quicken sätze

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Quicken sätze (in englisch)

  1. Calvin felt his heart quicken.
  2. But there was no one to quicken.
  3. Now he tried to quicken his pace.
  4. Thomas felt his own breath quicken.
  5. He felt his heartbeat quicken slightly.

  6. They would now have to quicken their pace.
  7. Earth as a way to quicken its traveling time.
  8. My body starts to quicken, and he releases me.
  9. Brent could see Seven’s pulse start to quicken.
  10. Kifter had little choice but to quicken their pace.
  11. Okay… said Calvin, feeling his heart quicken.
  12. Strong's word #2227 made alive, give life, quicken.
  13. But even from that distance, she caused me to quicken.
  14. If Trumpet’s only a goat, he can’t make me quicken.
  15. She felt her heartbeat quicken palpably under her hand.

  16. My news only made them quicken the pace of their plans.
  17. Quicken us we beg You, who have been dead in trespasses and sins.
  18. At the sight of these, Christian Axeworth's pulse seemed to quicken.
  19. With Quicken 2006, once you pay a bill there’s no need to print and.
  21. No star may run into another, or quicken or delay a second in its circling.
  22. I applied for Quicken business card and was instantly approved online for 9k.
  23. You should quicken the pace and we'll try to delay them, he finished as.
  24. She felt her heartbeat quicken, and hoped her alarm didn’t show on her face.
  25. They seemed to quicken their pace as they overtopped the hill, landing with a.

  26. It'll quicken your mind, He'll give you ideas, quicken you with energy in life.
  27. As I picked it up, I felt my heartbeat quicken when I read the tag: 'From Salem.
  29. He felt her breathing quicken as she leaned her face into his hand, closing her eyes.
  30. I felt my heartbeat quicken, in spite of the serum that was coursing through my system.
  31. The foreigners came up the road, and the pace of living was troubled enough to quicken.
  32. This had left him close enough to head-butt the man, which he did to quicken the demise.
  33. Suddenly she became very aware of just how close he was, when she felt his breath quicken.
  34. Living in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies.
  35. I started to quicken my pace when I came to the part of the estate where I felt like someone.
  36. He felt his own heart rate quicken and his breath become labored by the stress of the break-in.
  37. The boy’s breathing was beginning to quicken and get heavier, but his endurance was astonishing.
  38. Something seemed to quicken her to a determination; possibly the thought that she had killed Prince.
  39. By intelligent symbols man is able to quicken and enlarge the appreciative capacities of his friends.
  40. No one visible at all, and only the radio waves quivering and trying to quicken other men into emotion.
  41. Using Quicken, I check in on my net worth over time and see if there are any expenses that I can cut down.
  42. And meanwhile he dared not quicken his pace much, though the next turning was still nearly a hundred yards away.
  43. As she was telling her terrible story, the eastern sky began to quicken, and everything became more and more clear.
  44. As my turret turns faster, the heart rates of the soldiers quicken and they grip their rifles a little more tightly.
  45. It was to be lit to quicken the heart beat and offer a prelude to something that would only happen at the end of the film.
  46. As the pace began to quicken and the complicated threads of the chant began to rise Rincewind found himself watching fascinated.
  47. And quicken, in all righteousness, the morrow and its mystery that soars upon the Sun’s ascent when I will take a forenoon walk.
  48. You should quicken the pace and we’ll try to delay them, he finished as he started off in the direction of the running figures.
  49. We must pray for grace to direct and quicken us to, and to strengthen and assist us in our duty in the whole course of our conversation.
  50. Turn away our eyes from beholding vanity, and quicken thou us in thy way; Remove from us the way of lying, and grant us thy law graciously.
  51. Many traders believe that they quicken their path to success by imitating the techniques of a star trader that they have heard about or know.
  52. They turn the corner losing sight of the old man and his dog and Suzy tries to quicken their pace; Slow down a bit will you? Plenty of time.
  53. Notice what he says: the same spirit, that was able to raise Jesus from the dead, can: quicken, energise, activate, and restore your mortal body.
  54. For a longer, bird’s-eye view of my finances, I use a desktop copy of Quicken to suck in all my account transactions and make me pretty charts.
  55. Her nearness to him made his pulse quicken with the awareness of the other side of reality, and he felt a determination to make her open up to him.
  56. His slow, controlled thrusts lifted her rhythmically from the sand and then he began to quicken his space, thrusting into her inexorably from behind.
  57. I could feel my breath quicken and Ishvara’s body tense with every touch, he was gasping, inhaling me everywhere, running his tongue across my neck.
  58. It is during the midafternoon half of the day—when, in the distance, the twinkling continues only occasionally—that Mary begins to quicken her pace.
  59. The general decided on the second solution and galloped away with his 200 samurai, while the ashigaru officers shouted orders for their men to quicken the pace.
  60. As she drew near the path that led down through the bare trees into the creek bottom where the Shantytown settlement was, she clucked to the horse to quicken his speed.
  61. Good friends are among our greatest blessings;�they may keep us back from much evil, quicken us in our course, speak a word in season, draw us upward, and draw us on.
  62. It is religion alone which can lead him to the truest manhood, which will quicken his slumbering intellectual faculties and prevent him from being an easy prey to the selfishness and sinfulness of men.
  63. The consciousness of sonship with God should quicken the entire life service of every man, woman, and child who has become the possessor of such a mighty stimulus to all the inherent powers of a human personality.
  64. On leaving the church of Saint Fiacre in Horto after the papal blessing the happy pair were subjected to a playful crossfire of hazelnuts, beechmast, bayleaves, catkins of willow, ivytod, hollyberries, mistletoe sprigs and quicken shoots.
  65. From the ship, the smoke of the torments of the boiling whale is going up like the smoke over a village of smithies; and to windward, a black cloud, rising up with earnest of squalls and rains, seems to quicken the activity of the excited seamen.
  66. What a privilege to have walked with him in the fellowship of love, and to have enjoyed the richness and fullness of his friendship! What springs of tenderness in his nature ready to gush forth to refresh and quicken the tendrils of a drooping heart.
  67. I of course did not get him to admit it because he's a wizard and most times wizards are usually very stubborn (speaking from experience) It will probably take you a long time to have him admit that he loves you but I tried to quicken the process when I had him kiss you when you were in your trances.
  68. Journals and material to be read at his leisure were placed in one pile, bills were placed by the computer to be entered into the Quicken bookkeeping software, payment checks from various health insurance companies for services he had rendered to patients were placed in another pile--unfortunately this was the smallest of the piles.
  69. With a determined and hurried stride indicating his desire to quicken the pace of the investigation, he walked to the lobby and, in the process, noticed how quiet and desolate the grounds appeared, as though the guests had been frightened by the events of the last twenty-four hours into staying inside the safe confines of the building in hopes 174.
  70. When those establishments were effectuated, and had become so considerable as to attract the attention of the mother country, the first regulations which she made with regard to them, had always in view to secure to herself the monopoly of their commerce; to confine their market, and to enlarge her own at their expense, and, consequently, rather to damp and discourage, than to quicken and forward the course of their prosperity.
  1. This quickening of the C super.
  2. The time of the quickening had come.
  3. In the distant quickening tremor of my heartbeat.
  4. He hurries along the outskirts, heartbeat quickening.
  5. Dal fought her quickening pulse, and then she accepted it.
  6. That shall not be! I said to myself, quickening my steps.
  7. The Russian went inside, and Jarvis walked on, quickening his pace.
  8. Regeneration, the new birth, and the quickening power of God are the.
  9. A quickening shot through his blood as he commenced to twirl the chain.
  10. He looked around the nycarmans, his breath quickening and getting louder.
  11. She peered about her uncertainly and thought uneasily, quickening her steps.
  12. Wes is different, Riker argued, quickening his pace to keep up with her.
  13. The silence was complete, save for the rampant thud of his quickening heartbeat.
  14. They fell silent as both their breathing shortened, their hand movements quickening.
  15. When I touched him for the first time not in anger, there was quickening, new to my body.
  16. His tense body and quickening breath served no help, nor did his heaving chest at her back.
  17. Andrew got into the rhythm of things and quickly fired bolt after bolt with a quickening pace.
  18. Slowly at first, but then quickening with speed, five of the group of 15 men raised their hands.
  19. Then the men are quickening their pace towards where the trees thin out and the wild regions begin.
  20. You’re just making empty promises to avoid ending up in jail, I said, my heart quickening again.
  21. Any spiritual quickening, according to this doctrine, is simply an accelerated movement toward perfection.
  22. Regan was surprised to feel the quickening of the hand on her back, unless of course she was imagining it.
  23. It was tender and moist and exciting and I felt her arousal in her quickening breath and fitful movements.
  24. For half a minute he lay motionless feeling his arousal grow and sensing her steady but quickening breath.
  25. He walked at a quickening pace along the edge of the East River, directly behind the United Nations complex.
  26. This book is brimful of quickening, soothing, soul-lifting power and is admirably adapted to the end in view.
  27. Increase of life, according to this, consists in nothing but the quickening of the progress toward perfection.
  28. Diondra had a little belly, it freaked Ben out, and for weeks now she’d been talking about the quickening.
  29. These instants were characterized—to define it in a word—by an intense quickening of the sense of personality.
  30. Her chest was quickening in the rise and fall but he pulled one ribbon at a time and finally he was on the last one.
  31. Did you ever meet any of the friends from Peddie? The quickening tempo of my questions made Walter Murphy uneasy.
  32. That’s perfect, I said, my heartbeat quickening with the idea before I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
  33. Then slowly quickening, it began to grow in stature and threw aside the sea, coming after the ferry with sinister intent.
  34. Quickening his pace and with anxiety giving him more adrenalin he leaves Dippa far behind and reaches the shut front door.
  35. Grindel wrinkled his snout and stared hard at the floor, the large artery in his neck throbbing in time to his quickening heart-rate.
  36. Darkburst pressed forwards, quickening his strokes, but all too soon the last of the air trickled from his mouth and he began to panic.
  37. The only sounds she heard were the rock crunching beneath the tires and her own breath, quickening in anticipation of what was to come.
  38. Eventually, on the third attempt he succeeded, and they led me down another dank corridor, their pace quickening with each and every step.
  39. Along with the flickers of the fire, another strong scent of dama-dama howled through the night, sending more quickening impulses to Sophia.
  40. The girl looked at him intently, her heart quickening with an emotion that she could not have defined, so complex was it, indeed, of many emotions.
  41. This insight requires a quickening of the vibrations of the Mind and is only secured when the mind is continuously concentrated in a given direction.
  42. Farther below, he counted seven, white-tipped reef sharks quickening their pace, just as the chummed water started filtering through their keen receptors.
  43. It was the idea also, that this same spermaceti was that quickening humor of the Greenland Whale which the first syllable of the word literally expresses.
  44. Again, what was heard without coming to the attention of others; sometimes felt when all that was occasioned by it was a certain quickening within the body.
  45. Her senses soared with elation, her pleasure sensors activated, pulsing energy through her, quickening her responses and delivering a glow to her whole body.
  46. She walked with hasty steps, surprised to breathe a purer air, to feel the sun's rays quickening her pulses, to absorb from their heat a moral warmth and a new life.
  47. It had still seemed possible, so far before any quickening, that things would turn out differently, that she would carry her baby to term and then put it up for adoption.
  48. Her breathing was shallow, and she was sure he could feel the way he was affecting her in the irregular rhythm of her chest’s expansions, or in her quickening heartbeat.
  49. When he felt he was being looked at he behaved like an ostrich which hides its head in a bush in order not to be seen: he hung his head and quickening his pace went down the street.
  50. It also happens that, after every Sad Saturday, early the following morning something occurs that causes a quickening awareness: He’s risen! A joy that I can’t explain wells up.
  51. It is not, as suggested, that God was to cause His Spirit to rest among the exiles to stir their zeal for the rebuilding of the Temple and for the quickening of their hope for the future.
  52. All of the world was crying out for cotton, and the new land of the And, quickening all of the affairs of the section, was the high tide of prosperity then County, unworn and fertile, produced it abundantly.
  53. A curly-headed old man with a bit of bast tied round his hair, and his bent back dark with perspiration, came towards the carriage, quickening his steps, and took hold of the mud-guard with his sunburnt hand.
  54. That forest-dell, where Lowood lay, was the cradle of fog and fog-bred pestilence; which, quickening with the quickening spring, crept into the Orphan Asylum, breathed typhus through its crowded schoolroom and.
  55. This constriction which is associated with complete contraction of members and muscles is alternating with full relaxation as well as it is joined mainly with a quickening of the heart‘s pulses to the utmost speed.
  56. A tumult up the road, a quarrel for a place in a waggon, sent the whole host of them quickening their pace; even a man so scared and broken that his knees bent under him was galvanised for a moment into renewed activity.
  57. I told myself that I had neither the energy nor the will to worry any more I did still feel a slight chill and quickening of the pulse with every tread of a boot on the ladder outside of my cell, but it was different now.
  58. Dejah Thoris caught her breath at my last words, and gazed upon me with dilated eyes and quickening breath, and then, with an odd little laugh, which brought roguish dimples to the corners of her mouth, she shook her head and cried:.
  59. Having therefore laid down His life, He had performed the full satisfaction which the law required, and had a right to exert His divine energy in quickening to life His lifeless humanity, and making it the visible abode of His invisible Godhead.
  60. To those who have looked at Rome with the quickening power of a knowledge which breathes a growing soul into all historic shapes, and traces out the suppressed transitions which unite all contrasts, Rome may still be the spiritual centre and interpreter of the world.
  61. The Tharks paid him not the slightest attention; they were not out upon the warpath, and the only sign that I had that they had seen him was a quickening of the pace of the caravan as we hastened toward the bordering desert which marked our entrance into the realm of Tal Hajus.
  62. Looking back, the hobbits saw that the trees in the court had also begun to glow, faintly at first, but steadily quickening, until every leaf was edged with light: some green, some gold, some red as copper; while the tree-trunks looked like pillars moulded out of luminous stone.
  63. Often, as he talked to Clara Dawes, came that thickening and quickening of his blood, that peculiar concentration in the breast, as if something were alive there, a new self or a new centre of consciousness, warning him that sooner or later he would have to ask one woman or another.
  64. But to others an historical novel like the ‘Martyr of Golgotha’ comes like a revelation, opening fresh vistas of thought, filling out blanks and making clear what had hitherto been vague and unsatisfactory, quickening insight and sympathy, and actually heightening the conception of divine traits.
  65. But there were some carriages waiting, and as soon as Pierre stepped out of the gate the coachmen and the yard porter noticed him and raised their was being looked at he behaved like an ostrich which hides its head in a bush in order not to be seen: he hung his head and quickening his pace went down the street.
  66. For the sake of the student as well as the community, our schools need to place less emphasis on subjective (or feel good) ―requirements‖ while placing greater emphasis on what should be their most provocative challenge; quickening every child‘s underlying talents and developing them to their fullest potential.
  67. After the quickening, she wouldn’t speak to him at all for a few days, and it turned out he was supposed to give her something for the quickening, that you gave pregnant ladies presents to celebrate the quickening, and that her parents had given her a gold bracelet when she got her first period and that this was like that.
  68. The bias of human nature to be slow in correspondence triumphs even over the present quickening in the general pace of things: what wonder then that in 1832 old Sir Godwin Lydgate was slow to write a letter which was of consequence to others rather than to himself? Nearly three weeks of the new year were gone, and Rosamond, awaiting an answer to her winning appeal, was every day disappointed.
  69. But, what yet increased the oddity of this strange fancy was the gentleman being young; whereas it generally attacks, it seems, such as are, through age, obliged to have recourse to this experiment, for quickening the circulation of their sluggish juices, and determining a conflux of the spirits of pleasure towards those flagging shrivelly parts, that rise to life only by virtue of those titillating ardours created by the.
  70. Writers there are who say the first adventure he met with was that of Puerto Lapice; others say it was that of the windmills; but what I have ascertained on this point, and what I have found written in the annals of La Mancha, is that he was on the road all day, and towards nightfall his hack and he found themselves dead tired and hungry, when, looking all around to see if he could discover any castle or shepherd's shanty where he might refresh himself and relieve his sore wants, he perceived not far out of his road an inn, which was as welcome as a star guiding him to the portals, if not the palaces, of his redemption; and quickening his pace he reached it just as night was setting in.
  71. That all may hear the quickening sound,.
  72. Remember: you may say, or not say, that then this is the highest level, in Martial arts, one can accomplished, but I would say no, there is yet a grater fighter, the grater fighter, is the one, that gained, TRUE GODS favor, that when he died, or she died, was recreated, in the Resurrection, of the quickening of the dead, to live once again, in the next life, ETERNALLY, therefore, wining not only all battles, but the battle of survival, to ETERNITY,.
  1. His heart quickened as he.
  2. The Ear heard and quickened.
  3. My pulse quickened, and I.
  4. Abel Sante quickened his pace.
  5. My pace quickened as I neared.
  6. His eyes quickened to watch me.
  7. I quickened my pace into a run.
  8. They quickened their pace, but.
  9. Then, in his sleep, he quickened.
  10. Little Chandler quickened his pace.
  11. His quickened heart slowed at once.
  12. Her heart rate quickened once again.
  13. The two men quickened in their chairs.
  14. His step quickened and his smile grew.
  15. She quickened and he felt her trembling.
  16. Cord quickened his step, following him.
  17. He shuddered and his thrusts quickened.
  18. His breathing quickened every time he.
  19. His breath quickened as he looked at her.
  20. Quickened or made alive-His resurrection.
  21. His heart quickened as he read the label.
  22. Perhaps Charles Halloway quickened his pace.
  23. Made alive: "Quickened by the spirit" King.
  24. I signed a quickened, rather lame signature.
  25. They fell in love and she quickened with you.
  26. Stone heard all this, and his pulse quickened.
  27. Amin, so they quickened in fulfilling the advice.
  28. Gloria suddenly quickened her pace on my clitoris.
  29. She quickened the pace and he fell further behind.
  30. With each intake of smoke, my breathing quickened.
  31. He quickened his pace and the preacher kept step.
  32. Holy crap, he said, and quickened his pace.
  33. Anne’s breathing quickened as her thoughts raced.
  34. Made alive: "Quickened by the spirit" King James.
  35. But He was quickened, or made alive by the Spirit.
  36. He quickened his pace, then stopped to examine me.
  37. Her heart beat quickened, and her nipples hardened.
  38. Her breath quickened as she thought about his words.
  39. His pace only quickened as he pulled out his cell.
  40. What was it? What was with me? I quickened my pace.
  41. He quickened his pace, and they followed him wearily.
  42. The policeman quickened his step and narrowed the gap.
  43. She lured the Redeemers here,’ his voice quickened.
  44. Hadaen quickened his pace, her body jerking against him.
  45. Two policemen quickened their stride and approached us.
  46. He saw a forest in the distance and quickened his stride.
  47. Libby’s heart rate quickened; in the moment before he.
  48. You passed it without stopping, but your steps quickened.
  49. Where are you going? His voice quickened with con-.
  50. My steps quickened as I headed for Krista and the horses.
  51. Made alive: "Quickened by the spirit" King James Version.
  52. I did the maths, turned the corner and quickened my step.
  53. I quickened my pace, and knocked at the door with my hand.
  54. I didn't realize he was addressing me, then I quickened up.
  55. He quickened his step and, glancing back, looked out over.
  56. Could she get out? The hope quickened her body and her mind.
  57. Where is that solider? he said, and quickened his step.
  58. They quickened their pace as much as their aching legs would.
  59. He pulled his cloak closer around him and quickened his pace.
  60. Her breathing quickened and she could feel her face flush red.
  61. Bar shouted Stu with glee as he and quickened their pace.
  62. Slowly at first, his breathing quickened, along with his pace.
  63. When Nerissa quickened again that summer, Tragus was delighted.
  64. His pace quickened and he ran up the steps to the front doors.
  65. Quickened or made alive - His resurrection AFTER He had.
  66. You don’t have to do that, I said as my pulse quickened.
  67. If it is so, there is the will to act and worship is quickened.
  68. Somehow his step quickened, and now a soft whimper from the raft.
  69. It occurred to me that Mother hadn’t quickened in three years.
  70. Ascending the steps to the door, his heart quickened in his chest.
  71. By now their heart rates had quickened and their throats were dry.
  72. Garcia quickened his pace, wishing he could do something for her.
  73. X'ander quickened his pace, taking them up the stairs two per step.
  74. My heart quickened as I spun the spool to gather the loose string.
  75. His pulse raced, his breath quickened, and his mind began to think.
  76. He heard her gasp as she saw his silhouette and her pace quickened.
  77. As with pinched lips she reflected, she quickened her pace carefully.
  78. Their breath quickened and anger and fear tainted their expressions.
  79. God’s grace are we, God’s elect, quickened and regenerated out of.
  80. I quickened the pace and we were soon at the opening into the mountain.
  81. The shadow above with a faceless face quickened with the merest breath.
  82. He must be quickened by the breath of the Almighty before he will live.
  83. The air about commenced to chill and quickened through the forest leaves.
  84. He noticed his breathing had quickened slightly and felt agitated by it.
  85. The steps of his neighbors quickened as they scurried back to their homes.
  86. Holly pulled her hands away, getting to her feet, her breathing quickened.
  87. Trisha shifted her book bag to the other shoulder and quickened her pace.
  88. The pace of the men in the street had quickened with the firing of the shot.
  89. His "soul" was alive in the three days before He was quickened or made alive.
  90. She quickened her pace and walked away from them to the edge of the platform.
  91. As they approached the room, their heart beats quickened, ready for anything.
  92. His step quickened at the thought of her waiting for him at the Heavenly Bills.
  93. I could hear his quickened heartbeat; feel the thunder that roared within him.
  94. Quickened or made alive-His resurrection AFTER He had preached to the spirits.
  95. In the stillness of the duct, Sespian’s quickened breaths stirred the cobwebs.
  96. They waited for the taxi to pass and as soon as it had they quickened their pace.
  97. The man was twenty paces away when he unsheathed his sword and quickened his pace.
  98. It quickened its pace as is rolled over and over gathering speed as it descended.
  99. The lightning-rod salesman stood there for a long moment, his eyes quickened shut.
  100. His walking pace quickened at the sight of the run down car in a side street ahead.
  1. My heart rate quickens.
  2. With a plan in place, his pace quickens.
  3. My heart begins to race and my breath quickens.
  4. Anthony stands close to me and my pulse quickens.
  5. The eagerness of a listener quickens the tongue of a narrator.
  6. He invites all, but He quickens whom He will, and brings them to glory.
  7. As though realising that my confidence is growing, she quickens into a trot.
  8. Start with a larger dose, and then decrease it, as your healing improves and quickens.
  9. This quickens your testing cycles and that must be good for your ability to convert more.
  10. When he kisses me passionately, my pulse suddenly quickens and I forget in an instant that I'm sleepy.
  11. A plentiful subsistence, therefore, it has been concluded, relaxes, and a scanty one quickens their industry.
  12. Ralph’s heart quickens its irregular rhythm as he sees that, next to the well, two women are deep in conversation.
  13. Stef quickens his pace not realising that the blonde watcher recognises him as the smiling motorist from this morning!.
  14. As his hands travel over her body, seeking the magic spot, her breath only quickens, and words seems further and further from her.
  15. Your spirit quickens your body, because if your spirit is withdrawn from your body, the body dies, so your spirit's very important.
  16. In turn, our evolved understanding quickens the development of newer technology and this process continues to accelerate exponentially up to today.
  17. In their extremes, they all cause us to cry out, to make violent motions, to shed tears while our hearts race and our breathing quickens, and our sensitivity to pain is reduced.
  18. It is in this manner that the demand for men, like that for any other commodity, necessarily regulates the production of men, quickens it when it goes on too slowly, and stops it when it advances too fast.
  19. The Royal Essence for the Hair of the Head and Perriwigs, being the most delicate and charming Perfume in Nature, and the greatest Preserver of Hair in the World, for it keeps that of Perriwigs (a much longer Time than usual) in the Curl, and fair Hair from fading or changing Colour, makes the Hair of the Head grow thick, strengthens and confirms its Roots, and effectually prevents it from falling off or splitting at the Ends, makes the Powder continue in all Hair longer than it possibly will, by the use of any other Thing; by its incomparable Odour and Fragrancy it strengthens the Brain, revives the Spirits, quickens the Memory, and makes the Heart chearful, never raises the Vapours in Ladies, & c, being wholly free from (and abundantly more delightful and pleasant than) Musk, Civet, &.
  20. And the hawthorn quickens with buds of green,.

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