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    1. A pair of long, slimy tongues came out and probed around in the dirt

    2. I counted the steps down into the murk until I reached the lower level, steadying myself against the cool slimy wall in case I slipped and it felt as empty down there and as hollow and devoid of any interest, except to ghosts and spirits, as I had expected

    3. horrid and slimy toad

    4. 'No motive? That slimy Italian assaulted his wife,

    5. When I say he’s slimy, I’m not just talking about what comes out of his cock, that slit in his face drools a lot of slime too, as does the hole in his ass

    6. slimy but smelled wonderful

    7. To think you might somehow want to become unholy again, dirty and slimy again, having to maintain an alimentary canal

    8. Brice approached the gate of Shattered Rock and put his hand out, letting his palm slide over the slimy, grease coated exterior

    9. Blooms of purple slimy stuff floated in the puddles

    10. Its surface was dry, not slimy

    11. It didn’t sting, it just felt slimy, slightly warm

    12. “Could these slimy pests

    13. “Do you really, you slimy piece of whale liver? You may be a better swordsman, but I am a better swords-woman and you have injured my love

    14. She was barely able to focus on staying upright, on remaining by his side in the labyrinth of stagnant pools and slimy slabs of stone

    15. One of the green, slimy boulders at the water’s edge was speaking to him!

    16. As we neared the spot where Uncle Hobart had planted his home made bomb, I noticed that the gravestones were covered with a thick red, slimy goo

    17. He remembered the cat’s slimy ass, and how it could leave a real pong behind on the arm of a chair

    18. That was an improvement, but the slimy mess pooled on the stinking rag a mere inch from her face

    19. Two Syclers pushed their way out, leaving slimy, bloody trails as they followed the first Sycler out onto the sand

    20. Reaching down, he tugged the fat, slimy creature from his skin and dropped it in the sea

    21. Something slimy covered his palms

    22. It wasn’t until he had eaten cold, greasy fried chicken with equally slimy fries and drank cold coffee from a soggy cardboard cup, that the barge was docked, workmen climbed aboard and guided cables from an overhead crane around the girth of the gargantuan logs

    23. “If you mean hard-ons, that’s true,” the Swede said with a sly grin that almost made him look rather slimy all of the sudden

    24. “If it wasn’t for that slimy weasel,

    25. Maggie’s mouth was dry as she ran, and her fingers brushed against the cold, slimy rock

    26. according to the Visioneer, the brightest out of the two of them had selected a strange creature called a Gloopbilge; it was shaped like a long centipede, each section of the slimy grey beast contained a

    27. Knowing that the slimy creature would be round anytime soon,

    28. in Jack’s eyes but it was hideous and slimy and its long trunk was sniffing the air about five feet away from him

    29. They had fanged their undeniably large teeth at me, flashing their menacing eyes and their sickly, slimy smiles

    30. Panic sets in as a slimy material coats the ship

    31. I’ve just been swallowed by a slimy sea creature! This is disgusting! This is beyond disgusting!’ Jaden has the feeling of wanting to throw up, but can’t

    32. The slimy figure offered his hand

    33. It changes from a bright operating room to a dark, slimy room

    34. Connor gulped in fear, wetting his parched lips with his slimy tongue, his fiery cherry eyebrows arched in panic

    35. “You have a very slimy hand, there

    36. It was all covered with slimy stuff and blood and Ashi

    37. Slipping on a slimy substance she fell into the crystal like water, making her way back to standing she coughed out a mouth full of water

    38. So she forced herself to breathe slowly, take the slimy bread from Yeke’s hand and stretch out her fingers to the hot, strange feathers and beaks that sprang towards her

    39. The soil was full of worms that were wiggling and slimy

    40. Her form resembled that of a spiny sea urchin and when disturbed, she extended her spines, which ejected a noxious, slimy substance that usually discouraged contact

    41. He opened the trapdoor and she had no option but to descend the horrible slimy steps once more

    42. reaching in and licking of fingers wet with the slimy oil of sea

    43. struck one of the slimy boulders, and this is what initiated my

    44. on my chest, still bloody and slimy

    45. Eberhard at that time was an eel fisherman, and since slimy live eels are difficult to handle, he was usually broke

    46. Nem poked his nose into a couple of shops that interested him and found their proprietors just as slimy in their personalities as Jacoba

    47. All of a sudden, something long and slimy came out of her! She hacked the thing out of her throat and onto the floor

    48. “What is that stuff?” asked Edwin, inspecting the slimy yellow substance that dripped from Zach’s fingers

    49. Nereus plunged into the water and turned into a slimy eel

    50. A long slimy tongue slipped out from between long sharp razor like teeth

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    Synonyms for "slimy"

    despicable slimy ugly unworthy vile worthless wretched slimed bemired miry swampy grimy oozy

    "slimy" definitions

    covered with or resembling slime

    morally reprehensible