stretch sätze

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Stretch sätze (in englisch)

It isn’t a stretch to.
Zebra would be a stretch.
This stretch of river is.
I stretch under the covers.
We've had to stretch our.
The best time to stretch is.
This is the final stretch.

Are you going to stretch?
It wasn’t much of a stretch.
When I stretch the analogy to.
It seemed to stretch for years.
I stretch out and open my eyes.
His act was a bit of a stretch.
When a stretch mark first shows.
And they stretch out their necks.
They stretch out three feet each.
Never stretch so far that it hurts.
Fear seemed to stretch out a vast.
There was a long stretch of silence.
It's to stretch your strand of time.
And here, time seemed to stretch out.
This went on for hours at a stretch.
You’re in the home stretch now.
He needed to stretch his arms, was.
Don’t stretch to the point of pain.
I sat up and began to stretch my arms.
Need to stretch out? Hiss asked.
The hallway seemed to stretch forever.
It’s to stretch your strand of time.
General Warlow let the silence stretch.
Recently, I even saw a stretch Humvee.
You should know how far it will stretch.
Sacrifices linger to stretch the moment.
Stretch when your muscles are warmed up.
That seems to be quite a stretch, Leo.
She stood a stretch from him and waited.
Impaired or absent sensation of stretch.
Repeat this stretch 5 times on each leg.
We went in silence for a stretch upriver.
Twist the rope and stretch his throat.
He wasn’t stretching me out.
Stretching many times in a week.
Instead, he saw Minho stretching.
Im ok, he said, stretching.
Stretching far down the valley it.
How long was I out? Stretching his.
Challenges that are more stretching.
The scale of stretching of time and.
But stretching and lube are essential.
Stretching can help keep you flexible.
Stretching out his hand, he greeted Mr.
Cook, stretching out with a long sigh.
Stretching meridians, we stimulate them.
Curving curses fold on stretching vocal.
The lingering days and stretching nights.
He must feel the plastic stretching, too.
There seemed to be thousands stretching.
You should see the grin stretching that.
By stretching out her legs in a jackknife.
Kurt was up and stretching his rested body.
You're up early, said Stan, stretching.
He sat up, getting out of bed and stretching.
Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above.
Angle, (cast): Stretching nets upon the waters.
Stretching as he stood to his feet he became.
Wedding Cost Savers – Stretching the Dollar.
Hi, Honey, she said, stretching and yawning.
The vast, deep, ever stretching ocean of space.
Sure, he replied, standing and stretching.
He’s up and walking, stretching his wings.
It changed to yawning, and stretching, and—.
I felt a stretching sensation, he was so big….
For example, the stretching in padahastasana is.
She reacted spontaneously, stretching to grab it.
Stretching is not necessary but if you chose to.
We feel the stretching and growing pains of the.
With the Milky Way, far above, stretching over us.
He tried stretching on the bed, to think, to plan.
Most are, at the very least, stretching the truth.
Zoe got up and stretched.
I stretched my hands as.
Jean stretched in her bed.
She stretched out her hand.
The line stretched and it.
Eric stood up and stretched.
Scott sat up and stretched.
Uriah stretched out his arm.
Thin and stretched he said.
We’re stretched as it is.
Stretched out on the ground.
Colin stretched out his hand.
To the south stretched the.
Stretched out on the grass.
He stretched and looked out.
The wolf yawned and stretched.
He stretched his fingers out.
Then he stretched and yawned.
He stretched out in front of.
Then I stretched out on my bed.
The silence stretched as her.
Her hair stretched on her top.
Broshee stretched and stood up.
Abigail stretched her arms wide.
Liam stretched out on the grass.
She stretched across Shap and.
Jack stretched out on the sofa.
A silence stretched between us.
I'll soon be stretched beside.
A man was stretched underneath.
I stretched my hands above my.
Then Pedro got up and stretched.
She stretched and stifled a yawn.
Though I stretched the truth a.
Rod watched her as she stretched.
Theakston stretched out his paws.
Its head was stretched towards.
It was stretched through every.
He stretched and rubbed his eyes.
The hobbits moved and stretched.
The more time stretches out.
The silence stretches out and out.
The earth shifts, shrugs, stretches.
She shakes her head and stretches her.
It stretches your mind and imagination.
Hold your stretches for thirty seconds.
Thus says the LORD, who stretches out the.
Stretches the insides and backs of the legs.
Standing up, he shakes himself and stretches.
On all sides there were lugubrious stretches.
I saw a few of those stretches over the years.
Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees.
It is always important to balance your stretches.
He'd been left alone for long stretches of time.
This is the very same priesthood that stretches.
For long stretches the ceiling was so far above.
As the palm stretches its fronds both heavenward.
By all reports, long stretches of it were socked in.
She stretches out a bit to rest her head in his lap.
New Testament it states, if any stretches forward to.
Her whole gut stretches, sloshes; she has had too much.
Stretches and strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles.
But where do we find him? The moor stretches for miles.
Then his face, as he stretches his big, hard body over me.
That it stretches from the Eastern Sea to the Western Sea.
When a cat rolls over onto its back and then stretches its.
It now stretches over three-hundred and fifty miles across.
Stretches the groins and inner thighs, chest and shoulders.
The bridge, its red paint peeling, stretches over the muck.
She yawns, stretches, and kicks the covers around for a bit.
Finesse stretches out infinitely – what is the sky? Stars.
Early spring ice melting occurring in vast stretches of the.
The class was easier than Anisha’s, just gentle stretches.
We did this for 5 minutes slowly moving into other stretches.
She wouldn’t look up at Carroll for long stretches of time.
A long conversation with the guides stretches into the night.
A slant of orange light stretches across one of the rock walls.
When he’s finished speaking, Jemelda stretches out her hand.
I stared for long stretches at the armrest he’d cuffed me to.
Often, in desperation, he burst into long stretches of flight.

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