and truth be told, such creatures had stopped posing a meaningful threat when he learned to walk in the silence.
  93. Jonathan and the same pleasant looking young black woman who Diane D saw smiling and posing in the web pictures with Jonathan is standing on Jonathan’s right side.
  94. Only in continually posing the question and then listening can we arrive at the root, though the root will be one of two drivers - a pain/fear, or a desire/love.
  95. Today was his one hundred and seventieth birthday and he sat at the bar, in a dive posing as a respectable restaurant in the small southern town of Ashburton, Louisiana.
  96. There was time, here in the garden to think of every aspect of the photograph and of Helen Loomis, very young, posing for her picture the first time, alone and beautiful.
  97. He was posing in begging his former readers so earnestly to forget him; quant à moi, I am not so conceited, and I rest my hopes on the youth of your inexperienced heart.
  98. They seem to be divided by either solo pictures of her posing, showing the viewer the barest of private parts or full on nudity with another guy or girl in sexual positions.
  99. Imagining the questions they must be posing as to the identity of the stranger as they looked her over, Lady Jane felt immeasurably satisfied at having accomplished her goal.
  100. In a SECRET memo to the president dated December 17, Butterfield reported that Ridenhour was discreetly interviewed by a confidential investigator posing as a news reporter.
  1. We all posed for the camera.
  2. She posed the question to Cliff.
  3. That is another dilemma posed by Mr.
  4. What about Cloud? posed Aerith.
  5. Paul posed that same question to them.
  6. That obviously posed some challenges.
  7. The second photograph is less posed.
  8. What else can we do? posed Cloud.
  9. This posed even more questions for her.
  10. This way, if the being posed a danger.
  11. As the crowd started to clap, Chuck posed.
  12. Manstein, perceptively, posed the question.
  13. He made muscles and posed in his reflection.
  14. I just hoped they saw that I posed no threat.
  15. Visitors who posed a whole new threat to him.
  16. He even missed the hint when she posed for a.
  17. After the laughter stopped, Mike posed a question.
  18. How had it posed that skill, which late assigned.
  19. In combat, bombers even posed risks to one another.
  20. Olin ignored the question and posed one of his own.
  21. The question he hated to ask, now had to be posed.
  22. They’re startlingly beautiful, posed like models.
  23. However, they posed a threat for every living being.
  24. Joshua recognized him as the imposter that posed as.
  25. The dichotomies posed more questions than they did.
  26. He posed another question to the self-possessed girl.
  27. The million dollar question posed to Tiny and me was.
  28. Would you have? Ed posed the rhetorical question.
  29. When the group posed together, Allen slipped to the back.
  30. The woman was laid out on the bed like she had been posed.
  31. As she had not posed a question, he did not respond at all.
  32. Then, Uncle Carl posed a problem and asked for my help to.
  33. So far, walking on Junction 105 West had posed no problems.
  34. In June 2007, the Yes Men posed as executives for ExxonMobil.
  35. Ellie kept her voice casual when she posed the next question.
  36. NAACP by Blacks themselves posed no threat of policy revision.
  37. The other was carrying a gun, posed for firing at any second.
  38. But the young bull Allosaurus posed a much more serious threat.
  39. A young server strolled over, and posed before the wasted bunch.
  40. Have you, for instance, never posed in practical affairs 'i.
  41. How they posed, even knowing that their lives were about to end.
  42. What about you, Josh? I posed the question to my younger.
  43. Tifa posed gleefully between the SOLDIERs, adjusting her hat to.
  44. The guy posed as a traveling salesman, but in fact was a con man.
  45. I didn’t listen to you when you posed questions about my plan.
  46. It began by repeating the three questions posed in the first part.
  47. This is the same lady who, of course, posed nude for the calendar.
  48. As they reached the doorway, he turned and posed a final question.
  49. Plus, you didn’t have the heart to tell Tania she posed like a.
  50. But, what about the Promised Land? posed the President, his.
  51. That being so, the question that had to be posed was: What to do?
  53. Then where did it come from? Zoran posed the obvious question.
  54. Darren posed no danger to me and that he didn’t have an inherent.
  55. In response to the many questions being posed by the temporary tax.
  56. A remarkable study in which the marshmallow challenge was posed to.
  57. The threat posed by the malevolent thirteen-year-old was terrifying.
  58. Del sighed, knowing the validity of the argument posed by his friend.
  59. To Mahli, the guide who had brought them here, he posed the question.
  60. The gap widened when the question was posed in north and west India.
  61. You could use a sub-headline to answer a query posed in the headline.
  62. The woman’s face was posed in an openly erotic look of invitation.
  63. Besides, how much trouble could a boy get into, O’Brien has posed.
  64. There were several questions posed during the discussion, actually.
  65. With a look of rapt anticipation, he bluntly posed the question again.
  66. But apparently, Lee Chau Ping - who posed as a businesswoman ready to.
  67. Jesus then posed the question, "which son did the will of the Father?".
  68. There was a white girl who posed as an Avon lady showing products to a.
  69. As she posed her question, both Jeff and Sylvie reached out to stop her.
  70. First, let’s answer the visitor questions that we posed earlier.
  71. He gave fives to his friends and posed his fingers for ‘ V’ as an.
  72. She posed a few times for the camera before she finally cut the ribbon.
  73. He was posed like a statue, giving nothing to any but a piercing stare.
  74. Owing to the potential terrorist financing threat posed by small wire.
  75. As they walked over, Thomas asked the one question he hadn’t posed yet.
  76. He had posed almost the same question hundreds of times in his own head.
  77. What is truth? I had posed, nothing more than a word to swear Fig.
  78. What percent of these sunlike stars have planets? When Drake posed this.
  79. Not your usual standards? the Fife posed, a hint of sarcasm evident.
  80. He stood a long moment in silence, posed like a bronze statue on the rock.
  81. On his return, Steph and Maddie posed, presents in hands, smiles on faces.
  82. Vandevere posed as a concerned parent who questioned Terry’s commitment.
  83. Delphi sent him a quelling look, then put on a smile and posed for the shot.
  84. Redleigh came to stand behind me, and posed the question, Leviathan?
  85. Day 3 posed a particular challenge because my son wanted to go to Pizza Hut.
  86. They showed me magazines in which she posed naked with her genitals showing.
  87. She put on the glasses and posed in front of Gulab, What do you think?
  88. Are you kidding me? Thanks sis she said sliding them on and fake posed.
  89. At first he said I don’t know, until it was posed over and over again.
  90. For them was contra posed the “Matter” or otherwise “material objects”.
  91. The man moved closer with the needle posed, ready to inject whatever was in it.
  92. At the end of it stood one of their androids, posed in mid-step and seemingly.
  93. Running through the trees and bushes posed no significant problem to Joe Billie.
  94. The long stretch of deserted highway posed no imminent threat, or so it seemed.
  95. The question was recently posed to me: If you could have anything in the world.
  96. One day, when they were alone, he reflected on the problems posed by authority.
  97. Altogether, it posed too many unanswered questions for Rafferty's peace of mind.
  98. Don was explosive and dangerous, and Christina posed a serious security concern.
  99. The refusal to openly involve and utilize Iraq’s neighbors posed some inherent.
  100. Tony was fascinated with her stories of the well-known artists for whom she posed.
  1. In some poses the limbs.
  2. The ice struck superb poses.
  3. They assumed the poses of wise men.
  4. You do not have to do all the poses.
  5. Ish struck Siva's poses on the ledge.
  6. Too much of strengthening poses on the.
  7. Poses activate meridians of the posterior.
  8. For Christians, this poses a major dilemma.
  9. Along with anyone else that poses a threat.
  10. This group poses another threat for America.
  11. Check out the poses before taking the shot.
  12. Even the boys and girls she poses with smile.
  13. I tried him in several poses - even one of him.
  14. The questions it poses aren’t ones that lend.
  15. In his answer Jesus poses an interesting question.
  16. Nowadays yoga uses about 200 poses, including most.
  17. Most of you won’t be aware of the risk this poses.
  18. In asymmetric poses we usually use the channels, lo-.
  19. That way, you will be classified as someone who poses.
  20. Bodies were strewn everywhere in twisted, tortured poses.
  21. Tightening poses should always be compensated with stretch-.
  22. This is necessary since it poses danger to the religious and.
  23. Clearly defined space in the music for major poses is usually.
  24. Think about the beat of your music and then choose poses that.
  25. With screws and pins in my ankles, that poses a fair challenge.
  26. To reinforce this effect some poses are accompanied with udiana.
  27. But while this area poses some of the most significant questions.
  28. Often the names of these poses have a prefix artha-, meaning.
  29. Dilemma: Claudine poses the problem of whether she should continue.
  30. Gina and Izzy grabbed me and we started pulling random, silly poses.
  31. He grinned to himself as he pictured her in some very explicit poses.
  32. You can see the danger this poses, not to us alone but to the future.
  33. Remember to concentrate on your breathing when performing the poses, and.
  34. All of the warm ups and poses in this program should be performed with a.
  35. Whatever it was, it needs classification and analysis in case it poses a.
  36. Paul, who has been in the group since the beginning, poses a question to.
  37. However, this poses a great threat to people who have trouble remembering.
  38. The photographers quickly arrived and arranged people's poses for the most.
  39. He finally finishes with the inverted poses or ásanas, lotus, and savásana.
  40. She, too, was initially shocked at the nudity and the poses I made Panos take.
  41. If you poses a carrying case this is the best way to transport your cat to the.
  42. Tafferel sat and stroked his chin, Do you think he poses a threat to us?
  43. The problem that Cosmo-Art poses is this: is it possible that human beings have.
  44. Woman needs a large heart to put up with the problems that her mid-life poses.
  45. Islamization clearly poses certain threats to the future development and stability.
  46. First portraits and conventional poses and then, little by little, I undressed him.
  47. They found only black�ened pygmies slowly assuming boxing poses in the red flames.
  48. Those who meditate for four or five hours at a stretch can have two meditative poses.
  49. Think about the beat of your music and then choose poses that go along with that beat.
  50. This review will be conducted by issuers to establish if the applicant poses any risk.
  51. The music came on and the girls all stood in their poses, adjusted so Alex could fit in.
  52. Rather, it was they who with their piercing gazes and proud poses seemed somehow superior.
  53. It purposely poses a continuing path of enlightenment in that direction ( way), which is.
  54. While copying values across poses no problems, one has to be careful while copying formulae.
  55. I have also found the work of Intentional Relaxation (page 57) helps with the poses of Yoga.
  56. There are certain poses that are used so often for statues of elves that they are clichés.
  57. He had never met this grace of language, this reserve of clothing, these poses of the weary dove.
  58. By doing that, you can come up with brighter ideas, better poses, better angles, and a lot more.
  59. Think аbоut thе beat оf your music аnd thеn сhооѕе poses thаt gо along with that beat.
  60. You mentioned the shortage of olive oil in England, and the risk this poses to liturgical practice.
  61. Standing poses have a different effect on the legs unlike conventional endurance or aerobic exercise.
  62. T, stood or perched in what seemed entirely natural poses and their expressions were incredibly natural.
  63. She couldn’t order a meal yet, but she knew how to describe the techniques for various poses and moves.
  64. Many of the poses in hatha yoga help you to relax and concentrate, two basic requirements for meditation.
  65. This is where the real flexing begins! Competitors are called upon to hit the Mandatory poses in this round.
  66. At this point, they have the option to hit which ever of the most muscular poses they feel make them look the.
  67. Their contorted facial expressions and limbs in pugilistic poses showed it had been a terrible, agonizing death.
  68. Her movements seemed eerily disjointed as the strobe lightning effect caught her in various poses across the lawn.
  69. At this point, they have the option to hit whichever of the most muscular poses they feel make them look the best.
  70. Obviously this question poses a great deal of problems and is prone to subjective interpretations regarding the future.
  71. Folded in his blouse pocket was a sheet of commercial black-and-white composite photographs of Charmaine in various poses.
  72. Even the whimsical clouds drifting beneath the sky-tube were shaped like cats in various poses - leaping, cavorting or pouncing.
  73. This poses one of the most awesome IFS of the twentieth century because the entire story of World War Two would have changed.
  74. Thіѕ is whеrе thе rеаl flеxіng begins! Cоmреtіtоrѕ аrе called upon to hіt the Mаndаtоrу poses іn this round.
  75. The foundation of the poses is built upon how well you can stay relaxed, open and grounded in your body while maintaining the pose.
  76. Bonnie paused, took another one of those information-digesting poses, breathed deeply, and continued speaking more or less as herself.
  77. Biologically speaking, a loud noise startles the hearer to alarm: What the fuck was that? The question merely poses to oneself.
  78. Body Parts displays 25 intact corpses in various poses, and some 175 body parts arranged to suit the artist’s esthetic sensibilities.
  79. This poses the question, what would have happened if the battle tactics instituted by Weygand had been in force when the campaign began?
  80. Because shoplifting poses a large threat to retailers, the issue of how far they can go in attempts to stop shoplifters has a long history.
  81. The gate Sergeant replied, I haven’t got a clue but he looks around ninety years old… I don’t think he poses much of a threat!.
  82. Even the humble magpie poses a threat in countries such as Australia, making vicious attacks on unsuspecting passers-by during the egg-laying season.
  83. The warehouse was filled with more statues-people in all different poses, wearing all different outfits and with different expressions on their faces.
  84. With practiced grace he lowered himself to the carpet, planning poses and moves for that night‘s performance at a widow woman‘s fiftieth birthday.
  85. The ABC-of-Yoga has a great article on migraines with an illustrated list of poses, and directions on how to achieve them, on their website at http://www.
  86. However, to the totalist mind such a decoration poses a greater threat to the COMMUNITY than a rusted car up on four cement blocks with rats living in it.
  87. While both substances are definitely addictive, addiction to crack poses more serious risks because of the rapid and more intense euphoric effect it causes.
  88. Well, that we grant, was through illness, but consider this: he is a murderer, but looks upon himself as an honest man, despises others, poses as injured innocence.
  89. It purposely poses a continuing path of enlightenment in that direction ( way), which is heading towards a greater understanding of our Creator and of life in this universe.
  90. There is little doubt that an uncontrolled Chapter 11 case usually poses large threats to continued control of a business enterprise by its current management and stockholders.
  91. If anything, the Saudi ruling family seems to be alive to the threat the modern education poses to the set of Islamist beliefs that are the pillars of its Royal Dictatorial House.
  92. I'm far to the north of Seward, so the landslide which originally prevented me from travelling by train no longer poses a problem,and I've been told that the tracks are already clear.
  93. We call each other to come have a look at him during one of his sun baths, sharing our admiration for his luxurious poses, twisted and contorted so as to match a particular patch of sun.
  94. Apart from a sexually aroused Panos leaning on a wall and some super-contorted nude poses of Ceres, he saw two self-portraits of Lea that revolted him and made him wonder what they meant.
  95. Anyone who gives this problem more than ten seconds thought will quickly realise that the answer is far from obvious, and poses a moral dilemma which mere mortals are incapable of answering.
  96. This is the question that play, yes, Play, poses to us: do we want to solve our problems, or do we want to keep some of them as a way of life we deem materially fair, metaphysically moral, and 900.
  97. If you don't have a childhood background in dance or ballet, or you don't have a nearly perfect body with matching symmetry, try to select music with a pronounced beat where you can clearly put your strongest poses.
  98. Edward looked at them, seeing girls in short jeans and revealing shirts, talking to men who were old enough to be their fathers, flirting with them, playing with their hair and standing in poses that would make any man's head spin.
  99. Through the gloom one could dimly catch a glimpse of bodies lying in strange fantastic poses, bowed shoulders, bent knees, heads thrown back, and chins pointing upward, with here and there a dark, lack-lustre eye turned upon the newcomer.
  100. But when the second set of volunteers were asked to stand or sit for two minutes in more passive poses, with their legs and arms crossed tightly, their testosterone levels dropped by 10 percent, and the stress hormone rose by 15 percent.

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