renovate sätze

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Renovate sätze (in englisch)

  1. Of to renovate a decaying one.
  2. The news came as a shock; Rodin had planned to renovate the.
  3. Then it was your uncle Matt who helped you to renovate your attic?
  4. But his mother had designs of her own—she wanted to renovate their old home.
  5. Having to renovate or change your home décor should be a period of refreshing.

  6. Are these the same cousins who helped renovate your attic? Joel asked curiously.
  7. Once again, we had to complete renovate and refurbish an empty house to turn it into a.
  8. It was actually my dad’s brother, Uncle Luke, and his kids who helped me renovate my attic.
  9. Now He wants to renovate the inside, so you can actually accomplish His purpose for your life.
  10. Since they moved everybody off the top floors to renovate, his office is on 30, not far from Daddy’s.
  11. Sometimes they buy an additional home, renovate the existing home, or buy expensive items for the home.
  12. Always be conservative in your estimation of the time required to renovate a property before flipping it.
  13. It all sounds great; purchase a property, renovate it, rent it out and watch the profits start to roll in.
  14. The gladsome return of the cheering warmth will probably renovate the enfeebled constitutions of many of our aged people.
  15. One of the wounded vets I met at the ranch retreats has an idea to help homeless vets by helping build or renovate housing.

  16. Under its terms, Tiny would renovate the house at his expense; they would then sell it and split the sale price down the middle.
  17. The value of a house changes when its location becomes more or less desirable or when its owners renovate or let it fall to ruin.
  18. Renovate your belief, they asked: O messenger of Allah, how could we renovate our belief? He said: Say La Ilaha Illa Allah more and more.
  19. One of the wounded vets I met at the ranch retreats has an idea to help homeless vets by helping build or renovate housing.
  20. Five million dollars was approved by the Senate to renovate buildings and finish an airplane hangar at Michigan’s Wurtswirth Air Force Base.
  21. You can work to complete an unfinished society, instead of to renovate a decaying one; and you can work with a better heart and a more hopeful spirit.
  22. She would have helped renovate it, picked out tiles, dealt with the real estate agent, said, Oh yes, of course! when the tenant asked for something to be fixed.
  23. We had been open maybe three years and because of Congressman Joe Moakley’s tireless efforts we had an earmarked grant that allowed us to renovate the shelter with $4.
  24. According to City Council records, he had a permit to renovate the derelict WWII hospital compound and use it as a post-operative recuperation and rehabilitation centre.
  25. I would also renovate the cargo holds of The Queen of Waves, converting them to cabins, restaurants, and recreation facilities, before her first voyage as a passenger ship.

  26. When the boat races ended, my siblings took it into their misguided heads to help me renovate the attic as a means of repaying me for my hospitality in letting them camp out here during the hydroplane races.
  27. After her visit to the bank, Nancy then returned to the Marais District, where she roamed the streets while passing the word that she was looking for workers and maids in order to renovate and clean her new residence.
  28. The building owner‘s plan was to rent the space out to a small law firm or accounting firm, and then renovate it once a lease was signed, but so far, this office was part of a glut of open commercial office space in Washington D.
  29. No; let us do justice to the nation by the adoption of such measures as will renovate the depressed spirits of our constituents; which will prevent them from falling into that destructive and deadly languor which this resolution is calculated to produce.
  1. Perhaps they are renovating or buying additional properties.
  2. She died alone in a fire in a castle that Jack was renovating.
  3. Where’s your sense of fun? I spent hours renovating that wig.
  4. Renovating that realm would prove a tall order for its inheritors.
  5. Suraj and Musafir were busy painting and renovating the most important room in the house, the bathroom.
  6. They had reclaimed it from disrepair and despair alike, spending much time and money renovating and restoring the interior.
  7. They fail to understand that the property they are renovating must be renovated and decorated in a way that will have universal appeal.
  8. The servant girls had gone out, and the masons and carpenters who were renovating the house did not work on Saturdays: they had the whole world to themselves.
  9. The upper levels of her house were a particular source of pride and joy to her, for she’d worked hard on remodeling and renovating them, especially the attic.
  10. Remember that you are not decorating this home to live in, you are renovating it for someone else to purchase and that someone else may not have the same tastes.
  11. Alice revived under the renovating influence of the open air, and, as her physical rather than her mental powers had been the subject of weakness, she stood in no need of any explanation of that which had occurred.
  12. The Bible says don't let the world shape you, and push you down into it's mould, but be totally shifted and changed, so you become quite a different person, by renovating your mind, renovating what you believe, renovating your inner man.
  13. These alleyways were way out from the crowds and although some of the buildings could have done with some renovating, the owners of these apartments took great pride in them, adorning their balconies with dazzling arrays of colourful flowers.
  1. We had renovated everything while.
  2. The apartment was still being renovated.
  3. The owner who renovated the restaurant was.
  4. Way, Bishkek’s newly renovated shopping mall.
  5. They had renovated it and painted its walls white.
  6. It was the second floor of a renovated blue Victorian.
  7. She had never successfully renovated a man, of course.
  8. We had some savings from the house that I had renovated.
  9. The lab for Biology has been renovated over the past summer.
  10. So they renovated it and made it comfortably self-sufficient.
  11. The walls had been renovated, obviously, but the floor had not.
  12. And who’s got the money to move into renovated crack houses.
  13. Another church had been renovated into rooms for people to stay in.
  14. I did however spend the night in my new and completely renovated quarters.
  15. Grandchildren of appropriate age are having the home renovated or repaired.
  16. She renovated it, creating a luxurious apartment for herself on the premises.
  17. I‘m at Margaret and Tom‘s house, and it has been remodeled and renovated.
  18. Behind her was the renovated Great Hall, alter’d to suit the newest Fashion.
  19. Ironically, the part that got hit by the plane had been the first to be renovated.
  20. I’m lucky Fritz renovated me for this new film, in long shots, with tons of makeup.
  21. Enter Artémyev, with a cockade on his cap, dyed moustaches, and old renovated clothes.
  22. It’s been renovated to provide modern facilities but it still has that royal charm.
  23. I quickly renovated the space the best I could, but many pipes hung too low to be covered.
  24. New sensations are created, actions are renovated; discoveries are divulged, and everything is shared.
  25. Our Intranet site will be completely renovated by the end of the year, as wewill be putting the library.
  26. After years of vacancy, Potter County bought the building in 1995 and renovated it to house its offices.
  27. It was recently renovated with a look back and particular attention to the details of the original building.
  28. The new tenant had agreed with the agent that the house was to be renovated throughout before he took possession.
  29. It’s what he does, creates his art, hanging outside a renovated tenement building, its stone-work sand-blasted.
  30. The success of your business and your reputation will depend on your ability to turn out a quality renovated property.
  31. The research facility is located in the renovated ruins of the castle that was before the structure that you now see.
  32. I like how you renovated your attic, it’s given me some ideas on what to do with the one at my cabin in Colorado.
  33. Many of you moved or renovated your home during the past two years, and this reinforces the sense of contentment here.
  34. Now that you have renovated your property and it is in livable condition, the next step is to find yourself a good tenant!.
  35. Downstairs was her aunt’s bedroom, a tiny room she called her study, a nice newly renovated shower room, and a kitchen/diner.
  36. All but the Arizona and Oklahoma were raised, repaired, and renovated, and these ships would later engage in amphibious operations.
  37. Instead of having it renovated on the lines of a single style, I decided to furnish each main room to a different style and period.
  38. Lea made brief introductions, telling Panos that Stratos was her neighbor and the architect who renovated so wonderfully her house.
  39. I was expecting to see it in a rundown condition, but it was slowly being renovated into its original splendor and I danced for joy.
  40. They fail to understand that the property they are renovating must be renovated and decorated in a way that will have universal appeal.
  41. This renovated aspect of what was the focus indeed of the room on a full winter morning threw a smiling demeanour over the whole apartment.
  42. The satellite office that Puller had worked at in Kansas had closed and the operation had been consolidated at the partially renovated Offutt.
  43. This can be disastrous for your reputation when the first properties you renovated begin to fall down around the new owners and word gets out.
  44. He intended to build a proper school house for the town in lieu of the poorly renovated burnt out building provisionally employed for the purpose.
  45. But here I was, in any case, striding, early June afternoon, butterflies in my stomach, through a renovated, unremembered Logan, to a phone booth.
  46. The initial establishment of a temporary location for the first Tahoe City Schoolhouse is the newly renovated building at Main Street and Hill Street.
  47. Some investors do everything else right, get the property renovated and put it on the market and then watch it sit there and wonder why it isn’t moving.
  48. You’ll have to pardon the crowding and the bustle all about, but the ship is being renovated, refitted, stocked, and prepared to sail, all simultaneously.
  49. Well my apartment was being renovated so he offered me a place to stay in the meantime, you know before we started dating, I said, surprisingly convincing.
  50. It had been renovated with a sizeable amount of glass and steel, although heaving Graham’s wheelchair up the spiral staircase was next to impossible for Danny, Theo and Stripehead.
  51. In answer to your complaint of August 18th of 2004 in your visit to the renovated Museum of Altamira, we regret that the information given to you was not to your complete satisfaction.
  52. Several large empty houses that were relet had to be renovated for their new tenants, and there was a fair amount of inside work arising out of the annual spring-cleaning in other houses.
  53. This can be the difference between turning a profit and losing your shirt when a tenant tears up your newly renovated property and leaves you holding the bag full of repair bills and lost rent.
  54. It had been totally renovated years before by the State of Pennsylvania as a historic landmark, but while doing so, they had also completely brought it into the 21st Century of wireless technology.
  55. They will be mildly renovated at the end of the project for better utility in serving your passengers for bookings and information, but right now they serve as the office of our foreman of construction.
  56. It had three homes in and on it’s trunk, and another in it’s branches, with a total of thirty-seven rooms, which were all being connected by new hallways into one huge home and renovated to accommodate Mark’s height.
  57. The mother-to-be simply shook her head and said that the house had been the only inheritance from her deceased Aunt, and had not been renovated before her death, nor had they the wherewithal as yet to make the modifications.
  58. At 1:30, they would ride the elevator to the newly renovated press room on the fortieth floor to tell the assembled microphones that, to the charges of tax fraud and insider trading, her father would enter a plea of not guilty.
  59. How, then, do rich people order their lives here in the country? Thus: if there happens to be an old mansion, built in the time of the serfs, then this house is renovated and re-decorated: if there is not, one is built of two or three stories.
  60. Zarko related everything that had happened that day: the arrival of the exiles, how the Hebrews had impressed him, what the renovated old royal stables looked like now and how he was planning to take the Hebrews on a tour of the city the next day.
  61. It was obvious the galley kitchen had been renovated since its pre war days, with new appliances, an Italian stone floor and backsplash and a granite countertop that served as a pass-through to the small, oval dining room table placed in front of the window.
  62. Their thanksgivings were deep and silent; the offerings of their gentle spirits burning brightest and purest on the secret altars of their hearts; and their renovated and more earthly feelings exhibiting themselves in long and fervent though speechless caresses.
  63. And does not the same take place in the modern Revivalism,—the renovated Calvinism, Evangelism,—out of which has grown up the Salvation Army? Just as the condition of all the church doctrines is the same in reference to Christ's teaching, so are also their methods.
  64. It was one of his axioms that similar meditations or the automatic relation to himself of a narrative concerning himself or tranquil recollection of the past when practised habitually before retiring for the night alleviated fatigue and produced as a result sound repose and renovated vitality.
  65. A surprise visit by Harris, Ferguson and Colling to the resort at Herrensee, apparently based on information provided by the major’s German mistress, produced sufficient liquor from the hotel’s cellar to stock the bar in the new officers’ club on the renovated ground floor of the kaserne.
  66. Exerting his renovated powers to their utmost, he was yet filling the arches of the cave with long and full tones, when a yell burst into the air without, that instantly stilled his pious strains, choking his voice suddenly, as though his heart had literally bounded into the passage of his throat.
  67. Presently, we were all led to divers Apartments in the newly renovated Rustick (the second Storey being reserv’d for visits of State—at least, ’twas so intended), but as we walkt along the Corridors ’twas plain to see that the House was in great Disarray, and Pieces of Furniture stood ev’rywhere, drap’d in Linen.
  68. In the Tolkoochi [literally, jostling market, where second-hand clothes and all sorts of cheap goods are sold] market, which Nekhludoff had to pass on his way, a dense crowd was surging along the row of booths, and tattered men walked about selling top-boots, which they carried under their arms, and renovated trousers and waistcoats, which hung over their shoulders.
  69. Bassett) stated yesterday—and I confess it was quite novel to me; I felt so astonished at it as not only to be unable but absolutely to forget to reply to it—that before he left the Department, the ex-Secretary of the Navy had commenced a system of economy, which system it seems is now prosecuting with renovated vigor by the present Secretary—the mantle of Elijah has descended on the shoulders of his successor.
  70. On this theory of a limited and selective judgment on the wicked rulers and teachers found alive at Christ's Advent, we might also understand the language of prophecy when it tells of good agencies operating still among the sifted nations in Christ’s Kingdom:—so that everything that is more valuable now in the work of righteous statesmen, legislators, scholars, missionaries, civilizers, will be, according to the law of continuity, carried forward into the final blessed state of the renovated world, when human life will answer to the Divine Idea, and God shall have 'destroyed them that destroy the earth.
  71. The militaries of The Just Alliance are melding and redeploying throughout the alliance, civil defense and emergency response corps are forming everywhere, programs for the assistance of the poor and needy are suddenly so over-financed that they’re having to hire extra accountants just to keep track of it all, thousands are swearing binding oaths to justice with every second that passes, laws are being re-written by every government, prisoners are being sworn and prisons closed or renovated for other purposes, Wards are being altered to allow the passage of any who bear the mark of The Just Alliance, and travel between continents is widespread and increasing with every moment.
  72. Instead, he saw azure water in a renovated pool,.
  1. Sometimes the individual buys a second home or renovates and expands the present one.
  2. He renovates and vivifies the whole system and heals any diseased part by supplying an increased quantity of Prana.

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