reference sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Reference sätze (in englisch)

  1. The reference is to the.
  2. Give me a grid reference.
  3. These all have a reference.
  5. There was the reference to.

  7. That has reference to death.
  8. This is a dual reference to.
  9. Not one reference or picture.
  10. Only Garcia knew her reference.
  11. This is a great reference book.
  12. I don’t get the reference.
  13. A reference to the white dove.
  14. They have no reference to Hell.

  16. The tank has a reference probe.
  17. Likewise this is a reference to.
  18. They are just frames of reference.
  19. Reference the points on the slides.
  20. The reference is to one of several.
  21. Christ, all in reference to the Jews.
  22. He smiled at the Star Wars reference.
  23. AND TO PROVIDE IMPETUS: In reference.
  24. I'll give you the reference for them.
  25. The reference is probably to 2 Chron.

  26. As a Reference for Trading Pullbacks.
  27. The reference and object beams then.
  28. Be submitted to the future reference.
  29. I was only speaking in reference to.
  30. Speaking in reference to your wisdom.
  31. This is another direct reference to.
  32. There is a reference to two Geeta in.
  33. There is even reference in the Bible.
  35. This is called an attribute reference.
  36. That has reference to the destruction.
  37. Bassett was opposed to this reference.
  38. With reference to these examples, the.
  39. This provides a reference for drawing.
  40. In reference to Oil Companies’ profit.
  41. The reference here seems to be to the.
  42. DIGG – another cool reference is Digg.
  43. Eternal has reference to the result of.
  44. I know this reference, Kitara said.
  45. Use ‘I am’ in the positive reference.
  46. Read that again, reference this section.
  47. The Branch in verse 2 is a reference to.
  48. Grammar reference books may do good here.
  49. That has reference to the death of Christ.
  50. In the Copy to box, type a cell reference.
  51. Old man! He smiled at the mental reference.
  53. When he is making reference to us, he is.
  54. The reference time for this table is 11:20.
  55. There is even a reference to Jesus having.
  56. It is my reference on this end of Century.
  58. Rose clearly required letters of reference.
  59. Is this in reference to Hoover or Boulder?
  60. The reference time for this table is 2:45 p.
  61. I object to the reference to the flintlock.
  62. Huh? He missed the reference at first.
  63. This, it will be seen by a reference to Mr.
  64. You can reference this chart in Appendix B.
  65. She took it as a reference to the meteorite.
  67. This is another reference to Melchizedek, a.
  68. There was also quite a bit of reference to.
  69. The reference throughout this passage is to.
  70. As for the Bible, it is the first reference.
  72. No harm is done and we now have a reference.
  73. Nancy started at the reference to a God.
  74. It is now used in reference to anything huge.
  75. We will reference a few of these as follows:.
  76. Vedas with reference to the circumstances of.
  77. Colleagues, here is the location reference.
  78. I laughed because I knew the movie reference.
  79. In Matthew there is a reference to the above;.
  80. It has to be a reference to the House of York.
  81. Commentators on this Genesis reference to the.
  82. It is also a direct reference the four fixed.
  83. Yet, when the same word is used in reference.
  84. This e-book could be used as a reference for.
  85. It is with reference to this that Krishn has.
  86. When the reference has flaws, chances are it.
  87. Once again, this is a reference back to Micah.
  88. Now, on to the reference to Intelligent Design.
  89. Ironically, the Canaanite reference for the.
  90. Hades used with reference to death (1 passage).
  91. The reference in these lines is to Alarcón's.
  92. The voice asked him what it was in reference to.
  93. By a reference to the correspondence of Messrs.
  94. The reference datetime for this table is 7:20 p.
  95. The closest reference would be quantum biology.
  96. It is known that the reference stage required.
  97. Normative Reference which refers ISO 9000:2005.
  98. It may be asked, Why this special reference by S.
  99. Clause 2: Normative Reference to ISO 17799:2005.
  100. In thisplace it has reference to the heroes of.
  1. Cross referencing with.
  2. But note the last line, referencing six wives.
  3. For this purpose, one needs to use the absolute referencing.
  4. Symbolism refers to the process of describing or referencing things.
  5. In most cases this will be the APA referencing format, although many UK.
  6. I decided to give referencing its own section within the guide because so many.
  7. APA style referencing guidelines suggest that an Internet source should provide a.
  8. Without doubt the most common referencing format mistakes relate to the increasing.
  9. The absolute referencing is identified by the use of the $ sign in the cell address.
  10. It seemed like she didn’t have the slightest clue to what Paul could be referencing.
  11. A key aspect of referencing that psychology students tend to overlook is the fact that.
  12. This abbreviated view is the basis for referencing the individual spirits by the first.
  13. Also, Kasumi records short skits of me referencing the main performance in some recursive way.
  14. Consequently, it directly refers to those two pivotal numeric symbols while referencing angels and.
  15. One may also consider the use of mixed referencing whereby either the row or the column remains constant.
  16. If you have found any mistakes, unintentional referencing or if you have any questions, please email [email protected]
  17. To make a long story short after two hours of testing, probing and referencing the electrical schematic I found the problem.
  18. To make either the column or the row referencing (or both) absolute, the column or row number has to be preceded by a $ sign.
  19. We have a buyer in France who purchases the product from us, he replied, referencing the narcotics in as polite a way as possible.
  20. By prophesying another 42 months of torment by an oppressor, John was referencing something that the Jews feared and had already experienced.
  21. If you need any of the cells to remain constant, make sure that absolute referencing has been added to the original formula before you copy it.
  22. And Calvin knew from his investigation of Raidan that was true—or at least that's what had been recorded in all the databases referencing him.
  23. Elizabeth had deciphered enough of the language by referencing her historical linguistic database to be able to translate it to the flight crews.
  24. He's really sophisticated and clearly lives a lifestyle a long ways from Cowbell Lane, I say, referencing my grandparents' home in Willow Grove.
  25. I remember feeling almost perfectly satisfied that Dolores meant she didn’t need me in the short term, and that she wasn’t referencing anything major.
  26. It is possible this is what Jesus was referencing when He said, If you don’t follow my teachings, it’s like a man who builds his house on the sand.
  27. Even if everything seems relatively safe, you are still in unfamiliar territory and referencing your whereabouts to someone who is interested is never a bad idea.
  28. When she had found the messages from Sandy on Jason's phone referencing the information about her that he had sold for thousands of dollars she had sacked her friend immediately.
  29. These too are caused or created or sustained by external conditions, and talking about particles without referencing these conditions is a convenient shortcut that allows one to envision a building-block world where everything is composed of particles.
  30. There was a realisation that in the future these children may seek to find out who their real parents were so any records were carefully preserved for future checking and cross referencing with biological materials as the world’s databanks expanded with this data.
  31. When a formula containing a cell reference is entered into a cell, Excel keeps track of that formula in two ways: one is relative referencing whereby the relative position of the addressed cell and not the cell position itself is stored in the formula (this is the default and is quite handy most of the times).
  32. From the deluge of webpedic pages referencing the query, “larger than me?”, we find ourselves treading in the same post-freewill sea of confusion: “What do I choose?” In this whirlpool of infinite information, we drown in endlessly reproducing choices, unable to swallow a single unlinked meme, incapable of uttering a solid conclusion.
  1. In fact, she often referenced.
  2. The referenced table is called the.
  3. The antichrist is referenced only six times.
  4. Then I cross referenced the names of al the.
  5. The numbers of war deaths referenced are a FACT.
  6. Empire’s territory during the referenced times.
  7. The Father is then typically referenced as the Creator.
  8. Purified Water is also referenced throughout the USP–.
  9. The physical properties being referenced are as follows: 1.
  10. This is what Sabrina suffers from today as referenced above: A.
  11. Shut up, it was referenced by the IBC! Anyway, he was pretty.
  12. The following websites were referenced in researching this book:.
  13. A List of Values can be referenced by page items as well as report.
  14. Somewhere in this book, I have referenced the fictional time 5:73 a.
  15. He didn’t respond, but the day she referenced leapt into his mind.
  16. Observe for a moment the second referenced scripture of Hebrews 6: 1a.
  17. Staci (see the link referenced at the beginning of the chapter), you.
  18. The above referenced Laodicean church is truly the end time church.
  19. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism because they all referenced Abraham as a.
  20. And he denies being the George Bush of the CIA referenced in Hoovers memo.
  21. We’ve referenced Sports Betting Reinvented as operating as a real business.
  22. I know I referenced relationships but I don't remember exactly what.
  23. An institution based on knowledge wants everything recorded and cross referenced.
  24. The New Testament of the Christian Bible referenced numerous men proclaimed to be.
  25. It should be noted that certain studies referenced below, indicating the potential.
  26. The reader will observe that the men referenced below are well-known theologians whose.
  27. The Doctrine of Two Spirits is described and repeatedly referenced throughout my writing.
  28. One of the research papers we referenced earlier (Authoritative Sources in a Hyperlinked.
  29. One of the research papers we referenced earlier was a patent from Google about re-ranking.
  30. Sight–The outlook, bias, point of view, and frame of understanding of the referenced symbol.
  31. Looking at the chart, all option premiums are referenced to an at-the-money option costing $1.
  32. Here is a list of the technical indicators referenced in this chapter with a brief explanation.
  33. Melchizedek, a mysterious figure referenced only twice in the Old Testament, in Genesis 14 and.
  34. Around the beginning of the year, and immediately after the above referenced postings, the pace.
  35. Read the definitions referenced below to fully understand the nature and extent of the error and.
  36. Henceforth–From the referenced time and place forward, but more precisely based on and flowing.
  37. Among all books referenced, these 100 were most useful in preparing the greatest achievement in life.
  38. I used the Turtles’ hit because the last word in the title referenced a very popular movie in 1995.
  39. Melchizedek, a mysterious figure referenced only twice in the Old Testament, in Genesis 14 and Psalm 110.
  40. A note about the index: The pages referenced in this index refer to the page numbers in the print edition.
  41. Chantelle knew from the financial website that she referenced that the morning gold fix was $1,538 an ounce.
  42. Combined, they have sold millions of copies and continue to be referenced by those who discuss men’s issues.
  43. If the reporter who wrote the above referenced piece has any intelligence, he (or she) can have no conscience.
  44. Grey had also referenced Jack the Ripper in the note that was included with Janet’s ear? It was almost as if Mr.
  45. She started to wonder if the trackers had in fact saved Liam in the fight that he’d now referenced for the third time.
  46. It’s been referenced several times and you’ve likely already started doing it as you’ve progressed through the exercises.
  47. To summarise this issue, when you copy a formula, relative addressing will change the cells that are referenced by the formula.
  48. Common stock investors referenced the Dow Jones Industrial Average, not the S&P 500, and there was no talk of quartiles or deciles.
  49. A general law could be made to deal with general requirements of all bills and that law referenced in all other legislation as applicatory.
  50. The author acknowledges the trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which has been used without permission.
  51. In addition to the websites listed in the Resources section, the following additional websites were referenced in researching this book:.
  52. After Killer had been on Amazon for a few weeks, I noticed some customer reviews that referenced some criticisms of certain aspects of the book.
  53. In October 2006, under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI released a number of new files on Marilyn Monroe, referenced in the text of this book.
  54. Girls received so little recognition that Jephthah’s daughter, murdered for the sake of Israelite military conquest, wasn’t even referenced by name.
  55. In addition, we all apprehend knowledge in our unique way because it must… she paused, must be referenced to the Fine Waves of one’s Identity.
  56. Regarding DiMaggio, I also referenced Joe & Marilyn by Roger Kahn; Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? by Maury Allen; and Joe & Marilyn: The Ultimate L.
  57. Wikipedia is an established authority! As such, it is referenced by huge numbers of other documents with relevant text associated with links back to Wikipedia.
  58. Of course, since the books were of Greek origin and the advice therein referenced many Greek gods, corresponding Greek temples were constructed in Roman territory.
  59. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission.
  60. The fruits of the afternoon’s labor sat in a neat stack on the counter, highlighted and cross referenced with the same level of precision he expected from Norah herself.
  61. The answer to that question should become more clearly apparent after a short review of that journey through the ever-changing Pleistocene, as first referenced in chapters 5 and 6.
  62. The devotional path to acceptance and the elimination of self-centered desire is beautifully illustrated by the well-known Serenity Prayer, already referenced in Chapter 11.
  63. That representation is then stored in our computers and cross referenced whenever we need to find out where you are in the world, Ackers said as he walked, never slowing his pace.
  64. Santiago said nothing, but his pulse started racing and he looked nervous when Jensen referenced ―Abisali,‖ ―the Eagle,‖ ―the Rams,‖ ―the Builder,‖ or ―the Planner.
  65. Regarding MF’s, or Mangled Facts, however, the White House led all other nations' executive branches with an unimaginable 97% of all information dispensed being incorrectly cited and/or referenced.
  66. The books referenced below have moved me in such a way that I felt inclusion of some of their writing was imperative to this e-book; and to your understanding of this amazing mind power we all hold within us.
  67. Well, Holland referenced the paper, Everything that has happened this month, from the missing corpse, to the muddy footprints, to the murders being connected to the high school play – it’s all in here.
  68. Kennedy and referenced in this book’s chapter Were Marilyn and Bobby ‘The New Item’?—has never before been mentioned, despite hundreds of articles, books, and documentaries about Marilyn Monroe’s death.
  69. Could eating ungratefully poison even the healthiest meal because it is perceived as imperfect? he referenced his recently regretted decades old, co-produced reality competition judgement show, The Stainless Supper.
  70. Jacob referenced some images that could be used to complement the words, made doubly sure that there were no political references hiding within his words, for the paymasters always watched, decided to take a break before proofing.
  71. Notice how I referenced the beginning of this text for relevance without naming it as a beginning except in this note which was done simply in order to draw your attention to it? If you did, then you are starting to grasp the concept.
  72. We need to learn to get inside us the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, the almighty power of God is in my spirit, I am joined to the eternal God - need to become conscious of that, so my value continually is referenced to what God says.
  73. Despite the many passages recorded exclusively on this subject alone, these overseers want to harmonize over twenty clear passages referenced under the New Covenant with one enigmatic passage that apparently supports their position on this particular subject.
  74. That said, there is always a degree of distortion because no knowledge exists independent of those who have understood it, and we all apprehend knowledge in our unique way because it must… she paused, must be referenced to the Fine Waves of one’s Identity.
  75. An American Heart Association study, as referenced by several peer-reviewed scientific and medical publications, has recently claimed that people who are physically active have a lower risk of getting high blood pressure -- 20%-50% lower -- than people who are not active.
  76. The potential errors are grouped into different categories like Unused Input Value (meaning the value has not been referenced elsewhere even though it should have been), Unused Calculation (the result of a formula has not been referenced elsewhere even though it should have been), references to blank cells (!), forward column references (denotes poor worksheet building), unprotected calculations(someone else may over-write the formula built with a lot of care), etc.
  1. My God, she had references.
  2. Most of the references to.
  3. The above references come from R.
  4. References, read the whole Bible!.
  5. He comes with excellent references.
  6. See Siegel in References, Chapter 8.
  7. It is well known that all references.
  8. Here are the Translocation references.
  9. The two main references to homosexual.
  10. He was sure Kosmo had some references.
  11. The references to an ancient serpent in.
  12. Its many redundant references to similar.
  13. There were the natural references to the.
  14. On the left part, we can see two references.
  15. Paul, after previous references (chapter v.
  16. There are references to Aliens in the.
  17. My musical references are just wasted on you.
  18. REFERENCES - Many of these are within the text.
  19. There are many references to shadows of trees.
  20. What would your job references say about you?
  21. We heard only passing references to Obama’s.
  22. The references are to page and line of the text.
  23. In-context references are very effective.
  24. Do you have any references with you Mr Casey.
  25. Ya, but Both references relate to gay sexual.
  26. Ask for — and check out – credit references.
  27. Some references use Sohkyu and some use Munehisa.
  28. Multiple references were also made to Asia, the.
  29. The following references were used in this book:.
  30. Other references to stones can be found easily by.
  31. In all the references of that name, mostly coming.
  32. There are more references to fonts in the chapter 11.
  33. Contact the people you have indicated as references.
  34. Check references, do background checks and ask around.
  35. References to the notes are limited to certain stage.
  36. The references that follow are specific to this story.
  37. The above references come from Nave’s Topical Bible.
  38. There are many references to co-housing on the Internet.
  39. Other references such as Kuan Yin, the eastern goddess.
  40. The following list of publications were used as references.
  41. You’ll see references to these sites across the social.
  42. Where you do have job references then you can say you have.
  43. Of course I will need references, said Roger smiling.
  44. Dan’s thesis numbered 142 pages, not including references.
  45. Any doubts still? Here are additional references from The.
  46. Try to make sure that any job references have been sought.
  47. It contains far more background information with references.
  48. Well then, I will stick to no more pop culture references.
  49. Stallman's solution: remove all specific references to Emacs.
  50. There are some references to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  51. References are those people whom you have worked with such as.
  52. Sure enough, I eventually uncovered several references and at.
  53. I found references in the writings of Zohar and Jewish folklore.
  54. This means that cls references the Tree class [Lott14, page 99].
  55. Grammatical references, when not given in full, are as follows:.
  56. Which just goes to show you should always check your references.
  57. In psalms there are also references to the church being a rock;.
  58. Hawaii in reference to his ambiguous references to the land deal.
  59. I also need toad that I can provide good references from each of.
  60. Yes, there are also many other scripture references for this idea.
  61. The Courage to Heal references a guest on the Oprah show in.
  62. Holanam, how many references can you keep in mind at once?
  63. Make sure you have proof of ID and the required references with you.
  64. As he held out the sheets of paper, obscure references and details.
  65. After all, he didn’t know them, and he had no references for them.
  66. I have found the following four Bible references to support this:-.
  67. Dish had always told me little stories that were veiled references.
  68. Relying on references, which happens when a shallow copy is created.
  69. Be vigilant in running credit checks and following up on references.
  70. It is not a problem if you don’t have references and the question.
  71. He checked his old references, formulas he thought he knew by heart.
  72. None of the 800 has any references to death being anything but death.
  73. It seems that was what she was meaning by the page references, Peg.
  74. Throughout Scripture we see references to the ingathering of God’s.
  75. You will also see references in the Bible to the Mark of the Beast on.
  76. Therefore, this is a symbol merging references to 666,.

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