orbit sätze

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Orbit sätze (in englisch)

  1. What orbit is it in?
  2. Orbit for almost two years.
  3. The orbit has decayed since.
  4. The orbit then there has to.
  5. Return to your assigned orbit.
  6. It obtained orbit and was being.
  7. Earths orbit and the cold plasma.
  8. An = Semi major axis of the orbit.
  9. Being in orbit has to neutralise.
  10. The shuttlecraft is in orbit again.
  11. Her usually predictable orbit was.
  12. The orbit of the Earth is shrinking.
  13. Earth floats in orbit around the Sun.
  14. April 15, 2125: The A1made Mars orbit.
  15. Enterprise is preparing to leave orbit.
  16. When will the city orbit our Earth.
  17. Some of the small moons orbit within.
  18. The big ship and its escort left orbit.
  19. Are we in Earth’s orbit still?
  20. Then the saying goes that planets orbit.
  21. The sun and the earth orbit their common.
  22. The microcosmic orbit is really the main.
  23. Is the New Constitution here in orbit?
  24. They present the proof that planets orbit.
  25. The antenna is visible from orbit, but.
  26. Besides, they were in orbit about a planet.
  27. You have a go for another 24 hours in orbit.
  28. In a simple orbit was a medium-sized station.
  29. This is why planets orbit around the sun also.
  30. Not Yaf, or Elfi, or even the Robin in orbit.
  31. I’m in stationary orbit, two hundred miles.
  32. Indeed, we would be in orbit in about an hour.
  33. However things not in our immediate orbit are.
  34. I’m gonna put in for low stationary orbit.
  35. The planets in orbit and the stars further out.
  36. I, too, have always hypothesized such an orbit.
  37. You have not left orbit, Gul Tormin said.
  38. They’ll be going too fast to fall into orbit.
  39. Travers smiled to himself as he set up his orbit.
  40. Court heard him as he looked down from his orbit.
  41. Why do tides follow the moon in its orbit around.
  42. They stayed in orbit around Homestead for a month.
  43. If that hunk of junk can even make it into orbit.
  44. There's a comet that's in close orbit to the sun.
  45. Satchi calls this orbit the Supra Galactic Orbit.
  46. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and.
  47. Hawk Squadron parked in a low orbit over the planet.
  48. GREG AND AVI HAD BARELY settled into orbit at New St.
  49. The planet's orbit had rapidly become more eccentric.
  50. No human could get this ship into orbit without help.
  51. He can also see that the shuttle is now in low orbit.
  52. Once in orbit, they were dropped into the atmosphere.
  53. The ship changes direction to leave Jupiter’s orbit.
  54. We have one of their ships in orbit, Picard said.
  55. Well, it is a photo taken from orbit, Mindy said.
  56. He managed to get the ship slowly moving out of orbit.
  57. Hermes isn’t going to orbit Earth, Venkat said.
  58. The rest of the fleet was waiting motionless in orbit.
  59. The commander pod would now soon be out of earths orbit.
  60. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then.
  61. The primary station appeared in orbit around the planet.
  62. They continue past the first planets orbit at 186,019 mps.
  63. A probe in a polar orbit at that longitude soon found it.
  64. She could hurl me to the moon or send Emerson into orbit.
  65. Once the planet was cast out from its lunar orbit around.
  66. There were some advantages to hanging weightless in orbit.
  67. Why not take control of the robots before they left orbit.
  68. The ship came into orbit and angled away from the Enterprise.
  69. This granted Watney an unobstructed view of Mars from orbit.
  70. We also have Chance in orbit and they’re scanning for him.
  71. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit.
  72. Also, while we’re still in Earth’s orbit, I want as much.
  73. Another important aspect of this insight is the orbit of Venus.
  74. Ordinarily the sight of blood would have put Harold into orbit.
  75. North Polar orbit and launch shuttles within the next two hours.
  76. That means you have a ship in Earth’s orbit, McCoy said.
  77. Once launched, it will stay in orbit for at least three hours.
  78. It’s designed to get to low Mars orbit, Venkat explained.
  79. That was the intercom from the second ship behind us in orbit.
  80. November 23, 2136: The ship made Mars Orbit with a mixed message.
  81. This always coincided with Mars closest position to Earths orbit.
  82. The actual machine was temporarily placed in orbit around Saturn.
  83. Planets circle the Sun which is the same as saying planets orbit.
  84. Hudson this is USSS Arton Two, we are in Arctic orbit around Earth.
  85. Then the saying goes that planets orbit indicating they follow a.
  86. Arton Ships departed from Earth orbit within a week of one another.
  87. Murrow was in orbit around Stonebridge’s primary when we arrived.
  88. Planets have been found that can orbit their stars’ in only ten.
  89. The four remaining ships in orbit around Mars would remain there.
  90. I followed that from orbit until he got to the city of the pyramid.
  91. In planetary orbit with Buddy and Daisy, Moses said evasively.
  92. As he approached his escape window on the second orbit, he donned.
  93. Court had his two planes in orbit at 13,000 feet, Ramrod 44 in trail.
  94. Mim as they started to orbit around each other on a horizontal plane.
  95. Crossing the orbit of the moon Deimos, 23,400 kilometers above Mars.
  96. The manifestation orb exploded, harmlessly, not even achieving orbit.
  97. Pluto and and Charon orbit the Sun in a region where there may be a.
  98. The MAV is designed to get to low Mars orbit, which only requires 4.
  99. I’m afraid it will not reach it before the rocket attains orbit.
  100. Tammas looked over the ships in orbit and quickly found one suitable.
  1. Debris orbiting in space at a.
  2. An orbiting axis of life cycles.
  3. They just approached the orbiting.
  4. The flies appear to be orbiting her.
  5. He was built in an orbiting ship yard.
  6. I’ve been orbiting the Moon for hours.
  7. Even the holographic orbiting projectiles had.
  8. All other orbiting cycles in the Universe change.
  9. In conversation we speak of the planets orbiting.
  10. The object orbiting our Moon has just disappeared.
  11. Like the earth orbiting the sun, there would be a.
  12. However, just using the term orbiting is in total.
  13. Thomas had been around since high school, orbiting me.
  14. Orbiting this star at a distance of just 6 million km (3.
  15. We aren't encountering any that appear to be orbiting Sol.
  16. It’s orbiting the earth about two hundred miles farther up.
  17. Plus a total of sixty orbital batteries orbiting the planet.
  18. Thirty minutes later they were orbiting over triple canopy jungle.
  19. Besides orbiting the Sun in less than 20 years (as opposed to 200.
  20. The speed of an electron orbiting around an atom is also constant.
  21. But the worst thing of all was the black satellite orbiting the Earth.
  22. Since the ship was still orbiting at the shipyard, it was weightless.
  23. As they had planned, it was orbiting Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.
  24. In conversation we speak of the planets orbiting and this orbit is in.
  25. He knew what Cynd was and knew it had thousands of asteroids orbiting it.
  26. Filling her attentions however was what lay beyond the orbiting stations.
  27. They have a system defensive network that uses orbiting observation platforms.
  28. They were still flying level, but orbiting at about two hundred kilometres up.
  29. The Sun is orbiting the galaxy at about 220 kilometers per second when it should.
  30. However, just using the term orbiting is in total defiance with Newton or physics!.
  31. This world should be as airless as the other two satellites orbiting the gas giant.
  32. They have a special purpose keeping the orbiting nightlights from arcing off at will.
  33. As of December 2012, there were 1,046 active operational satellites orbiting Earth.
  34. As of 2013, a total of 67 natural satellites have been discovered orbiting Jupiter.
  35. If the normal form of speech is correct and the planets are merely orbiting the Sun, then.
  36. Her vital systems wouldn’t be as vulnerable as the other Coalition vessels orbiting Ephron.
  37. I know it is said that the orbiting object falls as fast as it circles and by falling while.
  38. Those fighters then started orbiting the invasion fleet to provide it with a potent air cover.
  39. They thought I was a lost slave, having disembarked from the arrival ship, still orbiting Earth.
  40. When the ship reached the orbiting space station, it slowly eased its approach, preparing to dock.
  41. At first we thought it was a low orbiting asteroid, but it moved without any sign of orbital pull.
  42. The large space laboratory orbiting Aura, (in a cloaked state), was in a constant state of activity.
  43. Bode’s Law stimulated the search for a planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter that led to the.
  44. One is orbiting the dwarf planet and three others are holding position one point five million mc's out.
  45. This is the same craft that was orbiting the Moon last year, wasn’t it? No, you don’t have to answer.
  46. From these they could detect small perturbations in the orbiting stars, suggesting the presence of planets.
  47. They and their ships were recruited and taken to Commodore Townsend’s orbiting base of operations.
  48. However, just using the term orbiting is in total defiance with Newton! Newton said gravity draws or pulls.
  49. The eeriness of the hallway then, as if she were the only astronaut left on a space station orbiting the earth.
  50. This was well within the technological means of the Iotians at the time the Enterprise was orbiting their planet.
  51. When the mountain exhibited no more activity by nightfall, Wren and Kim returned to their orbiting patrol stations.
  52. Wherever the earth moves, the moon follows, always accompanying the earth, orbiting around it and never leaving it.
  53. If you see the horseshoe bend in the river with the rice paddies to the north, I'm orbiting south at fifteen hundred.
  54. The plan for the battle in space was for the destroyers to attack the heavily defended orbiting observation platforms.
  55. Stellar Interstellar Corporation’s headquarters and shipyard was built on a moon orbiting a planet the size of Earth.
  56. How in the nine realms are they slipping over here? They certainly didn’t come from Asgard’s orbiting garbage heap.
  57. I would later come to see these conditions as satellites orbiting the huge central black hole of Depression, but not yet.
  58. Insane metallic eggs orbiting around the Earth: for use as observation posts, so we can have a birds-eye view of the Earth.
  59. Myers was on the radio in the Huey orbiting at 2000 feet over the jungle of War Zone C, with China Boy 3, SFC George Spears.
  60. This is the exact same experience which astronauts have living inside a rotating space station orbiting weightlessly in space.
  61. Our orbiting gunship will help your job by retransmitting any call from you or from the local Australian commander to Port Moresby.
  62. Orbiting closer to the sun the display shows a planet with a large moon that has an atmosphere of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  63. Four minutes after the arranged rendezvous time with the escorting Spitfires the Swordfish were still orbiting over the coast of Kent.
  64. Atoms are composed (in this 3rd dimensional realm) of heavy particles in the nucleus, with light electrons orbiting around the outside.
  65. The singularity places the first orbiting planet in relation to 7 and the second in relation to another 7 because of spinning that applies.
  66. This we see in every sphere and every circle that translate into objects spinning or objects orbiting or circles forming galactica far away.
  67. The wave impacted first the big moon orbiting Shouria, then swept over the surface of the third planet, blowing away its atmosphere and oceans.
  68. Through a telescope, if one was good at tracking such a fast orbiting object, one could detail the surface features of its asteroid appearance.
  69. The band of gleaming alien construction ships that had been orbiting the icy moon was now gone—and so were the six massive Dreadnaught Spheres.
  70. Darryl is plotting the motions of every snowball we pass, they are all in two families, those orbiting in the galactic plane and those of the halo.
  71. Of course, when it did, there was still the escort of Glaive Fighters orbiting around it, dogfighting a steady onslaught of gamer-controlled drones.
  72. Larger ships like the biggest freighters were built in sections on the surface of the moon, and those sections were assembled at the orbiting station.
  73. I left two Interceptors orbiting at a distance, took control of the third, and swooped in to attack the defenseless drones drifting helplessly in front of me.
  74. From an orbiting starship, Monique and the elders of Central Council watched the holo-projection display the hyper-thermo missile as it approached its target.
  75. The electrons within the plasma sheet produce strong radio emissions from the polar regions of Jupiter, the very region around which we are currently orbiting.
  76. The communications center, Com Central, orbiting above Aura received a cryptic message from deep space and word was immediately sent word to the Queen’s Hold.
  77. In the meantime, keep eight of your YF-10s in interceptor configuration, to defend Da Nang and our EC-200R orbiting over Vietnam against more Soviet air attacks.
  78. Neural binding attaches positive and negative reactions to images and ideas orbiting these attractors, thus making the latter triggers and the former conditionals.
  79. The sustained orbiting of planets; is a result of gravitational attractions naturally finding and sustaining a Dynamic Balance that is constantly equalizing itself.
  80. One by one, the crew members made their way from the ships that had been their homes for the last several weeks to the orbiting fortress that was Nuclear Power School.
  81. The debris field consisted of rocks of varying sizes that had spread out into a halo around the planet, suggesting that there had once been a moon orbiting this planet.
  82. We have nine spherical structures orbiting one big structure in the centre of the orbiting planets and the picture shows all of them are nicely apart by a common distance.
  83. Monaghan overheard Slingshot Chief himself orbiting the site, wisely letting the ground commanders make the battle decisions, and reporting the good news to Slingshot Base.
  84. They moved their orbiting manufacturing plant from its previous location and linked it to what had once been Saturn’s office complex, commercial center and living quarters.
  85. In these conditions, calling for fire support from the two heavy gunships orbiting over Lae would most probably result in American soldiers getting hit as well as the Japanese.
  86. The idea that someone would seriously consider commandeering and moving an entire orbiting shipyard was so outrageous and so preposterous that the news raced through the community.
  87. T2 is representing the circle that goes around the governing singularity k0 that forms in relation to the line k in reference to the centre k0 The space that forms holds the orbiting.
  88. The remaining 3,640 Morg ships needed only one hour afterwards to silence the few defensive batteries located on the surface of the fourth planet or on space stations orbiting around it.
  89. Until Earth had been purified from its radiation and chemical pollution all but the highest echelons of the committee would remain in stasis, orbiting invisibly in their fleet of ark-ships.
  90. Most of the talking was in fact done by the female air controller aboard the EC-140E orbiting about thirty kilometers away and directing the various elements of the armada from Guadalcanal.
  91. She immediately made her planes split by pairs and started orbiting her target zone near the Soviet city of Volochisk, looking down at the darkened ground below and trying to locate the enemy units.
  92. An atom is a very small electromagnetic charge created by the interaction of positive charged proton(s) and neutral neutrons in the nucleus in combination with the negative charged orbiting electrons.
  93. The problem they discovered was that while that solved the operating room problem, the rest of the ship was designed with down being toward the stern when the ship was not orbiting in weightlessness.
  94. They were coming straight up the Orion Arm on the way home, everything, snowflakes and stars included, was orbiting the galaxy in this direction, Sol was eleven light years ahead of 61 Cygni in the galactic orbit.
  95. That is, unless it is torn from its nice, safe, protective orbiting shell around a proton and is thrown out into another vacuum of space in another linear direction by another energy particle coming too close to it.
  96. Once activated they will hopelessly jam out to a radius of a couple of kilometers the signals emitted by orbiting GPS satellites, signals that are used by the American JDAM smart bombs to guide themselves to fixed targets.
  97. Every time he came to a Federation base, he communicated his suggested changes and software ideas with the project members, most of whom had since moved on to the construction of Saturn’s huge new orbiting shipyard project.
  98. The atoms that make up the 115 elements are only different and only vary in the number of protons and neutrons that exist in the nucleus and, the number of electrons orbiting the nucleus, other than this, atoms are identical.
  99. As the Gorn ship approached, intending to ram the SaLing, the holographically generated projectiles orbiting the two ships shredded the forward section of the Gorn ship as if it had come in contact with a high speed propeller.
  100. Why not cling to hope, Stedder? If it is truly as you claim, and there will be nothing for us beyond this miserable clod of dirt orbiting a slowly dying sun, then why do we even bother with such a meaningless existence?
  1. The pirates orbited the planet several times.
  2. He then maneuvered the ship and orbited the planet once.
  3. A black silhouette of once human origin orbited the Earth.
  4. Three Zeros orbited it, spewing streams of bullets and cannon shells.
  5. So looking up I could see the blue-green ball that was the planet we orbited.
  6. Hydrogen, the lightest element, usually consists of one proton orbited by one electron.
  7. From what he read, it seemed that it had orbited the planet twice and then disappeared.
  8. The ships that had been patrolling linked together to the big ship as it orbited in space.
  9. The Vallians claimed the last of the six smaller planets and the two moons that orbited it.
  10. He orbited the plane at 1000 feet to better see from where the VC were mounting their attack.
  11. The rest followed suit and dozens of crows orbited around over me, and all of them shrieked at me.
  12. The planet Saturn once orbited Danas, the sister to your own Sol, which captured it in the distant past.
  13. It had one small, irregularly-shaped moon named Dysnomia, which measured from 100 to 250 kilometers and orbited around Eris in 15.
  14. The second part orbited the moon and was where the freighters too big to land on the moon could be serviced and their loads transferred.
  15. As we orbited in space above Earth, I looked down upon the dome as often as I could from a large clear screen that was the floor of my chambers.
  16. They orbited the planet for two days until, as dawn broke over one of the airports, they saw letters that had been painted on one of the runways.
  17. Or, was he still, and the images orbited him? He could easily bring her back with her hair down and wearing a cosmic cheerleader outfit if he so.
  18. The Buidshee had evolved on the inner planet in this system; the planet that was orbited by the three moons and had been Grailem's main destination.
  19. It was like standing in a cavern, looking up at a ship tethered by girders to keep it in place as the asteroid orbited the center of mass of the nebula.
  20. The asteroid belt, which is not common to most solar systems, orbited between the fourth and fifth planet and contained hundreds of millions of asteroids.
  21. These objects orbited outside the range of the shields, making their orbits more elliptical than they would be had they just been going around the Path Finder.
  22. He had orbited other planets and had taken a peek from his spaceship, but this was the first time Orakne had experienced his hidden ability of dreaming the past.
  23. A radio was tuned to the Spooky gunship channel as he orbited War Zone C shooting as required for Troop A while listening for a possible call from the missing China Boy.
  24. Dows’ first objective was successfully fulfilled on October 30th of last year, when the satellite EXPLORER 1 was orbited using a modified medium range ballistic missile.
  25. Grailem had situated himself on the bridge of the flagship of the fleet; a starship twice the size of the other Starship‘s that orbited the planet and the most fortified.
  26. The orbital forces of it were obviously carefully planned, since it was done in a manner that caused almost no disturbance in the other worlds and moons that orbited that star.
  27. They orbited lower than normal, at 5,000 feet, to see the final flicker of flames and the eerie tongues of fire from the flame gun as Rover consolidated their position for the night.
  28. Then in 1961 the Russians got the first man into space, a fighter pilot called Yuri Gagarin who orbited the earth and reported back that God couldn’t exist or he’d have bumped into him.
  29. And strangely, almost as if having orbited full circle around the invisible, magical world of the child, we return to the two fundamental questions, the ones we asked in the first seconds of our life.
  30. They had increasingly become the followers of men, not the Word as the Apostle Paul had warned against many times, and their strivings divided the very strength of the movement into warring factions that weakened the core around which they orbited.
  1. The orbits work out that way.
  2. Our mechanical orbits do not.
  3. After a trip of 134 orbits and 3.
  4. Then he continued his lazy orbits.
  5. They had to be; low level orbits.
  6. Rex, what Crystal City orbits our Earth?
  7. Nowhere near the pain of calculating orbits for Hermes.
  8. Sometimes there’s a gap, based on the satellite orbits.
  9. The eyes came out of their orbits, and the pupils were dull.
  10. Belt and hurling them into space across the orbits of the planets.
  11. That deep strike force is still pushing towards Mars lower orbits.
  12. This means the orbits are so close to their stars they are heated.
  13. The orbits of my surveillance satellites will be adjusted accordingly.
  14. These stars run within their special orbits and never deviate from them.
  15. Currently, using conventional technology and adjusting for the orbits of.
  16. The voyage continued past the orbits of Venus, Earth and Mars and as they.
  17. Normally, orbits would be worked out by Vogel, but he was otherwise engaged.
  18. Moving among all orbits would enable electrons to emit all energies of light.
  19. Using this model, we can regard orbits, currents and instant communication as.
  20. Michael skilfully matched relative orbits with the other craft so that they were.
  21. Sun will alter the orbits of planets in the Solar System, including the Earth’s.
  22. This is the line of the Earth in relation to the Sun as the Earth orbits the Sun.
  23. His torso moved in loose orbits around his waist while his eyes rolled in his head.
  24. The sun that our solar system orbits (planets) was formed 5 billion years ago, whilst 3.
  25. His job was to find the exact orbits and course corrections needed for any given mission.
  26. When practicing the microcosmic orbits, whether on its own, while masturbating, or during.
  27. It orbits the planet at an average distance of 48,370,000 km (30,055,664 miles), taking 25.
  28. The Americans managed to get astronaut John Glenn up to do three orbits and in 1963 John F.
  29. The wheel demonstrates both the circular nature of orbits, rotations, and the Zodiac used as.
  30. We can have the full compliment of 24 satellites in geo-stationary orbits by the end of next year.
  31. A number of circles and symbols drawn on the map described distance from Earth, vectors, and orbits.
  32. It is this underlying principle that drives the rotation of planets, orbits around larger bodies, and.
  33. Just a short while earlier, in the outer orbits of their fame, the party had still been in full swing.
  34. This means that every circle forms a straight line when an object orbits another object and every object in.
  35. The view is from a satellite high above the plane of Starship‘s showing every ship as it orbits the planet.
  36. His eyes were hollow, and so sunken in his head by sleeplessness that they nearly disappeared in their orbits.
  37. The fuel requirement is nearly identical for the orbits and is well within the capacity of EagleEye’s booster.
  38. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order prescribed; And these shall alter their orbits and tasks.
  39. From the mass of its star and the rate that it orbits around its star, it has the mass as an average small planet.
  40. A one percent error in our mass estimates could also account for the perturbations we see in the dark bodies' orbits.
  41. The flame was being kept alive by this ring which pulsed with an electron like ball which did perfect orbits around it.
  42. The orange sky above is clear, except for the panoply of moons that dot the heavens and slowly coast along their orbits.
  43. Since nothing appeared threatening, the rest of the battle group came closer to the planet and settled into parking orbits.
  44. Now, our fleet orbits Earth, unable to return to its proper time and still carrying millions of refugees in need of a new home.
  45. Retrograde: occurs at various times of the year in the orbits all of the planets in the solar system--excluding the sun and moon.
  46. Detecting no life or power output Grailem orders his navigator to another huge vessel of a similar size that orbits a large asteroid.
  47. In other words, because of this recently discovered wobble, the Earth’s speed as it orbits the Sun is slower than originally predicted.
  48. We have adjusted the orbits of three satellites to get more view time on the Ares 3 site and hope to catch an image of Mark outside soon.
  49. This is the reason why stars and planets have orbits, this is the reason why planets rotate, this is the reason why electrons orbit around atoms.
  50. A few more minutes and the KOSTROMA would find itself inside a three-pincer pocket, with a powerful Terran force heading towards the low orbits of Mars.
  51. By this time, the state of technical advances would be such that the next deployment could be directly to the orbits of all planets in our solar system.
  52. This orbit is different from the orbits of all the other planets and the earth also rotates on itself in a way that is different from the other planets.
  53. After 46 hours in space and 29 orbits completed around Earth, Ingrid and Cape Canaveral Control finally decided that it was time for her to come back down.
  54. It carries with it a planet that will pass through your solar system and cause major shifts in the orbits of the planets, just as it has done in the past.
  55. The defenders sat quietly, patiently floating in their respective orbits radiating as little emissions as possible to minimize their ability to be located.
  56. Using the idea of interference, de Broglie showed that the discrete values of radii of Bohr’s orbits are a natural consequence of standing electron waves.
  57. The system is populated with an unusually high number of astral bodies traveling in elliptical orbits that carry them across the orbits of the larger planets.
  58. These objects orbited outside the range of the shields, making their orbits more elliptical than they would be had they just been going around the Path Finder.
  59. So because the speed of the Earth is slowing down as it orbits the Sun, the Earth is at a different point in the sky every calendar month than it was 2000 years ago.
  60. Phil the FAC had Toby Parker fly the O-1E in lazy orbits several miles off to the west with the sun at his back so as to not give away the location of the Mike Force.
  61. The Genie listened carefully and with each sentence of my story, further opened the orbits of his eyes indicating with this gesture his astonishment, terror and fright.
  62. This will drag small matter to bigger matter and will cause the spinning that perpetuates the various orbits and rotations that we witness throughout our known universe.
  63. The Space Force armed craft settled into orbits around the planet and established a defensive perimeter alert for the potential threat of more of those diabolical containers.
  64. Our earth’s planetary orbit is continually changing and re-balancing itself as it orbits the sun; because all the other gravitational bodies in its vicinity are affecting it.
  65. After seven hours of methodical destruction and three completed orbits by the mother asteroid, all of the original 26 orbital fortresses were reduced to twisted, lifeless hulks.
  66. Jim was the current elected head of the Jupiter Trade Bureau, a loose union of the various private trade organisations working in a wide range of orbits around the gas giant Jupiter.
  67. Cycle–A repeating span of time based on astrological and astronomical measurements of the sun, stars, and the Earth’s rotations and orbits and the repeating positions and relationships.
  68. A mass of rags covered his shoulders, and an old staved-in beaver, turned out like a basin, hid his face; but when he took it off he discovered in the place of eyelids empty and bloody orbits.
  69. The orbits of all stars, planets and galaxies work in predictable vicious cycles without ever slowing down because they have the best oil in-between them to insulate them from each other: Space.
  70. The not insubstantial figure of Mr Rudolph Snickerty was as familiar a landmark as the spire of St Jasper's to those various persons within the orbits of the little house at the corner of Bimini Square.
  71. His flanking forces and his deep attack force were also under missile fire, trapped in pockets of expertly chosen killing zones between the equatorial geosynchronous orbit and the high altitude orbits of Mars.
  72. In both the fixed stars are distinguished from the planets, and they move in orbits without them, although in an opposite direction: in the Republic as in the Timaeus they are all moving round the axis of the world.
  73. But she’d soon learned that his sense of duty alone was sufficient to keep her fed, and now they were like inmates in a prison yard, circling each other uneasily, in orbits as wide as the cramped apartment would allow.
  74. Managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1984–2000) and by the US Geological Survey (USGS, 2001–13) as part of the Landsat Program, it has completed more than 150,000 orbits of Earth and sent back more than 2.
  75. Observe you everything that takes place in the heavens how they do not change their orbits and the luminaries which are in the Heaven how they all rise and set in order each in its season and transgress not against their appointed order.
  76. Observe you everything that takes place in the heavens, how they do not change their orbits and the luminaries which are in the Heaven, how they all rise and set in order each in its season, and transgress not against their appointed order.
  77. With its discovery, Marsh and Butler, at Berkeley, California went back over their decade-long collection of search data, and when they expanded their ideas about orbits, size, and composition, they found several planets they overlooked hidden in their trove.
  78. When there is no I'mage pursued, then the voice you can hear and freely choose to follow is your distilled will: the choices your gravity permit you according to the design your lifestyle creates as it orbits the deposited attractor of its hypothetical ideal.
  79. Examined with attention, its capacity of helping such a look was to be found in the line of the mouth, and the lines of the orbits of the eyes, being much too horizontal and thin; still, in the effect of the face made, it was a handsome face, and a remarkable one.
  80. Once fully operational and launched on polar or highly inclined orbits, space planes would be able on demand and on short notice to photograph in detail about any spot on the planet, thus constituting an invaluable strategic reconnaissance asset in times of crisis.
  81. The cylinder containing the orbits of the stars is almost as much a symbol as the figure of Necessity turning the spindle;--for the outermost rim is the sphere of the fixed stars, and nothing is said about the intervals of space which divide the paths of the stars in the heavens.
  82. You see now the path of their flight and their present positions, and now their projected paths, taking them within the orbits of the inner worlds, where they will certainly execute final maneuvers, for their present courses and decelerations would have them both eventually impact with the sun.
  83. There were summer night silences, which weren't silences at all, but layer on layer of insect chorals and the sound of electric lamps swaying in lonely small orbits on lonely country roads, casting out feeble rings of illumination upon which the night fed — summer night silence which, to be a silence, demanded an indolence and a neglect and an indifference upon the part of the listener.
  84. Astronomy is mingled with symbolism and mythology; the great sphere of heaven is represented under the symbol of a cylinder or box, containing the seven orbits of the planets and the fixed stars; this is suspended from an axis or spindle which turns on the knees of Necessity; the revolutions of the seven orbits contained in the cylinder are guided by the fates, and their harmonious motion produces the music of the spheres.
  85. Given the religious assertion that God is the personification of perfection, one needs to reckon whether He would have created an imperfect world such as ours! Besides, how come His intellect that placed planets in the orbits failed to visualize a quake-free earth that is volcano-prone as well! The scriptures that picture Him as the All Merciful, however, prevaricate when it comes to the unjust ‘species feeding upon species’ way of His creation.
  86. You will see the heavenly bodies swimming within their orbits, and witness the sun sending its rays and heat, the clouds having moved agitated from their hidden sites, the winds running violently towards their directions, the waters of the large seas scrambling and their waves chopping, the rivers flowing out of their sources running to their mouths with their falling cataracts, even the terrestrial globe, you will see it swimming within its space and its orbit and circulating around itself with all the creatures it carries on its surface: you will see all of that moving but by God's Command and Power.
  87. Earthquakes and tectonic shifts or mall demolitions and nuclear testing the stretching of its limbs? Is it our artificial electrical grid or thunderstorms and hurricanes that comprise Eartheart's higher nervous system? Our field is the lab, our flesh a sensor net, but certainly, the soil, not the dump, is Eartheart's digestive tract; water, not monergy, its circulatory system; weather patterns, not satellite orbits, its respiration; until we're all resourcefully recycled as excrement, decay and death becoming soil once again, where microbial life crawls the face of all the skin of this mother we sprawl across, until we rise, again, as food and stomach both reproducing as sustenance for each other, the carriers of essential vitamins and minerals feeding the many organs comprising its biodiversity.
  88. The various colours significant of various degrees of vitality (white, yellow, crimson, vermilion, cinnabar): their degrees of brilliancy: their magnitudes revealed up to and including the 7th: their positions: the waggoner's star: Walsingham way: the chariot of David: the annular cinctures of Saturn: the condensation of spiral nebulae into suns: the interdependent gyrations of double suns: the independent synchronous discoveries of Galileo, Simon Marius, Piazzi, Le Verrier, Herschel, Galle: the systematisations attempted by Bode and Kepler of cubes of distances and squares of times of revolution: the almost infinite compressibility of hirsute comets and their vast elliptical egressive and reentrant orbits from perihelion to aphelion: the sidereal origin of meteoric stones: the Libyan floods on Mars about the period of the birth of the younger astroscopist: the annual recurrence of meteoric showers about the period of the feast of S.
  89. When you get at believing in that there is no God but Al'lah and become one of those who see that God's Hand controls the movement of all universe, when your spirit becomes immersed in this viewing and you become witnessing that no winds blow, no clouds cover the sky or stick together, no rains flow, no lightning flashes or shimmers, no thunder resounds, no sea runs high and low with restless waves, no water of river flows in constant flax, no volcano breaks out angrily, no flood streams in force and intension, no earthquake shakes the land making forgetful and heedless hearts tremble scared, no earth circulates in order to cause Night and Day and four seasons, no stars swim shining within systematic orbits: that is to say, if you become of those who witness that the universe with all its creatures is but one unit directed by a Hand of Wise and Peerless One and a Will of Cognizant and Omniscient One, according to your efforts, and your Daily-contemplations, and without Him even your hand does not move, your eye does not blink, your ear does not hear a sound or a noise, your heart does not beat pulsing between systole and diastole, your stomach does not secrete its gastric juice over the foods inside it, your liver does not store substances or secrete others according to a firm standards, your lungs do not expand and contract between inspiration and expiration, your blood does not flow in arteries and veins, the red corpuscles do not carry what they carry to and fro, the white corpuscles do not fight and struggle with microbes, the germs do not attack the body severely: I say, if you become sure of that by minding and spiritual witnessing, not by hearing from specialists or reading in volumes and books so that you become seeing that everything is controlled by God's Hand and that all people, notables or commoners, near or far, strong or weak, and even all the creatures, can not render you a benefit nor protect you from an evil, nor hurt you or cause any change in your state except by Al'lah's Leave, there; you will enter the fort of straightness and will never exceed God's bounds.
  90. There is a sign of the orbits in heaven,.
  91. Ten minutes later he had safely matched orbits with the large cluster of rocks,.
  92. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order prescribed; And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,.

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