identify sätze

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Identify sätze (in englisch)

  1. And he can so identify.
  2. What if they identify you?
  3. He could identify with them.
  4. Lately, I identify with any.
  5. We identify him as the Knave.

  6. You could identify a global.
  7. Maybe Dave can identify them.
  8. No one could identify the ship.
  9. Identify the causes of stress.
  10. No one can identify who he is.
  11. That should help identify him.
  12. We can’t identify any of them.
  13. They didn’t identify the dead.
  14. I cannot identify the species.
  15. The man did not identify himself.

  16. Once we can positively identify.
  17. We will need you to identify her.
  18. You have to identify what works.
  19. Identify the item to be validated.
  20. You must identify him to kill him.
  21. You are to intercept and identify.
  22. How shall we identify principle?
  23. Most of them were easy to identify.
  24. Identify accounts that need to be.
  25. It was easy to identify slaves by.

  26. His identify has not been released.
  27. It took a few hours to identify him.
  28. Once again, I couldnt identify them.
  30. They then identify those potential.
  31. My wife was called in to identify it.
  32. Identify the high bar in the uptrend.
  34. They needed to identify some ways of.
  35. It took a second to identify the voice.
  36. Did he identify himself to you?
  37. He could identify none of it; it was.
  38. Identify common themes and must haves.
  39. Our child will identify you as her aunt.
  40. Leave witnesses that can identify you.
  41. Clearly identify what is being observed.
  42. Oscillators help identify turning points.
  43. Not happy to identify the emotion that.
  44. They should also identify any potential.
  45. Think of it as identify theft for angels.
  46. That which does not identify itself with.
  47. It is the individual who can identify that.
  48. Identify the sections to which the author.
  49. Bring me anything that could identify them.
  50. Could you identify that girl later on?
  51. We will examine how to identify strategic.
  52. Identify those tasks that are truly urgent.
  53. How do we identify trends? Not by trendlines.
  54. And try and identify the other parties for.
  55. Ben spotted something he couldn’t identify.
  56. Identify users with their e-mail address :.
  57. Try to identify the causes that lead to the.
  58. The authors of this study did not identify.
  59. Indicators help identify trends and reversals.
  60. Without this realization you identify your-.
  61. Identify as Coordinator of the Project.
  62. Was he able to identify the owner of the box?
  63. I can’t identify anybody, Shapiro said.
  64. Yes ma'am, but she would not identify herself.
  65. Today, it’s easy to identify that aggressor.
  66. Gabriel was the one I could identify with the.
  67. The average ignorant person can identify a Jew.
  68. So they could never identify their own masters.
  69. Then when a person can identify the problem, e.
  70. Does the Pharisee identify with the Levite? No.
  71. This is what it means to identify with thought.
  72. When you identify a trapped emotion by testing.
  73. Does the Pharisee identify with the priest? No.
  74. I will, however, identify her by the initials.
  75. Hate and something else he couldn’t identify.
  76. Instead, use software to help you identify the.
  77. Could you identify that tattoo? Yuki asked.
  78. Step1: Identify the collector, base and emitter.
  79. But I could not identify the source of my tears.
  80. Happiness is everywhere, if you can identify it.
  81. Identify what has and has not worked in the past.
  82. Thus, researchers are still working to identify.
  83. This will often identify the corporation who is.
  84. He has just been to identify his brother’s body.
  85. Step1: Identify the pins of IC UM66 and transistor.
  86. He would jump in a pattern and ask us to identify.
  87. Identifiers are names given to identify something.
  88. Love allows us to identify with the ego, and love.
  89. On this stage the soul stil proceeds to identify.
  90. Hebrew texts mark this time and clearly identify me.
  91. The guard asked that I do not identify in any way.
  92. The CTQ tree can help you identify key drivers of.
  93. The self does not identify itself with success or.
  94. The healer could not identify just how many there.
  95. In Practice: identify the dominating interference.
  96. Now I feel like I could identify some of the parts.
  97. My wife was called to identify the decomposing body.
  98. Can you identify this document? Pam just nodded.
  99. Chihuahuas identify with their own breed but may be.
  100. Identify all prepositions in the following sentences.
  1. Identifying the BRP target series.
  2. I had no trouble identifying them.
  3. Below is my identifying information.
  4. Soros has great skill identifying U.
  5. Identifying the antecedents of an.
  6. A final thought on identifying trends.
  7. This helps in identifying the exact.
  8. Identifying The Voice Of The Holy Spirit.
  9. Identifying the main uses of natural gas.
  10. Identifying Scriptures About the Rapture.
  11. They speak of identifying with Christ's death.
  12. The same holds true for identifying market highs.
  13. This goes back to the point of identifying with.
  14. If you have trouble identifying emotional cues (e.
  15. Identifying the outreach resources near the church.
  16. The next chapter will be dedicated to identifying.
  17. Identifying the best ways to invest in commodities.
  18. Identifying "cheap" means comparing price with value.
  19. Identifying himself, he stated that he was on the way.
  20. In the middle of each was a standard identifying that.
  21. Slowly, his eyes became accustomed to identifying the.
  22. When our daily tasks seem dull or tedious, identifying.
  23. We need the public’s help in identifying this woman.
  24. The Key to Identification is about identifying the parts.
  25. Coaching is about identifying goals and finding ways to.
  26. Identifying the fund’s strategy right away is critical.
  27. Let’s start by identifying the different types of moats.
  28. One is a car key with a sticker identifying its location.
  29. This is a common method for identifying futures contracts.
  30. This book sets out both a model for identifying strategic.
  31. You would simply be identifying one case as a hundred cases.
  32. Koza, it seems, has a knack for identifying turnaround stocks.
  33. That should leave a scar, might help in identifying him later.
  34. Identifying and Releasing (see Trapped Emotions, Procedure to.
  35. I told them, too, that before they moved from identifying need.
  36. But strangely, she had a hard time identifying Lydia as a whole.
  37. This is where the last step of identifying your website comes in.
  38. He found himself identifying pretty strongly with street people.
  39. One key to my style is to just be quick in identifying trends.
  40. The more we can make a habit of identifying ourselves with the.
  41. Ingrid’s heart skipped a beat on identifying the indicator light.
  42. But as you can now verify from the evidence identifying me as the.
  43. This would help with the morbid task of identifying the victims of.
  44. She looked toward the canopy in the hopes of identifying the variety.
  45. Therefore, you should do your research, in identifying the best ones.
  46. The coache’s role consists in identifying himself with coachee’s.
  47. Identifying the character of OM, tat arid sat, Krishn says that these.
  48. Identifying why you have to have a specific food is important so that.
  49. A microscopic burr on the pistol had left an obvious identifying mark.
  50. The process of identifying actual bottlenecks is rarely this clean-cut.
  51. Identifying and tracking the key variables that govern cutting speeds.
  52. It involves identifying what the problem is and thinking of possible.
  53. Let’s start by identifying common sources of competitive advantages.
  54. I reckon only your parents got a proper chance of identifying the body.
  55. She had developed her own combat color scheme and identifying markings.
  56. However the killer was identifying the victims, I hadn’t found a clue.
  57. Stalking is entirely about identifying and eradicating aberrant behavior.
  58. Garcia did a double take, identifying Locarno in one of the family shots.
  59. Another method of identifying trends is also indicated on the above chart.
  60. I’ve also reconstructed most of the original Apocalypse by identifying.
  61. Identifying evil in others and vice versa only serves to hate others, but.
  62. I would have taken pleasure in identifying it, knowing it as well as I do.
  63. Identifying him, technically, as a male, was the single earring on one ear.
  64. I could not identify any streets, as all identifying signs had disappeared.
  65. There are some simple rules of thumb when it comes to identifying possible.
  66. The mere act of identifying a food craving, and allowing it to pass without.
  67. Create the lifestyle, feeling, 480 experience of identifying with your brand.
  68. Still, he ran through the list identifying all the radio signals in the system.
  69. Volatility is but one factor to consider when identifying trade opportunities.
  70. I did it by identifying the layers of the ego I had created and throwing them.
  71. There are many tools in technical analysis for identifying and analyzing trends.
  72. The MACD is not particularly good for identifying overbought and oversold levels.
  73. It is important for you to become comfortable identifying and working with zones.
  74. The government discovered that banks were identifying areas where they would not.
  75. Usually the key to identifying the strategic assets or capabilities, if there are.
  76. The use of moving averages was discussed in Chapter 1, about identifying the trend.
  77. Identifying your core desires will help you determine what you really want out of.
  78. Of course, the real difficulty is identifying whether or not something is important.
  79. We’re identifying all the men and checking our computer for arrest warrants.
  80. The key identifying phrase of new era thinking is things are different this time.
  81. Identifying foods that are high in cholesterol should not be very difficult; one of.
  82. She assured him that she would have documents identifying him as a second lieutenant.
  83. Identifying any of these statements which may be stuck inside your head is the first.
  84. But identifying and controlling magic is one of the hardest issues we’re facing.
  85. She had a dizzying knack for identifying the key question at the heart of every story.
  86. All wore red and white lapel discs identifying them as members of a single tour group.
  87. It involves identifying a set of keywords that are relevant to your business and brand.
  88. There shall be documented procedure for identifying and controlling of configurable item.
  89. Here is another, more sensitive mechanical method for identifying bull and bear markets.
  90. Identifying the market's expectations should be understood before making any investment.
  91. Icons representing various types of craft were displayed with small identifying legends.
  92. The Andrews’ Pitchfork was introduced in Chapter 1 as a tool for identifying the trend.
  93. Centered oscillators are less effective in identifying overbought or oversold conditions.
  94. Pearl # 4: Identifying buzzwords is key for selecting the correct neurological diagnosis.
  96. In this example, momentum may lead price patterns in identifying the change in the trend.
  97. The others quickly fanned out in response to his advice, while Moshe, easily identifying.
  98. Identifying these patterns is a necessary part of developing a sound investment strategy.
  99. Robeson’s role in identifying candidates, subverting her would have been a poor choice.
  100. He was bent so low under his load that few clearly identifying features could be made out.
  1. We are identified by the.
  2. He was identified as the.
  3. Have we identified our true.
  4. He identified himself as Matt.
  5. Once you have identified what.
  6. I identified myself and told Dr.
  7. There are six identified ships.
  8. Bond Form Identified with Safety.
  9. The last beast is not identified.
  10. There are 264 identified, living.
  11. This man identified himself as a.
  12. So far nothing had been identified.
  13. As they neared, Jesse identified Dr.
  14. I later identified them as zombies.
  15. It was by the car I identified you.
  16. Those who are identified with the.
  17. Steinhauser could not be identified!.
  18. Tina quickly identified the hissing.
  19. They may not have identified him yet.
  20. Jesus identified Himself with us by.
  21. A secondary target had been identified.
  22. Yes, the victim’s been identified.
  23. When we are identified with the egoic.
  24. Mowing was identified as the constraint.
  25. They are all identified by their shape.
  26. Once the Trapped Emotion is Identified.
  27. It's the rat-race which was identified.
  28. Before long you will have identified a.
  29. He was identified from dental records.
  30. He was identified by his dental records.
  31. Carla had correctly identified the sound.
  32. Tolerances are identified by the upper.
  33. I identified with losing that dexterity.
  34. We have become identified with this mind.
  35. The photo caption identified him by name.
  36. Are even half of them identified in our.
  37. Laws sent letters and identified himself.
  38. Police have identified the remains of a.
  39. How could they be identified and fixed?
  40. His corpse was identified without a doubt.
  41. The EPA has incorrectly identified toxic.
  42. Merthin identified with the short redhead.
  43. All of the pieces had been identified as.
  44. The machine said, You have been identified.
  45. When you are identified with the ego, your.
  46. The sergeant’s body was identified to.
  47. They ain’t even identified who she is.
  48. When we are identified with the ego, being.
  49. Halfshaft turned pale as he identified the.
  50. When we are identified with the ego, other.
  51. What you can notice when you are identified.
  52. They can be identified by their black suit.
  53. God is not identified as any abstract being.
  54. These poisons can be identified as follows:.
  55. I should mention that weve also identified.
  56. So the friend has not been identified?
  57. Do not stop with the first trigger identified.
  58. The Greeks identified Melqarth with Herakles.
  59. Selected targets had been clearly identified.
  60. A minor setback, but we have identified the.
  61. Two men identified themselves as ‘Sons of.
  62. Every project shall have this role identified.
  63. However I think Holkey has identified the.
  64. You said she’s identified the cab company.
  65. A moment later Merthin identified it as smoke.
  66. I could tell he identified completely with Mr.
  67. As long as we are identified with the ego, we.
  68. Jason identified himself and introduced Sandra.
  69. Teams were identified by their matching shirts.
  70. Dr Koch recognized (identified) that she had a.
  71. Finally, the sound took a shape and identified.
  72. This is the current niche I've identified and.
  73. There are many things that are identified with.
  74. This was the first signal that Lane identified.
  75. When we are identified with the ego, we notice.
  76. I found the address of a guide and I identified.
  77. With mere desires, we would never be identified.
  78. Among the 850 studies identified by Koenig et al.
  79. Using the Emotion Code, we identified the first.
  80. Once the dream is identified, it can be changed.
  81. Paul identified the source of the conflicts and.
  82. The early reformers identified the beast as the.
  83. It is completely identified with what it thinks.
  84. Question is? Can I be identified from the above?
  85. It is important that the End Goal be identified.
  86. We think that we have the two of them identified.
  87. When you came to Christ, you identified with Him.
  88. The other groups were soon identified and plotted.
  89. Beneficiaries should be identified when they are.
  90. Once an issue is identified, you will explore two.
  91. I think in some way she identified with Lucy and.
  92. The elders are first identified in Revelation 4: 4.
  93. Once the trigger is identified, it can be avoided.
  94. Once we identified the trapped emotion, I quickly.
  95. The name patch on his uniform identified him as LT.
  96. Eshmun is sometimes identified as Melqarth as well.
  97. How are these three days identified in the Bible?
  98. What will you do? I mean Brinks will be identified.
  99. Food allergies need to be identified and eliminated.
  100. You have identified the root cause when asking why.
  1. He identifies him as God.
  2. A horse identifies the dragon.
  3. Note that the FCI also identifies a.
  4. The following list identifies items and.
  5. Burns identifies several common patterns.
  6. This identifies a good buying opportunity.
  7. He identifies these witnesses painstakingly.
  8. This identifies religion with every act and.
  9. The direction of its slope identifies the trend.
  10. The Dow Theory identifies three types of trends:.
  11. Doubt identifies the six symbol painted with hell.
  12. A domain name is simply a name that identifies a website.
  13. It identifies the possible alternatives for the Project.
  14. The Lord still identifies us, as believers, in exactly.
  15. M: Who identifies them? Somebody with a memory to register.
  16. The CONVERT statement identifies the variable(s) to convert.
  17. The slope of MACD-Histogram identifies the dominant market group.
  18. But the paper nowhere identifies this Fernand with your father.
  19. The Monad on this occasion identifies himself for the time with.
  20. The value name identifies the entry for which a value is specified.
  21. It identifies which the most important problems and its relations.
  22. Absorbing it particle will identifies itself with this information.
  23. Toils and tears identifies with the flag of mafia flying to the end.
  24. It identifies the principles of accepting only one god and living in.
  25. The upper line identifies resistance, where sellers overpower buyers.
  26. The bottom of a congestion area identifies the bottom line of support.
  27. The relationship between Positive and Negative lines identifies trends.
  28. The search strategy also identifies industries undergoing consolidation.
  29. When a criminal identifies himself to police as another individual it is.
  30. The Bible identifies the elders as royalty (as we are) in the eyes of God.
  31. Identifies guests who wil have wine, before proceeding with pouring of wine.
  32. Falling volume identifies an area in which a downtrend is likely to reverse.
  33. I is sacred but the I that identifies itself with mind becomes ego.
  34. Chapter 31 The Lord identifies certain men who he has gifted with certain sorts of.
  35. However, if one identifies him ahead of time, and then his performance p value is.
  36. This is how communication can be made effective when the audience identifies with you.
  37. He identifies himself with the Supreme Being who is the Lord of the Prakriti (matter).
  38. Affiliate Link: A URL tracking link that identifies the affiliate and sends traffic to.
  39. It identifies them when they agree to Bank3Sector that foresees an minimum aggregate of.
  40. The religious consciousness identifies these realities as science, philosophy, and truth.
  41. However, the general principles by which one identifies information cascades are timeless.
  42. The Lord identifies Israel as His son, the Jews as a whole are considered to be the.
  43. So Jesus clearly, unmistakeably identifies the evidence you are a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  44. So Jesus clearly, unmistakeably, identifies the evidence you are a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  45. This is another must have free plugin that identifies and intercepts spam comments on.
  46. The CIA has the Counter-Intelligence Center Analysis Group, which identifies, monitors, and.
  47. It identifies trends and shows when a trend is moving fast enough to make it worth following.
  48. But He then identifies Himself with it: But He spoke of the temple of his body, John 2:21.
  49. This establishment or poultry number identifies the plant it was processed in for tracking purposes.
  50. Once a doctor identifies the specific cause of the problem, the right treatment can be taken to help it.
  51. Using all her God-given skills, she identifies Skinner, her mentor and her lover, as the serial killer.
  52. Man, in fleeing death, flees his mutable body and identifies with the seemingly undying idea of himself.
  53. As soon as someone identifies with a role, they drop out of presence and lose the state of enlightenment.
  54. A person who identifies with this hypothetical ego has Virtualnism Disorder, a socially transmitted disease.
  55. Lister identifies whether the trends are negative or positive, and whether they are temporary or structural.
  56. Create an organizational chart that identifies the full-time and part-time positions you need in your business.
  57. As a result, the response contains the resource record that identifies the authoritative server for the zacker.
  58. The military band is arranged on the steps to the entrance of a building, an inked X identifies Pat and his cornet.
  59. Typically, the port number identifies the application layer protocol that generated the data carried in the packet.
  60. Call sign: In communications, a group of numerals and letters which identifies a base, station, activity or command.
  61. What does the woman really want? A woman identifies herself through consumption rather than an economical brain power.
  62. It is the rot of self-hatred that now Pope Benedict XVI identifies at the core of the West that threatens its survival.
  63. A short-term MA identifies a short-term consensus of value, while a long-term MA reflects a long-term consensus of value.
  64. The idea of ‘Self’ that people have, is created by wrong view which identifies with either the object or the knower.
  65. It is the strength of these emotions that identifies the point where a market crowd is liable to begin its disintegration.
  66. Einstein’s equation identifies that energy and mass both consist of subatomic particles and emit electromagnetic energy.
  67. This death he identifies, in the subsequent verses of this fifth chapter, with the curse of the law, which 'entered that the.
  68. Congress shall pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that identifies a minimum pay off rate of the national debt.
  69. She can tell you about it easily or conspiratorially, for it both connects and identifies women in this and many other societies.
  70. Arakiel identifies himself as a representative of the planet, Uron, and has come to Earth with an offer of peace and assistance.
  71. Chuang Tzu identifies two types of obstruction that can get in the way of happiness — those on the outside and those on the inside.
  72. According to the note, the same secret society has deciphered the Bible code that somehow identifies me as a threat to their plans.
  73. Schlumberger identifies as Solomon--pierces with his lance a prostrate female figure who apparently represents the devil, a Fra Diavalo.
  74. Here, the FieldName variable identifies the type of information carried in the header, and the FieldValue variable contains the information.
  75. But I suggest that it may be possible to rid you of that ugly scar across your forehead which immediately identifies you to those who know you.
  76. Worry identifies us with wild life, being perpetually threatened, sighting danger but unable to identify the direction from which it may emerged.
  77. This attribute identifies moments when current trends begin to weaken, the first sign that the trend will be likely to reverse in the near future.
  78. The result is something altogether other, and God so identifies with that corporate entity that He actually seems to indicate that it has Divinity.
  79. The location of the memory buffer specified in this field identifies the network layer protocol for which the data carried in the frame is intended.
  80. The Volatility Ratio is an indicator which identifies the moment when a price breaks out of a ranging pattern in a bullish pattern or bearish pattern.
  81. So this boy was birthed or came into the world surrounded by sorrow, but I want you to see the Holy Ghost identifies him and says some things about him.
  82. You see how their culture works? So Jesus is going to tell a story, and whoever the Pharisee identifies with in the story - that's who his neighbour is.
  83. The Japanese restaurant culture is important because it clearly identifies the fundamental purpose of every ingredient and its preparation and presentation.
  84. Rather, it identifies people’s goals—the positives they wish to attain—and the ways in which they are already achieving these, even in limited fashion.
  85. Being or consciousness is ultimately the one that is identifying, and when limitless eternal Being identifies to create illusion, it does a good job of it!.
  86. National Reporting Concept Assign a unique 5 letter code to each employee that also uniquely identifies the address of his hand held signaling device (HHSD).
  87. The organization prepares the complete roadmap for a particular service, identifies the unique offerings, works on the cost and prepares a service catalogue.
  88. Columnist David Pryce-Jones identifies the insufferable and unexamined conviction of the planners and fixers that they know what is best for other people.
  89. The modern and ancient philosophical world are not agreed about truth and falsehood; the one identifies truth almost exclusively with fact, the other with ideas.
  90. The destination service access point (DSAP) field identifies a location in the memory buffers on the destination system where the data in the packet should be stored.
  91. He not only identifies the vices (the five poisons) but he also shows us our internal monsters and the trauma they produce, as well as the immense pain they cause us.
  92. A NIC’s hardware address is composed of a prefix that identifies the manufacturer of the card and a node address that is unique among all the cards built by that manufacturer.
  93. Based on product strategy, the project identifies the features required for the product and the product back log contains all the functionalities and features listed and reviewed.
  94. He's going to tell him a parable to answer the question: who is my neighbour? The answer to the question is going to be found in whoever the Pharisee identifies with in the story.
  95. Like a data link layer protocol header, the header at the network layer contains the address of the destination system, but this address identifies the packet’s final destination.
  96. It is also helpful to have a tool that simply identifies markets that are making large moves that day, perhaps with large changes in volume if that is relevant for the market you trade.
  97. The word ‘trans gender’ describes a person who in essence, psychologically, intellectually and emotionally, identifies themselves to the gender opposite to their biological physiology.
  98. When an oscillator, such as MACD-Histogram (see Chapter 23) rises to a new peak, it identifies a powerful trend and suggests that the latest market top is likely to be retested or exceeded.
  99. The network layer protocol header in turn specifies one of the transport layer protocols, and the transport layer protocol identifies the application for which the data is ultimately destined.
  100. An advocacy group called the Identity Theft Resource Center identifies relatives as being involved in more than half of the child identity theft cases reported in the United States in year 2006.

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