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    1. It was a casual sail between choke points, and ships going by on the uphill side of the sandbar could hail them and chide them on their misfortune

    2. Hail First of the Ancients! I am called Valotin, First Wing to Alakar, Third of the Ancients

    3. Bowing he exclaimed: Hail to the MightyValotin, Fourth of the Ancients!

    4. Spelman joined them presently, they all went through the foyer to the entryway, went out near to the curb, waited for the doorman to hail a cabbie for them then they were off to the Theater

    5. Hail Marys repeatedly, and watching his job hang in the balance

    6. account of the plague of hail,

    7. 19Though hail flattens the forest and the city is leveled completely,

    8. to hail the sentry

    9. The hail of gunfire was simultaneous, and while their

    10. "Hail to the Destroyer! Conqueror of life and death!"

    11. Smiling to one another they replied, "Hail Destroyer he who comes to deliver us from the dead

    12. The man turned to Alec, and said, "Hail to the Destroyer! Conqueror of life and deaaaaaaaa

    13. His presence among them was all the convincing they needed for them to hail him as the savior of the Seventh World

    14. wedges of cheese to bring back to the others, I could hear the hail had slowed to a light patter

    15. I saw him smile, as if in confirmation that the hail had stopped

    16. a hail of lances to the archers’ arrows

    17. A farmer fights the elements, the heat, the hail, the dearth of rain or sometimes too much rain, a late thaw, or wind storms

    18. Senta's agreement from the Lúthien was quick on the heels of that, “Y'all thought so too?! I mean, as soon as the Elf's face appeared on their viewers in the hail

    19. The Earth’s magnetic fields changed and suddenly, a hail of meteorites rained down upon the creature

    20. She walked almost two miles before she was able to hail a cab

    21. The next flares shot up into the sky and burst into brilliant light and we could see the charging Turks clearly now as they rushed towards us shouting something that sounded like Allah Akbar as they reached six hundred yards the machine guns opened up with their hail of death

    22. As we moved forward we could see the outposts in front of us and we prepared to make a dash for them but before we got anywhere the artillery behind them opened up with shrapnel shells and we had to go to ground to find cover from the murderous hail that met us

    23. We all then agreed that we had been extremely lucky that we had not ended up in a hail of Turkish bullets and on this note we got our heads down on the fire step for the remainder of the night

    24. Hail, weather storms and other negative environmental impacts would also not have existed before this time

    25. shower of iron and leaden hail

    26. Then I heard the rat tat rat tat of the German machine guns and I could hear the hail of bullets whip cracking as they scythed towards us through the grass

    27. He called that weave Lightning Hail

    28. He changed the weaves of Lightning Hail to what he called Flame Crosses

    29. He could phone for a Taxi; there were never any to hail

    30. More torpedoes fell in a hail against the rock, the resulting radiation blinding the

    31. Many a time I sat in a Casspir waiting for the hail of bullets and (you know what) to hit the fan, and I would be comforted by someone chain smoking close by

    32. A semi-circular line of attack was thus formed, but owing to the dense undergrowth, the American fire could not be effectively maintained until a series of advances, in face of a hail of bullets, had brought the line to within 300 yards of the Spanish position

    33. At the San Juan dressing-station, the bullets of the enemy, passing over the ridge, fell like hail in and around the stream

    34. Bullets and shells from Santiago fell behind San Juan in continuous hail

    35. As a result, when the poor cheetah jumped her, we killed it in a hail of bullets

    36. day to hail as King Henry of England, was to take part in a jolly

    37. Instead they got angry, and events got out of hand, and 69 died in a hail of SAP bullets

    38. They both had a good laugh and arm in arm they walked out of the hotel to hail a cab

    39. I also saw lots of lightning, sheets of hail and spikes of ice, flying blocks of stone, as well as giant swirls of water raised from the river and hurled at Novorski

    40. Unexpectedly the building came under a hail of fire from the rear as an armoured piercing rocket was heard exploding to the rear

    41. Yet, that June thirteenth on the night of his young cousin’s wedding when he looked into Truman’s eyes and saw there not love, but the cold fury of Comandante Cobra, he knew that to save him, he would have to have Truman arrested, if he didn’t, one horrible day there would be the inevitable battle and in a hail of bullets, he would be killed

    42. Hartle was sleeping when a hail came from a traffic monitoring ship

    43. Is lifted we will hail

    44. I was about to accept the punishment and the Hail Mary's that went along with it, when Andy steps out front, says he was the culprit

    45. There was no hope in hell that he’d talk his way out of this: for one thing, he didn’t even speak that damnable dialect and for another, they were already letting off a blind hail of bullets at the mud-and-hay brick walls of the monastery, trying for the shooter

    46. Max too, met by a hail of bullets, as the force sailed him through

    47. Loran shouted a challenge and watched as the walk instantly paralleled theirs at the distance challenged, but no answering hail returned

    48. Let's talk it over a stiff one, all three of us,” said Ethan through a hail of noise

    49. “And hail and fire followed…And a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up” (Rev

    50. Mary, mother of God, the lord is with thee… I did about thirty Hail Marys

    1. Brijbabu had got up early this morning and hailed for

    2. Years had passed since that incident, so he was surprised when they hailed his ship and asked him to come down to the planet

    3. Just then his intercom hailed him

    4. It was a memorable milestone when her first attempt at pastry was hailed as a success by the hungry men

    5. When they again came out onto the street, it was Harry who hailed a cabbie, handed each woman into the coach, and announced their wish to return to Chelsea House to the driver

    6. several days a smile lit up his face as he hailed his friend

    7. greeted with ill-tempered grunts when he hailed his

    8. pilgrim hailed the two men cheerily as he approached

    9. the sight of company, and he hailed the group warmly

    10. Fate could do it all and presently, I hailed me and

    11. The wool merchant Leptos hailed her as she approached

    12. After she’d turned Arion again and gone back up the hill, another man hailed her

    13. “I’m fairly certain he said his name was…erm…Quintus! Ah yes, that was it, Quintus! Said he hailed from Bravil

    14. While I was clearing a table a loud gent hailed me, “Hey laddie!” said he, “Three more here and be quick about it!” And in a jiffy I was to the bar and back to his table with his order

    15. As we reached the trench we were hailed as conquering heroes and it was obvious that the story of the Turkish attack had preceded us

    16. He reached Upper Street and hailed a black cab, asked for King's

    17. She slipped quietly out of the room and hailed a taxi

    18. Rather than attack again they were quite content to let the artillery have a go at us and they went at it with a vengeance as shrapnel hailed down onto us

    19. But Captain Hawes of the Milo hailed the Gustave and on running under her stern informed her Captain of the condition of affairs, requesting him to sail in search of the American fleet and warn them of the danger

    20. I hailed a cab, and asked her to pick the restaurant

    21. I got a few blocks before the panic left, and I hailed a taxi

    22. His capture by the British will be hailed with joy by his people, whom reports say he has kept down with an iron hand, and an ever-ready beheading knife

    23. When he drew level with the guards, one broke cover and hailed him

    24. The thoughts pounded through his head as he ran, and they only eased after he’d hailed a cab and stumbled into the back

    25. But when ex Carter visited Brazil as an ex president, human rights activists hailed him for aiding the return of Brazil's democracy

    26. His “cross of gold” speech was hailed as one of the most powerful ever given, able to win him the Democratic nomination in 1896 through sheer eloquence alone

    27. S Dreadnought, about the turn of the century, it was hailed as a ‘harbinger,’ the shape of things to come, the ‘all big-gun Navee

    28. Jutland was hailed as a victory by the British, due to the notion that the German Navy was now bottled up in harbour

    29. They picked up their luggage and hailed a cab and headed for their hotel in downtown Chicago

    30. �No one picked him up and he didn't have a car, so I think he walked over to the cab stand and hailed one

    31. After setting up the SBX-lO, the automatic calling machine, he slipped out of the Hilton and hailed a cab to Midway Airport

    32. It is quite striking to see how many presidents hailed as supposed our greatest were actually among our worst, and almost as striking to see some of our most disliked among our best in saving lives

    33. If the police had engineered the recovery, it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t celebrate their success in the paper and be hailed as heroes

    34. However, he would have to tell me about this Gaztela place from which he hailed and explain the salt cargo

    35. When he drew near, I hailed him and invited him to join us for dinner

    36. Lord Robert hailed a cab, and before the heat of mid-afternoon had begun to beat down, the foursome were resting comfortably on an iron train bound for Pravik

    37. He then pointed at Elena and said: “This is the true leader we need to follow; this is who we should trust! Who stands with me?” And all the Creatures of the Ground hailed to the titan standing in front of them

    38. He hailed a taxi and waited for a few seconds as the cabbie

    39. Eventually he saw a cabbie heading in his direction and hailed

    40. They walked into the street scene outside and hailed a cab

    41. Harry hailed a taxi and said with the manner of a confident salesman, “Let’s go bag some deals

    42. They ventured out into the lovely evening air and hailed a passing black cab

    43. towards the back alley and hurried to the next street, where she hailed a

    44. She hailed a cab and had it drop her off at the dealership that

    45. suitcase, and hailed a cab

    46. Incredible crowds rallied to get a look at the alien being hailed as a celebrity and world hero

    47. made his triumphal entry into Kiev, where he was hailed as the Maccabeus of the

    48. Friday, former president of The University of North Carolina, hailed his contribution: “Among North Carolina’s illustrious achievers during this half century, none stands taller than Roy Park

    49. ” He smiled and hailed Cody, “Ardor, it has been a long time since I last saw you

    50. If we choose this option, they will sail to within thirty meters from the Boundary, flying every flag of peace that we recognize, and when Sylvan vessels approach on the other side of the line, they will be hailed

    1. except for the occasional hailing of the shepherds as they

    2. front gate and sounds of laughter and hailing

    3. running, shuffling and hailing for the missing nine year

    4. Womack called, “the Sword is approaching and hailing us

    5. " he’d been hailing someone on the CB

    6. ” Someone was hailing, but it hadn't come through the com system; this was directly to her thoughts

    7. As she approached the stern of the General Williams, she came within hailing distance and ordered the captain to come on board with his papers

    8. Colling raised his hand in a friendly wave, calling out one of the Polish hailing phrases that Zaminoski had taught him were used by those who sailed the river

    9. Colling debated with himself about hailing one of the passing freighters and seeking medical attention for the fisherman

    10. He insisted on hailing a carriage and then instructed the driver to take us to a very expensive and fashionable restaurant in Piccadilly

    11. It was an austere thing, built of solid reddish-brown wood, and hailing from back in the days when radios were made to look like furniture

    12. The first time, Nicolas had explained that Marja was hailing the birds

    13. From Roger’s perspective, Josie’s perception of their married life was a sad distortion of a confused and angered woman, for less than two years earlier she had written a letter that was published in the “Fullerton Daily News Tribune”, hailing her husband Roger as a true hero, lavishing praises on him and proposing him as a model father because of his exemplary behavior toward her and their children

    14. Those are closing at the same pace our ship is, so they should reach hailing distance about a minute after ours reaches the boundary and sets their anchors

    15. Five of the much more massive Serminak vessels dropped anchor hundreds of meters from the Boundary, and only their flagship approached within hailing distance

    16. Five of the much more massive Serminak vessels dropped anchor hundreds of yards from the Boundary, and only their flagship approached within hailing distance

    17. you"re hailing the wrong vessel

    18. It is Kaite swinging her arms frantically, body half way out the window, she is nearly clipped by an oncoming cargo carrier, she curses loud breaking into laughter before hailing you again

    19. After walking out onto the street and hailing a taxi, they sat in the back together as the city blocks sped by

    20. They live within hailing distance of the safe waters of rest, but they refuse to enter because the noble craft of the good Buddha met the misfortune of grounding just outside the harbor

    21. 4 At Corinth they met people of every race hailing from three continents

    22. They have put a statue of that swine in the temple of Mitra, and people go and wail before it, hailing it as the holy effigy of a saintly monarch who was done to death by a red-handed barbarian

    23. There were almost one and one-half million Jews present in Jerusalem at this time, hailing from all parts of the Roman Empire and from Mesopotamia

    24. When she reached hailing range, she called the ship on an open frequency, “Hey! Beauregard!

    25. They are hailing us

    26. Paying her bill, Nancy grabbed her precious case and bags and left, hailing a taxi to go to a discreet rendezvous point, where Mona Zirel would soon pick her up with a time scooter

    27. the New Age spirituality of the ‘secular’ world will join together in hailing a new oneness of spirit that accepts within it a great diversity of expression and terminology but shares common goals and

    28. They were praising me, they wishing me and greeting me by hailing in the sky

    29. “Have they tried hailing us?” Brock asked

    30. Her report was interrupted by one of the Cardassian ships hailing them

    31. “And hailing him will reveal our location

    32. So much for the cities firm rules about not hailing a cab in the street

    33. Owens, keep hailing the Gorn and offer them alternatives to violence, and broadcast it on all frequencies so that Star Fleet knows that we legitimately attempted to avert this crisis

    34. “The Enterprise is hailing the Gorn, but getting no response,” Owens announced

    35. It took up position above, hailing them

    36. O’Brien was hailing him

    37. Morgan opened all the hailing channels on his radio and tried to

    38. Nevertheless, as he kept pace with her, she came to be worried about his intentions, and after picking up some bandar laddus, as she hurriedly hired an auto, she heard him hailing another

    39. As he approached what appeared to be a Flash Act, one if its members flipped him off while hailing him,

    40. He approached within hailing distance, keen to sound like a concerned relative, eager to sort out an unfortunate misunderstanding

    41. Didn't have long to wait before hailing a cab back to her new apartment

    42. Minutes later Yakov was outside the lobby of the Hilton hailing a cab to take him back

    43. Teller wandered down to Wongneichong Road and bought a South China Morning Post, hailing a taxi as he emerged from the local provisions store

    44. Sequoia had wanted to turn and leave because his fear was rising to terror but his quest to know could not be squelched and he stepped through the open doors with his hammering heart hailing their arrival

    45. He had even brought a horse for me, and for the first time in a long time I was up on horseback and heeling away, first a trot, then a group canter that had the people of the city turning to watch us leave, stopping in their tracks and some hailing us

    46. So we rode on in the quiet of the day, sometimes meeting farmers and villagers who came on their ponies to watch us pass by, hailing us with waves and cheers

    47. The whitewashing of Science’s true destructiveness was cunningly reversed by Nobel creating a public relations gimmick, an award ritual that is now a household name: the Nobel Prize Awards hailing the worst inventions of hell as greatest leaps forward for the benefit of all mankind

    48. Instead of taking the best of mankind and hailing them as a shining

    49. A short fat man in a dark suit was hurrying up the road, carrying an old leather briefcase and hailing Loofah with his umbrella

    50. After hailing an autocab with the small, silver phone, I swiped my tally card to pay for the fare and programmed an autopath to Kestrel’s address

    1. You see, there is the small matter that sixteen of the nineteen hijackers were indeed from one or another of the Arab countries, plus the not so incidental fact that Osama bin Laden hails from Saudi Arabia

    2. 16 For the ungodly, who denied to know you, were scourged by the strength of your arm: with strange rains, hails, and showers, were

    3. "The ship answered our hails only once and the staticky, garbled response was impossible to make out for sure

    4. "Where are these hails coming from?"

    5. "Can you bring any of those hails over the speaker? Patch us through to one of them

    6. Rose continued, "after that, the ship received billions of hails and now we can't send or receive outside communication

    7. My mother’s side of the family hails from pirate stock

    8. And this lover hails from the very source of infinite love; this interpreter is a part of Universal Unity; this evaluator is the child of the Center and Source of all absolute values of divine and eternal reality

    9. The fact that the ship’s transponders were not responding to the destroyers’ computerized hails was troubling

    10. The call came on a frequency that had been reserved for ship-to-ship hails since the time before humans left the confines of earth orbit

    11. Repeated hails on the same frequencies the pilots were using brought no response

    12. Don't think you can mutter my name and me not hear - when you're in a force ten with thunder deafening you and your life depending on the hails of your shipmates then you soon learn to lip-read

    13. chase the rogue transport that was ignoring their hails to

    14. Mowed down by the merciless fire of the MG42s, each able to fire up to 1200 rounds per minute, the surprised enemy infantrymen quickly ran back down the slope, pursued by explosions from 50mm fragmentation grenades and by hails of 7

    15. My heart hails thee

    16. Hails a cab and we stay there, confused

    17. year; he hails from sunny California and is wearing dress shoes

    18. waits for Aaron to step off the trail before he hails me

    19. ammunition hails into the mech

    20. His mind was still ringing with all the hails from various ships wanting to help coordinate with rescue

    21. “The Texas is still not answering my hails,” Tammas said

    22. "The planetoid is still refusing to answer any of Romulan hails

    23. The month of march is dedicated to the fiery roman god Mars,who hails the coming of spring with his hammer by sending thunder storms

    24. Irrespective of the part of the earth he hails from, one who treads the path of reality is essentially a believer in the eternal truth, Sanatan Dharm

    25. He informs me that he has a friend who hails from my town, a professor of mathematics, whom he described as a brilliant nice person; asking me again to come nearer and sit on one of the chairs close to him, so he could hear me well enough

    26. I later found out from my mum that Austin’s grandmother hails from Anaam, and that her family and that of my grand parents are intimate family friends

    27. And the resonating farmers’ hails

    28. A sound that hails a nation waking,

    29. Musgrave hails from Chicago, where, in addition to running his own pharmacy and modest medical practice, he designed and managed his own hotel

    30. Lady Bathory hails from Hungary, not Romania, but her arrival date has been confirmed

    31. Video showing Americans who looked as ordinary as everyone’s neighbors being placed in trucks and buses, to be driven to train stations, was interspersed with breathless broadcasts from reporters at roadblocks talking over video of cars being checked and the occasional attempt to speed away stopped by hails of bullets

    32. That's where I hails from

    33. He sailed close enough to exchange hails with the workmen, shading their eyes on the edge of the sheer drop of the cliff overhung by the jib-head of a powerful crane

    34. If two strangers crossing the Pine Barrens in New York State, or the equally desolate Salisbury Plain in England; if casually encountering each other in such inhospitable wilds, these twain, for the life of them, cannot well avoid a mutual salutation; and stopping for a moment to interchange the news; and, perhaps, sitting down for a while and resting in concert: then, how much more natural that upon the illimitable Pine Barrens and Salisbury Plains of the sea, two whaling vessels descrying each other at the ends of the earth—off lone Fanning's Island, or the far away King's Mills; how much more natural, I say, that under such circumstances these ships should not only interchange hails, but come into still closer, more friendly and sociable contact


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    Synonyms for "hail"

    hail acclaim herald come volley bombardment broadside fusillade salvo storm cannonade sleet hailstorm salute greet summon signal welcome wave at cheer honour applaud laud recognise recognize extol

    "hail" definitions

    precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents

    many objects thrown forcefully through the air

    enthusiastic greeting

    praise vociferously

    be a native of

    call for

    greet enthusiastically or joyfully

    precipitate as small ice particles