cast sätze

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Cast sätze (in englisch)

  1. He can cast him out.
  2. But the die was cast.
  4. To cast thee up again.
  5. How cast off? he said.

  6. He glanced at the cast.
  7. Ahab nest to Cast Out.
  8. She cast her eyes up.
  9. He cast his eyes down.
  10. Pain was cast down too.
  11. He cast his mind around.
  12. He cast me a wry glance.
  13. Smith cast his mind back.
  14. The cast of their eyes.
  15. It was cast in concrete.

  16. The die was cast, though.
  17. It is all cast; it—.
  18. Soon after, he was cast.
  19. She cast about for some.
  20. He cast a sidelong look.
  21. Cast out pride and vanity.
  22. No votes need to be cast.
  23. She cast in her mind for.
  24. Richard cast him a quick.
  25. I helped her cast a spell.

  26. Cast out in the long boat.
  27. It is all cast; it —.
  28. In the shadows cast by a.
  29. I will in no wise cast out.
  30. He didn’t cast it aside.
  31. Not a bad cast, he thought.
  32. Jacob cast his eye over it.
  33. In the violet beams we cast.
  34. Jean cast a furtive glance.
  35. For My cloak they cast lots.
  36. The die was cast, it seemed.
  37. You may cast your votes now.
  38. A man in the cast had been.
  39. Shadows cast upon the water.
  40. He cast down his proud eyes.
  41. It was not of a gloomy cast.
  42. Tears Cast Upon the Horizon.
  43. The lantern cast a dim light.
  44. There are several Cast irons.
  45. And cast their vivifying rays.
  46. How? By being cast into the.
  47. None of this is cast in stone.
  48. Before he was cast into the.
  49. Tonight we cast the devil out.
  50. I am cast on the seas of fate.
  51. It is a circular motion cast.
  52. Every fruitless tree is cast.
  53. During the forward cast, the.
  54. Pride cast Adam out of paradise.
  55. The bottom one is for Cast Iron.
  56. Everything was cast in shadows.
  57. If and yourselves cast forth.
  58. Caesar said, The die is cast.
  59. Dorian cast her a quelling look.
  60. I cast my eyes to her open palm.
  61. And seized my arms and cast me.
  62. They gasped when Heather cast.
  63. I need to cast a spell –.
  66. With a cast over my broken shin.
  67. Cast a Light when you get there.
  68. Trust? Bread cast on the waters.
  69. Leaders need to learn to cast:.
  70. The merchant cast his mind back.
  71. Hastily he cast his cloak over.
  72. What is cast into this lake is.
  73. Cast out because they rejected.
  74. They have cast it far from them.
  76. Her fingers cast a vague shadow.
  77. He taught her how to cast spells.
  78. They mean to cast us adrift!.
  79. I knocked him out with my cast.
  80. His smile took on a menacing cast.
  81. Gideon cast Hadaen a knowing look.
  82. Thorn cast them a sideways glance.
  83. He stood up and cast his line out.
  84. She has had Sleep cast upon her.
  85. He cast it again and the rune died.
  86. Doubts were, however, cast on Mrs.
  87. Common sense and logic cast doubt.
  88. If you will cast with your right.
  89. Satan will be cast out of heaven.
  90. And cast terror into their hearts.
  91. And he said, Cast it on the ground.
  92. It’s rare that they cast an.
  93. See the wheeze? Rows of cast steel.
  94. Midge cast a speculative eye at her.
  95. And cast my wish into the universe.
  96. Tel cast a sly glance at his sister.
  97. He felt as if he were cast adrift.
  99. They cast their eyes and saw that.
  100. It cast a warm glow over the water.
  1. Casting my eyes on Mr.
  2. Weight of the casting = 5.
  3. They were casting a spell.
  4. For getting a sound casting.
  5. They know just by casting.
  6. This ensures a sound casting.
  7. Or in the casting of a spell.
  9. The Casting Off Of Morel--The.
  10. The moon casting that long.
  11. My casting vote is: Mooney's!.
  13. This would give a SOUND casting.
  14. We’d broken the magic casting.
  15. Look, they are casting off!’.
  16. CONDUCTIVITY of the CASTING alloy.
  18. Preparation and casting of floor.
  20. Modulus of the casting = V / SA = 5.
  22. Relaxed, he kept casting fireballs.
  23. Casting a protection spell over him.
  24. We’re casting about for a lifebuoy.
  25. Casting down their golden crowns.
  26. Casting & obviously a defective Feeder.
  27. Very close to the casting call I kept.
  28. Roll casting isn’t a back cast at all.
  29. This casting had 12 Mild steel inserts.
  30. In any casting you can have a defective.
  31. A20 Preparation and casting of the floor.
  32. Then casting is moved to fettling section.
  33. Well, I am casting a new mooring block.
  34. Casting are sent to heat treatment section.
  35. Who do you give your casting vote to?
  36. Casting is an old art but an young Science.
  37. Now you are the one casting the long shadow.
  38. We have taken care of Modulus of the casting.
  39. Keep that in mind when casting these spells.
  40. Anne blinked, casting a glance at the speaker.
  41. Casting out I cast out, he roared again.
  42. This casting in question weighed about 1000 Kg.
  43. Even as he did Falk was casting his own aside.
  44. The flames jittered around the wicks, casting.
  45. He said Mass in Latin, casting his magic spell.
  46. Casting the pieces into the blaze he bowed and.
  47. Casting away the instability, fixing the wrongs.
  48. Jean, casting a worried glance over his shoulder.
  49. He turned, casting his ashen face toward Tetloan.
  50. She too saw our planet casting its spell on you.
  51. Surface area of the casting = 10 x 2 x 2 = 40 dm.
  52. Whomever was casting was strong or had extra help.
  53. Casting light upon these matters, Krishn says :.
  54. Casting concrete into half of plinth excavations.
  56. They demand a slow or soft casting style that is.
  57. Reliability for the alloy while Designing a Casting.
  59. We know nothing of casting spells or witchcraft.
  60. The day was yet young, with the sun casting a rosy.
  61. Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you.
  62. The sun had barely risen, casting a pink hue on the.
  63. I turned and saw who’d been casting stones our way.
  64. There's talk about magic potions and casting spells.
  66. Irons are normally made either by casting or forging.
  67. Corinthians 15:24-26] by casting it into lake of fire.
  68. Now let me try it while casting with Talia’s power.
  70. They are the simplest to use if you are roll casting.
  71. Casting her mind above, she felt nothing but silence.
  72. The lights were low, the heater still casting warmth.
  73. A11 Casting concrete into the halfway excavations for.
  74. He entered the temple and began casting out those who.
  75. In a normal sand casting with sand feeder, with Mf = 1.
  76. A10 Casting concrete into the halfway excavations for.
  77. Casting concrete into half of foundation excavations.
  78. He loomed over her, casting moonshadows across her bed.
  79. The Chief Lector had died casting the execration, and.
  80. You can also have a sound casting & a defective feeder.
  81. Solidification time as our casting as remained the SAME.
  82. Then he planned on tricking us into casting the spel s.
  83. Only option left was to cut the casting with expensive.
  84. I will assist by casting Sound of the audible component.
  85. A14 Completing the second half of concrete casting into.
  86. A15 Completing the second half of concrete casting into.
  87. Hence Total requirement of liquid metal per casting is.
  88. The giants were casting their victims down on the sward.
  89. Casting concrete into second half of foundation excava-.
  90. This is it, he thought, casting another stool in his path.
  91. Casting concrete into second half of plinth excavations.
  92. We must destroy the idols of the heart, totally casting.
  93. Tearing off her cloak and casting it to one side, she ran.
  94. Play around with your fly rod, see what type of casting.
  95. There are four witches actively casting, but keep alert.
  96. But it would increase the fettling work on the casting viz.
  97. The Chills used should be of same thickness as the Casting.
  98. But even with the roar of wind I could hear Brenda casting.
  99. The sun was low in the sky, casting a red wash over the sea.
  100. Parting line, taken, should not lead to any casting problem.
  1. Then he casts his ballot.
  2. There it casts its arms.
  3. The moon casts a new glow.
  4. Finding aught, he casts about.
  5. The casts had come off the week.
  6. Aside she casts her veil of gauze.
  7. Angela had her leg and arm in casts.
  8. If she casts on me, then follow her.
  9. We should probably take her casts off.
  10. But perfect love casts out fear….
  11. This casts you in the role of leader.
  12. Sequence in human experience casts life.
  13. Ciere casts another wary look at the guns.
  14. As he casts off this second fetter, the.
  15. Sun is in the zenith, casts a hot blanket.
  16. Amy casts a worried glance in his direction.
  17. Casts, plaster, method of coating, xxx, 171.
  18. This truth casts a shadow over all who know.
  19. The Bible says, Perfect love casts out fear.
  20. Breaking noon casts reflections, scaling water.
  21. An angler on the shore casts in his fishing rod.
  22. Professor (stops and casts a severe look round).
  23. And casts out what is in it, and becomes empty.
  24. Uh, I don’t have anything that casts a mirror.
  25. He swings round, casts the emerald towards the dog.
  26. Yet he casts a twinkle from his eyes when he speaks.
  27. Those are pretty cool looking casts, Beth said.
  28. Paris casts twenty-five millions yearly into the water.
  29. By the time we were through the casts were covered in.
  30. He casts powders into the fire, causing the flames to.
  31. It casts the created instance to the Greeting interface.
  32. Their radiance casts a gleam of purple over their suite.
  33. But the exact opposite appears to be true, which casts.
  34. Six plaster casts of Napoleon were drying in the passage.
  35. God casts all that reject His glory into the lake of fire.
  36. The setting always casts a different shade on it, you know.
  37. Angles and Casts of Crystals of Carbonate of Lime, 140, 141.
  38. She was on her knees examining Danny’s casts running her.
  39. By turns our purity inspires and our impurity casts us down.
  40. Roll casts depend on the back cast forming a smooth, curved.
  41. First it is used to help in changing directions between casts.
  42. Simple roll casts can be made with a stationary loop of line.
  43. Jesus casts you out! he would say, and they would vanish.
  44. Single handed roll casts rely directly on fast, snappy wrist action.
  45. Tori looks at me for a moment then casts her eyes down at the table.
  46. Already the laws of Manu, representatives of different casts were ad-.
  47. Love of neighbor is self-renunciating, which casts out all preference.
  48. So then the leaf of Adam (Tsela) is in fact that which casts a shadow.
  49. Standing over the scribe, Johan’s body casts the other man into shadow.
  50. He simply casts aside everything negative, forgetting this at the con-188.
  51. There they fall into a sleep that tortures them and casts them into madness.
  52. A superstition is that while the Devil is invisible, he still casts a shadow.
  53. As soon as a witch casts, I can tell what the magic is for, even who cast it.
  54. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear in-.
  55. I start to remember the old method, which is to cover an area by several casts.
  56. There was no reason why those six should be different to any of the other casts.
  57. But over fifty casts lured nothing, and what had started out as exceedingly good.
  58. The blue light casts shadows into the faint hollows beneath Edward’s cheekbones.
  59. In an uptrend, a black day occurs that casts doubt on the strength of the uptrend.
  60. There was no reason why those six should be different from any of the other casts.
  61. Athene shuddered at the casts of the figures, their realism was bordering on creepy.
  62. Then among the greater casts there fell another hail, less ruinous but more horrible.
  63. Berndt casts a quick look over me to check I am okay then starts Adamant into action.
  64. These novels can be read in any order and have entirely separate casts of characters.
  65. He casts the legion of demons into the pigs, which then throw themselves into the sea.
  66. Johns, formed of this chert, casts of bivalve and ramose madrepores are likewise found.
  67. Well, that certainly casts a shadow on my initial interpretation of the source material.
  68. Jaggers's close room, until I really could not bear the two casts on the shelf above Mr.
  69. He stands a little taller and the shadow of his frame casts the wolf into a greater night.
  70. A crucible into which destiny casts a man, whenever it desires a scoundrel or a demi-god.
  71. He stops by the pond, casts his line, begins to fish again, pays no more attention to John.
  72. He told us that they were going to compare those casts with the footwear, of all eight of us.
  73. Longer roll casts are made by forming the loop and delivering the stroke in one continuous motion.
  74. He had connections with credible specialists, but was mostly a casts, stitches and ice man himself.
  75. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth , even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs , when she.
  76. The light in the microscope platform casts strange shadows on his face, making him look years older.
  77. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is.
  78. The safety of the herd casts the burden of watching the members of the collective upon the second eye.
  79. The Lord will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish, but he casts away the substance of the.
  80. Then his sense of smell, and the sweet scent of crushed grass and the earthy aroma of fresh worm casts.
  81. Select a simple object: some of those casts of fruit hanging up that are common in art schools will do.
  82. It increases the speed of the line, enabling you to make longer casts with less strain on your casting arm.
  83. Blue light from the screens makes her cheekbones and forehead brighter but casts shadows in her eye sockets.
  84. Sometimes as I walked, it felt like they were actually broken, like they belonged in casts instead of boots.
  85. Scattered around the room were plaster casts of various parts of the human anatomy taken from Greek statues.
  86. We understand that the collection of casts of the Metropolitan Museum is to receive a copy of all these casts.
  87. When you referred in your ledger to the sale of those casts I observed that the date was June 3rd of last year.
  88. Simple roll casts can be made with a stationary loop of line drooping to the water’s surface from the rod tip.
  89. That wisdom needs to be expressed in such a way that when Christ returns and casts him in the pit, everyone knows.
  90. The Eldest says you must hold it while he casts upon it with my power, to give Ria the capacity for more memory.
  91. Such a God-knowing soul casts no shadow of doubting evil when functioning on such a high spirit level of divine goodness.
  92. They allowed us to keep the fish we’d hauled in with our first casts, but advised us with a show of weapons to move on.
  93. The scribe swears again, softly, and the shape of her brother at the front of the hollow casts their refuge into darkness.
  94. One day, however, he could not refrain from so doing, and, with that vague despair which suddenly casts the lead into the.
  95. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
  96. It takes a while to get my belongings organised as I want them, but I still manage to be up on deck before the boat casts off.
  97. Raymond sits on the other side of the courtroom besides Kathy, who is still in casts and bandages, but without the neck brace.
  98. Remembrance Day, when it arrives, is cold, grey and damp (as Janet predicted) and casts an atmosphere of gloom over The Laurels.
  99. In studying the principles of simple light and shade it is advisable to draw from objects of one local colour, such as white casts.
  100. Jonas hangs back and casts some enchantment over us, Jesse and me, to keep us from getting hurt, and we ride on ahead with rifles.

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