temper sätze

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Temper sätze (in englisch)

  1. He had a quick temper.
  2. I lost my temper, Joe.
  3. My temper began to rise.
  4. He had a violent temper.
  5. He held on to his temper.

  6. Temper flared in her eyes.
  7. He was still in a temper.
  8. Bramham was out of temper.
  9. And my temper is fierce.
  10. Rad lost his temper then.
  11. Perry had a bad temper.
  12. This one, he has a temper.
  13. Sis had a temper sometimes.
  14. She could feel her temper.
  15. Gary felt his temper rising.

  16. Darek gave in to his temper.
  17. The ruffled temper of the.
  18. Hiro fought back his temper.
  19. But don't lose your temper.
  20. I have a bit of a temper.
  21. She seemed in a good temper.
  22. She’d seen his temper once.
  23. He found her temper amusing.
  24. The Council is in ill temper.
  25. Remy began to lose his temper.

  26. Hers are not faults of temper.
  27. He just has a real bad temper.
  28. Terri saw Bill’s temper rise.
  29. That's not losing your temper.
  30. Charly barely kept her temper.
  31. Good temper is good luck, and.
  32. Her temper got the best of her.
  33. Chrissie rarely lost her temper.
  34. Anger and temper are dangerous.
  35. If you have a "quick temper,".
  36. I couldn’t control my temper.
  37. She’s got a real nasty temper.
  38. He fought to control his temper.
  39. At last I fairly lost my temper.
  40. He seemed in a very good temper.
  41. My temper reared up at his words.
  42. I was always told my temper.
  43. She hadn't known he had a temper.
  44. The temper of the general market.
  45. If in a "quick temper," you are.
  46. She might have a horrible temper.
  47. Sandra kicked the fence in temper.
  48. Morgan's tips and temper tantrum.
  49. Father had never lost his temper.
  50. She could feel her temper rising.
  51. What has roughened your temper?
  52. Surprisingly, Isis kept her temper.
  53. This water is called TEMPER WATER.
  54. Back then I had a terrible temper.
  55. My temper got the bit in its teeth.
  56. And Jimmy! Susan’s temper flamed.
  57. His caustic temper wouldn't allow.
  58. Does she have a temper too?
  59. The temper in his eyes didn’t cool.
  60. Temper is a sickness and one of the.
  61. She had a temper tantrum as a baby.
  62. But, temper that thought with this.
  63. Rachel came by her temper naturally.
  64. He has a bad temper and no patience.
  65. Ellen: he has such an unhappy temper.
  66. My temper is at the bottom of it all.
  67. She said, Matthew has a bad temper.
  68. This sudden change in the temper of.
  69. No, said John losing his temper.
  70. In his eyes her temper, her superior.
  71. I stood in the road, my temper cooling.
  72. Jack had big herds and a fiery temper.
  73. Everyone loses their temper sometimes.
  74. Yep, she definitely has our temper.
  75. Caroline has a temper that makes her.
  76. Did he have his grandson’s temper?
  77. He would report the temper of the men.
  78. She'd always known Landon had a temper.
  79. He was of an uneasy and envious temper.
  80. JOYCE: Is that not losing your temper?
  81. You told me one of them has the temper.
  82. He seems to have kept the temper part.
  83. Molo was now starting to lose his temper.
  84. He had a temper, but he wasn’t stupid.
  85. His quick and impulsive temper hadn’t.
  86. My temper does not improve during the day.
  87. That is when his temper started to flare.
  88. Gillenormand's temper did not please him.
  89. Here the Indian gentleman lost his temper.
  90. Me? It was Ladislaw who was out of temper.
  91. I lost my temper and said things I regret.
  92. Her temper could still be fearsome, though.
  93. Emily could already feel her temper rising.
  94. It was a low blow but she held her temper.
  95. This put Faith in a worse temper than ever.
  96. You know that would really get his temper.
  97. Never once did she lose her temper, though.
  98. He could not hold his temper in any longer.
  99. You've got to learn to control your temper.
  100. Thane struggled to keep his temper in check.
  1. Tempering his human emotions with a machine’s logic, keeping his ego in check.
  2. Both our shorting and activism have done a good job for us in tempering the downside.
  3. I knew that such vile substances were ever tempering between the paws of some printer's devil.
  4. Near it was an old oaken barrel filled with water and was the slaking tub for shock tempering of hot metals.
  5. Doing so allows you to smooth out the jags of a pure momentum strategy by tempering it with the best of value.
  6. She was tall and her hair fell in curled locks and I could sense her rebel spirit but also in it the tempering of her mother’s tranquil wisdom and sweetness.
  7. As Christ turned water into wine, so we are able to transform any situation into something different by tempering our thoughts and actions in such a way as to bring about the results we desire.
  8. Charlie was worried if this had been a good idea for his father but also still ever hopeful that once the smells of various sauces, jellies, the tempering of chocolate started, it might just be enough to draw him to the kitchen.
  9. By tempering them unequally, the aggregate dissonance heard in a given time, by supposition of their equal frequency, would not be diminished, whilst the disadvantage of a transition from a better to a worse harmony would be incurred.
  10. Fashioned at last into an arrowy shape, and welded by Perth to the shank, the steel soon pointed the end of the iron; and as the blacksmith was about giving the barbs their final heat, prior to tempering them, he cried to Ahab to place the water-cask near.
  11. The power is in the hands of just such people as all men are, that is, of such as are always or frequently prepared to sacrifice the common good for the sake of their personal good, with this one difference, that these men do not have the tempering force of the counter-action of the violated, and are subjected to the full corrupting influence of power.
  12. The analyst must seek to guard himself against this danger as best he can: in part, by dealing with those situations preferably which are not subject to sudden change; in part, by favoring securities in which the popular interest is keen enough to promise a fairly swift response to value elements which he is the first to recognize; in part, by tempering his activities to the general financial situation—laying more emphasis on the discovery of undervalued securities when business and market conditions are on a fairly even keel, and proceeding with greater caution in times of abnormal stress and uncertainty.
  1. But he's tempered with you.
  2. It can’t be tempered by.
  3. The other is tempered steel.
  4. Only, they had been tempered.
  5. The beat of drums tempered the air.
  6. Ingeborg was by nature good tempered.
  7. Bad tempered because they’ve never.
  8. Her mood and her feelings had tempered.
  9. Truth is tempered by Trial and Suffering:.
  10. That alone tempered some of the fears that.
  11. Avion tempered by the sending of the departed.
  12. The boy was bad tempered, and often shouted.
  13. He looked cold and miserable and bad tempered.
  14. It is the crown tempered by the cotton night-cap.
  15. Truth needs to be tempered with Discretion, at times.
  16. Aggressive and ill tempered he may have been but he.
  17. They were loud, bad tempered and liked to be pleasured.
  18. Kumquat-colored hair, tiny, freckled and bad tempered.
  19. The day she did not go out she was moody and bad tempered.
  20. Neu has tempered our souls, broke us from the chains that.
  21. Wisdom is knowledge tempered in the fire and washed in the.
  22. The joy of having a family tempered by the sadness of Aunt.
  23. Hers were hard and tempered, forged in stone and ruthless.
  24. By now, Donald was not just bad tempered, but tired and hungry.
  25. Emotions must be tempered in order to cope with uncertainty.
  26. His disappointment was tempered by the fact that he could tell.
  27. Right now, you're like a sword which has been tempered in fire.
  28. Archibald's joy at finding his darling was quickly tempered by.
  29. Her face was warped with a collage of tempered joy and vexation.
  30. Second Ray; in a word, he has tempered his devotion by increasing.
  31. That thought was tempered by the reality that she was soon to be.
  32. Pendlebury’s bridge group was a bad tempered woman who hated cats.
  33. Aw, who cares what I think, this is probably tempered glass, anyway.
  34. Gerrid’s admiration for L-Seven-Six, tempered with hatred and fear.
  35. Your mother used to say he was a bit…stubborn, and tempered at first.
  36. Whenever he was, he could be a bit short tempered without meaning to be.
  37. She was greedy and bad tempered, always envious, always checking up on.
  38. Jesus had a firm sense of justice, but it was always tempered with mercy.
  39. Each thought is tempered by the notion he’ll be back at sea in two days.
  40. He had learned the hard way pregnant women were bad tempered and weren’t.
  41. Yet even tempered steel could not wholly have withstood that furious stroke.
  42. When the child gets angry, the parents tell him, You are so hot tempered.
  43. To begin with mull Sand and tempered water, this wets the sand surface , then.
  44. What do you mean another world Venki? Fallon was a little short tempered.
  45. He was still weak from his wounds - as was she by her own - tempered as DRAFT.
  46. His appreciation was tempered by his need to say a final farewell to his friend.
  47. And this was the very creature I had to share with, tempered by Gareth and Val.
  48. With proper conditioning, the young man could be tempered into a killing machine.
  49. In a low voice, tempered with a smile, I recalled the times we played as children.
  50. The only thing I want to say here is that this: if your normal y even tempered dog.
  51. If Clayton wanted to be with her then who cared about his bad tempered bodyguard?
  52. It gives nothing out to the stranger beyond its physical beauty and tempered climate.
  53. I hear you are Shane’s connection, and he is a little more even tempered than Billy.
  54. He was a young Marine, eager but tempered by the fight we’d been waging the past week.
  55. He turned away from me, a bit short tempered you could notice it, back to.
  56. My disappointment was tempered by the hope that they were tripping over each other there.
  57. But even her ill-will for the thief could be easily tempered with a handful of gold coins.
  58. He was a young Marine, eager but tempered by the fight we’d been waging the past week.
  59. Three punctures were made in the heathen flesh, and the White Whale's barbs were then tempered.
  60. Kellogg accidentally left a pot of boiled wheat to stand and the wheat became tempered (soften).
  61. His memories are the ones I wish to cherish , his memories are the ones that can’t be tempered.
  62. The ideal of my mind tempered by the compassion of my heart distilled into the acts of my soul.
  63. A ruthless snarl crawled upon his tempered jaw as he imagined the scenario of their fatal meeting.
  64. On that occasion, he again, with a full heart, acknowledged that God had tempered judgment with mercy.
  65. The humiliation of feeling herself weak was turning to rancour, tempered by their voluptuous pleasures.
  66. The warm sunshine was tempered by gusty winds coming off the snow covered mountain peaks in the distance.
  67. Gerry who was short tempered hit one of them after he sneered at him and Matthew drew a punch at the other.
  68. There was a wealth of unsurpassed knowledge tempered with the warmth of a friend in the way that he looked at me.
  69. He waved his hand, in sign of his dislike to all remonstrance, and then, in more tempered language, he continued:.
  70. Only a few were left still in a kind of pursuit, tempered by the reality that they were all running for their lives.
  71. When Kellogg rolled the tempered or softened wheat and let it dry, each grain of wheat emerged as a large thin flake.
  72. After all, what counted for more – a car like this, or a dressed-up dog, a sex-crazed toy, and a bad tempered peg?
  73. Colling was certain that he had never been so happy, but his light-heartedness was tempered by concern about the future.
  74. So, we have a pair of final contenders, she commented quietly, her usual levity tempered by a note of seriousness.
  75. That stroke would have sheared a human body asunder; but the bones of the servant of Bit-Yakin were like tempered steel.
  76. Mike thus tempered his enthusiasm and read carefully the comments on the various weapons described in the Jane’s book.
  77. Quick tempered, yes, he could certainly testify to that, but not the cold calculating monster that the press painted her.
  78. Yet it was but a paltry force he had gathered to dash against the invading hosts, though of the quality of tempered steel.
  79. No I’d say the same thing about him too, stubborn? Tempered? Michael wasn’t tempered, did she know about Charlie?
  80. Archibald's joy at finding his darling was quickly tempered by his frustration at not being able break her out of her prison.
  81. Within the vault there were housed 130 tempered glass cases, with all but one containing a religious icon or precious treasure.
  82. Possibly a discordant interval, or a concord largely tempered, might, in a few instances, add to the resources of the composer.
  83. Rachel was surprised to learn that her mother had been equally quick tempered, and she, too, often battled with controlling it.
  84. But his enjoyment of the moment was tempered with the thought that Elizabeth was again at the center of some kind of deception.
  85. I think that even in the United States there is some regret that this zeal of theirs was not tempered by a large dose of wisdom.
  86. The price rise is tempered by the usual late comers seeing this as an opportunity to short the trend they missed the first time.
  87. Excitement, however, was tempered by a fear that his secret had leaked out and the entire school would stand up and denounce him.
  88. The wind had fallen, and the waves were already rolling on the sandy beach beneath him, in a more regular and tempered succession.
  89. So, the believer’s deed is always tempered with sublimation, that is, with an exalted purpose that uplifts him to high positions.
  90. The ages of warfare, bloodshed, suffering, injustice, and cruelty were tempered in many ways with love and justice as time advanced.
  91. Your investment decisions should always be tempered with the question: How will this investment be affected by taxes and inflation?
  92. While he initially felt sorry for Janet, his sympathy was tempered by the realization that she must have been deeply involved in Mr.
  93. He had electronically operated panels, which covered large highly tempered glass tinted planes to the front of the dome facing Mecca.
  94. With that, it is best to install tempered glass doors for your fireplace, so that heat loss is avoided, and efficiency is improved.
  95. Can the Investor Identify Them? But our natural enthusiasm for such excellent records is tempered somewhat by a sobering consideration.
  96. Philosophy, I said, tempered with music, who comes and takes up her abode in a man, and is the only saviour of his virtue throughout life.
  97. A propensity to be saucy was one; and a perverse will, that indulged children invariably acquire, whether they be good tempered or cross.
  98. In standard TIAR the visual cortex would simply represent something induced from a memory and tempered by imagination; a simple conversion.
  99. Surely, nothing but a being of celestial origin would raise such a tumult in minds tempered like those which lead the destinies of this House.
  100. The Monsignor tempered the reports he sent home to the Baron and Lady of Cezanne but was specific in his detail to the Archbishop in Marseille.
  1. Bo knew about her tempers.
  2. Tempers rose as a few of.
  3. They both had short tempers.
  4. They both knew their tempers.
  5. It did not improve their tempers.
  6. Tempers were short on this refugee issue.
  7. What we have here is a matter of tempers.
  8. I think he’s important to it, he tempers it.
  9. Keep your tempers and hold your hands to the.
  10. Tempers flared all over human inhabited space.
  11. But tempers were short and no one was feeling.
  12. No wonder tempers frayed and bitchiness prevailed.
  13. Tempers were frayed and ugly words said and in the.
  14. Feelings are running very high and tempers are flaring.
  15. Billy was caught with John’s wife and tempers flared.
  16. Tempers are not so easily frayed – we have more space.
  17. Yashvin told me you were in one of your gloomy tempers.
  18. She had faced his rages and tempers before and had survived.
  19. God not only tempers the wind to the shorn lamb, but He also.
  20. Suntans improved, tempers were calmed and business became a slow.
  21. Conflict breeds conflict and tempers can speed up the interactions.
  22. But reality tempers you, and thinking about it reduces the outrage.
  23. I wrote about the way that music tempers the violence within a man.
  24. Chica kept her distance, as she knew these bears could have bad tempers.
  25. That was a Council decision, to keep him safe until all tempers calmed.
  26. One general benefit of shorting is that it tempers volatility in both directions.
  27. Tempers can be flaring with family members, and there may be conflicts in the family.
  28. I could use my powers to encourage good growth in fields and easier tempers in animals.
  29. It is easy to see how those two got into such a mess losing their tempers the other week.
  30. But fractures were beginning to show, and tempers were fraying more than they had before.
  31. Some were about to lose their tempers, but still they went on marching with dragging steps.
  32. Tempers flare in an instant hell breaks loose; there’s more to life than idiocy and self-.
  33. She explained how their tempers were almost balanced but Greg was the calmer one of the pair.
  34. Monsoon clouds blanketed the city the following morning, threatening a deluge and fraying tempers.
  35. The quick Fontaine tempers flared when she put a greenback on the dollar bill into Sally’s hand.
  36. Not to mention the normal bears, wild boars, stags and elk whose tempers were as ugly as a hog’s.
  37. They were close and had insights into each other’s characters, moods, tempers, thought processes.
  38. Against such a social order, men and groups of very different tempers and classes and conditions unite.
  39. But Joe arrived to find that if temperatures were not hot in Seattle, tempers had risen in their place.
  40. So here they were, gathered the next Thursday for Round 2, and while tempers had cooled, resolves had not.
  41. Here are 9 very good verses from the Bible on what God’s opinion is on those who have bad and quick tempers.
  42. As you can imagine tempers are on edge and this may occasionally result in foul language and rarely in violence.
  43. He says those who are impulsive and lose their tempers easily and quickly are foolish and are exalting folly.
  44. Even on a Saturday afternoon, midtown San José traffic was a nightmarish crush of gridlock and boiling Latin tempers.
  45. He tormented me of late; I could see that he always bore my tempers as though he had determined to ‘spare the poor invalid.
  46. He heard shouting and then horns being blown as two drivers lost their tempers and began shoving each other over a parking place.
  47. Eventually common sense prevailed and tempers cooled as they conceded they were on the same side and working towards a common goal.
  48. The moment was too propitious for the display of that discursiveness which seemed the only bond of union among tempers so divergent.
  49. The population of every new country must necessarily be composed of a heterogeneous mixture of various tempers, characters, and interests.
  50. And if we can learn to forgive others, then we will be less likely to lose our tempers every time someone trespasses against us in some way.
  51. Good, and Evil, are names that signify our appetites, and aversions; which in different tempers, customs, and doctrines of men are different.
  52. Our relations, bit by bit, lost their good humored tranquility and tempers were on edge even though both of us tried to keep them under wraps.
  53. She and Amy had had many lively skirmishes in the course of their lives, for both had quick tempers and were apt to be violent when fairly roused.
  54. Ah, it made our Tempers keen for Battle—all this unrequited Love and Lust—and we three vented on the Prey the Fury that we could not spend in Bed!.
  55. People are overstressed and overworked in this country and it is in my opinion, a dilemma that is causing short tempers and violence all over the country.
  56. When tempers flare, things are often said without thought of the consequence and are simply meant to hurt, degrade or shame the other person into submission.
  57. The languor of midday had taken hold of the gathering, but underneath lurked tempers that could rise to killing heights in a second and flare out as quickly.
  58. The cadets show less respect to the new instructors, who in turn have shorter tempers, and soon the school feels to Werner like a grenade with its pin pulled.
  59. In the days that followed their father’s untimely passing, brother and sister lived in a world of frayed tempers, compassionate overload and weary resignation.
  60. This regard for the general conditions of development tempers his judgment and prevents him from formulating or approving of irrelevant and improbable hypotheses.
  61. Perhaps, she thought, watching the reflection of the flames flickering on the shiny, slippery oak floor, only people with tempers should marry people with tempers.
  62. When it is a Monday morning and there is the threat of more rain, the headache takes on the enormity of a migraine and tempers flare long before offices are reached.
  63. They were not servants of the best class, and had neither good manners nor good tempers, and it was frequently convenient to have at hand someone on whom blame could be laid.
  64. They took her at her own valuation and endured much at her hands, her airs, her graces, her tempers, her arrogance, her downright rudeness and her frankness about their shortcomings.
  65. No one wants anything more to do with them, and they all end up being totally alone, depressed, and miserable – all because they could not keep proper control of their bad tempers.
  66. The poorest kitchenwench no less than the opulent lady of fashion, if so be their constructions and their tempers were warm persuaders for their petitions, would find in him their man.
  67. He feared that principle, active principle, had been wanting; that they had never been properly taught to govern their inclinations and tempers by that sense of duty which can alone suffice.
  68. The two professors, their tempers aggravated no doubt by their injuries, had fallen out as to whether our assailants were of the genuspterodactylus or dimorphodon, and high words had ensued.
  69. Many marriages that have started out on a good and loving note have severely deteriorated over the years because one or both of the spouses have lost all reasonable control over their bad tempers.
  70. After many years’ observation of its effects on character I feel bound to represent that such transcendent hopes do not naturally lead to the tempers which are described in the passage above cited.
  71. The days kept getting longer and longer, the weather was unusually variable and so were tempers, and unsettled feeling possessed everyone, and Satan found plenty of mischief for the idle hands to do.
  72. The going had been rough at times and more than a few tempers had exploded but a lot had been accomplished, thanks mostly to the firm, some would say dictatorial, manner Nancy had chaired the conference.
  73. Persons who are descended from parents whose tempers and personalities widely differ, will usually display the one or the other on finding themselves in circumstances fitted to bring out either speciality.
  74. All that about people with tempers needing sympathy,--who was she, with her impulses and impatiences--with her, as she now saw, devastating impulses and impatiences--to take a line of what was very like pity.
  75. Christmas at home always meant bad tempers, relations I had no desire to see, and embarrassment at my Christmas presents which, in our house, were handkerchiefs and underpants wrapped in last year’s gaudy paper.
  76. How can you get insulted at someone tickling you at an inappropriate spot, if that is the entire point of the game? Those whoever loses their tempers, or has too much macho pride… would be cut quickly from the team.
  77. Shut up you fucking idiot where do you think you are on the pier at Blackpool or what? Things had started to get a bit tense as the build up for the ‘Big Push’ was still going on at quite a pace making tempers a bit frayed.
  78. To those of you who watch your local news everyday – there is case after case of people who have lost their tempers over something completely stupid and trivial, and as a result, they have either hurt themselves or hurt other people.
  79. I am perfectly persuaded that the tempers had better be unlike: I mean unlike in the flow of the spirits, in the manners, in the inclination for much or little company, in the propensity to talk or to be silent, to be grave or to be gay.
  80. Twenty knives gleamed in the air, and as many warriors sprang to their feet, at this biting, and perhaps merited retort; but a motion from one of the chiefs suppressed the outbreaking of their tempers, and restored the appearance of quiet.
  81. Only Lubov Sergievna, who, I believe, really believed me to be a great egoist, atheist, and cynic, had no love for me, but frequently disputed what I said, flew into tempers, and left me petrified with her disjointed, irrelevant utterances.
  82. For I am afraid that perhaps when I come I may find you to be not what I wish and may be found by you to be not what you wish; that perhaps there will be strife, jealousy, angry tempers, disputes, slanders, gossip, arrogance, disturbances; 21.
  83. The same natures must still be chosen, and the preference again given to the surest and the bravest, and, if possible, to the fairest; and, having noble and generous tempers, they should also have the natural gifts which will facilitate their education.
  84. You have both warm hearts and benevolent feelings; and, Fanny, who that heard him read, and saw you listen to Shakespeare the other night, will think you unfitted as companions? You forget yourself: there is a decided difference in your tempers, I allow.
  85. He knew the tempers of his neighbors better than Will did before the war had risen from the County custom of saying a few words over the coffins and he remembered that fully half of the quarrels and some of the shootings of the days of departed neighbors.
  86. In return for such efficiency she kept herself informed of their conversations, she uncovered the secrets, the best-kept dramas of their private lives, and it was not unusual for her to interrupt a conversation in order to express her point of view or to calm tempers.
  87. After thirteen long hours of labor, enough pain to make Mitch begin to wonder if it was all worth it, several bouts with despair and short tempers, and the amazing epidural that had made the last hour the most incredible experience of the young couple’s lives, the work was done.
  88. Washing days always mean tempers, and I ought to have fled at the first sight of that tub, but then there was Lotte in her little yellow flannel night-gown, suffering as only children can suffer, helpless, forced to patience, forced to silent endurance of any banging and vehemence in which her mother might choose to indulge.
  89. With quickness in understanding the tempers of those she had to deal with, and no natural timidity to restrain any consequent wishes, she was soon welcome and useful to all; and after Fanny's removal succeeded so naturally to her influence over the hourly comfort of her aunt, as gradually to become, perhaps, the most beloved of the two.
  90. The truth is, Socrates, that these regrets, and also the complaints about relations, are to be attributed to the same cause, which is not old age, but men's characters and tempers; for he who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition youth and age are equally a burden.
  91. Norris's resolving to quit Mansfield and devote herself to her unfortunate Maria, and in an establishment being formed for them in another country, remote and private, where, shut up together with little society, on one side no affection, on the other no judgment, it may be reasonably supposed that their tempers became their mutual punishment.
  92. Through the learning experiences she obtained in attending discussions on violence against women, she not only learned the rights of women but also gained techniques and skills on how to prevent abuses such as providing a more nurturing environment, avoidance of nagging and other physical outbursts and violent tempers as well as the need to seek professional help as needed.
  93. Now so long divided from everybody who knew the place, she felt it quite the voice of a friend when he mentioned it, and led the way to her fond exclamations in praise of its beauties and comforts, and by his honourable tribute to its inhabitants allowed her to gratify her own heart in the warmest eulogium, in speaking of her uncle as all that was clever and good, and her aunt as having the sweetest of all sweet tempers.
  94. I mean it’s great and dandy that Diane went to keep an eye on Dana, but who’s going to keep an eye on Diane?! Diane is just as bad as Dana! She and Dana both have bad tempers, they both been committed to mental institutions, they are always getting arrested and you wind up having to keep bailing both of them out of jail Dad! Barry then sighs and says, Well I hope both Diane and Dana took their medications this morning.
  95. And in what way does he who thinks that wisdom is the discernment of the tempers and tastes of the motley multitude, whether in painting or music, or, finally, in politics, differ from him whom I have been describing? For when a man consorts with the many, and exhibits to them his poem or other work of art or the service which he has done the State, making them his judges when he is not obliged, the so-called necessity of Diomede will oblige him to produce whatever they praise.
  96. Some examples are: (1) a furniture-rental company must continually refurbish rental furniture or revenues slow; so the analyst tempers the depreciation add-back number to take this into account because depreciation is a direct cost of doing business; (2) when analyzing retailers, adjustments must be made for inventory and receivables because they have to have inventory to sell; (3) when analyzing a cable production company, produced programming is surely a cost of staying in business.
  97. This poverty he suffers from in various ways, hunger, or cold, or nakedness, or all together; but for all that it is not so extreme but that he gets something to eat, though it may be at somewhat unseasonable hours and from the leavings of the rich; for the greatest misery of the student is what they themselves call 'going out for soup,' and there is always some neighbour's brazier or hearth for them, which, if it does not warm, at least tempers the cold to them, and lastly, they sleep comfortably at night under a roof.
  98. Now that arrangement was not conducive to calm speech or clear thought on Jo's part, for how could she say hard things to her boy while he watched her with eyes full of love and longing, and lashes still wet with the bitter drop or two her hardness of heart had wrung from him? She gently turned his head away, saying, as she stroked the wavy hair which had been allowed to grow for her sake--how touching that was, to be sure! I agree with Mother that you and I are not suited to each other, because our quick tempers and strong wills would probably make us very miserable, if we were so foolish as to.
  99. I might compare them to a man who should study the tempers and desires of a mighty strong beast who is fed by him--he would learn how to approach and handle him, also at what times and from what causes he is dangerous or the reverse, and what is the meaning of his several cries, and by what sounds, when another utters them, he is soothed or infuriated; and you may suppose further, that when, by continually attending upon him, he has become perfect in all this, he calls his knowledge wisdom, and makes of it a system or art, which he proceeds to teach, although he has no real notion of what he means by the principles or passions of which he is speaking, but calls this honourable and that dishonourable, or good or evil, or just or unjust, all in accordance with the tastes and tempers of the great brute.
  100. Instead of various tempers and the nature,.

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