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    1. Ray Pack was born in Paris, France

    2. It was probably a cosmic ray in a low order digit of a secondary cal somewhere in the fabricator when this went thru

    3. Over the course of the next year she had watched her close friend change from a bright, positive ray of hope into a frightened little mouse

    4. the glass of the television’s cathode ray tube

    5. He has no interest in the visual arts as delivered through the cathode ray tube

    6. A ray of sunlight spotlighted the unmade bed, the bedding lying crumpled, the sheet pulled down in one corner, revealing the mattress: the pillow dented where his head had lain while he waited for the time to pass

    7. A ray of the spring sunlight shone through the window onto the regulation blankets of the bed, under which Chrissie lay motionless

    8. They probably stole the ray gun as

    9. The thought, was lost again to this world, as the brilliant orange ball, exploded across the pink and lavender sky, sending a fan shaped ray of light streaming in all directions

    10. Arizona State had this Incredible Hulk by the name of Paul Ray Powell

    1. would be Blue Rayed and others would be held captive in an Alex Lock Block for imprisonment

    2. The Baal felt that the location should not be Blue Rayed

    3. At the end of the nearly three and a half hour session, they only Blue Rayed six agents, for they

    4. So then the sun came breaking through the high icy clouds, touching the rayed suns embroidered on his headband as I looked at him

    5. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) works by using powerful rotating magnets that move hydrogen atoms which can then be X rayed to obtain an overall picture through hundreds of ‘picture slices’ of the brain

    6. Evan joined them on the road; and as they drove along up hill and down hill (for Greece is in a state of effervescence, yet astonishingly clean-cut, a treeless land, where you see the ground between the blades, each hill cut and shaped and outlined as often as not against sparkling deep blue waters, islands white as sand floating on the horizon, occasional groves of palm trees standing in the valleys, which are scattered with black goats, spotted with little olive trees and sometimes have white hollows, rayed and criss-crossed, in their flanks), as they drove up hill and down he scowled in the corner of the carriage, with his paw so tightly closed that the skin was stretched between the knuckles and the little hairs stood upright

    7. Her forehead was creased like a child’s paper fan, and crow’s feet rayed out from her eyes

    1. would deal with his plants, raying upon them day and night the influences

    2. The Adepts are raying upon all egos without exception in the

    3. Each of the Adepts who have undertaken this special work is raying out

    1. As the rays slanted in to this table, he enjoyed the warmth

    2. It was already getting warm as the rays of Kortrax met them full in the face

    3. was put under the killing radioactive rays, that the Lord created His own

    4. He pulled off his shirt as he began the long walk out the pier in the direct rays of the setting sun

    5. There were a few tall clouds above them, painted pink by the red rays of sunset

    6. The evening mist is gathering over the fields now, catching the last rays of the setting sun

    7. ruptures caused by the harmful rays of the sun

    8. rays and others may increase the presence of free-radicals in the

    9. It is used to treat discolouration, and damage due to the sun’s harmful rays

    10. There before him was Jake, in all his awesome majesty, kneeling as it were, head bent, his body perfectly outlined by the rays of the rising sun

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    ray re beam beam of light irradiation light beam ray of light shaft shaft of light electron beam irradiate radiate beacon emission glimmer spark hint