shade sätze

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Shade sätze (in englisch)

A beer in the shade.
A shade from the heat.
The subtle shade of the.
There is not a shade of.
The kid went a shade paler.
The window shade was down.
That shade is nice on you.

If the unusual shade of the.
The shade of it was familiar.
His eyes were a shade darker.
Some cows stood in the shade.
Ain’t even much shade here.
To the grass and shade?
The sly shade of a Rural Dean.
And he went over into the shade.
In the Lyceum's noiseless shade.
His tone becomes a shade colder.
An unseen hand drew a shade down.
At least we’ll have some shade.
As he left the shade and headed.
There were trees to give us shade.
It was pure hot even in the shade.
The air grew cold, a shade darker.
It may be that his martyred shade.
Akbar in ‘The Shade of Swords’.
And sitting in the shade and soft.
No shade of duality survives their.
I stood submerged in the shade and.
They were the shade of winter sky.
It was a chance of shade and light.
Zhilín walked and kept in the shade.
There is no shade anywhere at Lohme.
I can now easily shade tears or cry.
You should be happy with the shade.
It was just a shade warmer than dead.
They carry their own light and shade.
Sit cool in the warm shade of summer.
Lobo lay in the shade and had water.
Equate the amount of shade with the.
Nor are the shade and the torrid heat.
Shading her eyes with her hand Mrs.
You will then get a shading effect.
Lines of shading, different, 102, 123.
Softness indicated by shading, 102, 123.
She leans back shading you facing outward.
Fulness of form indicated by shading, 102, 124.
I’m shading toward the dead end of the middle.
Jack turned to face me, shading his eyes from the glare.
As the use of shading became systematized the contour.
The crossing of lines in shading gives a more opaque look.
Shading her eyes from the glaring hot sun, she peered about.
Portraits, he answered, a faint smile shading his lips.
I know it will be tricky but leave to the shading to others.
The glass here had taken on a shading tint against the sunlight.
You can help cool your home by shading the windows with awnings.
He peaked out, shading his eyes from the blinding afternoon sun.
First the rose (which is a form of red) then the yellow, shading.
Meanwhile he’d made a good living, in part by shading the truth.
There are stone benches and many large trees shading the courtyard.
Legolas gazed ahead, shading his eyes from the level shafts of the.
She drew herself up slowly, shading her eyes with her hand to look.
He rose and gazed out eastward, shading his eyes, as if he saw things.
He straightened up as they dismounted, shading his eyes against the sun.
In Line Drawing shading should only be used to aid the expression of form.
Jason and Deanna were in the background, shading their eyes as they peered.
As they approached the last doorway, an old man appeared in it, shading his.
It looked as though they were shading away from the strong blue sky and their.
If a person, of whatever shading, hates a person of a different color, thats racism.
Soon we arrived at another clump of trees shading an intersection with another dirt lane.
There were pine trees whose needles hung onto small limbs, shading a part of the boulder.
They’re probably caught in traffic, Bree said, shading her eyes from the afternoon sun.
Their path led through more forest, the trees pressed closely in, shading them from the warm red sun.
He was as large as Brander, if not larger, and had silver strands of hair shading his dark blond hair.
Bathymetric chart: a chart indicating depths of water by contour lines and shading; a bottom contour chart.
It is indeed an endless task to follow the numerous shading placed on the simple words by various interpreters.
All the parchment and binding roared back in answer, cream shading transmuted to crimson, a destruction of words.
They had been, he perceived, like a dark blind shading his eyes from the tormenting glare of too much domesticity.
Experiment with different ways of shading and highlighting your eyes, and see which shapes and colors suit you best.
He whistled loudly for a while and shading his eyes with his hand looked in all directions but did not sight the dog.
The curving of the lines in shading adds considerably to the force of the relief, and suggests much stronger modelling.
This cliff shaded the area.
Thankfully, I was fully shaded.
What do the shaded areas mean?'.
He shaded his eyes with his hands.
His eyes were shaded and looked brown.
They do best in a shaded part of a room.
Shaded ledges and rests it shall be you!.
For example, the shaded area in Figure 4.
The beginnings of a bruise shaded his jaw.
The rear of the building, shaded from the.
I shaded them and looked toward the groves.
The support area around 72 is shaded in gray.
We shared a cool soak in the shaded pool and.
Keep it covered and shaded to avoid evaporation.
We walk off the court to rest by the shaded seats.
She shaded her eyes to follow the eagle's progress.
I was fully shaded from the sun’s heat and rays.
Keep it sealed and shaded until you really need it.
A man emerged, shaded his eyes, then waved him over.
The woman flashed a grin, bright in the shaded black.
He held his hand up and shaded the sun from his eyes.
Hap narrowed his eyes and shaded them with his right.
The tiled floor was shaded under a low canopy of green.
Below, the shaded outline of the river could just be seen.
Boots are best dried in a warm, shaded spot, not beside the.
Although it was shaded from the sun you could already feel.
She shaded her eyes with her hand to squint across the square.
Now it shaded my eyes and kept the chill breeze from my head.
To facilitate good germination, keep the box in a shaded area.
Anоthеr kеу роіnt to make is that іn a shaded аrеа.
A small shaded globe threw a round spot of light on his table.
He stood on the green, shaded lawn at the top of the escarpment.
I ask you to picture the shaded sitting-room of the Fazenda St.
They recognized the house by an old walnut-tree which shaded it.
The man driving the van shaded his eyes and looked up the road.
Some artists have shaded their lights with gold and silver paint.
He opened his eyes and turned his head toward the shaded window.
She took her place among her retinue in the shaded viewing stand.
I shaded my eyes as he carried on welding a section of steel pipe.
Last word in art shades.
Thorn took off his shades.
Colored by pale shades of.
Maybe it was the shades.
His shades were steaming up.
I had no texture, no shades.
The shades of stone, organ.
Her look had shades of panic.
As usual, he wore his shades.
All in vivid shades of green.
To foal in the autumn shades.
Blending into shades of grey.
Everything is shades of grey.
Pastel shades and teddy bears.
Blame it on those evil shades.
Should have brought his shades.
With colored shades and paint.
All the shades were still down.
Matthew put his shades on, for.
Continually pull down the shades.
From shades of the relentless past.
He slipped on his shades and took.
She was dressed in shades of white.
I’ll be damned, Shades said.
Does it reflect with shades of us?
Those shades of gray? Just copouts.
He finally had taken off his shades.
There were no shades of grey to him.
Ares grinned and took off his shades.
Shades of Treason, Anomaly Novel #1.
Shades of my sister and me growing up.
The moon shines down in shades of gold.
Her cheeks turned several shades of red.
To the eternal shades in heat and frost.
The girl is three shades paler than.
The window shades were open and only a.
I couldn’t hear my kinsmen’s shades.
Her face had turned three shades lighter.
The sun was bright and I put my shades on.
Throw those cheap dime-store shades away.

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