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    1. “Does the company have a spare ten million to burn Kira?”

    2. She had been sleeping in the spare bed behind the dressing rooms

    3. Dan moved into the spare bedroom a few days after that conversation

    4. Those of us who have some fund to spare and do not have the energy to personally help the needy can route their financial through these NGOs

    5. Johnny imagined that his dad would be crushed, and it was a moment that Johnny wanted to do his best to spare him from ever having to go through

    6. "I trust you can spare me a mount?" Ava asked again

    7. Despite the wasted and spare frame, the man lying in the bed is unmistakably John himself

    8. Or it could be a spare lifting arm for the starship's elevator, what would that be worth?"

    9. After some discussion yesterday, it had been agreed that I would use the main front door for the time being, while Stephen organises a spare set of keys for the flat, as we are now calling it

    10. Oh, and by the way, I’ve put a pair of Daddy’s pyjamas in the spare room

    11. What the spare tire?

    12. ‘You left your spare keys with me, Liz

    13. "Tipperary’s spare parts were packed aboard Luxor

    14. The two pilots sat side by side in there with room to spare

    15. ‘Won’t be a mo, there’s some spare ones in the office

    16. Why would it have to be Betty’s smoke detector that plays up? I mutter to myself as I dig in the drawer where the spare batteries live

    17. Do this and we will spare the remaining hostages

    18. No family … an only child, her parents had died some years before … few friends of the social variety because over the past fifteen odd years what time she’d had to spare had been spent with Joris and other people had just stopped including her in

    19. Fred took the Jodechians upstairs and showed them the spare

    20. drooling over the spare tasting earth below,

    21. spare and black and winter thin,

    22. She was also wearing two sticks tied to her forearm with a spare sandal strap

    23. thickening mist vapours that cling to dim, spare

    24. making strange objects from the spare bits of metal in the

    25. Use a spare white board or a poster if this helps

    26. ‘There’s a spare shirt in there

    27. ‘It is a long, two storey building fronting the street, with four bedrooms and some spare rooms upstairs, three living rooms and two kitchens – mother uses one for her herb concoctions

    28. For the busy housewife and mother who has little time to spare, these movements act as a time-saving beauty treatment, a toning up of nerves and muscles, and above all a means of relieving her internal disorders

    29. I compromise on taking a complete change of clothing for riding and a spare set incorporating a skirt in case I need it … enough knickers for the duration of the trip and more socks than I could ever need … I hope

    30. I stand feeling like a spare part, watching the unloading of the wagon and revelling in the not unpleasant scent of hay and horses which permeates the air

    31. The newly homeless couple were manhandled out of the car without a further word being said by anyone and left standing on the loose stones and thinly grassed topsoil at the top of the cliff where they had once lived a spare and shabby life in a caravan

    32. "I came in here to try and be with my husband," she said, "and the main reason I'm not engrossed in this is because you can't spare the time to catch me up

    33. Within a year he bought the old country mansion for himself and spent every spare hour he had tending the gardens, the vegetables and the fruits

    34. Why don't you try a dive? I'm sure there's spare equipment

    35. Is that okay with you? We can take sleeping bags – I’ve a spare if you haven’t got one

    36. shock and then to fear when she saw a thin ribbed, spare and

    37. behind her mother’s coffin through the spare and bleak snow-

    38. Carefully, I carry it into the spare room and hang it in the cupboard in there

    39. We manage it with five minutes to spare and are downstairs in the lounge when Rob arrives

    40. To what was obviously a bawdy drinking song, Patass lead her off to the spare room, and she had to be lead because when she got out of that tub she found that she had no legs

    41. But would that have made any difference? The diaries don’t suggest that they went out together or anything … so just what did Bunty do with her spare time? She can't have worked all the time, surely

    42. I think I've found out what she did with her spare time though

    43. to spare (especially when it helps

    44. into it while retaining whatever bucks you could spare

    45. Then there was a period of some years when I was into evening classes which took up most of my spare time

    46. the cliff where they had once lived a spare and shabby life in a

    47. There was no spare sail to hang across the stern

    48. You can spare yourself, but I feel you won't

    49. In their spare time they go to the gym and try to impress young women in that depressing way that forty-year-old alpha males have

    50. He had lain there in the dust for hours, hoping the lack of movement would spare him a heat stroke

    1. I almost began to believe that it was the others, that I would be spared, that maybe there is something in the universe other than random chance

    2. None of them had spared each other's ears when discussing the glacial pace of native construction away from a major city and the tribulations of trying to get something done about it

    3. The women of the kingdom loved Son because he had spared the lives of

    4. He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with

    5. “Ava looked into it from this end very seriously a few years after she got here, Enjteen knew about that and spared no effort in telling me everything she learned

    6. ‘How is she?’ Andy asked, remorse that he’d not spared a thought for the woman tweaking at his self-built sense of chivalry

    7. “Ava looked into it from this end very seriously not even ten years after she got here, Enjteen knew about that and spared no effort in telling me everything she learned

    8. The major institutions of the village's commerce and livelihood were spared, but the younger local residents were not

    9. He spared no effort however and plowed ten pages into it by the time the nleets were done

    10. that the others were spared this devastating spectacle

    11. ? she wondered, fully aware there was over two hundred other female Delphiniians left in the chambers, yet he hardly spared any one of them a glance

    12. Likewise, he could have killed her companions, yet he spared them as well

    13. " (In the end, he spared the life of the mutang

    14. Richard had spared no expense in securing them

    15. Eighty thousand pounds of gold and silver, therefore, can in this manner be spared from the circulation of the country ; and if different operations of the the same kind should, at the same time, be carried on by many different banks and bankers, the whole circulation may thus be conducted with a fifth part only of the gold and silver which would otherwise have been requisite

    16. land you? You will not be spared

    17. However, the few who managed to refrain from destructive actions were spared

    18. I have been spared that test

    19. your mental peace, and for that he must not be spared, but for

    20. The funeral took place two days later and Zarko’s family spared no cost

    21. No expense had been spared in the building of this throne hall

    22. “You could have just asked me, and spared yourself all of the dramatics

    23. A career thief’s detachment may have spared him of any associated guilt, but the irony certainly was not lost on him as he rented and relaxed in a room in an inn that his Guild had very recently struck

    24. It can seldom happen that much can be spared from the circulating money of the country ; because in that there can seldom be much redundancy

    25. Before Edrimer could even be shocked by the fact that his life had just been spared, something else shocked him

    26. The English in those days had nothing wherewithal to purchase the pay and provisions of their armies in foreign countries, but either the rude produce of the soil, of which no considerable part could be spared from the home consumption, or a few manufactures of the coarsest kind, of which, as well as of the rude produce, the transportation was too expensive

    27. But the opportunity passed quickly as Maro noticed the Nord and spared him a half-glance as he remained sitting

    28. The master answers, "Who are they to be spared?"

    29. spared - as the population of the refugees

    30. Half of the Den of Serren and half of Tianon’s were alight, but none could be spared to fight the fires, no matter how far they spread

    31. If the campaign, too, should begin after seedtime, and end before harvest, both the husbandman and his principal labourers can be spared from the farm without much loss

    32. Jimmy was still lying unconscious in the bottom of the boat so for the present he would be spared the news of his twin’s death that is if he made it then there was Frank to tell I would write as soon as I could

    33. “You’re telling me if there were more Gold Arrow abductions, you’d be glad the Lead Arrows were spared?”

    34. The more of this fund that is given to the church, the less, it is evident, can be spared to the state

    35. No expense had been spared

    36. The sinking fund has, no doubt, been considerably augmented since the peace, by the debt which had been paid off, by the reduction of the redeemable four per cents to three per cents, and by the annuities for lives which have fallen in; and, if peace were to continue, a million, perhaps, might now be annually spared out of it towards the discharge of the debt

    37. ” So I went on to tell Helen what had occurred I spared her nothing telling her about the rape and the planning that had gone into it

    38. But if, from the present revenue of Great Britain, a million could, in peaceable times, be spared towards the payment of that debt, six millions two hundred and fifty thousand pounds could very well be spared from this improved revenue

    39. Fortunately, both Vice President Johnson and Secretary of State Seward were spared, but not without incident

    40. But if they were spared and studied, they would still have value and provide a service to the people before their deaths

    41. She tried to remain calm until the two women had left the tent before she told Terese, “That girl was bitten!” Terese then related Adem and Carl’s new declaration that innocents infected by the vampire disease were to be spared and allowed to walk free

    42. situation, they were all thankful to varying degrees for the way things worked out, at least their lives were spared, and that was something that no one could have predicted

    43. A small force of soldiers were left behind to lead the farmers back to Nordhel, only a handful could be spared though the farmers felt safer to have some protection

    44. Not a fleeting glance was spared for his body; instead all eyes were locked onto Raven

    45. She spared him not a glance as she took it from him, eyes still locked upon Alexia

    46. Well, at least she had been spared the embarrassment of telling him she still hadn’t figured out what God was trying to tell her

    47. Some wounded begged pitifully to be spared when one approached, but the dead were comparatively few

    48. If you willingly choose to come to my side, perhaps some of the soldiers in your command could be spared

    49. Maybe if she spared a few hours to rest, she would be primed to assist when night fell and the outside forces were able to move into action

    50. Therefore, when some intended action has promoted harm to some individual other than the intended individual or subject of that intended action, and although the intended subject of that intended action has been spared injury, the unintended result of the intended action is considered a premeditated action against the injured party although that individual was not the intended subject of that intended action to begin with

    1. He who spares his rod hates his son,

    2. "Anyhow what's the spares for Fizzicist?"

    3. The process of evolution spares no one and nothing

    4. At least, we could more easily appropriate spares, and especially spare wheels of which the Casspir had two

    5. “Forty-two, counting spares and hacks

    6. Getting spares was a big problem

    7. This structure acts as the human brain that coordinates all the activities of the body and it spares energy with collective partnership between the human being and the nature

    8. 13 Though he spares it, and forsakes it not; but keep it still within his mouth,

    9. there is one who is destroyed for want of judgment; He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him chastens him many

    10. good, nor to strike princes for equity; he who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit;

    11. The lion who spares it

    12. Out of sympathy and respect for his followers, many of whom have family ties with the Quraysh (himself included), he spares the enemy soldiers’ lives

    13. retrieved a new one from his briefcase, one of six spares, this one showing him


    15. For example, if you have become more consistent in scoring splits and spares, then you should aim for higher goals, such as hitting more strikes

    16. Practice hitting spares

    17. If you have the time, you should try to practice covering your spares more

    18. Hitting strikes can sometimes be attributed to luck, but spares are not, since you need to be skillful in pulling it off

    19. ‘ One does not undergo the process of awakening out of love for the true but out of hatred for the false; a hatred so intense that it burns everything and spares nothing

    20. You may need the spares

    21. After some rummaging in a roofless outbuilding, he discovered some old, rusty tools with which he managed to exchange the two corrupted wheels for the two spares that were indeed the correct size for the bike

    22. There are two spares with programming instructions for Reuben

    23. They have spares for the sensor arrays and the cargo containers can be jettisoned

    24. “I didn’t leave with anybody, and I don’t see any of Billy’s spares hanging around

    25. We will need at most 200 sets of individual weapons for our agents, plus a few spares

    26. Four of the twenty P-40Fs I mentioned earlier will go to the 6th Pursuit Squadron, along with sets of spares, while you will keep the remaining sixteen P-40s for your squadron, Captain

    27. They first called at an electrical store and Shirl studied what computers they had in stock but she drew a blank on the model she wanted, they next called at the Super Sport shop and Murray bought two air pistols and a box of darts, then onto Radio Spares were Shirl bought a soldering iron and a roll of solder, a couple of small PC boards, transistors, and various other electronic spares, now to find the right laptop, they visited half a dozen shops before Shirl found what she wanted, it was expensive but Murray assumed Shirl knew what she wanted, because he certainly didn’t, their last purchase was at a chemist were Shirl bought hair dye, combs, scissors and a packet of thin plastic throw away gloves

    28. He went behind the spares counter and handed Murray a small slim box, inside was a small tube, Murray still looked confused

    29. ����������� �We have full provisions, spares and enough crew to man the craft, sir

    30. One of her mechanics, who had been flown in with most of her ground personnel and stocks of spares and support equipment prior to the arrival of the P-38NCs, guided her to her reserved spot, where Ingrid quickly shut down her two engines before undoing her harness and stepping out of her cockpit

    31. Six of our C-142 GLOBEMASTER heavy cargo aircraft are due in at around ten this morning to load our vital spares and tools

    32. Ingrid, standing in front of her operations center complex, was watching the last C-142 loaded with her aircraft spares and specialized tools take off when her sharp vision detected in the distance a convoy of vehicles coming from the nearby town of Suwon

    33. While I have started to move my stocks of spares, ammunition and fuel back to the rear, my planes will continue to strike at the enemy from this airfield as long as we will be able to use it

    34. “Yes! We should provide the French with sizeable numbers of helicopters, both attack and transport types, along with the appropriate training and spares

    35. As for the ammunition situation, we have only sixty tons of bombs, rockets and cannon ammunition in Da Nang, a pittance really, until the ammunition ship VESUVIUS can dock in Da Nang Monday night, in company of a combat stores ship loaded with 2,000 tons of spares and various supplies and 1,200 tons of refrigerated stores and fresh food

    36. We however need to fly in some vital spares from the Philippines

    37. I already radioed for the spares

    38. She spares no words

    39. We thought we’d let this one go and with Geza as interpreter, we soon had a new seatbolt, chainring and, taking the opportunity, multifarious other spares we had found as hard to find as a gregarious whale on a Japanese exchange trip

    40. Only that morning our hopes had been dashed at the border of broken dreams and then to add anal insult to injury, my posterioral support mechanism seditiously rent in two, but now with lard-inducing amounts of food and vital spares in hand, we were made welcome to our night’s accommodation

    41. of its food cargo and replaced it with some instruments and rocket spares

    42. had delivered the rocket spares

    43. adjacent container will need to be carrying spares and fuel for the shuttle

    44. "Do we have the spares to do the jobs?" asked Michael

    45. gratefully received, as are the mining spares and equipment

    46. the extra power packs and the Moon Shuttle with its accompanying spares

    47. associated spares and gas tanks

    48. of rocket spares and already his space suit was snagged on one

    49. Gritting his teeth he started to pick his way through the spares

    50. So Kipling Bangura had been given some of these old wrecks, and had used them for spares

    1. Prayer does not require spending money but only sparing time for thinking about him or to sing in his praise

    2. The soldiers began to realize that Son was sparing their lives

    3. In spite of himself he told everything he knew, sparing neither them nor himself

    4. Luckily, this time his would-be worshipper moved on, sparing Alec further humiliation

    5. Their riches or poverty depend upon the abundant or sparing supplies which those two capitals can afford to the stock reserved for immediate consumption

    6. sparing prisoners when we aren’t certain of their guilt

    7. Be sparing with this approach

    8. The Breton took voracious bites of the meat, sparing little time to chew and swallowing with such speed that it worried the Imperial man all the more

    9. metals were anything but sparing, the

    10. When on low-carb diets whey can function as an alternate source of energy, sparing hard-earned muscle protein and glutamine stores within the body

    11. Steering his vehicle with subtlety, calculating ground speed solely from the engine noise frequency and never sparing a look at the speedometer he took action

    12. He addressed Ursempyre, sparing him only a small flick of the wrist towards him:

    13. He wasn’t hoping on actually hitting anything, but he was sure these guys would instinctively duck when they heard the shots, sparing him a precious couple of seconds to make a more or less safe passage

    14. ‘Here’s a running machine, and here’s a rowing machine; and over here are weights, a sparing ring, punch bag, and a cupboard full of training clothes and boxing equipment

    15. Cowboys, Indians, and Yankee aristocrats volunteered for the Rough Riders, sparing the military the need to train for horse and rifle

    16. He went to see her often, and drank in her words as though they were life-giving water, though she gave it to him only in painfully sparing drops

    17. 71 They shall be like mad men, sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those who fear the Lord

    18. “This facility is proud of each and every one of you, go out there and don’t let us down,” she said “This is where we part ways but we are never far away, we’ll be watching” she added sparing me a sideways glance

    19. Gilbert in person” he said and I blushed sparing Jesse a disapproving look for having bored his uncle with stories about me, he just shrugged smiling

    20. ” Brandon said sparing his watch a glance, he walked to me and bent over to kiss my forehead “Don’t give Vicky a hard time, let her help

    21. “What about my things?’ I asked and he sighed “Leave them, everything of yours is back at the estate,” he said and I folded my arms, sparing him a ‘are you kidding me?’ look

    22. He thanked the Lord repeatedly for sparing Becky's life

    23. 71 They shall be like mad men sparing none but still spoiling and destroying those who fear the Lord

    24. Similar self sacrifice was exhibited by military and civilian personnel at the Pentagon, where casualties numbered in the hundreds, and in the Pennsylvania country side where brave airline passengers attacked the terrorists who commandeered their aircraft, and forced the plane into the ground, sparing the nation"s capital

    25. What I hadn’t considered was that sparing us could've

    26. There’d be no sparing being stung

    27. Isn’t that enough?’ Claudius sighed and decided he was sick of sparing the feelings of well-meaning whiteys

    28. ” Nodding at them both, he left without sparing a backward glance

    29. “Nothing master, but I can get inside unsuspected and open the gates sparing you the unnecessary

    30. Of what avail is it now that G realizes that doomed are men who make light of the feminine sixth sense? Poor G, how I pity him! Didn’t the old jackal reduce G to sparing his wife as a sex bowl for someone’s cum! Not even Eskimo like, is it? Where is the reciprocity, leave alone any cultural constraint? Wonder, how life can make pimps out of husbands! Well, out of fathers for that matter

    31. Catching my breath and sparing a glance out to the other passengers, I clocked the watch on my neighbour's wrist: seven forty five

    32. She is sparing in giving away information about herself

    33. Thankfully, little Steve was sleeping in his safety seat, sparing her more stress

    34. Bill nearly remarked on how misplaced this consideration about sparing the lives of Japanese pilots was but shut his mouth in time

    35. My mother was tireless in her instruction, never wasting a moment, day and night, never sparing herself or me, or any of our workforce who had a particular skill that mother felt I should be conversant with, all this preparation so that I would be ready for the task ahead, you can imagine my surprise when, four months after starting my training, she produced my initiation cloths, such splendour, I was stunned, when had she found the time to make cloths of such splendour?

    36. ����������� �Hell yes!� Er, what does the Prime Minister say about sparing me for that party?�

    37. On the evening of 10th February, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, cabled General Wavell, the British commander in the region, stating: “There must be no thought of saving the troops or sparing the population

    38. So why did the Germans knowing that the cause was irretrievably lost continue the unequal struggle against hopeless odds; and why did they not bring the war to a swift end thereby sparing unnecessary suffering? The answer to this question is that even at this late stage the Germans were still dominated by their dictator Adolf Hitler who demanded, and got, absolute obedience

    39. ‘’How could we speak of sparing those Americans when they are causing such cruel losses to the courageous Chinese soldiers that came to support our fight against the Imperialists, Bac Ho?’’

    40. The bald man administered twenty lashes to her back, not sparing his strength, before stopping for a moment and going to face her

    41. Early in the sparing Hast had caught her with an unexpected move and almost had her on the mat before she got out of it

    42. "Yes, they will do nicely and thanks for sparing me the time

    43. He destroyed all the churches in Tana expect one, and he asked three thousand dinars as the price for sparing that

    44. Sparing Tannon these morsels of wisdom may have merciful but she needed to know them for her own protection

    45. The following story illustrates the path that every believer should follow, sparing no effort within the family to avoid any trouble that may lead to damaging effects on him or on his household, and employing his power of logic and thought which is a precious gift granted by Al’lah for man to employ as appropriate, in order to find solutions to any problem that may face us during our lifetime

    46. Besides this, he knew with certainty that such actions were restricted to the devils of humanity and their brothers of the jinn-kind whom they support in their error, sparing no effort to cause harm to others and make them imagine false fancies

    47. Sue’s sparing makeup had

    48. sparing makeup Sue had on was gone

    49. Remorse tied innards in knots for not sparing his wife and child

    50. The daughter he had trained for years, sparing no pains, to be a helpful, efficient, Christian woman

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